Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Agra With Placements

If you are an Indian citizen or an NRI who wants to have a good understanding of the Goods and Services Tax which is issued by the Government of India, enrolling in a GST certification course is a great option.

Here are the top 5 GST certification courses in Agra listed especially for you. By completing this cdourse, you can apply your knowledge on GST further into your business, accountants, CAs, CMAs and any other careers to increase the income by an average of 15% to 25%. So, let’s see the top courses available that might suit you.


List of the best GST certification courses in Agra


The Goods and Services Tax, simply known as GST was implemented in India on July 1st, 2017 by the Central Government. This way of taxation aims to fix the tax for the products from the consumer perspective and not the production side.


Also, the GST united both the state and central taxes into one. To understand the overall concept of the GST, its pros and cons, and the ways to make a profit through that, you might need to pursue a course. So, here are the GST certification courses in Agra.


Effects of GST in Indian Market


Implementing the GST in India had resulted in a huge rise in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) over the years. However, there are some complications that most companies struggle with. Either startups or a globalized company, they found difficulties in their financing and accounting part. Thus, it creates massive job openings across the country. Few career options are:


  • GST Practitioner
  • Business Accountants
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Certified Management Accountants
  • Company Secretaries


It leads to the great demand for jobs in each sector. As per a report, over 2 lakh job openings incited on the day of implementing GST, and it began to rise even further. So, there is a huge demand for GST certification courses everywhere. So, let’s begin with the listicle of the top GST certification courses in Agra.


IIM SKILLS Agra GST Course Demo Invite


Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Agra


1. IIM Skills- GST Course


IIM Skills is one of the world’s leading online education institutions, which has its main center in New Delhi. The institution was established only 7 years ago. However, the growth of IIM Skills for the past 6 years is substantial. The intention to provide a world-class education to the candidates is a brand icon for this institution.


Firstly, they initiated an online Content Writing Course globally. This gives them a huge welcome because of their quality service. Then, they added multiple courses in demand including Technical Writing Course, CAT coaching, GST certification, digital marketing course, etc. The IIM Skills strive to provide more demanding and essential courses in the future.


The GST certification course by IIM Skills has some major benefits than other similar courses. Despite their well-structured module, the basic objective of this course itself is an attractive one. It consists of some key aspects such as:


  • Interactive Live Online Sessions
  • World-class teaching techniques
  • Well researched curriculum
  • Practical Training by Industrial Experts
  • Applications of GST (Theoretical and Practical)
  • Check your Business GST performance
  • Resolving your doubts on the spot
  • Providing the Course completion certificate


Modules Offered by IIM Skills


1.The Concept and Genesis of GSTThis section holds the GST overview, types, liability, eligibility, Rate Slabs, scopes, etc.
2. Registration Process and Its amendments in GSTIt includes the mode and process of registration along with its surrender, certification, and amendments.
3. The Structure and Framework of GSTLearn about the in-depth meaning of GST, taxable event, time, place, and valuation of supply.
4. Invoicing Rules and RegulationsGo through the GST invoice and Raised Invoice. Also, know about debit/ credit notes, bill of supply, and Payment Voucher.
5. Credit and Input Tax Payment in GSTAlong with the GST offset liability, ITC, and modes of payment, learn about the Electronic ledger’s liability, credit, and Cash.
6. Filing of GST returnsStudy about the types of return forms and the process flow of Return filing. Also, know about the GSTR.
7. GST Composition SchemeComposition Scheme limitation and registration with its tax rate and return form.
8. RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism)About RCM and its taxability.
9. GST E Way BillIssuing and necessity of E- way bill and know who is responsible for that.


 Course Fees and Details of IIM Skills


The IIM Skills ranked on the top of GST certification courses in Agra for multiple factors.

  1. The four weeks of live online classroom training have the most authentic way of teaching
  2. You will be provided with dedicated 16 hours lectures, Hands-on Learning, and Practical Assignments
  3. 100% placement and freelancing assistance
  4. Lifetime access to the study materials
  5. Industry-relevant content
  6. Resolving queries lively


The course fees for the IIM Skills GST certification course were initially set at Rs 6490, but currently, you can get it for only Rs 2900. It is the best value for any GST certification courses in Agra. In addition to that, the modules and assistance are the most peculiar thing in IIM Skills.


The batch class for the candidates is held every weekend until the end of the course. The timings are from 10 am- 2 pm. However, the discussion forum of IIM Skills will be provided for lifetime access for queries and insights.


