Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Egypt With Placements

Technical writing is for those people who have a knack for explaining complex subjects in a way that makes them easy to understand. One should consider entering the well-paying field of Technical Writing by joining Top Technical Writing Courses in Egypt. This course teaches the skills to become a successful Technical Writer. Technical Writing is the art of publishing with the science of technology. They improve a document’s clarity by shortening the sentences or phrasing something differently.


List of best technical writing courses in Egypt


Technical Writing means drafting technical documents which means translating complex information easier to understand using their unique skills in professional and occupational fields. Industries like hardware, software, engineering, chemical, financial, aeronautics, biotechnology, medical, robotics, and other domains produce a considerable quantity of documentation for their products and services. You will acquire a place in this field by joining the Top Technical Writing Courses in Egypt presented in this article.


Table of Contents

Technical Writing and its types

Technical Writing as a Career Option

Qualities associated with Technical Writing

Institutes offering Top Technical Writing courses in Egypt


Final word


Technical Writing and its types

Technical Writing is an art and science of writing niche that specializes in giving details about how things work. Some essential concepts of Technical Writing include explaining system or design, describing tasks as well as performance goals, and providing specialized training and tutoring.

The demand for Technical Writers is projected to grow 6% from 2021 to 2031, about as fast as the average for all occupations. On average 5,400 openings are projected every year for Technical Writers. Technical Writers are rare hybrids in high demand. Top Technical Writing Courses in Egypt give the right training, education, and online exposure to make it possible to land several interviews to make your way to a new career within a few weeks.


There Are Five Types of Technical Writing

  1. Commercial Writing: This type mainly focuses on writing to sell things to people.
  2. Creative Writing: This type focuses on a specific kind of writing for moving people emotionally.
  3. Business Writing: This type of writing particularly focuses on administering people efficiently.
  4. Technical Writing: This focuses on a specific kind of writing in explaining how things work and how people can carry out tasks.
  5. Scientific writing: This type of writing focuses on recording and sharing scientific findings within academia.


Technical Writing as a Career Option

There are a lot of career options in Technical Writing as many industries highly value them. That’s why so many Top Technical Writing Courses in Egypt offer the best courses.  Almost every industry has a place for Technical Writing in some form, whether that’s instructional manuals, reference documentation, or compliance documentation. For example, gadgets typically come with printed instruction manuals in consumer technology.


Now Let’s Go Through the List of Industries That Value Technical Writing

  1. Software Industry: There is an increasing demand for writers in software in the Application Programming Interface [API] space to write developer-to-developer documentation or customer-facing documentation. While writing documentation for the makers of the product, more software development skills are needed than writing customer-facing documentation.
  2. Heavy Machinery and Automobile Industry: They deliver products that frequently come with an operator’s manual. The technical writer produces product descriptions, operating procedures, marketing materials, and catalogs of parts. A degree in mechanical engineering or automobile technology along with strong language skills is needed.
  3. Consumer Electronic Industry: this is a quickly growing industry with a large variety of products on offer. The role of the Technical Writer will be more project-focused, with documentation published across various platforms. They translate and localize assembly manuals such as toys and furniture. They may need strong technical drawing skills for this profession.
  4. Engineering Industry: In this industry, your role is typically to break down complex systems and explain them for the benefit of users. One must focus on being highly technically accurate in work. Having engineering experience is extremely useful to work in this industry.
  5. Healthcare Field: The field of medicine and healthcare is constantly expanding, that requires documentation of the new information produced regularly. For example, writing regulatory documentation, translating research documents for a lay audience, writing equipment instruction manuals, and educational and promotional materials for patients or healthcare providers in the form of leaflets and posters are done in this field. Experience in research in medicine, or education in the life sciences is needed.
  6. Aerospace and Aviation Industry: A huge amount of documentation is required in this field as the Aviation authority enforces very strict guidelines regarding the design, operations, and maintenance of aircraft. A degree level in aeronautical or aircraft maintenance engineering is needed to write a well-known flight safety manual.
  7. Education Sector: There is a high demand for Technical Writers in the education sector for writing training courses for students or designing e-learning programs. You could be writing the content of courses or explaining how to operate the system to users, writing textbooks, and other learning material for students. They are often called Instructional Designers in this field.


Technical Writers primarily write how-to manuals, grants, proposals, project and business analysis documents, and reports. For this type of work will also require more extensive skill in that domain. Top Technical Writing Courses in Egypt helps you to strike a balance between finding work you enjoy, within a field that has potential for career development.


