Top 7 SEO Courses in Dubai With Placement Assistance

Building a popular website appealing to customers’ desires is an essential task in marketing products, and services, however improving its visibility and ranking at the top of the search results, inviting organic traffic towards your website, will give you an edge over the competition and increase chances of attracting visitors, who are most likely to be your recurring clients which will become loyal to you and will advocate for your brand in and across social media. This kind of website optimization is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is the most demanding and high-income skill in the 21st century. Read the full guide to learn about the best SEO courses in Dubai.


List of best SEO courses in Dubai


Once upon a time, Dubai was known as a duty-free shopper’s paradise, however, in the past decade, it has gradually become a business hub for Digital Marketing companies in the Middle East region. There is a high demand for talented individuals with SEO skills with lucrative salary packages. With one of the stable economies and adopting cosmopolitan culture it is becoming a favorite destination for talents across the globe. So, let’s discuss the Top 7 SEO courses in Dubai to develop SEO skills.


What is SEO?

SEO is short-name for Search Engine Optimization & it is a process that involves tuning search engines such as Google, Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. to attract site visits and traffic towards your webpages and websites, also it involves using techniques to rank your site higher than your competition.

Usually when people, want to buy products, hire services, or gain knowledge about specific needs, they search for it in search engines and are most likely to click on webpages or websites that are listed at the top of the search results. Hence, an objective of SEO is to drive increasing organic traffic by alluring more and more visitors who are most likely to be your recurring, regular, and frequent clientele.

Ultimately, SEO serves the purpose of increasing your sales, generating more revenue, building your brand’s reputation, and helping you make money!!!!!


What Are Some of the Types of SEO?

Commonly SEOs are of 3 major types and they are discussed below.

  1. Online SEO:

It is also referred to as Onsite SEO; it deals with steps you perform on your webpages/websites e.g., updating your site content, and highlighting products or services within your website.

  1. Off-line SEO:

It is also known as Offsite SEO; it involves taking measures such as writing a blog as a guest blogger on any external site and referring back to your product/ service website.

  1. Technical SEO:

It is a technical or backend optimization of the website, such as increasing compute resources and enhancing payment gateway responses to make the customer experience pleasing and smoother.


Some of the Commonly Used Acronyms in SEO

  • AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • API = Application Programming Interface
  • DA = Domain Authority
  • HTML = Hypertext markup language
  • PA = Page Authority
  • PPC = Pay Per Click
  • PS = Page Speed
  • SEM = Search Engine Marketing
  • SERP = Search Engine Results Page
  • ToP = Time on Page


What is the Importance and Relevance of Learning SEO?

  • Based on the report released by BrightEdge Research, Organic traffic generates 53 % of all website traffic
  • It is estimated that growth in the SEO industry will be USD 123 billion by 2028
  • Unlike other marketing channels, SEO is sustainable throughout the digital cycle, it keeps on generating leads, sales, and revenue for products, services, brands, and companies.
  • Search is an important aspect of revenue generation in the marketing industry however, it is fragmented and requires collective optimization efforts to rip the benefits.

SEO skill is both an Art and a Science and requires a proper education to prosper and grow. In today’s Digital Era, everything searched has the potential to generate business and SEO is a great skill for a professional that offers them lucrative incentives in return.


How Does SEO Work?

SEO is never a never-ending, always-alive phenomenon. In due course, search engines change, User needs change, and even your competitors change eventually. Over the years, Websites require technical and functional overhauling, content requires maintenance. processes require improvement, effectiveness, and efficiency in the long run. Hence the demand for a productive, systematic, constructive, and orderly SEO stays intact. SEO is a kind of Umbrella that consists of some critical elements, it is a collection of the following critical factors.


  1. Understanding and tuning search engines.

To understand how SEO works, first, we need to understand how search engines work.