Salient Features of GST Course from IIM Skills


As IIM Skills ranked the top in the list of GST certification courses in Agra, you should know about its salient features and outcomes from their service. Some of the important ingredients you earn during the course are:


  1. Live Query Resolution
  2. Training under High-quality trainers
  3. Authentic Content and study material
  4. Anywhere lifetime access
  5. Global Accreditation Certificate
  6. Multiple batches to give more priority to students


Providing these facilities has proved to increase the performance of the candidates. Thus, the learning outcome is reported to be more efficient here. You can gain the following outcomes through the IIM Skills


  • Overall understanding of GST
  • Get well-equipped with its Framework
  • Re-conceptualize and structure the strategies for your company
  • Practical knowledge of GST process, TDS, Return filing, refunds
  • Self-confidence to face the career option in this field.


Without a doubt, this globalized institute is surely at the top of this list of GST certification courses in Agra.


IIM Skills Brand Partners

IIM Skills brand partners


Reviews and Testimonials

IIM Skills GST course reviews


Visit the IIM Skills website to download the curriculum brochure and enroll in a free online demo class.


IIM SKILLS Agra GST Course Demo Invite


2. ClearTax- New GST Returns E-Learning Certification


ClearTax organization was founded and established in the year 2014. It is a financial organization that provides a platform to major companies. It helps companies to manage their financial statistics safely and efficiently. The location of this organization is in Bangalore. However, they are providing their services globally.


The organization is mentored by the two financial giants in the world. The mentorship was directly from the founders of PayPal and Paytm, Mr. Max Lechin and Mr. Vijay Shekhar respectively. The ClearTax organization further moves ahead to conduct an online certification course to clarify the complications of GST for Indian citizens.


For this GST certification course, the organization issued 6 experts to handle the candidates. They are having an average of 15 years of experience in the financial sector. They will guide and teach you throughout this course.


Many Modules of ClearTax


The basics of GST11. Unlocking and Locking
Tax Credit Input12. Missing Invoice
Study of Reverse Charge Mechanism13. Analysis of RET Forms, ANX-1 and ANX-2
Place, the value of Supply, and the time14. Manage the compliance cost using the technologies


Monthly, Quarterly analysis of return types in detail15. ERP changes
Comparison and study of RET 1/2/316. New GST return policy and its impact on the industries
Penalties and Offenses17. New filling Process
GST Refund and Payment18. Old GST systems and the Methods for Claiming ITC
Case live study19. Government’s Transition Plan
Management of Invoice


Course Fees and Details of ClearTax


This course ranks second on our list of GST certification courses in Agra only because of its backend founders. Certification from such a financial organization can add much value to your profile.


Also, the course fee for this training is Rs 3600 excluding taxes. And so, this is one of the most affordable GST certification courses out there. However, the expertise and trainers managed to cover the entire module in just 8+hours of span time.


You can also go for Online GST Courses if you believe in online learning.


3. ITCA – Online Advanced Certificate


The Institute of Chartered Accountants also known to be ITCA is an online accounting organization. It is guided and accredited under the jurisdiction of the ministry of corporate affairs by the Government of India. This institute was established in the late 1940s and has been accounting for major companies in India.


They want to provide the GST certification courses in Agra in two variations. However, it is recommended to select the advanced version.  The advanced certification course has more modules than the normal one despite the minor fee differences.


The course is conducted online for the candidates of India. So, you can learn and earn the certifications at your home itself. However, you have to score a minimum of 50% at the end qualification exam.


Modules of ITCA Advanced GST Course


1. Introduction to Goods and Services Tax8. Analysis of TCS and TDS under GST
2. Type of supply and Taxable Event9. Analysis of GST Returns in Practical
3. Time and Place of Supply10. Learning Analytical way of Approach to E way Bill, Invoice Bill of supply and Registration
4. HSN and SAC Classification11. A case studying the real-life scenarios
5. Rule for Valuation12. Penalties, Demands, prosecutions, and Adjudication, and appeal.
6. Imports and Exports13. Annual return and Assessment analysis.
7. Zero Rated Supplies


Course Fee and Details of ITCA


The course fee for this course is relatively high as you have to pay Rs 14,000 to enroll. You will surely get some deductions if you are a member of CMA or a student of CMA finals. The deducted course fee will be Rs 11200 excluding the taxes.


Despite its higher cost, the course provides you with 72 hours of long learning sessions. Thus, it is indeed worthy for the candidates who need in-depth knowledge.


Also, check out the Top 15 GST Certification courses in Delhi


4. V Skills – Online GST Certification


V Skills is one of the largest certification bodies in India. The organization is managed by Cubezoid Solutions. They aim to provide career opportunities to the candidates through their certification courses. They indeed have alumni who got into their financial careers with the help of the V Skills certification.