Qualities Associated with Technical Writing

  • Technical Writing needs knowledge of using technology like web pages and websites, SEO, social media sites, and promotions.
  • Everything needs to be written precisely so that can be understood by the target audience. For example, explaining any technical or specialized topics, such as computer applications, biomechanical domains, medical compounds, procedures, or environmental regulations.
  • Your document or technical content should connect with the audience quickly so that they can understand and proceed to fulfill their requirements.
  • To provide any specific instructions or stepwise guidance about how to perform something or some process.


Writing Articles and Documents Requires the Following Professional Tools:

Adobe FrameMaker: This application is designed to write and edit vast and complicated documents that include structured documents.

Adobe RoboHelp: this tool is used for creating help systems or automated help for web-based applications.

Text Editor for HTML: This tool helps to create easy edits and comes with a multi-language feature to print documents.

WordPress: This is an online content management tool used for blogging and authoring.

Microsoft Visio: This is a diagramming tool used for engineering designs and figures.

Windows Snipping Tool: This tool is used for free-hand cropping of a particular screen section.


There are other tools like XML, MadCap Flare, XMetal, Oxygen – XML Editor, Whatfix, Powtoon, Google Docs, Adobe Illustrator, etc different professionals are experts in their respective fields, and the expertise will be distributed as per skills.


Process of Technical Writing

The process of Technical Writing takes a considerable amount of time to plan and review the entire documentation. It follows a specific set of steps to write. The process of planning what to write in making the document is more valuable. On the other hand, ensuring that the document is officially accurate as well as presentable to the audience or not becomes crucial in the review phase. Then there comes the process stage for document preparation. The following are the more process stages for documentation.


  • Preparing the project: The process of making a document starts as per the information gathered from the discussion and the preliminary requirements are a must. A Technical Writer needs to have a fair idea about document type, content, domain of writing, scope and goals, and most importantly target audience.
  • Understanding the project: As a Technical Writer or author, one needs to have a clear understanding of what to write in the document. Questions that can be asked to clarify the project’s technicalities are crucial for writing.
  • Analyzing the Audience Thoroughly: Audiences are always at the forefront of the mind of Technical Writers. After the project preparation, technical information should be expressed understandably.
  • User Understanding: You must collect as much data as possible regarding who will make use of your document. Always keep readers’ goals in mind to progress in writing. The documentation must fill their needs and the answer to their questions. To have a clear understanding of your readers, you must ask yourself the following questions:


Who are they?

What do they need?

When will they be reading?

Why will they be reading?

Where will they be reading?

How will they be reading?


Once you answer all the above questions yourself, you are good to go to draft the entire document. All the above described are taught in Top Technical Writing Courses in Egypt.


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Institutes Offering Top Technical Writing Courses in Egypt Are as Follows:



This institute offers the best study material with real-world examples in their course. Their training is practical which helps to master all modules from fundamentals to advanced. They equip you with the relevant software tools which are very much needed in this course. They provide recordings of sessions for you to strengthen concepts by revising. Providing job referrals to candidates is over the top in this course.


Course: Master Technical Writing Course

Duration: 5 weeks

Mode: Online

Fees: 5,538.32 Egyptian Pound


Content: 20+ hours of training, 60+ hours of assignments


What you acquire:

  • 1 month guaranteed Internship
  • Lifetime technical and consulting support
  • Portfolio development for job/freelancer
  • Publishing your First White Paper
  • Publishing a Scholarly Article or Book Chapter
  • Publishing your first Technical Blog with the Times of India Blog


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction [60 mins]
  • How to write [180 mins]
  • Creating your content [180 mins]
  • Technical Reports [60 mins]
  • White Papers/ Journals [90 mins]
  • Conversational Writing [60 mins]
  • DDLC & Versioning [90 mins]
  • Reviewing & Publishing [90 mins]
  • API Documentation using XML [120 mins]
  • Datasheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes [120 mins]
  • Effective Writing [60 mins]
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Study- Application notes from Texas [120 mins]


Anyone who has a flair for writing and technology with minimum graduation can apply for this course. IIM SKILLS is one of the top Technical Writing courses in Egypt. They come up with flexible timings so one can upskill alongside their jobs.