Search engine follows the Crawl -> Render -> Index -> Ranking cycle. Search engines constantly crawl through cyberspace to find out whether a new webpage or website has been added, and whether there are any changes or updates to already available and known websites. Once, they notice any new or updated web pages and websites, search engines render how the page or pages will be appearing in different computer languages to users.

Once rendering is done, it stores the contents and metadata from most pages and creates an index for them. The final step of the cycle is ranking, based on a complex algorithm that consists of authority, reliability, quality, etc. Search engines rank these web pages and websites so whenever a user searches for a keyword the links appear as search output and display them in users’ web browsers.


2. Research can be further classified into,

  1. Prospect research: Age, gender, financial status, Buyer psychologies, etc.
  2. Keyword research: Seasonal keywords, eventual keywords, etc.
  3. Competitor research: Competitors’ techniques, approach, focus, etc.
  4. Product or Service Research: Features, usability, application, problem-solving capability.
  5. Website research: testing and auditing own website.
  6. SERP research: Analysing SERP for searched keyword’s intended usage.


  1. Planning SEO Strategy and Tactics.

It involves setting up long-term SEO strategy and tactics that can be used along with Risk analysis and corrective measures if required.


  1. SEO Creation & Implementation.

It covers Content creation, enhancing web pages and websites deciding the delivery method, etc.


  1. SEO Maintenance, Repair, and Operations.

It involves removing irrelevant and outdated content, improving the performance of webpages and websites, and enhancing user experiences.


  1. SEO Performance review and Continuous improvement

Tracking, monitoring, analyzing peak time performance, slow speeds, and finding out solutions to issues.


The SEO’s success depends on People, Processes, Technology, and Output factors.

People factor involves individuals who perform strategic, tactical, and operational activities involved in Search Engine Optimization.

Process factor involves the steps and activities that are performed to effectively and efficiently deliver SEO objectives.

Technology factor involves the use of new and continuously improving tools, and techniques that deliver Search Engine Optimizations with minimal effort and maximum effect.

The output factor is most critical as it is an end product of the SEO process and generates sales, revenue, and ultimately profit.

Now, since we have briefly discussed SEO. Let’s look into some of the institutes that offer SEO courses in Dubai.


Other best courses in Dubai:


Top 7 SEO Courses in Dubai



With a presence in 23 Cities in Asia including Dubai and offering some well-designed courses in Finance, Marketing, Data, and multiple educational domains, IIM SKILLS was established in New Delhi and is one of India’s fastest-growing EdTech companies that offers a high-demand “Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course” with flexible hours and internship.

IIM SKILLS offers one of the most affordable yet powerful, high-in-demand SEO courses in Dubai. Further, it also offers a bonus module which will assist freshers in their Career planning and advancement.

  • Name of course: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course.
  • Duration of course: 4 Weeks of Training and 8 Weeks of Paid Internship.
  • Cost of course: 657.81 United Arab Emirates Dirham


  • Course Modules: The course comprises 9 modules.
    • Introduction to SEO:

It covers understanding SEO and its types, the relevance of SEO in Digital Marketing, and expectations from it, the time duration it takes for SEO to produce results, etc.

  • Setting Up the Right Niche:

It covers Niche, selecting the right niche, the introduction of Micra and Competitive niches, and Deep dive into Website credibility, user interface, and user experience.

  • On-Page SEO:

It includes Keyword research and its types, intent, and density. SEO for local, domestic, and international pages, Content structure along with headings and title structure. Internal and External linking, indexing, ranking, and more.

  • Off-Page SEO:

It involves an introduction to Off-page SEO, the basics of backlinks and their types, Web Strategies, Thick, Thin, and Duplicate content, etc.

  • Technical SEO:

It covers HTTP, HTTPS, CDN, XML, Performance optimization, 301 and 404 redirects, Permalinks, Broken links, and more.

  • Search Console:

It covers registering the search console. Overview, advantages, and Implementation of search console, URL inspection, Search Results, deep dive into Sitemap, etc.

  • Google Analytics:

It involves Introduction to Google Analytics, the registration process for GA, GA Dashboard, setting up Alerts, generating Custom reports, and more.

