Top 6 Business Analytics Courses in Ireland With Placements

With more advancements in technology, today’s businesses have evolved into more complex forms. It includes dedicated sectors for things like product management, finance, sales and marketing, insurance and legal, customer handling and services, current and past trends, and operations. If you are considering enrolling in business analytics courses in Ireland, must read this post. 


List of best business analytics courses in Ireland


With these complexities in business, there came a need to analyze things like, what is the problem? How do we solve it? What are the things that we are currently lacking? What could be the future opportunities for trade? How do we use the opportunity to improve the efficiency and productivity of the business?

So, in the simplest language, Business Analytics is nothing but analyzing the various elements of business to take better decisions for better opportunities to trade. This process usually involves the study of mathematical models, statistical data, and visualizing tools.


What is Not ”Business Analytics”?

Data analytics is a hot term in the industry today and is often confused with business analytics, while they both share a similar background there are significant differences. Let us first define what data is.  Data are raw facts with no specific meaning.

It may include figures, images, symbols, and graphs, for e.g., a list of raw materials, a list of all employees, and a list of financial records. Now data analytics is the process of extracting meaningful insights to make sense of data.

The Focus is on making sense of data and organizing it into a piece of useful information. While Business analytics on the other hand focuses more on business problems and uses data analytics to solve specific business problems.


What Are the Prospects of Business Analytics Courses in Ireland?

With an ever-growing digital transformation of business and more and more businesses coming up every day, and huge competition in entrepreneurship, government promotion of entrepreneurship and a career in business analytics looks promising.

The starting salary of an intern starts from 1.6 lacks and can go up to 12 lacks rupees per annum. With an average salary of 4.6 lacks.


Roles a successful graduate in business analytics can hope for:

  • Project design and delivery
  • Data Visualization
  • Business (Data Analytics)
  • Business intelligence
  • HR Analytics
  • Risk Analytics


Who Can Do or Apply for Business Analytics Courses in Ireland?

Business analytics courses in Ireland usually range from 9 months to a year. They can be done online or at offline institutions. It is a very demanding career option so before you choose your institute, make sure you can dedicatedly give at least 4 hours per day to get the desired results.

There are various universities in Ireland that provide specialized master’s programs in Business Analytics, which are usually a 1-year full-time master’s degree course, or a 2-year part-time master’s degree course, the awarded degree will be “Masters of Science in Business Analytics.”

Any graduate can apply for business analytics courses in Ireland, however, a graduate in computer science will have an added advantage.

Certain universities could have a specialized requirement of minimum merit in subjects like mathematics, economics, technology, and computer science. Must have average computer skills, and an understanding of English as a language.


Tools Covered for Business Analytics Courses in Ireland

Microsoft Excel: It is a software developed by Microsoft, it is Part of the Productivity Suite called Microsoft 365, Its main function is to create, edit, and manipulate data on a spreadsheet. It is used heavily in the finance sectors where data analysis is required.


Microsoft Power BI: It is also developed by Microsoft, It Provides a very easy-to-use UI and a feature to view data visually, and it provides flexibility for many data input sources like Excel, etc.


My SQL:  It is an open-source database management system. It is usually used in conjunction with other data analytics tools like Python and R programming languages.


Num PY: It is a Python library used for scientific computing and data analysis.


Python: It is a high-level interpreted programming language. It is a versatile programming language. Used in various fields like web development, data science, machine learning, etc.


R: It is an open-source Programming Language. It is a powerful tool used for Data Manipulation, Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning.


Top Business Analytics Courses in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful and culturally rich country located in the North Atlantic Ocean in northwestern Europe. It is one of the most preferred countries for international education. The credit goes to its top-notch universities with quality education and affordability.

With the rise in demand for business analytics in the industry, there are many universities in Ireland that offer various Business analytics courses in Ireland. A list of some of the institutes offering business analytics courses in Ireland is given below. They are not ranked but are chosen at random.


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Universities Offering Business Analytics Courses in Ireland


1. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is located at the heart of Dublin which is the capital city of Ireland. It is a highly reputed institute with a strong commitment to academic excellence. This college is also a member of the League of European research universities (LERU) and Coimbra Group.

Trinity College Dublin Provides a 1-year full-time postgraduate diploma or a 2-year full-time degree of Master of Science in business analytics. The fee for the entire year is 17000 euros for students based in Ireland, and for international students, the fee is 21,500 euros.


2. University College Dublin.

University College Dublin previously known as the catholic university of Ireland is one of the largest research-intensive universities in Ireland and Europe. UCD has been ranked no 1 in its graduate employability rate since 2018.


Why UCD?

UCD is ranked 27 in QS ranking for 2022, UCD provides a 1-year full-time MSc in business analytics. And a 2-year part-time MSc in Business Analytics, UCD promises 85% of learners will be employed just after 6 months of the program.

UCD’s Global Leadership Program (GLP) offers learners a unique opportunity to engage in diverse co-curricular activities which increase their capacity for effective personal and organizational leadership.



