Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Ghana With Placements

Content writing helps your emotion and knowledge to be expressed in different fields with different functionality. There is the widest opportunity in the digital world today as every commercial firm whether, for product delivery or service, needs a content writer for product description and maintaining the content on their website of a particular niche. Taking content writing courses in Ghana will create new opportunities and growth in one’s career. 


List of best content writing courses in Ghana


Content writing is the widest and most explorable domain as far as writing is concerned. It is not only about writing on paper. It includes various types such as blog writing, book writing, ad copies, landing pages, academic writing, copywriting, product description writing, email writing, social media writing, public relation writing, case studies writing, manual instructional writing, technical writing, template writing, creative writing, news writing, script writing, business writing, research writing, medical writing, news writing, web content writing, and the list goes on.

The Republic of Ghana is an emerging designated digital economy with mixed economy hybridization and an emerging market opened a plethora of opportunities for its resident to explore content writing as a new domain to learn and take it as a career option or as part-time work.

Ghana’s performance in Global Innovation Index could be an indicator estimate future growth. Content writing as a career choice of one will definitely get a boost as a profession with the development in Ghana. Content writing as a service provides a diverse opportunity to offer and to choose a diverse field to work on and gain experience in different writing styles.

One can become a  blogger, SEO writer, freelancing, social media writer, editor, scriptwriter, copywriter, news writer, research writer, medical writer, technical writer, business writer, content editor and proofreader, and academic writer.


Content Writing Courses in Ghana


Rank #1. Content Writing Courses in Ghana


IIM SKILLS is a leading ed-tech company known for its content writing course. The Government of India recognized its Master Content Writing Course. With the guidance for the preparation of US-based HubSpot Content Marketing Certification and the U.K based Test of Legal English Centre Cambridge, certification will be provided upon completing the course with the examination.

The course has 3 months guaranteed internship with 4 weeks of live classroom online content writing courses in Ghana. The 30 hours of training includes 16 hours of lectures and 14 hours of internship Sessions and tools worth 35000 will be provided for a practical learning experience.

Joining the course has several benefits such as one can launch one’s own content writing agency, and lifetime support is an additional benefit. You will be trained to launch your own e-book on Kindle and google books along with the opportunity to write a blog for the famous platform on news media.

The company has been ranked first in platforms such as coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle. The course cost 181.78 dollars. The course covers around 30 types of writing skills. The Content Writing Master course covers the topic from scratch and quite comprehensively.

Introduction to content writing will make you learn about content creation basics, understand the industry, and content distribution channels along with internet research tools such as google trends, keyword Planner, etc.

WordPress web development as a module covers WordPress, the benefits of a paid blog vs a free one, web hosting, plugins setup, and other technical setups. An additional benefit one will get is WordPress themes.

Module three covers writing online articles, blogs, landing pages, and product pages for a website. Learning about internet writing guidelines such as keyword density, plagiarised content, etc.Importance of keywords and their uses. Analyzing market competitiveness, building your personal brand, strategies, and growth hacking techniques.

Tools covered in the above module are Grammarly, HemingwayApp, and Canva. Quetext, Copyscape, Duplichecker, Smallseotools, Google Keyword Planner, Answer the Public, GoogleTrends,, Ubersuggest, WordCounter, Keyword Density Optimizer, Canva, and  Lumen5.

Copywriting as a lucrative field for earning is covered in separate modules with an understanding of Content Writing vs Copywriting, how to create perfect ad copy using online tools, types of copywriters, research, and use of hashtags, and do’s and don’ts. Adwords, SEMrush, Canva, and Aminstitute Headline Analyzer are the tools covered.

Drafting, proofreading, Press releases, brochures, infographics, flyers, and product descriptions are covered under Marketing Collateral as a module.

Email marketing covers newsletter emails, lead nurturing emails, promotional emails, milestone emails, survey emails, business emails, and internal communication emails are covered., Gmass for Gmail, Mailchimp, and Mail Tester are the tools covered.

Tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, Sendible, Facebook and Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube Studio, and  Reels are taken as subjects of interest under Social Media Writing and Video scripts.