  • Reporting in SEO:

It includes SEO report design, generating Weekly and Monthly Progress Reports, Freelance SEO, etc.

  • SoftSkills:

This bonus covers Career Planning, Resume, and Interview preparation, and discusses Internship terms and conditions.


  • Tools Covered:
  • Aminstitute
  • Answer the public
  • Canva
  • CompressNow
  • ConvertCase
  • Duplichecker
  • Google My Business
  • Keyword Planner
  • Quetext
  • SemRush
  • SEMrush
  • Small SEO Tool
  • Ubersuggest
  • Various WordPress Plugins
  • Word Counter
  • WordPress


IIM SKILLS’ Advanced SEO Course has made it to our Top 7 SEO courses in Dubai due to its extensively designed modules according to current market requirements and based on recommendations made by experts who are working in the industry. This course will not only take you through a theoretical journey but also covers comprehensive live project training with live Q & A session at the start and end of each session.

Recognised by the Government of India which adds to the reputation of the IMS Skills training methodology. The course offers both Weekday as well as Weekend batches considering the needs of both students and working professionals. With a motto of “Unlocking the power of SEO,” this is the Course that will surely be a great way to jumpstart or advance your journey in the field of SEO and further in the field of digital marketing.

It also provides 8 8-week paid Internship, which is an excellent opportunity if you are transitioning from a different field and will give you the required exposure to the day-to-day activities of an SEO professional.


Students can get in touch with IIM Skills at;

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740



2. SpotOn Training Institute.

Based in Bur Dubai, SpotOn Training Institute works with a mission to select and develop the right talent, boosting their skills along the way and preparing them to face every challenge so they can help businesses and clients achieve their goals. It also aligns with their vision of providing quality-based excellent training to everyone.

SpotOn Training Institute offers one of the popular SEO courses in Dubai and their ‘SEO Course’ has been designed by industry experts considering the current needs of the industry.

  • Name of course: SEO Crash Course.
  • Duration of course: 1 Month.
  • Cost of course: AED 999.


  • Course Modules: The course comprises 5 modules.
    • Types of SEOs:

It includes Onsite SEO & Offsite SEO

  • Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries:

It involves the introduction of Penalties and recoveries set by Search Engines for Websites to control contents and impart discipline in Cyber Space.

  • Google Algorithm for SEO:

It covers,

  • Google Hummingbird Algorithm,
  • Google Panda Algorithm,
  • Google Penguin Algorithm
  • Google EMD Update:

It includes saving your sites from Google algorithm and recovering them in case they are penalized by it.

  • Final Assessment and KHDA exam:

It involves submitting the final assessment and getting prepared for UAE recognised KHDA certificate.


A Universal Selling Point of SpotOn training institute’s SEO courses in Dubai is students post completion of all the assignments will receive two certifications one from the Institute and another from UAE Government’s initiative, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) which is well recognized across the Middle East and globally.


Students can contact SpotOn Training Institute at;

104, Al Safa-C Building, Next to Max,

Burj Uman Metro Station Exit1,

Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Bur Dubai-UAE.

Tel: 04 2506344



3. The Knowledge Academy

One of the Middle East region’s largest providers of classroom and online training, The Knowledge Academy delivers 30,000 courses over 200 subjects. It has trained about 15000 people across 200 countries. They are National Business Awards, UK, and FSB London Business Awards Finalist in the year 2016. The Knowledge Academy has been accredited by the World’s top Exam institutions such as Axelos, BCS, Microsoft, The Open Group, and APMG.

The Knowledge Academy offers one of the unique SEO courses in Dubai and it’s been named, SEO Masterclass – Bringing SEO to Life.

  • Name of course: SEO Masterclass.
  • Duration of course: 90 Days.


  • Cost of course: AED 3655.
  • Course Modules: The course comprises 10 modules.
    • Introduction to SEO:

It introduces SEO, its history, and its current state.

