Best Content Writing Courses in Faridabad With Placements

In today’s growing digital era, content writing plays a crucial role in the digital world. If you believe in the power of content and are looking for the top choices for content writing courses in Faridabad, you will find what you need here. Read on!


List of the best content writing courses in Faridabad


The demand for content writing has drastically increased in the current scenario. Content writing is the procedure to plan, edit and write the content. Content writing is creating articles for videos, blog posts, websites, and social media posts. So, we do content writing as there is a significant shift in the companies from offline to online.


The customers have also increased their engagement from offline to online buying. Most companies are making their presence in online platforms like e-commerce, retail, and service industries. All are making online presence a priority.


In their business strategy, writing is needed for writing articles on web pages. These contain generating content ideas and making engaging content for the web.


Content is written on various online platforms in multiple formats with the purpose to fulfill the needs of the people visiting websites of the different companies. Content writers should have some skills like excellent writing skills, grammar skills, research skills, editing, proofreading, time management, etc.


The best way to learn the skill of content writing is to find the best course on content writing that fulfills all the requirements of a good content writer. In Faridabad, there are content writing courses institutes that provide content writing courses.


Here are a few content writing courses in Faridabad. that you can consider


IIM Skills


 IIM Skills is one of the outstanding training institutes that has detailed coverage of courses on content writing. There are no essential qualification criteria to learn this course.  The faculty in this institute are experts in content writing. The critical factor in this course is it covers all the things required to become the best content writer in the industry.



Course Name: Online Content Writing Course

Course – Duration: 4 weeks


Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST


Course Details

  • 4 weeks of live online class
  • 10 hours lectures
  • 60 hrs practical assignments
  • A free tool worth 35k
  • 3 Months Guaranteed internship
  • Portfolio development for job/freelancing


Getting assignments to practice the projects that you will get exposure are

  • Web development 5 hours
  • Media marketing 10 hours
  • SEO 15 hours
  • Content writing 20 hours
  • and more!


It is one of the best content writing courses in Faridabad that have established themselves not only in Faridabad but also so in various parts of India.


The content writing training program consists of:


  • Significance of WordPress website
  • WordPress account setup
  • Hosting of website
  • The setting of the content delivery network
  • Plugin’s setup
  • HTTPS setup
  • Know the psychology behind web traffic
  • Attractive landing page development
  • Mobile AMP age accelerated setup
  • Learn the basics of content writing
  • Basics of keyword planner
  • Understand long tail short keywords
  • Competition keywords understanding
  • Test competition before beginning
  • Topics to write about
  • Find what people are interested in reading
  • Understand how People click on content
  • How to use infographics most effectively
  • How to make your brand
  • How to accelerate your writing
  • Without having excellent writing skills and avoid grammar error
  • Learn various tools to check writing content
  • Make plagiarism-free contents
  • Understanding tools to prevent plagiarism
  • Learn to acquire leads for subscribers
  • Learn about Google local pages
  • Learn about making social media pages
  • Monetize your content writing
  • How to find work as a freelancer from home
  • Proposals making




IIM Skills Brand Partners 

IIM Skills brand partners


Reviews and Testimonials

IIM Skills Content writing course reviews




This is a government-recognized content writing institute. They have three types of courses like digital marketing, communication skills, content writing courses. The office is located in Delhi offering both offline as well as online classes. They provide content writing courses in Faridabad, with the following features:


Course Name: Content Writing Course


Course Details

  • 7 assignments and 5 projects
  • They have live training 50 hours of learning
  • Support for lifetime
  • They provide placement assistance


Course Curriculum


  • Basics of content writing
  • Learn to use vocabulary and words
  • Learn the use of online tools to develop your content
  • Learn business writing
  • Learn technical writing
  • Learn academic writing
  • Learn to monetize your writing
  • Learn to publish your book


ECT also teaches different types of content writing courses in Faridabad.


  • How to do copywriting
  • How to do web content writing
  • To do the email writing
  • How to do business writing
  • How to do press releases
  • How to make short stories
  • How to make sales proposals


They Also Use Various Tools To Train, Such As:


  • Ginger
  • Google analytic
  • Google keyword planner
  • Grammarly
  • Hemmingway app


Digital Academy 360


Digital academy 360 is also one of the institutions that provide content writing courses in Faridabad. They have various IT courses apart from content writing. The content writing Course that they provide at Faridabad is as follows.


Course Name: Creative Content Writing Certification


Program Course Details

  • They provide assignments to increase your skills
  • To develop a portfolio
  • To master the tools required for content writing


Course curriculum


  • the Basics Of Content Writing
  • The process of writing
  • They also teach the basics of SEO
  • They provide training on WordPress and website development
  • they teach creative writing, article writing, research writing, scientific writing, copywriting, etc
  • Train you in social media and content writing
  • Also, train in web content writing
  • Press releases and case studies skills
  • You will also learn technical writing and also will be introduced to write e-books and self-publishing
  • You will also learn content marketing and strategies


Here are the Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Indore


IIM SKILLS Faridabad Content Writing Course invite


Online Idea Lab


Online Idea lab has offline and online courses in content creation. They offer content writing courses in Faridabad. According to your level, you can opt for beginners and advanced modules in content writing.


  • Content writing advance course
  • Foundation course on content writing
  • Content writing 101


Content Writing Foundation Courses Have:


  • 20 hours of live classes
  • They have access to the course
  • 12 activities and assignments in the course
  • How to publish your blog on their sites
  • Notes as per the modules


Course Curriculum

  • Basics of blogging
  • Importance of research
  • They guide in assignments
  • Guide in writing website content
  • They guide content writing as a freelancer
  • They teach you how to use tools for writing content

Skills Upgrader


Skills upgrader also provides content writing courses in Faridabad. It includes live training in class for 4 weeks and contains 15 modules. They provide 16 hours of classroom training and 70 hours of practical assignments.


