Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Delhi With Placements

 Delhi is known for the fastest growing and emerging opportunities for tech industries. And with the rise and advancement in technology, the demand for technical writers in Delhi is also increasing day by day.

Technical writers help companies to spread complex information to the users by converting it into simple language. In order to develop the skills or knowledge that is required, technical writing courses are the best option for it. Here, we will discuss the best technical writing courses in Delhi.


List of the best technical writing courses in Delhi


Why Technical Writing Courses?


Technical writing includes writing about technology. It is not only limited to sharing information about the product or services but also its structure, designs, and procedures, developing websites, articles, white papers, or journals.


The scope of technical writing is growing because of advancements and innovations in technologies. And Delhi, being the center for many tech industries, invites applicants for technical writing. It has become important to find the best technical writing courses in Delhi.


The technical writing courses can be studied in two ways – either diploma program courses or certification courses. The duration varies from 3 months to 2 years. The main benefit is that no specific degree is required to learn technical writing.


The various types of technical writings are –

  • User manuals
  • Scientific papers
  • Research papers
  • Technical guides
  • Technical reviews and reports
  • Press releases
  • Case study
  • Websites


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The skills required as a technical writer are –

  • Technical skills
  • Communication
  • Research and development
  • Presentation skills
  • Content development
  • Data management


Tasks performed by the technical writers are –

  • Researching technical information according to the company needs or products
  • Planning for development of the technical information
  • Editing the technical information
  • Reviewing and publishing it
  • Collecting the response from the audience
  • Maintaining the records of all the research
  • Understanding complex information and changing it into the simple language
  • Tracking down the record of research carried or published


Check out other popular courses in Delhi:


To become a technical writer, you can apply for the following job profiles:

  • Technical writer
  • Technical content editor
  • Training teacher
  • Freelancing/blogger
  • Content developer
  • Information designers
  • Content writer
  • Manual writer


Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Delhi


The highlights of the best technical writing courses in Delhi are about the course, training facilities, curriculum of the course, benefits provided, and contact information.


1.     IIM Skills –


IIM Skills is a well-known institute for technical writing courses in Delhi. The course will help you in developing the skills and knowledge required in technical writing. There will be assignments, case studies, training, and your assignments will be evaluated by technical experts and professionals.

There will be 5 weeks of live online classroom training and 60+ hours of practical assignments. You will be having lifetime access to the materials as well as lifetime consulting support.


About the course and benefits –

  • There will be 26+ hours of live online training and 60+ hours of practical assignments
  • You will be having access to the presentations, tools, videos related to the topic studied in the class and 1 month guaranteed internship
  • You will receive master certification from the IIM Skills
  • Lifetime access for the content in the learning management system
  • Assignments will be given and reviewed by experts
  • Tools covered are MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Scribus, Canva, XML, DITA, API Documentation
  • The course will help you in developing technical content, skills, and formatting according to the demand.
  • You will be learning research and writing of technical reports, creating white papers, reviewing and publishing


The topics covered in the technical writing course –

  • Introduction to technical writing
  • How to write
  • Creating your technical content
  • Technical reports, research, lab reports, design reports, progress reports
  • White papers/journals/articles
  • DDLC/versioning
  • Conversational writing (academic discipline, writing rules, and format, grammar)
  • Reviewing and publishing
  • API documentary using XML
  • Datasheets and user manuals
  • Effective writing
  • Medical writing
  • Case studies


Why IIM Skills?

  • The training programs are led by experts
  • Assignments, case studies, technical information, practical training will be provided under professionals
  • You will receive a Master certificate from IIM Skills
  • You will receive guidance in publishing
  • first technical blog
  • white papers
  • scholarly article
  • book chapters
  • journals
  • Guide you for Portfolio development for job or freelance
  • Dedicated placement cell that will help in finding jobs
  • Their brand partners are BMW, IBM, Dell, Amazon, KPMG, HTC global services, Genpact, Barclaycard.


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


Contact details –


Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503


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2.     Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning –


It is a post-graduate diploma program in technical writing in business management. This program is AICTE approved and the duration of this course is 2 years. This course not only focuses on writing but will also teach you the practical aspect of technical writing.


The eligibility criteria for this program are holding a graduation degree in any subject. Exams will be held every 3rd month of each semester and students book their date and time slots as per their convenience.