  • Importance of SEO:

It covers SEO rankings, SEO plan customization, etc,

  • Search Engines:

It deals with Search Engine Needs, History and Evolution, Crawling, Indexing, Rendering, Keyword intent types, and more.

  • Finding the Correct Keywords:

It involves deep diving into Keyword research and more.

  • SEO Copywriting:

It covers the basics of copywriting and ways to avoid mistakes in copywriting etc.

  • Onsite Optimization:

It involves Meta Database, Title, Headers, sub-headers, landing pages, considering negative factors, and more.

  • Offsite SEO Techniques:

It covers Guest blogging and types of links such as Reciprocal, Three-way, etc.

  • Building Links:

It involves KPIs for Link Building, Managing and Analyzing Links, and more.

  • Social Media:

It covers Types of social media, interactions and integration with them, Social Engineering to build networks, etc.

  • Mobile SEO:

It involves new techniques in Mobile SEO approaches such as Responsive Web Designing, Parallel Mobile Sites Dynamic Serving, etc.


An advantage of The Knowledge Academy is that it has developed its own Learning Management System Application for both Android and iOS. So, a student can access their course contents from anywhere in the world with ease and comfort.

The Knowledge Academy can be contacted at;

PMD Office No. 507, Dubai, UAE.

Tel: +971 8000311193



4. BEONTOP SEO and Digital Agency

Started as an SEO and Digital agency in 2008 to provide SEO services to customers all over the world. BEONTOP went ahead and in 2010 they opened their first Office in Dubai, UAE. After working in the field for more than 5 years, BEONTOP has introduced its first training course, ‘Live Online SEO Course’ which consists of 4 sessions. They have introduced a distinctive delivery method of Webinar-style teaching for this course and it became an instant hit amongst students and working professionals alike. It is one of the most in-demand SEO courses in Dubai.


  • Name of course: Live Online SEO Course.
  • Duration of course: 2 Weeks (4 Sessions).
  • Cost of course: AED 5500.


  • Course Modules: The course comprises 4 modules.
    • Beontop’s Case Studies:

It covers Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Geo-targeting, Analyzing Real-Time, Audience, Acquisition, and Behaviour Reports, and more.

  • Semantic Keyword Research:

It involves Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Surfer, Everywhere, Website Structure, Content Map, Introduction to Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Technical Optimization, etc.

  • On-Page Optimization:

It deals in UI & UX design, E-A-T concept, Plagiarism checker, Internal links, Over-optimization, and more.

  • Off-Page Optimization:

It deals in Backlink strategies, Good and Bad backlinks, Paid backlinks, PBN websites, etc.


BEONTOP is an educational institute which has started as an SEO provider company and has made sure that they bring their expertise to teaching as well. Recognized and acknowledged by Industry experts worldwide, BEONTOP offers a good option for SEO courses in Dubai. It has also developed a specially designed SEO application and student can get it at a discounted price after completing the course, which can significantly assist them in their day-to-day activities on the Job.


BEONTOP can be reached at;

Office 701, Fortune Executive Tower, Dubai, UAE.

Customer Care: +971 4 554 7316

Email: /


5. SEO International

SEO International was established in November 1999 and is a division of the Al Wafaa group which is primarily based in Dubai and has been providing technical education in and around the Middle East region. SEO International offers 5 days ‘SEO, AI & Content Marketing Course’, which is amongst the top-ranking SEO courses in Dubai. With a vision statement to Empower students to learn and grow in Digital Marketing, SEO International is a Google Partner and a good option based in Dubai and the Middle East.


  • Name of course: SEO, AI & Content Marketing Course.
  • Duration of course: 5 Days (8 Hours a day).
  • Cost of course: AED 3650.


  • Course Modules: The course comprises 5 modules.
    • SEO and Google Search Algorithm:

It covers What SEO is and how it works along with the backend working of Google Search, 29 SEO strategies, Keyword search, and more.

