The Top 9 Technical writing courses in Gurgaon With Placements

Are you seeking the best online technical writing courses in Gurgaon? Then don’t look any further! Below compiled is a selection of the top technical writing tutorials and courses available online. In addition, both free and paid versions are highlighted appropriately for all skill levels to provide you with a choice of possibilities.


List of the top technical writing courses in Gurgaon


What Is Technical Writing? And Why Is It Necessary To Be Good At It?


The practice of writing (or drafting) technical communication for use in technical and professional sectors such as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, biotechnology, and forestry is known as technical writing. Frequently, their work entails simplifying complex material so that others may utilise and comprehend it.


You don’t have to spend hours at university to learn how to create breath-taking technical papers. Several online technical writing courses in Gurgaon will teach you all you need to know. If you want to improve your technical writing talents, whether for a writing job or simply to broaden your skill set, there will be one for you!


IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a well-known company that provides the best technical writing courses in Gurgaon. The finest technical institute program in Gurgaon is IIM Skills. IIM Skills has been extremely effective in offering students the best technical writing courses in Gurgaon and many other locations. IIM Skills has successfully trained over 4300 people in over 1000 training sessions in 30 countries.


IIM Skill has been in this business for 5 years. Since its inception, IIM Skills has held a distinct position in the business.


IIM Skills’ faculty is extremely skilled and helpful. They make certain that the kids have a conducive learning environment. They also make certain that the students are provided with the necessary assignments to better assess the amount to which the pupils have grasped all that has been taught to them.


Because of the modules and curriculum it offers, IIM Skills is regarded as the finest technical writing institute in Gurgaon and many other locations across the country. IIM Skills offers one of the most advanced curriculums, which aids students in their understanding.


The subjects covered in the modules span from the most basic to the most advanced, allowing students to explore and learn about every aspect of technical writing. The course was created after extensive study and analysis of the most in-demand market skills to assist students in staying current with industry trends.


Another reason why IIM Skills is the finest technical writing institution in Gurgaon is because of its skilled teachers. IIM Skills trainers are industry professionals who have worked in the business for the previous ten years. They have seen all the industry’s ups and downs; therefore, they are the best individuals to speak with if you have any technical writing-related questions or difficulties.


These trainers have assisted thousands of students in finding technical writing employment, establishing a content marketing agency, and establishing a content development firm, among other things. The instructors at the top technical training institution in Gurgaon are exceptionally brilliant, skilled, certified, and experienced.


They have been able to create a steady and very successful career in the technical writing sector because of their abilities and expertise. They have collaborated with some of the most prestigious organizations and industry titans.


The certification provided by IIM Skills immediately following the conclusion of the technical writing course is worldwide recognised, which means that such certifications may be used to boost resume scores as well as while applying for technical writing employment. The certification provided by IIM Skills is quite valuable and might be useful while seeking job possibilities.


IIM Skills provides students with 100% placement support, which means that students will be led throughout the placement procedure immediately after completing this technical writing course at IIM Skills. Interview preparation and other services are included in the placement aid. IIM Skills offers a placement cell that actively strives to guarantee that students are placed immediately after completing the course.


IIM SKILLS Gurgaon Technical Writing Course Demo Invite


Details About The Course


IIM Skills offers a 4-week course in which students go through a highly comprehensive training procedure in which they learn a lot about content writing.


As previously said, IIM Skills places a larger focus on practical elements of instruction, and the entire course is separated into two major portions, with just 16 hours of theoretical lecture out of the 70+ hours of this technical writing college, and the rest is entirely practical.


This is essential since it helps students comprehend better and adds to their job experience, allowing them to obtain better and faster placement possibilities after completing this course.


Because this institute cares about its students and their careers in technical writing, it gives premium tools worth more than INR35000 for free so that students may learn how to utilize and operate such tools in technical writing.


One of the main reasons that IIM Skills is ranked as the finest technical writing institution in Gurgaon is that it has a placement department that actively strives to assist students to discover better employment chances.


They assist deserving students by arranging for interviews with employers. IIM Skills has made an outstanding attempt to assist students, and as a result, it is regarded as the top Content writing institute in Gurgaon.