This training will help you to understand the website correctly and structure the content well. They provide internships of 3 months. They also help in developing portfolios which is essential. They provide support and also assist in placement. After completion of the course, they provide you with certificates of content writing.


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IIEDM provides courses in digital marketing and content writing. They offer one of the best content writing courses in Faridabad. The learning system is well-developed. They cover various aspects of content writing.

  • you will acquire various skills in writing
  • you learn how to write for the websites
  • you will learn technical writing and creative writing
  • You will learn to proofread, editing and rewriting


They have other courses, apart from content writing like full digital marketing program, advanced program in digital marketing certificate course, SCM the certification course, and the social media marketing certificate course.


Check the details on the website about the course, if you want to get more details on their content writing courses in Faridabad.




Coursera is an excellent place to learn various types of courses. They have their presence in different kinds of courses and have multiple levels of content writing courses in Faridabad.


Coursera works with various organizations and international universities to offer online courses. They provide certificates and degrees in many subjects.  They have around 4000 courses in many subjects and from more than 150 universities.


They have many contents writing courses on different topics like:


  • Good with good words: writing and editing- by University of Michigan
  • University of California’s academic English writing
  • Write a memoir or a personal essay about yourself at Wesleyan University.
  • First Nobel point- by Michigan State University


IIM SKILLS Faridabad Content Writing Course invite




Udemy is an American online learning platform founded by Even Bali and Gagan Biyani. The platform provides online education in various languages: English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, German, etc. They have their headquarters in San Francisco, California, US.


They offer courses in the content writing business, academic health, fitness language, music technology, etc. They have paid and some free courses. Some content writing courses in Faridabad on their platform on various subjects of content writing are:


  • The complete content writing course for 2021 by Subah Saxena Vishal Singh Jagran
  • How to write excellent web content that your search by Andrew Williams
  • Learn about content writing Tushar Mangi
  • The content writing for Beginners by Rameez


Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is into career and competency development. They are in the business of training, skill development, and content services. They provide content writing courses in Faridabad. Here are details of Course


Course Name: Certified Digital Content Writing Course.


Course Details


  • They provide 32 hours of live interactive classroom training
  • Provide internship assistance to gain experience
  • Certificate of certified content writing course they offer after completion of the course
  • They will provide a boot camp facility
  • Course access for a lifetime
  • Gold membership for one year
  • All session recorded video
  • You will learn the techniques and basics of a website and personal blog


Course Curriculum


  • Language skills learning skills
  • Business and marketing learning
  • Content strategy development
  • Understanding research writing and technical writing
  • Learn academic writing and creative writing
  • Copywriting and email writing
  • Projects on content writing
  • Soft skills and resume writing


There are various types of content that you will be learning. They are as follows.

  • Article and blogging
  • Writing eBook
  • Press Releases and book review
  • Product review and resume writing
  • Academic writing and creative writing
  • Editing and proofreading


Some Of The Tools Used Are


  • Google keyword planner and Ginger
  • Hemingway app and canvas
  • HubSpot
  • Grammarly

IIM SKILLS Faridabad Content Writing Course invite


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why should I study content writing?


Content writing is a blossoming field with massive demand. Owing to this huge demand, this has become a lucrative career option in the digital world. You can learn content writing to become a part of this growing content industry.


What skills do a content writer need?


Content writers should have excellent writing skills. They should know for whom they are writing the content.  Content writers should know the buyer persona, which means they should focus on whom they are focusing on in their writing. They must know who the reader is.


They should have good proofreading and editing skill so the content is in a proper flow for the reader to understand. They should be good at researching skills. That is important because the more you are skilled in researching content, the more you can make quality content. You should be creative in writing and be good at time management.


What writing jobs are in demand?


There are many writing jobs in demand. We will discuss them.


  • ·You can be a content writer, SOP writer, academic writer, etc
  • You can have an excellent opportunity to become a journalist
  • You can also become a PR specialist and social media manager


What are the types of content writing?

There are many types of writing, some of them are as follows:

  • SEO writing
  • Technical writing
  • Research and report writing
  • Business writing
  • Ghost-writing
  • SOP writing
  • Copywriting
  • Web content
  • Blogs


How Much do content writers earn in India?


Content writers are in great demand. The amount paid to the content writers starts from 25k on average, but there is no fixed pay structure. It all depends on the skills and experience they have in their field. If you have good experience, you can get good pay as a content writer. Few things help in deciding your income  as a content writer; they are:


  • The quantum of experience you have
  • The type of experience you have to various kinds of content writing
  • Writing skills that you have
  • Types of the organization you have worked and handled your assignments and projects


What is the highest-paying content writing jobs?


The highest paying writing jobs are below.

  • Editor
  • Content marketing manager
  • Communication manager
  • Technical writer
  • PR manager
  • Copywriter
  • Research analyst


These are some of the highest-paying jobs in content writing. Apart from this, few websites pay you for freelancing work. They are Pro blogger Upwork, I writers, Flexi jobs, freelancers, writers’ den.


IIM SKILLS Faridabad Content Writing Course invite




That’s all for the content writing courses in Faridabad. Have a detailed view of the course details that are provided in the content writing courses in Faridabad. Look at who are the trainers in the institute and their expertise and experiences in the field.


Also, take a proper understanding of practical and concepts covered in the course like their internship, live projects placement assistance, etc., and what support you will get to grow in content writing after completing the course.


Based on your preferences, make a choice for the course that you want to invest in.

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