  • SEO Types:

It deals with On-site, Off-site, and local SEO, Google Trends, using ChatGPT for SEO, etc.

  • SEO Competitive Analysis:

It involves Google Search console, Earning backlinks, and more.

  • SEO & PR:

It covers YouTube SEO, Usage of AI-powered tools, etc.

  • SEO Trends, Audit, Voice Search:

It deals with Content marketing ideas and choice of delivery method Topic clustering, Inbound marketing, thick content, and more.


The students who complete the 5 Days course will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the institute which can be verified by future or present employers with the help of a unique certification ID printed on the Certificate.

Aspirants can contact SEO International at;

Artium Building, Mezzanine Floor,

Abu Hail, PO Box 65608, Dubai, UAE.

Tel: +971 4 2636936 / +971 55 9971452



6. Areva Digital

Areva Digital was founded by Igneous Power Control Systems Pvt Ltd (IPCS) based in Kerala, India. It is an ISO-certified company and accredited by Rheinland-Germany. With more than 600 trained students and assisted 400 plus students to get placements across the Middle East region, Areva Digital is a renowned training institute offering some leading SEO courses in Dubai.

  • Name of course: Certified SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Program.
  • Duration of course: 150 Hours.
  • Cost of course: AED 2250.


  • Course Modules: The course comprises 13 modules.
    • Overview of SEO:

It covers SEO – History, evolution, commonly used SEO terms and definitions, Impact of SEO on Businesses, and more.

  • How Search Engines Work:

It includes search engine index, algorithm involved, and evolution of search engines, etc.

  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis:

It involves a Keyword research plan, understanding keyword attributes and distribution, Evaluation of keywords, tools to analyze keywords, and more.

  • On-Page Optimization – Content SEO:

It covers content management, structure optimization, etc.

  • On-Page Optimization – Technical SEO:

It deals in managing Websites, webpages, and URLs, cleaning content, removing duplicate content, webmaster tools, and more.

  • Off-Page SEO:

It deals in links, backlinks, resolving problem links and best practices followed in linking, etc.

  • Long Term Content Planning:

It covers the importance of long-term content planning in SEO, strategies to avoid common mistakes, editorial calendar, social media usage to promote content, reviewing content performance and corrective actions to be taken, and more.

  • Measuring SEO Effectiveness:

It involves SEO audit, performance fine-tuning, etc.

  • SEO in E-Commerce:

It includes Integration of E-commerce and SEO for profit generation and more.

  • Google Business Listing:

It covers initial setup with Google Business listing, managing citations, alluring visitors to write more reviews, etc.

  • Mobile SEO:

It covers SEO for websites specially developed for Mobile devices, tracking performance and user experience, and more.

  • Google Analytics:

It includes the importance of Google Analytics in SEO, it’s working, setting up an account, dashboard walkthrough, etc.

  • Google Tag Manager:

It covers setting up Google Tag Manager, collecting data with tools available, and using it for remarketing and more.


Areva Digital provides Interview preparation, resume writing, and non-paid internship features as a part of the Certified SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Program.

Areva Digital can be contacted at;

Suit #510, Al Qusais Plaza,

Damascus Street, Dubai, UAE.

Tel: +971-43456732



Recommended Reads:


7. Coursera

Coursera, a global platform for online learning and career development for individuals, enterprises, and governments was founded in 2012 by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, with a vision that, Learning is the source of human progress and it has the power to transform our world.

In the specialization field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), great options are available on the Coursera platform and one of them is a program offered by UC DAVIS i.e., University of California, Davis. It offers one of the unique and world-class SEO courses in Dubai. As a part of their 5-course specialization series, ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization’ is a favorite amongst learners worldwide.

  • Name of course: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization.
  • Duration of course: 3 months @ 10 Hours a week.
  • Cost of course: AED 1949.


