Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai With Placements

Knowledge is power, but what if the knowledge is not conveyed to its user in the right manner. Think about a manual of setting temperatures of an oven to bake your favorite dish that is so complicated that you can’t understand and end up searching for video tutorials on the internet. 

The instructions are so technically loaded that one has to have a dictionary in hand to understand them. By doing a technical writing course, one can easily interpret and convey the message to its readers in a most effective way. 


List of the best technical writing courses in Dubai


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Technical Writing


Technical writing is important to form content, which is required by businesses of today. Every business has its technical operations from industrials to the hospitality business. Technical form writing is there be it internally or in the external media; it depends on the business nature. Technical writing is done by professional writers, its form of business writing skill that is learned through courses of longer or shorter durations. 


There are many ways to do a technical writing course online or onsite but since online education has become so user-friendly these days, taking up an online course for technical writing sounds good. Writing is a great skill that relates to a person’s mental process. Successful businesses invest in technical writing professionals to convey their business concepts. 


There are many reasons why a business needs technical writers, for example, an engineer may want to write a complete instruction on how to install a machine since the process involves certain steps to be followed here, the instructions should be very clear, concise, and easy to understand.  


Similarly, in manufacturing industries where processes are controlled through quality manuals and procedures, it becomes the responsibility of its management representative to create records, procedures, and forms for various departments. 


According to Davis and Birbili (2000), writing has become more crucial to the business world, with a growing number of technological tools, tablets, and phones. With the fast-growing economy and business technology, business writing has become even more important. Businesses completely rely on communications made via the internet; people want to read more about any product before they make the purchase decision.  


Who Should Take Technical Writing Courses in Dubai?


The technical writing course specifically focuses on key areas where technical writing is mostly used like if you are into engineering or someone more into writing technical documents, instructions, contracts, quality control, or a law firm, then this is your enroll now course as this will immensely benefit your career in terms of building skills and polishing your portfolio. 


Career Scope of Technical Writing in Dubai  


Dubai is an international destination for global businesses where the entire business is set up in 14 days. The new age of Dubai is rapidly advancing which includes e-commerce, technological advancements have opened a wide range of career opportunities for technical writers in the field of engineering and aviation. 


International Businesses in the United Arab Emirates are frequently looking for professionals with excellent technical writing skills to beat the competition and reach the targeted customer in a simplified way.   


After doing a technical writing course, one can think of a better job position which has become popular and competitive these times. Technical writers are hired by industries, IT sectors, health institutions, electronics, and aviation industries where detailed instructions, manuscript procedures are mandatory for smooth business.  


How Can You Become a Technical Writer in Dubai? 


To become a good technical writer, there are some habits that you need to incorporate that will lead you to upgrade your skills and make you become a successful one. Communicating business concepts requires a high level of skill set to meet the competitive businesses in Dubai. For efficient technical writing, a person has to be a reader of various types of content in the business, aviation, robotics, and marketing. 


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Be able to think Clearly: Clarity and Knowledge of any given niche are very important. Without good knowledge, one can have to face many obstacles which might not be very good at this stage.  

Read, Read and Read: Writers must be good readers. The more a person inhabits the habit of reading the more he opens the doors of his knowledge towards any subject. Reading will also benefit by grasping a better command of English. 

Be Empathetic:  A writer must write in a way that is very simple to read and understand, even an 8th grader must be able to read and understand a given piece of information.  

Follow your Favorite Writer: These days where people follow influencers, following a writer whose work has left a charm of a topic in your head will greatly benefit your writing career. 

Practice More Grammar: Practicing your writing skills by reading a good writer will give you an upper hand in writing but if combined with good grammar will add value to your work. Practice is the key. 

Taking up a course:  There are many institutes offering technical writing courses in Dubai where one can easily enroll and add new knowledge to their skill set. It is not necessary that you take a course only if you want to write for your boss. 


Technical writing course will take you through the expert level of writing and address your audience in a unique way. You can then start writing for your own business, website, and social media channels. You can earn additional income through your writing skills.  


Benefits of Technical Writing Courses in Dubai


Now after reading the meaning and scope of technical writing, let’s highlight some benefits of doing this course. 

