Top 3 Content Writing Courses In Nashik With Placements

Content writing is one of the most rapidly growing and sought-after professions in the contemporary era of digitalization. Every company, irrespective of it is a start-up or an established one demands content in various formats. It could be creative write-ups, technical manuscripts, and the likes of these. Learn some content writing skills this year by enrolling in professional content writing courses in Nashik. 


List of the best content writing courses in Nashik


Explore The Best Digital Certification Content Writing Courses In Nashik


Nashik, alias, the wine capital of India, is India’s largest states’ fourth-largest city and takes pride in owning India’s brand of wine named Sula. Nashik is also well known for Kumbh, which takes place once every 12 years, this event attracts lakhs of pilgrims from all over the world. Nashik is also popular for its historical temples and as the holy place which instigated the war between Lord Ram and Ravana, pretty amusing, isn’t it?


As much pride Nashik takes for its historical significance, it is not far from emerging as the Technological hub of India. And with technology comes the need for content and the creators of it.


With demand comes to supply and evidently, the necessity of quality content writers has significantly multiplied. Consequently, learning this art of content creation has quickly increased and so has the magnitude of content writing courses in Nashik.


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The scope for content creators like copy-writers, article writers, authors, lyricists, web page writers, ad-copy makers, travel writers, bloggers, language translators, medical content writers is showing an upward trend in the employment industry.


As assumed, creating content does not require a huge educational qualification. Any person with good command over any language can become a content writer specific to the particular vernacular.


Nashik is an upcoming city and not at its peak of the technological boom; hence, it is difficult to find the best content writing courses in Nashik. Every content writing institute, be it a start-up or an established one promises to deliver the best; however, reliability on these is pretty bleak.


There are a few good free content writing courses for beginners with certification like Udemy content witing free course, Hubspot content writing free course, Google content writing free course, nevertheless training with a trainer has its benefits.


Before we can move on to the courses, it is crucial to know what content writing stands for and why is it important?


What Is Content Writing?


Content is everything that the online industry is made of. Content writing is a strategy of writing which is used to induce confidence in the audience to take a positive Call to action. It includes the choice of words to be used that excites and evokes interest in the reader that keeps him glued to the write-up.


And it should establish a bond with the audience in such a way that the reader feels spoken to and exhibits immense interest in the product or service.  The write-up should initiate a strong connection between the reader and the subject.


Why Content Writing?


The content writing industry is the fastest growing industry.

As per HubSpot, 81% of B2B companies have integrated blogging as their basic digital marketing strategy.


The boom in digital media has ensured that content writing and the demand for content writers would be never-ending. Now we have fairly established the importance of content writing in the current media-driven world. The opportunities are limitless.


 Available Opportunities In India As A Content Writer.

We need to know that content writing is not confined to just technical writing or product description. Let’s take a look at the different types of content writing and the importance associated with it.


  1. Blogging:

A blog is nothing but a piece of writing which is informal and pretty much confidential information published on the internet to impart one’s opinion or to exchange certain ideas on a different platform.

As per a survey conducted by HubSpot, B2B marketeers who exercise the usage of blogs in their business obtain 67% more leads compared to those who refrain from blogging.


  1. Article:

An article writing is adopted to touch a colossal audience with the help of media. It keeps in consideration a spark to bring about a change in the perception of people.

An article connects the writer and the reader directly, forming a bond essential for understanding the essence of the write-up and for the reader to take action.


  1. Copywriting:

Copywriting is the crux of marketing and advertising. It is that particular choice of words that converts a reader into a customer.

Copywriting communicates the importance of the product to the reader and strikes a relation between the two which persuades the reader to take action and buy the product.


  1. Technical writing:

This type of writing provides comprehensive details about a product or service. Every workspace demands a dedicated technical writer to educate the importance of its product in the most detailed way possible.


  1. Social media:

Social media content is one of the most preferred methods of marketing for any business as it establishes direct communication between the end-user and the business.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook reaches out to a whole new set of audience who get informed about the existence as well as about the importance of the projected product in their day-to-day life.



  1. Email/newsletter/communication:

This kind of communication involves sending out emails to a list of subscribers who have given their clear consent to receive emails.

It is a crucial means of communication to introduce new products to its prospective users. To spread awareness and to retain the existing customers.


  1. Website content:

It provides all the necessary information about the business, typically broken down into a homepage, about us page, landing page, FAQ, and contact us page.

This is the first information provided to the audience about your company. Apart from that, this content helps rank in SEO.


  1. Press Release:

It provides compelling news and stories to the media about an organization or an individual. A press release boosts credibility and makes it more reachable when distributed frequently.


  1. E-books:

It is a book published in electronic form with detailed guidelines. It provides an exclusive content insight to the reader.