About the course and benefits –

  • SCDL management programs are authorized by the All-India Council for Technical Education
  • Online classes are generated on a regular You will receive a schedule for it
  • They provide students traditional as well as E-books for learning
  • There will be faculty interaction and doubt clearing sessions
  • Web portal for assignment submission, message boards, e-learning, and computer-based exam
  • Assignments are evaluated and the score is updated in the performance sheet


The topics covered in the course –

Semester 1

  • Introduction to technical writing
  • Information development cycle1
  • Information development cycle 2
  • Technical writing style and editing
  • English grammar


Semester 2

  • Technical communication software tools
  • Advanced concepts in technical communication
  • Technical communication project management
  • Principles and practices of management


Semester 3

  • Business communication
  • Instructional design for business communication
  • Introduction to creative writing in business communication
  • Advanced documentation types and processes


Semester 4

  • Advanced technical writing tools
  • Research methodology
  • Project

Contact information


3.     Coursera –


Coursera is one of the best institutes for technical writing courses in Delhi. This course will help you in developing technical skills, knowledge, and how to convey technical information. It is a 4-5 weeks program where you will learn how to write laboratory reports, research and design reports, feasibility reports, progress, and consulting reports. Course videos, assignments, practice quizzes will also be there and feedback will be provided.


About the course and benefits –

  • You will study the concepts, design, procedure, and writing in technical form.
  • The syllabus is divided into 4 modules
  • The course is 100% online
  • You will receive the electronic course completion course
  • Assignment and quizzes will be reviewed


The topics covered under the course –

  • Introduction
  • Module 1 –
  • Technical Writing and characteristics
  • Measures in Technical Documents
  • The Content Approach in technical writing
  • Acquiring the Three Types of Knowledge for technical writing
  • Understanding Audience
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Writing for Multiple Audiences
  • Module 2 –
  • Visuals
  • Technical definition
  • Extensions
  • Mechanism Description
  • Mechanism in Operation
  • Planning Stage
  • Report Structure1
  • Report Structure2
  • Module 3 –
  • Academic vs. Workplace Research
  • Conducting Secondary Research
  • Primary Research
  • Focus on Process
  • Laboratory Report
  • Feasibility, recommendation, and evaluation reports
  • Instructions
  • Checklist for the technical report
  • Style of writing
  • Module 4 –
  • Web of Science – tool for information discovery
  • Web of Science – data search examples
  • Derwent Innovation Index – procedure for navigating the patent data


4.    ECT (Education and Career Time)


ECT is one of the famous institutes for technical writing courses in Delhi. It is a government-recognized institute. There will be assignments, live projects, and training programs. Live and interactive sessions will be there. You will receive personalized feedback from the professionals. The ECT offers two types of technical writing courses.


  • Option 1 – technical writing course
  • Duration – 3 months
  • 32 hours of classroom, 50 hours of e-learning videos
  • 6 assignments
  • 6 live projects
  • 12 quizzes
  • 1 certification

The syllabus covered under this category –

  • Module 1 – introduction to technical writing
  • Module 2 – grammar and style in technical writing
  • Module 3 – information architecture
  • Module 4 – learn a markdown language
  • Module 5 – XML
  • Module 6 – JavaScript
  • Module 7 – DITA
  • Module 8 – document authoring tool
  • Module 9 – adobe frame maker
  • Module 10 – API documentation
  • Module 11 – document strategy
  • Module 12 – careers in technical writing
  • Module 13 – open-source projects
  • Module 14 – useful tools


  • Option 2 – Technical Writing Course [HTML, CSS, JavaScript]
  • Duration – 3-6 months
  • 96 hours of classroom, 100 hours of e-learning video
  • 18 assignments
  • 18 live projects
  • 36 quizzes
  • 4 certifications


The syllabus covered under this category are –

  • Module 15 – 14
  • Module 15: Web Development Fundamentals
  • Module 16: Setting Up
  • Module 17: HTML – Elements & Structure
  • Module 18: HTML – Tables
  • Module 19: HTML Forms
  • Module 20: Semantic HTML
  • Module 21: CSS
  • Module 22: JavaScript
  • Module 23: JavaScript Conditionals
  • Module 24: JavaScript Functions
  • Module 25: JavaScript Scope
  • Module 26: JavaScript Arrays
  • Module 27: JavaScript Loops
  • Module 28: JavaScript Objects
  • Module 29: JavaScript Iterators
  • Module 30: JavaScript Class
  • Module 31: JavaScript Modules
  • Module 32: Errors & Debugging
  • Module 33: DOM
  • Module 34: DOM Events
  • Module 35: Building Interactive Website
  • Module 36: Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests


Contact details – 91-7827916060


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5.     Technokraft –


Technokraft provides training programs and events for technical writing. And they are leading the best technical writing courses in Delhi. These training programs will help you in improving presentation, writing, time management, visualization, designing, and research skills. Assignments and study materials are provided after each class. An evaluation exam is conducted at the end of the course. The certificate is received after qualifying for the evaluation exam.


About course and benefits –

  • The course equally focuses on understanding the technical concepts as well as writing properly as required
  • Modules are systematically organized under the guidance of experts
  • Training will be provided to understand the concept of technical writing
  • Each student has to prepare a presentation on different topics and it will be evaluated by professionals
  • Mock interviews are conducted to prepare the students for interviews
  • Assignments will also be evaluated by professionals
  • Based on assignments, presentations, and qualifying marks in the evaluation exam, the certificate will be issued.