Autumn Trimester
Module 1Introduction to Business Analytics
Module 2Optimization in Business
Module 3Statistical Methods
Module 4Programming for Analytics
Spring Trimester
Module 5Data Management and Mining
Module 6Technology consulting
Module 7Decision and Behavioral Analytics
Module 8Business Decision Support System
Capstone project
Summer trimester
Module 9Decision Modelling and Meta Heuristics
Module 10Statistical Learning
Module 11Sports and Performance Analytics
Module 12Mastering Big Data
Module 13A hot topic in Analytics



  • A minimum of a Graduate Degree with a background in quantitative techniques, including engineering, computer science, and other sciences.
  • A student may be asked to undertake GMAT or GRE.
  • Must understand English as a language.
  • International students may require a student VISA.


Fee Structure:

Full-time fees EU17000 euros
Full-time Non-EU23,620 euros
Part-time fees EU9,200 euros
Part-time Non-EU11,810 euros


UCD’s reputation, accreditation, and feature make it the top choice for students pursuing business analytics courses in Ireland.


3. MSc Business Analytic University College Cork

About university college cork:

University college cork was founded in 1845. Since then, it is imparting quality education to its learners and bringing a change in society. Currently, the university has 21000 students with 150,000 students worldwide. University college cork is awarded some of the prominent awards of all time like Hr excellence in Research, observatory, and Athena Bronze Award.



A successful graduate in MSc business analytics from the university college cork may find a job in consultancy firms, financial services firms, manufacturing, and service organizations in designations like business analyst, data analyst, consultant, and project management.



IS6017Enterprise Business Processes and Applications
IS6025: Design Thinking for Business Analysis
IS6026Business Analyst Skills
IS6027Business Analyst Skills
IS6028Information Systems Project Tracking and Oversight
IS6050: Business Data Strategy and Management
IS6051Business Data Visualization
IS6052Descriptive and Predictive Analytics
IS6053Decision-Making and Decision Support Systems
IS6055Prescriptive Analytics
IS6060Cloud Technologies
IS6061Secure Data Acquisition and Management



Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree with a background in quantitative techniques like business studies, engineering, computer science, other sciences, and Mathematics. Must have a basic understanding of English as a language.


Fee Structure:

For students based in Europe, the fees are 10,630 euros.

For international students, the fee is 18,900. Euros.

The university gives students an option to pay fees in two installments only.


University College Cork is one of the Best choices for pursuing Business Analytics courses in Ireland.


4. Advanced Certification for Data Analytics in Business by Intellipaat

Intellipaat is an online ed-tech company based in Bengaluru founded by Diwakar Chittora, they lead with a vision of Democratization of the education sector which offers various professional courses like Data Science, cloud computing, BI and data-based cloud security, Programming, and UI/UX design, Digital marketing, salesforce testing, and management programs.


Following We Are Discussing Advanced Certification in Business Analytics.

This program is ranked no. 1 by India tv.



The faculty here in Intellipaat are faculties from the Indian Institute of technology madras (IITM) and industry experts with more than 10 plus years of experience.


Key Features:

This course provides more than 400+ hours of applied learning, 218 hours of self-paced learning, and 50+ case studies. The institute claims they have a good placement record and help students with resume preparations and linked-in profile building and one-to-one mock interviews.



Module 1SQL
Module 2Microsoft Excel
Module 3Python
Module 4Statistics and Probability
Module 5Machine Learning
Module 6Business Problem Solving, Insights, and storytelling
Module 7KNIME
Module 8Data Modelling
Module 9Data Warehousing
Module 10Visualization using Power BI
Module 11Analytics using spark
Module 12Data Analytics Capstone Project
Module 13Business Case Studies
Job Readiness
Module 14R Programming


Skills to Master:

  • SQL
  • DATA Wrangling
  • Data Analysis
  • Prediction Algorithms
  • Data Visualization
  • Time Series
  • Machine Learning
  • Power BI
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Data Mining
  • R Programming



The alumnus of this institution is placed in some of the best companies in the world like Amazon, Microsoft, Genpact, Wipro, Tata consultancy services (TCS), Asian paints, Bosch, and many others.


Fee’s Structure:

The total admission fee for advanced certification for a data analyst in business is 84,044 rupees, which can be paid using easy monthly installments which start from 5,500 rupees using financing partners like Bajaj FinServ, shopse, early salary, and propelled.


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5. Business Analyst Master’s Program Simplilearn

About Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online ed tech institute founded in 2010, based in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore. Simplilearn claims that they offer the world’s #1 Bootcamp.

Simplilearn partners with companies and individuals to address their unique needs like the University of Wharton, Caltech, Purdue University, IBM, AWS, Microsoft, and Facebook Blueprint providing coaching and training that helps to work professionals achieve their goals.

Simplilearn offers more than 400+ courses, with 2000+ qualified trainers. Simplilearn has trained more than 5,000,000+ professionals and has more than 40+ accreditation.


Why Simplilearn?

Simplilearn offers a program in business analytics that is endorsed by the IIBA which is the world’s professional association that helps and maintains the standard for business analysis. This program is also aligned with the standard of IIBA BABOK v3 which will prepare you to ace the ECBA, CCBA, and CBAP Exams.