  1. Ad-copies:

This type of content can be seen everywhere, from famous jingles to huge billboards which aim at converting a potential lead to a customer. A gripping ad copy triggers a spark within a potential lead to take action to go for the product.


  1. Ghost Writing:

It’s where a person is hired by the content creator to write on behalf of someone else and does not get the credit for. It is important as it helps brand awareness and also to get objective feedback about the product.


Now that we have established the importance of content and the magnitude of demand for content writers in every aspect of business, it is clearly understood that the demand for content writers will never go down.


Now the question arises as to how to become a certified content writer? What are the criteria? What could the basic qualification and how to choose the best content writing course? Having said this, we need to realize that there are lakhs of institutes and courses that offer the best services. However, the reality is different from what’s been promised.


Now, how does one check the authenticity and reliability of an institute or a course? Before impulsively choosing a random content writing course, there are a few parameters that need to be considered.


The Points To Be Considered Before Joining Content Writing Courses in Nashik.

  1. The course needs to have a great Trainers’ Profile
  2. The institution should have a pedestal in the digital marketing platform
  3. The course should have a good rating
  4. The course content should be great and should look promising
  5. The mentors should handhold you throughout the course and help clear out all your doubts.
  6. Their certificate should hold value in the market.
  7. They should help you with an internship with /without pay and help you with career guidance.
  8. The trainers should be professional and not leave you confused or skeptical about the course before or after fee payment.
  9. They should have a well-structured team to help you with all the queries.
  10. The assignments completed should be checked regularly by the mentor or a reliable source from the institute and not be cross-checked between peers.


You need to consider that no institute can guarantee job placement. However, the above-stated parameters would ensure that you get into the best in the market, which would increase your chances of freelancing or getting into a company as a content creator.


Let’s look at the best Content Writing Courses in Nashik.


The Three Best Content Writing Courses In Nashik


#Rank 1. Content Writing Courses In Nashik

IIM Skills- Content Writing Master Course


IIM skills are known for its exemplary professionalism and the support structure that it provides its students with even after completing the course. The faculty at this prestigious institution has years of experience in digital marketing. With a 5-star rating, this institute boasts of handholding even after the end of the course.


Key takeaways of Content Writing Course:

  • Four weeks of live classroom online content writing course
  • 16 hours of lecture
  • 60 hours of practical assignment
  • Free tools worth 35K
  • 10+ hours of internship lecture
  • Freelance opportunities
  • Dedicated placement cell
  • Global accreditation, master certification from IIM Skills


Course Content

  • Module 1: Web Development

It helps you understand the importance of a WordPress website along with the setting up of a WordPress account. Teaches you web hosting, content delivery network setup, helps you set up plugins, HTTPS Secure server set up, and takes you through the basic technical understanding.


  • Module 2: UI UX (Blog Creation)

It deals with setting up your website, understanding the psychology behind it, and helps you create landing pages that would attract users.


  • Module 3: Introduction to Content Writing

In this module, you understand the various types of content along with the ways of exploring content publication channels and also distribution of your content across various channels.


  • Module 4: Content Keyword Research

You are taught about the various tools to get the best keywords for your content. And understand the types and the usage of keywords


  • Module 5: Start Content Writing

It helps you understand the ways of writing influential content and also to create and use infographics and custom pictures. In this module, you will know how to build your brand.


  • Module 6: Content writing tools

In this module, you are taught how to avoid grammatical errors. You are exposed to the various quality tools on the internet and throwing light on the content length, which would help you deliver quality content.


  • Module 7: Duplicate content detector

You would be introduced to plagiarism and the ways to avoid it. Along with this, you would be taken through the procedure of appealing to google in case of being penalized.


  • Module 8: Content distribution using Email

This module will enlighten you about the various ways to capture leads for subscribers. And everything you need to know about emails.


  • Module 9: Google Local Page Set up

In this module, you would explore the importance of google local pages and the way to set them up


  • Module 10: Content Marketing Using Social Media

You would learn to set up social media pages and use them to build your business.


  • Module 11: Exploring Social Media Tools

It takes you thru social media listening tools and educates you about the fast hacks for content engagement


  • Module 12: Freelance Content Writing

In this module, you will learn the various ways to earn money and therefore the ideal approach to quote your price.


Course Fee: 14,900 + Taxes


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Technical Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching



HB Twin Towe,

8th floor, Max Hospital Building,

Netaji Shubash Place

Contact: 99 11 839 503


#Rank 2. Content Writing Courses In Nashik

Skills Upgrader-Content Writing Course


This institute is primarily a consultancy firm dedicated to career development. This course has jotted down the popular training programs and curated them for their students, and customized them to the customer requirement to support their demands.