2. The American University in Cairo

This is again one of the top Technical Writing courses in Egypt offering skills in writing. Technical Writing is a way of communication that gives a chance to know what you will offer them; how different you are from other competitors and what is in it for them. You will get to learn how to write efficiently by organizing your thoughts and ideas to convince the clients through this workshop.


Course: Writing Technical and Financial Training Proposal [code-CGU 134]

Type: Workshop

Duration: 10 Hours

Location: AUC Tahrir Square, AUC New Cairo

Format: In-class/Online



Learning Outcomes

  • To identify the key components of training proposals
  • Recognize the important items the funding organizations need to know
  • Analyze the steps to be included in the implementation plan
  • Evaluate different examples of real-life training proposals


Let’s go for this course to introduce yourself to the art of writing in a technical way.



Confai offers a beginner course in Technical Writing. You will be ready to undertake Technical Writing projects independently. It will not only assist but also guide you in your career goals.


Course: Diploma in Technical Writing for Beginners

Duration: 6 weeks [one and half months]

Fees: 20,000 INR [USD $350 for candidates outside India]



Introduction to Technical Writing

  • Defining Technical Writing
  • Categorizing Technical Documents
  • Psychology of written communication
  • Introduction to DITA and Single Sourcing Concept
  • Introducing three views of documents


Document development lifecycle

  • Generic development life cycle
  • Phases of document development
  • User and task analysis
  • Structuring and designing documents
  • Document Testing


Technical Writing-style issues

  • Principles of Effective Technical Writing
  • Technical Editing


Presentation and drawing tools like SnagIT, Photoshop

Authoring Tools like RoboHelp, Advanced MS Word, Frame Maker


Training is done through Skype. You will be given tasks and assignments during the sessions to develop your skills. So, let’s go for Confai, one of the Top Technical Writing courses in Egypt.



Technical Writer HQ is one of the Top Technical Writing courses in Egypt. This institute teaches the foundation and skills needed to succeed as a Technical Writer.  In this course, they teach the fundamentals of Technical Writing, how to create great documentation, how to answer Technical Writing interview questions, and how to stand out in the recruiting process to land your dream job.


Course: Technical Writing Certification Course

Duration: Online Self-paced [study 4 hours/week to finish in 10 weeks]

Fees: $299

Content: 95 video lessons + assignments + quizzes


What you acquire

  • Lifetime access to 70+ lectures, and 10+ downloadable technical writing templates.
  • Instructor feedback on your capstone project to review progress.
  • To learn the process of answering the most popular Technical Writing interview questions.
  • Gives insider tips and the right resources to stand out as a candidate in Technical Writing interviews.
  • Build a complete portfolio.
  • Earn a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.


Course Curriculum:

  • Section 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Section 2: Writing Great Technical Documentation
  • Section 3: Formatting Your Technical Documentation
  • Section 4: Editing and Readability
  • Section 5: Editing and Proofreading
  • Section 6: Verification, communication and workflow
  • Section 7: Landing a Technical Writing job
  • Section 8: Interviews
  • Technical Writer Certification Exam


Anyone who is curious to learn Technical Writing as a career can opt for this course. Just 30 minutes every day for about a month is needed to complete course content. This course has no prerequisites or doesn’t need a Technical Writing background.


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5. Algonquin College

This course provides all the skills needed for a career in technical communication as this institute trains people to acquire quality professional documentation in the workplace. You create different types of workplace documents describing features of a product, service or information to help users.


Course: The Technical Writer Ontario College Graduate Certification Program


Duration: 1 year

Mode: Online/ part-time on campus


What you Acquire

  • To research and analyze technical material.
  • Connect with an intended audience.
  • Use of specialized tools to write documents and create websites.
  • To manage multiple projects to meet the goals.
  • To create structured documents such as instruction sets, training material, user manuals, white papers, proposals, instructional videos, and so many others.
  • Function in a self-directed manner in a team environment.
  • Can communicate orally through the delivery of the presentation.


Through a combination of real-world learning, group projects, and collaborative learning activities, one can apply these skills in any industry to land in their dream career. This is one of the top Technical Writing courses in Egypt.


6. Udemy

Anyone who has basic knowledge of English can apply for this top Technical Writing course. This course covers writing and editing techniques, components of a document, and how to create a project plan using tables, images, and flowcharts.