They offer a capstone project at the end of the course which will prepare the learners to experience the real-life working culture which aims to impart skills that are highly valued by industry employers.

Simplilearn offers a job assistance program for its learners. Which is offered in partnership with After successful completion of the Certificate students will be eligible to apply for the job assistance program and the details of the students will be shared with the IIMjobs portal.  IIM jobs will offer the following.

  • IIM Jobs Pro-membership for 6 months
  • Resume Building Assistance
  • Career Mentoring and interview Sessions via Webinars.


Projects Included

Project 1: Sales Performance Analysis.

Project 2:  Customer Analysis

Project 3: Product Analysis

Project 4: Sales Dashboard



Course 1`Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
Course 2Tableau Training
Course 3Data Analysis and Visualization
Course 4Mathematical Optimization
Course 5Business Analyst Capstone
Course 6Harvard Business Publishing Case Studies
Master’s Certificate
Elective 1Business Analyst industry master’s class
Elective 2CCBA
Elective 3Agile Scrum Master
Elective 4SQL training
Elective 5 Data Science with R course
Elective 6Business Analytics with Excel
Elective 7Statistical Essentials for Data Science


Fee structure

The Course Fee for the entire course is 54000 rupees.  Which can be paid in easy monthly installments starting from 4500 per month


6. Certification Program in Business Analytics Upgrad

About Upgrad

Upgrad is South Asia’s largest higher ed- tech company. It was founded in 2015 by Ronnie, Mayank, and Phalgun since then Upgrad is bringing quality online professional courses to the masses. The company’s core motive was to enable the current working force to upskill them without leaving their jobs.

Upgrad now has 1 million registered learners since 2015 and has also launched various branches like Upgrad degrees, Upgrad Rekrut, and Upgrad Study Abroad. Upgrad has planned to expand into branches like upgrad jeet, upgrad campus, and knowledge hut.


Why Upgrad?

The certification program in business analytics by Upgrad is a 4.5-month-long course with 200+ learning hours. The Upgrad provides additional scholarships for deserving students, one may talk to their counselors to know more, also upgrad prepares the students to prepare the soft skills needed to ace the job like practicing business communication, learning reporting techniques, and presentation skills.

Upgrad also prepares students to develop an appealing portfolio and gives assistance for interview preparation with resume building, mock interviews, and career guidance.

The institute provides internships plus a feature that provides internship opportunities to students while they are studying in the institute.



Module 1Introduction to Data Analysis
Module 2Understanding the Domain
Module 3Analyzing Pattern and Storytelling
Module 4Visualization with Tableau and Power BI
Module 5Exploratory Data Analysis and Statistics
Module 6Introduction to Database and My SQL
Predictive Analysis



Upgrad has amazing placement records, most of the learners from upgrad are currently working in top companies like Myntra, Microsoft, ola, Jio digital life, Flipkart, Accenture, HDFC bank Visa, siemens, Sprinklr, amazon, and Accenture.


Fee Structure:

The Fee for the entire course is 40,000. Which can be easily paid in monthly EMIs also, there are scholarship options available.


This was the list of some of the institutes offering business analytics courses in Ireland.  An Aspirant must always confirm the details from the institute’s website as they may change in the course of time.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs


Are Business Analytics courses in Ireland in demand?

yes, with the transformation of traditional business to digital, there is a very high demand for business Analytics Professionals, not just in Ireland but in the entire globe. Ireland proves to be one of the best destinations to study business Analytics, thanks to its top-notch universities and healthy environment.


2. How Expensive are the tuition fees and living expenses for business analytics courses?

The tuition fees for some of the Top-notch colleges like UCD, Trinity College, and university college cork in Ireland are around 17,000 euros for students based in Ireland, and around 23000 Euros for international students, converting it to Indian Rupees is equivalent to roughly 20,00,000 rupees. Which could be quite expensive for some students.

A student on a budget may apply for scholarships, or an education loan, or choose an online mode of learning platforms like Simplilearn, Upgrad, or Intellipaat. Which are quite affordable and provide flexibility. The Average cost of living as a student is around 10,000 to 12000 euros including accommodation, food, healthcare, and transport.


3. Which mode of learning is best for students offline in universities or online?

The Answer to this question comes in various layers.

  1. Someone who is currently employed and does not want to quit her/his job may prefer the online mode of learning to the offline one in universities.
  2. Placements: students having a strong background in computer science may bag the highest package, also packages and employability Ratio are generally higher in universities than in online institutes.
  3. work culture: universities provide additional environments and extracurricular activities for students which promote good leadership qualities, which an online mode may not be able to provide.


So, a student must consider these factors before taking any decision. The mode of choice can be any but to get desired results a student must dedicatedly study and carry out projects to get the maximum benefit of the program.


4. Are Business Analytics courses the right choice for me?

This is one of the most important questions, a question one must ask herself/himself before taking any decision.

In general

  • If you have a niche to explore.
  • If you want a career change in one of the promising sectors of the present and even the future.
  • If working with huge Data and analyzing the business excites you.


A Career in Business Analytics will be one of the most rewarding career options for you.

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