As previously said, the curriculum is built on extensive research to identify the most in-demand business topics so that students may stay current with industry trends.


The curriculum given by the finest technical writing courses in Gurgaon comprises 12 modules that cover topics ranging from very fundamental to highly professional level, allowing students to graduate as professional content writers in just four weeks.


Among The Course Modules Are:


Website creation

UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience)

Content Writing Fundamentals

Keyword Investigation

Begin Writing

Investigating Tools to Help You Write Better

What is a Plagiarism Detector, and how does SEO work?

Automation of Emails

Configuration of Google Local Pages

Establishing a social media presence

Investigating social media tools

Make money with your abilities.


The above-mentioned IIM Skills course modules are reasonably split depending on the number of hours required to finish each module. This aids in breaking down the topics to be covered in a total of four weeks into tiny, readily digestible chunks.


On average, students who complete these top technical writing courses in Gurgaon earn between INR 25,000 and INR 30,000.


Even after graduating from this technical writing institution, students are offered lifelong assistance, which means that if they need to re-learn any specific topic or learn the newest writing formats at any point in their careers, they are welcome to do so for free.


This is a legitimate reason why IIM Skills is regarded as the finest technical writing course in Gurgaon.


IIM Skills also provides a money-back guarantee, which means that if students feel that the course isn’t right for them or that they don’t want to undertake it, they can simply notify the company and they will be reimbursed the amount they spent.


IIM Skills has assisted hundreds of students in finding jobs in content writing and technical writing.


Immersion in Business and Technical Writing (Udemy)


Level: Every level

Time to Complete: 4h 34m

The cost is INR 5300.

There is no certification.


You may study the art of effective and persuasive business and financial writing in just over four hours. This course covers everything from basic writing analysis through final copy, using 12 phases and almost 60 practical strategies to produce documents that work every time.


What distinguishes this course from others is that for each writing method you master, there is an in-depth lesson with professional guidance and practical exercises. You will have learned how to evaluate the purpose, analyze the audience, develop a purpose statement, write a draft, edit for clarity, edit for the economy, and edit for readability by the conclusion of this course.


Technical Writing Courses In Gurgaon: How To Advance Your Writing Career (Udemy)


Level: Every level

Time to Complete: 5h 19m

The cost is INR 3900.

There is no certification.


Joseph Phillips who has worked as a project management consultant, lecturer, technology consultant, business owner, and technical writer for over 20 years, will teach you how to master technical writing courses in Gurgaon in his famous Udemy course!


You’ll discover the aims of technical writing, how to research a topic, determine contents and bounds, rewrite and polish, and promote a technical book for maximum sales. After finishing this course, you should be able to write technically and start building a successful technical writing profession!


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Writing Technical Documents (Coursera)


Intermediate level

Time to Complete: 19h

Enrolment is free.

Yes, certification is required.


This course, offered by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, is intended to improve all the technical writing abilities required to transmit knowledge.


This course focuses on the variables that influence the intricacy of the language and concepts involved. You will learn how to produce a variety of technical reports, including laboratory reports, research reports, progress reports, and consultancy reports, among other things. You will also examine several languages, structural, style, and content difficulties that you may experience while producing reports!


IIM SKILLS Gurgaon Technical Writing Course Demo Invite


Training for Technical Authors, Technical Writers, and Technical Writers (Cherry leaf)


Level: Every level

Time to Complete: N/A (15 modules of independent study)

The cost is INR 23000.

Yes, certification is required.


This course, taught by industry specialists, will walk you through the process of generating technical documentation. The significance of technical documentation will be highlighted.


You’ll then look at the full documentation process from start to finish, including planning, authoring, editing, indexing, and production. Toward the end of the course, you’ll also learn about other abilities you’ll need as a technical communicator, such as how to work more efficiently and effectively.


Throughout the course, you will be required to complete practical projects to put your knowledge into practice. You will also have the option of receiving input from an industry-leading expert on each of these projects!


Writing Technical Documents (ACS Distance Education)


Level: Every level

Time to Complete: 100 hours

Cost: INR 37000

Yes, certification is required.