Creative writing covers fiction and non-fiction, poems, scripts, dialogue, etc. Learn about drafting your own fiction or non-fiction book. The platform to publish your own book will be Google Books and Kindle Direct Publishers are some of the additional benefits of learning content writing courses in Ghana with IIM SKILLS.

Statement of Purposes for college admissions is covered under SOP and Business Listing. Legal Writing and Technical writing will make you learn about legal English, legal vocabulary, commercial law, and IPR law. Formal and professional style of writing covered under technical writing with tools covers as Adobe RoboHelp, Github, and MS Word.

Search Engine Optimization as a separate module has covered On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. Tools covered under SEO are Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, Semrush, Google Analytics, Campaign Builder, GTMetrix, Google Developers Tool, Search Console,, and Rich Snipper Testing Tools.

Only covering content generation will not serve the purpose of your becoming a successful content writer. Therefore IIMS KILLS covered the marketing aspect as well with proper explanation to run even your own content writing agency.

Content Marketing, Affiliate marketing, and Adsense open the opportunities for freelance content writing as a career option. Resume writing is also part of the curriculum. The company has trained 35000 plus individuals and professionals and is placed in big companies like IBM, Amazon, and other related fields.

The Master course covers all the essentials as mentioned above in modules such as WordPress, keyword research, blogging, article writing, press release, product description, business listing, commercial page, e-book, book review, copywriting, video script, SOP, resume, portfolio, email writing, social media writing, instructional booklet, brochures, flyers, infographic, technical writing 101, legal writing, research papers, white papers, SEO on-page, and off-page, publishing a book, writing for Times of India, how to sell content writing services, search console and web analytics, affiliate marketing, and AdSense.

This course will help you to make a passive income and also to take a full-time career. If someone is interested in learning, the course is open for  Housewives, College dropouts, bloggers, or Content writers and also for working professionals.

The master course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if claimed after the first session without any question asked for the withdrawal. A group discount of 10% for three or more people to join to learn content writing. The content writing courses in Ghana with IIM SKILLS provide a great opportunity to learn and excel in your skills.


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Rank #2. Content Writing Courses in Ghana

2. Skills Upgrader

The company is a research and career consultancy firm devoted to career personal and career development. The mission of the company is to enhance the productivity of students and professionals by offering in-demand and high-quality professional courses.

The Content writing course covers live online classroom training of 4 weeks with sixteen hours of classes and 70 plus hours of practical assignments and provides 40 thousand of worth tools. The course will provide 3 months of guaranteed internship and freelance writing opportunities.

Dedicated placement support with instant certification will be provided by Skill Upgrader on completion of the course and preparation for Hubspot certification. The demo classes have been provided before joining the course for quality assessment.

The system has been opened for students or graduates, aspiring writers, bloggers, marketing professionals, mass communications specialists, content marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs digital marketers, marketing communications specialists, and other Industry professionals.

The content writing courses in Ghana with Skills Upgrade have several benefits such as building a personal brand, prove lucrative career opportunities, potentially high Income, and becoming a freelance content writer. 

It makes you learn to transform concepts into words, improve language skills, ability to recognize prospective target audiences for your content, have professional content writing experience, have Graphic design skills, ability to launch basic websites and personal blogs.

The contents covered in the course are blogs, videos, podcasts, social media posts, emails, interviews, webinars, and infographics. The curriculum of the course starts with the basics of content writing. The connection between content writing and design.

Website Creation as a module covers WordPress, HTTPS Secure Server Setup, Blog Theme, Logo Creation, and installing plugins. SEO covers On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Techniques.

Keyword Research is taken as a separate module covering the importance of keywords, types of keywords, conducting keyword research, and how to use keyword research tools.

Freelancing content writing, writing SEO-optimized content, content creation, content marketing using social media, call to action, content marketing strategy, lead generation using content marketing, and content marketing using email marketing are covered as a separate module of them.

The recorded classes will be provided if someone misses the class. The course comes up with a 100% money-back guarantee policy if not satisfied with the course.