The offered courses by V Skills are mostly based on accounting, finance management, GST certification courses, etc. These courses are mainly targeted towards the accountants, tax consultants, and accounting & finance pursuing students. So, the modules are vastly designed especially for them.


The GST Certification course offered by the V Skills has a final qualification exam. In that, candidates have to participate in it mandatorily to acquire the certification. The 60 minutes exam consists of 50 questions, each question valid 1 mark. You have to achieve a 50% pass percentage to get qualified.


Modules Offered by V Skills


Basics of Taxation and GST
Concepts and Basics of Goods and Services Tax
GST and GSTIN Registration
Invoicing GST
GST Returns
ITC (Input Tax Credit)
Valuation of GST
Legal Provisions and Ruling Mechanisms of GST
Miscellaneous Acts


Course Fee and Details of V Skills


The current fee for the GST certification course offered by the V Skills is Rs 3,499 excluding the taxes. You can surely add this course to your affordable course list. However, it ranked 4th in the GST certification courses in Agra for other reasons.


Besides its limited module, it has widely spread sub-topics in it which covers almost everything related to the course.


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5. CAclubindia – Advanced GST Training and Certification Course


This is a website that was created in 1999 by Interactive Media Private Limited. Firstly, the organization introduced this website to share the knowledge among the CAs (Chartered Accountants) of India.


Further, it got improvised and decided to provide a platform for every business, finance, and accounts-related discussion. Finally, they have set up certification courses for those who seek interest in these fields.


The GST course by CAclubindia provides a wide range of topics under 19 different modules. As a result, you will be able to gain overall knowledge about the GST regime. In addition to that, you will also be ready to meet the GST for the future.


The Main Objectives Of This Course Are:

  • A detailed understanding of GST through practical case studies
  • Filing and Preparation of GSTR-9C and GSTR-9 in a Table wise manner
  • Case Studies and Divergent Judgements from different HC/ advance ruling authorities.
  • Dedicated Recording sessions based on possible Q&A
  • Core Understanding of all Implications and Recent Amendments


Modules Offered by CAclubindia


1. Supply and Levy under GST11. Search, Inspection, Seizure, and Arrest under GST Laws
2. Taxable Registration, person, limits to the threshold, etc.12. GST Advance Ruling
3. Value and Time of Supply13. Revision, Appeal, penalty, and Offence in GST
4. Input Tax Credit14. Q&A on critical topics of GST
5. Place of Supply for Services and Goods15. Q&A on Module
6. Refund and Zero-rated Supply16. Deemed Supply, Intricacies in Supply, ISD vs Cross Charge, Valuation, etc.
7. Introduction of E-Invoicing under GST, Tax work and Job Work17. Q&A with the GST ITC and Intricacies in Time of Supply
8. New GST Return System and Existing Return under E- Way Bill and GST18. Q&A with Overview and Intricacies of the supply for Goods and Services
9. Filing Process for GSTR-9 Form of GST Annual Return19. 2021 Budget
10. Filing Process for GSTR-9C of GST Audit Report


Course Fee and Details of CAclubindia


This course deserves this position in this list of the GST certification courses in Agra for the following factors:

  • This course provides 61 hours of Video sessions once you enrolled
  • A complete Ebook about GST for the candidates
  • Get your hands on the contents in the Global English Language
  • A CAclubindia E-Certificate


Additionally, they have added the contents with the latest union budget and 45th GST council updates too. The fee for this course is Rs 6,599. Also, you can have the offline version of the course in a Pendrive by paying an additional 1000 rupees.


IIM SKILLS Agra GST Course Demo Invite



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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are the best GST certification courses globally?

A. Many GST certification courses commonly provide a global level certification. However, the top global institutions with a standard education service are

  1. IIM Skills
  2. ClearTax
  3. ITCA (Institute of Chartered Accountants)
  4. V Skills
  5. CAclubindia


Q2. What is the best price for a GST certification course?

A. Anywhere between the course fee of INR 5,000 – INR 15,000 can be worthy of a GST certification course.


Q3. Which mode is better for pursuing the GST business training course?

A. It is advisable to opt for the online mode of enrolling in the GST courses.




To conclude, you can participate in any course on this list of GST certification courses in Agra. However, the interest to gain knowledge and certification lies within you. So, think about your future career option or goals before enrolling in a course.


In such a way, you will be more passionate and eager to learn. Else, even though the cost of the course is higher, you cannot gain any outcome from it. Hereby, best of luck to the candidates who wish to enroll in any of the courses in this list of GST certification courses in Agra.

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