This course will provide you with an extremely valuable certification that you can take with you and use to advance your career!


This course is divided into 9 lessons. To begin, you investigate the scope and character of technical writing courses in Gurgaon. You will next examine presentation, various styles, structure and formatting, collaborative writing, and how to produce articles, project proposals, and reports.


By the end of this course, you should be able to write more marketable content and work in a wider range of circumstances. You’ll have a better understanding of your writing style and how you work best, which will increase your confidence!


Professional Technical Writing: Improve Your Writing Techniques (Udemy)


Beginner’s level

Time to Complete: 16h 48m

Cost: INR 15000

There is no certification.


In this course, you will construct your first technical paper by following technical writing concepts and techniques taught by a professional writer.


This course is perfect for fiction writers, online content writers, engineers, scientists, developers, product managers, government employees, screenwriters, and anybody else looking to switch jobs!


You will learn how to become a technical writing pro with 107 lectures, 22 activity sheets, 36 quizzes, 6 PDF books, and 1 final evaluation (which is personally evaluated by the teacher). By the end of this course, you will have a solid grasp of all the fundamental concepts of technical writing courses in Gurgaon and the abilities to launch a successful writing career.


Learn to Write Software Documentation to Begin Your Career in Technical Writing (Skillshare)


Beginner’s level

Time to Complete: 19m

Price: 14-day free trial

There is no certification.

The course has been completed by 370 individuals.

N/A for the course rating.


This course is just 19 minutes long, so it’s a fantastic way to get in a little extra study! In this brief course, you will learn what technical writing is and what a technical writer performs.


You will also look especially at the realm of software development and why they want technical writers! The course then focuses on the technical writing process as it relates to software development. To round off your education, you will do a brief exercise/project to put your knowledge into practice!


Henry Harvin


There is a Henry Harvin institute in Gurgaon and many other locations in India where you can take this course and update your abilities to meet current market demands by obtaining professional knowledge and the numerous aspects of technical writing that are sometimes overlooked.


The different methods of creating technical material are taught, including advice on how to build up the narrative. It is the mental process that must be sharpened. Frequent practice under the supervision of professionals in the technical writing course in Gurgaon may help you achieve great things.


IIM SKILLS Gurgaon Technical Writing Course Demo Invite



Frequently Asked Questions


1. What exactly is a technical writing class?

The course teaches the technical writing abilities required to present knowledge obtained via a technical or experimental work process. You’ll learn how to create various technical reports, such as laboratory reports, research reports, design, and feasibility studies, progress reports, consultation reports, and so on.


2. Is technical writing a viable career path?

In terms of both work satisfaction and monetary remuneration, technical writing (or technical communication) is a highly rewarding profession. Many people outside of the area may be vaguely familiar with the term, but their knowledge of the profession may be limited or inaccurate.


3. Is there a demand for technical writing?

Technical writers’ employment is expected to rise 12 percent between 2020 and 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. On average, 5,500 technical writer job vacancies are expected per year during the next decade.


4. Which of the five types of technical writing is there?

Papers about medicine and science.

User Manuals/Assistance Manuals.

Technical books and manuals.

Manuals for assembly.

Technical Evaluations and Reports.


5. What is the purpose of technical writing?


Technical writing is employed whenever technical knowledge must be represented through words. The text will explain the scientific or specialized aspects and will direct the reader on how to use such information. Because of the high-tech nature of today’s jobs and daily lives, technical writing is becoming more frequent.




So, there you have it: the greatest technical writing lessons available online.


There are several online programs and technical writing courses in Gurgaon available that will teach you all you need to know about technical writing. Some of the lessons are brief and cost nothing.


Others, on the other hand, are more expensive and take longer to complete – but they provide a more in-depth examination of the full technical writing process. Similarly, some are better suited to total newcomers with no prior writing experience. Others, on the other hand, are considerably better suited to seasoned writers.


All the technical writing courses in Gurgaon listed above are great. They are the very finest of the very best. Each is taught by a skilled and committed instructor, and they all have many delighted clients.


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