The company is claiming to be the best in the field of content writing courses in Ghana as they are providing an in-depth course curriculum – module-wise course description, expert faculty – best industry experts as their faculty to guide students, practical assignments, lifetime course content access, and dedicated support staff.


Rank #3. Content Writing Courses in Ghana

3. ECT

The courses offered by the company are content writing courses, digital marketing courses, and personality development courses in Ghana. The company has been started in 2010. In its 11 years of existence, 12000 students have been trained with 77 batches.

The work of the company has been recognized by famous media houses such as The Hindu, Indian Express, the pioneer, etc. Content writing course with an in-built internship opportunity comes at the cost of 15000 INR including tax i.e 182.25 US dollars. Personalized assistance with live interaction sessions and lifetime support will be provided.

The course is of 3 months and includes 32 hours of live or classroom classes and 50 hours of useful videos with 7 assignments and 5 live projects. 100% placement assistance along with the course.

The course module of the course contains content writing basic, prewriting, drafting, sentence construction, paragraph building, editing, and proofreading. Followed by building your vocabulary, usage of words, reading list, and Google tools.

Module 3 covers sentence construction, subject-verb agreement, fragments, run-on sentences, punctuation, wordy sentences, sentence variety, awkward sentences, verb power, pronoun problems, capitalization, etc.

Non-fictional writing Skills cover digital advertising, copywriting basic, web content writing, writing compelling ad copy, writing impressive introductory lines, writing impressive sales proposals and marketing content, blogging skills, persuasive writing style, idea generation tools, social media, and viral content development and writing an effective email, newsletter, Google ads, Facebook ad, landing pages content.

Module 6 covers bout fiction writing to master the art of storytelling including flash, fiction short stories, novellas, novels, themes, plots, characters, settings, points of view, and style.

Business writing skills covers types of business communication, SEO writing, usage of business jargon, business plan, white papers, press releases, e-books, case study, magazine, newsletter content development, and ghostwriting. The basics of technical writing covered includes technical writing style, manual writing, writing technical blogs and content, and technical guides.

Academic writing deals with essay writing, dissertation writing, research proposal, thesis writing, argumentative essay, biographies, capstone projects, book and movie reviews, academic and business reports, critique writing, and international baccalaureate.

Writing specific pieces of content such as resume writing, SOP for university, visa application, personal statement, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and Application Writing.

Mastering Content writing as a module includes basics of content marketing, creating evergreen content, content strategy, generating leads, content distribution and promotional strategy, guest posting, WordPress, SEO, Google Analytics, Google keyword research tools, Google Drive, and Content promotion tools.

At last, the course deals with Monetizing Writing Skills and prompting book and self-publishing methods. The course makes you a published author, move you up the corporate ladder, and promotes your business through content marketing.

Benefits of the course include goal-setting exercises, an internationally recognized certificate, eight thought-provoking writing assignments, the opportunity to acquire clients from the US, UK, Australia, and other countries, learning to develop your own blog or website, Personal feedback for every training participant, develop an ability to write content on a most complex topic, graphic designing, and video editing.


Rank #4. Content Writing Courses in Ghana

4. Fast Info Classes

FastInfo Class is an online educational platform. The vision of the company is to provide better educational experience and knowledge and also promote better education and knowledge to society. The course is of 90 days with a 100 percent placement assistance facility.

The classes will be conducted 3 days a week with five live projects. The course is open for people looking to enhance their writing skills, basic-level content writers, bloggers, online entrepreneurs, newbie authors, journalists, and Content Creators

The INFO content writing courses in Ghana help one to write every day, effective writing and enhance your imagining ability, step-by-step learning guidance, research any topic with the tools, write effective headlines, learn tools, and content designing abilities, and increase your employability by enrolling in the course.

The course module contains Content writing fundamentals, avoiding common grammatical mistakes, Non-fiction Writing Creativity, Business Writing Skills, Vocabulary, Writing Tools, Tips, and Techniques, Press Releases: Master the Art of Storytelling, and Technical Content writing.