Tools covered in modules –

  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • MS Visio
  • Snagit
  • Advanced MS Word
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Advanced level –
  • DITA
  • Adobe Articulate
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Adobe Illustrator


Contact details – +91-9845316974


6. Henry Harvin –


Henry Harvin has been ranked amongst the top technical writing courses in Delhi. There will be training, e-learning access, projects, internship, and placement support. The course will cover the details, design, how to prepare different reports, lab reports, research reports, plan reports, progress reports, counseling reports.

The trainers have 15 years of experience in the field. You will learn to operate the tools like snipping, fire shot, Snagit, adobe FrameMaker, PowerPoint, Word, photoshop. They will also provide 1-year placement support even after the completion of the course.


About the course and benefits –

  • There will be 32 hours of live training online interactive classroom sessions
  • Projects, internships, and E-learning access to recording, presentations
  • Regular boot camps and free access to #askhenry hackathons and competitions
  • You will be learning to prepare research proposals, types of literature review, write a thesis, writing process, create perfect citations


The tools covered under the course are –

  • Authoring Tools – MS word, Google Docs
  • Screen Capture tools – Snipping tool, TechSmith, Snagit, FireShot, Greenshot
  • Image Editing Tools – Paint, Adobe Photoshop
  • Spell Check Tools – Grammarly,
  • Tools of technical writing – Macromedia RoboHelp, Adobe FrameMaker, Snag IT, MS Visio, Photoshop, DITA Tool, API Documentation, XML


Topics covered under the course are –

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Technical writing
  • Business writing
  • Goals and roles of technical writing


Module 2 – document process

  • Understanding viewers
  • Gathering information
  • Drafting


Module 3 – technical writing process

  • Planning of documentation
  • Tool selection
  • Analysis of tasks
  • Data architecture
  • Developing content
  • Reviewing
  • Technical formatting
  • publishing


Module 4 – grammar and editing

  • English grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Proofreading


Module 5 – technical writing software tools

  • MS Word
  • Snag IT
  • Ms Visio
  • Photoshop
  • PowerPoint


Module 6 – components of technical document

  • TOC
  • LOF
  • TOC vs INDEX
  • Plan of documentation


Module 7 – technical writing techniques

  • Removing variances
  • Active voice
  • Bracketing
  • Punctuation


Module 8 – how to create a technical document template

  • Ms word template
  • Template paragraph styles
  • New template


Module 9 – technical documents

  • Manuals
  • Notes
  • API
  • SDK (software development kit)
  • Market requirement document


Module 10 – advanced technical writing tools

  • DITA
  • API
  • XML

There are two complementary modules, one is soft skills and the other is resume writing. Under soft skills, topics are business communication, interview preparation, presentation skills. Under resume writing, the techniques of resume writing will be studied.


Contact details IND: +91 90 152 66266   | US: +1-4086207686 |


Frequently Asked Questions Related to Technical Writing Courses in Delhi


1. What are the roles and responsibilities of a technical writer?

The role and responsibilities of technical writers are –

  • They collect technical information and create content for the company’s documents
  • Carries research for technical documents
  • Publish end results reports
  • Maintains records and journalize the research papers
  • Edit all types of technical reports
  • Create content for product manuals
  • Meet with a technician for collecting more technical data


2. Which companies/industries hire technical writers?

The companies or industries that hire technical writers are –

  • Software companies
  • Automobile or equipment based
  • Medical industry – Health care
  • Aviation/Aerospace industry
  • Engineering
  • Electronics industry


3. What qualifications/degree is required to become a technical writer?

The technical writing jobs only require a bachelors’ degree in any specialization or subject but also the position of a technical writer requires to have some knowledge of engineering, science, research, technologies so that the technical data will be easy to understand. To become a good technical writer, one must have excellent writing skills, research, communication, and technical skills.


4. How much do technical writers earn in India?

In India, the technical writer earns ₹45000 per month as an average salary. The starting salary of a technical writer is ₹30000. It goes on increasing depending upon your progress.




The scope of technical writing is increasing, that’s why the demand for technical writers is expanding in Delhi. To easily gain the knowledge and skills required, the technical writing course is the best option.


Above are the top 6 technical writing courses in Delhi, each course provides benefits and their modules are effectively organized. To choose among the best technical writing courses in Delhi is difficult because, to study technical writing, the knowledge of tech industries, science, and software is as important as having excellent writing skills. So, the technical writing course should not only be based on understanding concepts of technology but also on improving writing skills.


You can differentiate the courses on the basis of –

  • Benefits provided by the institutions
  • Division of modules
  • Tools covered
  • Curriculum
  • Training facilities
  • Fee structure
  • Any Extra benefits

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