● You gain a greater understanding of your reader’s requirements

● Knowledge of simple English 

● Ideas to formulate complex issues into simple and easy ones 

● Proofread and edit that high-end contract documents

● Enables you to plan how to write information in a most convincing and relatable manner  

The benefits after a technical writing course depend upon the type of industry that you are writing for. Sometimes it could be for your boss and sometimes it could be for your client. There’s always more in the benefits area. 


Skills that You Acquire after Completing Technical Writing Courses in Dubai:


● Enhanced writing skills  

● Write like professionals for Businesses and specific industries 

● Answer frequently asked questions 

● Provide extreme attention to details

● Can help businesses for a better ranking leading to online visibility 


Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai

Technical writing courses in Dubai can be done online and onsite. We have chosen the following 6 institutes offering Technical writing courses in Dubai.   


Rank #1 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai  

IIM Skills  


IIM Skills is a platform to learn and upgrade your technical writing skills. Its master technical writing course focuses on stronger and most competitive skills that one can acquire in the field of a technical writing career. The course lets you dig deeper in creating content and do various types of writing such as: 


● Journals

● Conversational essays 

Technical reports and documentation  

● Quality certifications manuals and procedures 

● Medical reports and technical documents in the Health Sector

● Case studies in the management and education in public and private sectors 

● Formulating insurance and ethical policies  


In 5 weeks, you can achieve those skills which are exceptional and challenging in today’s time. This technical writing course can make you attractive to corporations like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and oil and gas companies in the Middle east. 


The course rewards you with an internationally recognized certificate from Hub spot and a chance to enroll in their internship program, where your portfolio is developed through articles, report making, and assignments from the experienced content management team. This is a great platform for all those seeking a chance to work on a hands-on assignment on current and most trending topics. 


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


Rank #2 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai  

Nadia Training Institute


One of the most reputed training institutes in UAE operating for the last 40 years with more than 1 million candidates is also offering business writing courses under soft skills. The program focuses on the daily office and technical writing requirements. 


Nadia is globally recognized and accredited by KHDA & ACTVET (The Abu Dhabi Center For Technical And Vocational Educational Training) and its certifications are highly preferred by gulf recruiters. There’s more to it. Nadia also provides job placements to many multinational companies across the United Arab Emirates. 


Classes offered are both online and onsite available on weekends – weekdays flexible with easy payment plans. The course consists of 20 hours of live classes by a certified trainer demonstrating key writing styles in various sectors of business operating in the country. 


For all of you interested in a career in online marketing, check out the list of the top Digital Marketing training institutes in Dubai. 


Rank #3 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai  

Easy Learn Institute  


Located in the Rolla Mall of Sharjah, this institute offers several courses such as language course, IT, Skill Development, and Management training covering core skills such as business problem solving, presentation public speaking skills, and business writing training. The courses offered here are also available on Coursera at reasonable prices and flexible timings.


You will learn: 

● How to effectively use the basic knowledge of writing in Business writing 

● Grammar and vocabulary skills  

● Styles of technical writing 

● Correspondences  

● Perception of reader and mistakes to avoid  

● How to target readers attention 

● Business language and etiquettes  

● Creative formatting 


Rank #4 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai  

Zabeel International Institute For Management And Technology 


Zabeel is one of the longest-running training institutes of the UAE offering training programs for business executives. The center has also earned various awards in quality training. It has specialized integrated training and career development plans for its students. Zabeel’s technical writing course covers parts such as 


● The writing process

● Writing advertisements 

● Essays 

● Fiction 

● Writing articles and news 

● Personal writing 

● Scriptwriting 

● Publicizing your work 


The course instructors are native English speakers and industry experts to validate your writing skills. The institute also provides internships after completing the course.


Here are other popular courses in this country: Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai


Rank #5 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai  

Easy Learn Institute, Rolla Mall Sharjah


Located in the Rolla Mall of Sharjah, this institute offers several courses such as language courses, IT, skill development, and management training covering core skills such as business problem solving, presentation public speaking skills, and business writing training. The courses offered here are also available on Coursera at reasonable prices and flexible timings. 