Highly experienced teachers, courses provided at the lowest cost possible, ISO certified, and recognized by the Government of India are key highlights of the course to join the company. The company has been recognized by Forbes India, Zee News, Republic, etc.


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Rank #5. Content Writing Courses in Ghana

5. Henry Harvin

Best Corporate training platform awarded to Henry Harvin by Entrepreneur Education Innovation. The company has been operational since July 2013 having offices across 11 plus cities in the US, India, and  United Arab Emirates.

The course has been rated 4.7 by the learners an average rating of 4.5 from Trustpilot, Course Report, and Ambition box. The course comes with the Gold membership with a total cost of 212.97 US dollars with an EMI option provided. The course has the time duration of 40 hours.

The course has accreditations and affiliations with HubSpot, National Skill Development Corporation, MSME, ISO, UKCERT, JAIN UNIVERSITY, etc.

The Henry Harvin content writing courses in Ghana have been blended with 9 aspects of training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, masterclass, hackathons, and gold membership.

More than 30 plus content writing types have been covered such as Creative Writing, Business Writing, Technical Writing, Medical Writing, Social Media Writing, SEO Writing, Book Writing, Copywriting, and much more.

The benefits one will get by joining the course are 40 hours of extensive content writing training, globally recognized CDCW certification,1-year gold membership, masterclass session, comprehensive study material, access to the state-of-the-art learning management system, recorded videos of all the sessions,100% placement and internship assistance and access to gold membership will cover recorded videos, games, projects, case studies, access to 52 plus masterclass sessions for essential soft skill development, personalized job notifications every week.

The course curriculum starts with the basics of language skills and moves on to internet skills such as research skills, graphic skills, data and reporting, editing skills, and legal know-how.

Blog, business, and marketing writing include search engine optimization writing, landing pages, blogs, social media, e-books, newsletters, magazines, Press releases, book and product reviews and descriptions, resumes and cover letters editing, and proofreading covered in the course.

The content strategy contains addressing challenges in creating effective content, structuring content for social media, creating and promoting brands, segmenting markets, road map to create strategic content, addressing writer’s block, ninja writing, and mind mapping.

The Foundation of technical writing will also be covered with the basics including medical writing, knowledge of research papers, theses, project reports, grant writing, and user manuals.

Academic writing as a module includes academic guides, e-learning, tutorials, instructional design, question banks, workbooks, and rubrics. Creative writing will cover dialogue writing, script writing, fiction writing, and article writing.

Copywriting covers research and writing crisp and effective copies. On the other hand, e-mail writing covers various email writing processes and writing impactful emails.

Legal writing as a separate discipline covers the concept of legal writing, the difference between plain English writing and legal writing, and the types of legal writing.

Earn online as the module discussed website selection, choosing the right projects, writing impressive proposals, getting freelance projects, affiliate marketing, AdSense and blogging, a collection using Escrow, withdrawing using PayPal, ghostwriting, and blogging secrets.

The course certification of Henry Harvin has been recognized by industry leaders such as IBM, HP, Adobe, Accenture, Philips, NEW YORK State of Opportunity, etc.




  • Is Content writing a good career and easy to learn?

As far as flexibility is concerned, content writing is a good career to choose. It provides you with a passive income by writing at leisure. You can opt for it along with another full-time job.  Internet research skills are needed skills which one can learn by joining any course. There are many types of writing styles such as SEO Writing, blog writing, and academic writing are simple. Theory and practice of it need your focus and dedication to excel in the career of content writing.


  • How important is a Content writing course to become a content writer?

The course will help you to know the field and opportunity in a better way to avail it at the right time. The course makes you learn content writing in a more structured way. Posting any new post on social media will not make one content writer but you have to learn other nuances of writing to survive in the content writing industry and for that certificate is needed if you are a beginner in this field of writing.


  • What are the eligibility criteria to attend online courses and how can learn them at home?

Most of the courses need you to be at least passed a higher secondary level. There is no pre-requisite skill needed before joining the course. All types of professionals are welcome to learn. To learn at home one can join any course above mentioned to start their career as a content writer. 0[p

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