Course: Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing Skills

Fees: 7,900 INR

Content: 110 downloadable lectures

Duration: No Deadline

Mode: Online


What you acquire

  • 107 lectures, over 17 hours of video
  • 22 each Exercise and Solution Sheets
  • 36 Quizzes
  • 6 PDF eBooks, 40 PDF Supplementary Documents
  • 1 Final Assignment reviewed personally by the instructor
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
  • Audience Analysis and RoboHelp is a bonus for this course


This course is ideal for Fiction writers, Web Content Writers, Engineers and scientists, Developers and code writers, Project and product managers, Journalists, Librarians, Teachers, College Students, Military Personnel, Government workers, Screenwriters, and many more.


Course Curriculum

  • Difference between Technical and Business writing
  • Principles of Audience Analysis
  • Components of technical document
  • How to write a documentation plan
  • How to create an index
  • Basic Technical Writing and editing techniques
  • How to create a document template
  • How to think in terms of variables
  • How to use tables and flowcharts in your documents
  • How to select and annotate images


Overall Udemy is a wonderful course and a great way to break into a Technical Writing field.


7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the top Technical Writing courses in Egypt. This course helps you to figure out how to compose distinctive specialized reports. For example, lab reports, research reports, progress reports, counseling reports, and so forth. One can master the art of simplifying complex technical details into writing a thesis and research paper and more.


Course: Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership


Duration: 36 Hours OF Technical Writing Training

[30 Hours of Lecture + 6 hours of Writing Assignments]


Fees: 17,500

Content: 52+ masterclass sessions

Mode: Online


What you acquire: This is 9 in 1 course as follows

  • Free access to Technical Writing tools worth 25k
  • Training: 36 hours of Two-way live online interactive classroom sessions.
  • Projects in Documentation Process, Technical Writing Software Tools, and more.
  • Internship assistance to gain practical experience of what you learned in the course.
  • Get a certificate recognized by the Government of India
  • 100% Placement Guarantee support for 1-year
  • Access to various tools and Techniques, Video content, Assessments, and more.
  • Get 1 year of Gold Membership


Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Documentation Process
  • Module 3: Technical Writing Process
  • Module 4: Grammar and Editing
  • Module 5: Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Module 6: Components of a Technical Document
  • Module 7: Technical Writing Techniques
  • Module 8: How to Create a Technical Document Template
  • Module 9: Overview of Formats of Technical Documents
  • Module 10: Advanced Technical Writing Tools
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing
  • Regular boot camps for 12 months to brush up on concepts


Once you finish the course, you become eligible to write a Thesis, Research Papers, and Technical Content with perfect quality.




How to Become a Technical Writer?

You need to write continuously to improve your writing skills. Once you are confident enough, you can apply on job portals like LinkedIn and Naukri. Further, you upskill by joining Top Technical Writing Courses in Egypt.


Which form of Technical Writing is in demand?

Article Writing is in high demand. Technical Writing involves a technical form of writing that includes details regarding gadgets, hardware appliances, other software tools, etc.


What are the prospects for Technical Writing?

Technical Writing is rewarding in terms of finance and career. As a Technical Writer, you are flexible to become a contractor, a freelancer, or a businessman depending on your skill sets.


What are the skill sets required for Technical Writing?

Good writing skills, knowledge of products related to hardware and software, adaptability to write any topic, and ability to finish work within the time frame.


Is it possible to make a living as a Technical Writer?

Technical Writers can lead to substantial salaries and significant career advancement depending on the expertise.


Is Egypt a good country to live, study, and work in?

Egypt is now developing a reputation as a top destination for expats. This country offers a wealth of opportunities for foreign workers looking to start a new life in a truly intrepid part of the world.


Is it necessary to have a technical background to work as a Technical Writer?

Basically, not required but having solid technical knowledge will help flourish in writing.


What makes Technical Writing different from Creative Writing?

Technical Writing focuses on material facts and explains the processes, whereas Creative Writing mainly focuses on the presentation part to entertain the readers by using images and illustrations.


Final Word

Drafting Technical Documents is almost always necessary in every domain of the professional and occupational field which makes Technical Writing a career demanding. With the increase in the production of technical and scientific products and their complexities, the requirement for Technical Writers also increased. It is an interesting job with teamwork and collaboration. Most importantly: Write. Write. Write. The only way to get better at Writing is Writing only by choosing words wisely with details and of course with relevant tools.

Overall Technical Writers need excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills. Good Technical Writing can convey complex ideas in an accurate and precise way. The willingness and ability to adapt writing style and learn the subject at hand, getting hands-on tools makes anyone a good Technical Writer.

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