You will learn: 

● How to effectively use the basic knowledge of writing in Business writing 

● Grammar and Vocabulary Skills  

● Styles of Technical Writing 

● Correspondences  

● Perception of reader and Mistakes to avoid  

● How to Target Readers Attention 

● Business Language and Etiquettes  

● Creative Formatting 


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Rank #6 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai  

University of Dubai  


This online technical writing course converts important elements of businesses that are relayed on procedures and work instructions. By taking this course, one can enhance professional writing abilities and have a better understanding of business communications and processes. 


Being a part of UAE’s educational and learning program, it has a huge clientele of government and semi-government-based companies such as Dubai Police, Damas Group, Dubai Properties, and National Bonds. The entire course is covered in 16 hours in 6 months with live sessions of interactive group work, case studies, and problem-solving quizzes. 


Top Designations after Doing Technical writing courses in Dubai  

Some of the most popular job positions for a candidate with a certificate in a technical writing course in Dubai are: 

● SEO content writer      

● Video editor    

● Technical writer 

Content Writer  

● Copywriter  

● Bid/ Proposal manager  

● Writer 

● Internal audit manager

● Design and development manager 


Why a Business Would Hire You as a Technical Writer


Communication plays a key role in every business success in today’s world. Our workplace, surroundings have become more global than ever. It has to be comprehended and done effectively than be the communication is internal with its staff, or external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers- it all depends on the skills of a good communication plan. Technical writing help businesses in ways like: 


●      Fostering Communication: Business writing requires detailing the processes to different stakeholders of a business. This includes reports, proposals, instructions, product catalogs, all of these can be conveyed only after being written and documented by a business writing professionally. 

●      Credibility: When a business conveys the right information about its product in a smooth, simple subtle tone customers begin to like and trust their products and services. Whereas if the writing is unclear, vague, with very technical words, it becomes difficult to interpret and the product simply suffers for sounding too technical. Effective Business writing skills can boost the credibility of any business. 

●      Systematic Process: Writing is one of the best ways to store detailed information for, over a long time, the effect of verbal communication can be lost with time. Whereas retrieving a record of a detailed sheet of information is very helpful.   

●      New Opportunities: Businesses keep changing. Any business that doesn’t adapt to new changes becomes outdated and soon losses in the market run. Kodak and Nokia are the best examples. 

For any business to remain in the market run, it has to be able to adapt to new changes and effectively communicate to its consumers by reaching them. This is done in terms of advertising, sending proposals, defining terms and conditions until order completion all requires a set of writing procedures. 

●      Online Presence: As businesses are getting more easily set up in Dubai, online presence has become very important for them. Any business, if not listed on Google is simply considered vague. Hence, online presence is very important. 

Any customer wants to check the online presence of a business, first before even visiting them. Hence, businesses want to creatively write about them and who else can write them in a language that is business and customer-oriented. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why should I do a technical writing course in Dubai? 

Technical writing course is gaining importance and is slowly rising. International businesses and those with quality certifications are relaying their entire processes on documented procedures, manuals, internal instructions, operations. 

Each department of business including emails, reports, presentations, product catalogs are all documented. It is the job of a technical writer to write about the matter in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand way. It is only effective writing skills that can make a business or a department sound better than others. 


2. What are the expected qualifications of an efficient technical writer? 

To become a technical writer, you will have to take a certified technical writing course offered from any part of the world online or onsite.  


3. Is taking a course for technical writing worth the time and money?   

Yes, for all the time, employers always had a positive impression for resumes listing certificates in writing courses, business writing skills. Many companies appoint technical writers on a contractual basis to write procedures, manuals and offer letters for bidding with high-end projects.  


4. How much salary can a technical writer earn in Dubai? 

Depending upon the type of industry, a technical writer, on average can earn between AED 4000 – 8000 a month.  


5. What do you learn in the technical writing course in Dubai? 

By taking a technical writing course, people can create journals, manuals, and any information in a manner that is very easy and clear for its reader to understand and implement.   



Technical writing is writing technical language in a simplified and easily understandable way. Technical Writers are hired by industries, IT sectors, medical, electronics, aviation industry, where detailed instructions are manuscript in form of procedures, forms, brochures, and very recently in robotics. Dubai has plenty of career opportunities in the field of technical writing where one can grow to senior levels of job roles such as senior technical writer and documentation manager. 

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