They have skilled faculty members with good experience who can train students, professionals, and company clients to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. This institute takes pride in having a 5-star rating by the majority of the scholars, who have completed the course with this institute.


Key takeaways of the content writing course:


  • Real-time virtual classroom training of 4 weeks
  • More than 16 hours of classes
  • 70+hours of practical assignment
  • Tools worth 40k
  • Three months of guaranteed Internship
  • Lifetime course Access and support after course completion
  • freelance opportunities with portfolio development
  • dedicated placement support
  • !00% Practical exposure
  • 24/7 course delivery support
  • Content writing certification with international accreditation


Course Content:


Module 1: Introduction to content writing

Learn content writing from scratch.


Module2: Web Hosting

Learn to build a website and a hosting service coupled with the ways to integrate them.


Module 3: The Relationship Between Content Marketing and User Experience Design

Recognize the significance of UI and UX in content marketing, as well as the tactics for making them work together.


Module 4: Website Creation

Explore the art of creating your website with Word press together with the blog theme, logo creation, installing plugins, as well as adding pages to your website, and fitting an HTTPS secure server setup.


Module 5: Understanding the writing process

Throws light on the diverse aspects of writing


Module 6: Search Engine Optimization

Learn SEO in full detail


Module 7: Keyword Research

Understand keywords and also the importance of using the right ones, and subsequently master the various methods of bobbing up with the appropriate keywords.


Module 8: Writing SEO optimized content

Learn to write impactful content that would rank in the search engine. Understand the tricks of the trade and the application of various tools to examine the written content.


Module 9: Content Creation

Know the strategies to write an impactful content


Module 10: Content Marketing Using social media

Understand the utilization of the content for different social media platforms and acquire the knowledge to operate the tools to achieve the goal.


Module 11: Call to Action

This module deals with the importance and best practices for CTA


Module 12: Content Marketing Strategy

Learn A-Z of content marketing and the strategy to use various content marketing tools.


Module 13: Lead Generation Using Content Marketing

Takes you through Lead Generation and Lead Magnets


Module 14: Content Marketing Using Email Marketing

This module deals with e-mailers and the conversion of subscribers into customers


Module 15: Freelance Content Marketing

Welcome to the world of freelancing and become a successful content writer.


Course Fee:  8,258


#Rank 3. Content Writing Courses In Nashik

Nestsoft Content And Copywriting Course


Nestsoft stands tall within the field of providing software solutions in India. It takes pride in providing services to clients all over India. The faculty members are industry experts having excellent knowledge and skill in teaching and execution of practical knowledge.


Key takeaways of the course:


  • More than 18 years in the field of training
  • More than 35k students benefitted from this course
  • Flexible timing
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Live project training
  • Industry experts as faculty
  • Unlimited lab facility with free wi-fi
  • Customization of course as per the student requirement
  • Course completion certificate.


Course Content:

Module 1: Essentials of writing

Educates you about the numerous aspects of writing and helps you overcome writer’s block.


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Module 2: Before you write

Planning, guidelines to follow, what to read for the writing, and the types of information required before you write are the things that will be covered in this module.


Module 3: Write Right

Everything that you need to know about writing; the right content to connect with the readers, the methodology used, will be taught in this module.


Module 4: After you write

Writing isn’t enough!  Sprucing it up for an impact is necessary. That’s done here.


Module 5: Publishing

How to write for web and project work.


Module 6:  Career Development for Writers

Help you with professional Development Skills.


Course fee: 5000 + taxes



48 Shriji Dham society,

Lam road,

Deolali, Nashik


Though there are a lot of digital marketing and content writing courses in Nashik, the above-stated courses are dedicated to content writing.



1. What are the primary educational criteria to become a content writer?

There are no defined criteria to become a content writer. Good writing skill is enough. However, a few companies request graduates.


2. What is the salary package of a freelance content writer?

A fresher can earn between 20,000 -30,000 and an experienced freelancer between 30,000- 50,000.


3. Is it easy to find a job after course completion?

Most of the job portals have published requirements for a content writer. However, most of the companies absorb talent straightaway through institutes as they are more reliable and involve less hassle.




Content writing is the foundation of every industry. Learn the art of writing compelling content with the best in this field.

Hone the skill of writing by enrolling in one of the best content writing courses in Nashik, and learn diverse types of content as per the requirement of the client and also write for yourself to build your business. Create catchy websites with creatives; not only that, become one of the highest-paid freelance content writers with the help of industry experts.

Remember, anyone can write. One does not require a Ph.D. in literature to compose quality content. It simply requires a person to read, write and have a fair command over a given language. Content writing is the skill to write quality content that communicates with the audience. It’s a skill that can be mastered and, like everything else, needs practice.

Register for a content writing course in Nashik the one, that’s best suited for your requirement and outshine in the world of content creation.

All the best.

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