  • Course Modules: This Professional certificate consists of a 5-course series.
    • Introduction to Google SEO:

It covers the function of Search Engines, algorithms, search results, SEO optimization, and developing best practices to improve ranking. It also includes mastering skills such as Search Algorithms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mathematical Optimization, and Semantics.

  • Google SEO Fundamentals:

It covers competitive analysis for websites and webpages, using social media for developing brand identity, Site maps, robot.txt, plan redirects, and resolving site errors. performing audience analysis using several SEO tools. It also includes mastering skills such as social media, Keyword Research, Marketing, and Mathematical Optimization.

  • Optimizing a Website for Google Search:

It covers a deep dive into Keyword Research, developing SEO strategies, and local SEO approaches, and understanding client requirements.

  • Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO:

It covers content marketing campaigns, SEO rankings, hiring influencers to connect with audiences, and more. It also includes mastering skills such as social media marketing, social media, content marketing, and Mathematical Optimization.

  • Google SEO Capstone Project:

It covers writing an SEO pitch, performing a competitive analysis, creating a keyword map, generating a final report, and presenting it to your client with your recommendations.


The advantage of Coursera is that you can share the certificate on your social media, in the resume, and link it with your LinkedIn profile, which can be validated and recognized worldwide. Financial aid is available subject to application verification and review from Coursera.

Coursera has a dedicated Learner Help Centre for further assistance and guidance, it can be reached out in case you have any queries regarding SEO courses in Dubai.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the prerequisites and eligibility criteria for SEO courses in Dubai?

An open mind and passion to learn new skills with self-discipline and dedication to commit regular hours per week are all that you require. Rest everything is covered in the curriculum of SEO courses.


Does completing the SEO courses in Dubai guarantee me a placement?

These courses can help you to understand the concepts of Search Engine Optimization. Also, some of these courses can help you to prepare for interviews. However, only your genuine efforts and performance in your interview will guarantee you the placement.


What are the Career options available for an SEO professional?

Once an individual has a clear understanding of SEO, gains knowledge about SEO, gets hands-on training, and gets certified along with an internship from the above-listed SEO courses in Dubai, the following Career options are available for them.

  • SEO specialist,
  • Copywriter,
  • Social media manager,
  • Digital marketer,
  • Account manager,
  • Marketing consultant,
  • Marketing Manager,
  • SEO manager,
  • Web developer,


Alternatively, after attending one of the SEO courses in Dubai; one can work as an entrepreneur, or solopreneur, or can start a Startup with like-minded fellow SEO Professionals.


What is the average salary for an SEO professional in Dubai?

The average salary for beginners in Dubai starts at AED 38,044 per annum, However, depending on experience and expertise it can go up to AED 95,000 per annum. Also, some companies may offer additional perks as cash compensations and incentives depending on performance.



There is an old saying that ‘Creativity is a thing which God/Goddesses and Human shares the same’. SEO is both Art and Science and both Art and Science can be learned and developed if you get the right education/training, SEO courses in Dubai can nurture you, and lead you toward landing your dream job. SEO is one of the few professions that requires no prior experience and can be started at any age with proper training. SEO is expanding to new horizons with introductions, advancements, and developments of new technologies where learning and applying the learning is a continuous process and not the end goal.

If you have a passion for learning, an open mind, and a mindset of reaching deadlines on time and every time then not even the Sky is limited for you. One of the advantages of SEO professionals is that they can work from anywhere, given that he/she adhere to committed deadlines. In this article, we have discussed the ‘Top 7 SEO courses in Dubai’. We do not claim that this is in any way an exhaustive list however; we have made our best efforts to list courses that are affordable, relevant, and recognized both locally and globally.

We hope that our efforts will assist you in finding a course that help you commence your journey as an SEO professional!!!!! Do let us know in the comments section, whether our list of curated SEO courses is useful. All your suggestions and feedback are welcome. Let Knowledge be your Founding Stone to Build a Great Life!!!

#Be Greedy for Knowledge and Hungry for Work (of course Keep Earning)!!!!!

#Be your best Asset!!!!!

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