Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Patna With Placements

India’s GST, the new tax regime, is a milestone in the history of Indian indirect taxes. The GST (Goods and Services Tax) has replaced various emerging taxes imposed by the central as well as state governments. This article about GST will guide you through the necessity and benefits of GST and help you explore the best GST certification courses in Patna. What is GST? The new tax composition, GST, is remarkably more systematic than outdated taxation methods. Now, India has become the only market with more than 1 billion people following the implementation of the GST.


List of best GST certification courses in Patna


The commencement of the GST took place on July 1, 2017. This transition has proved historical in the indirect tax structure. It is crucial to adapt and make modifications to business operations and the new compliance needs according to the new GST. For that reason, fresh graduates, working professionals, CAs, and CSs must gain complete knowledge about the new tax reforms of GST and reduce business operations costs. Let us learn what the need is for the GST Certification Course.


Why take the GST Certification Course?

The GST Certification Course is an essential program for people who want to gain knowledge about GST regulations and laws. The course helps an applicant increase job opportunities and salary hikes. You can upgrade your skills in accounting, finance, and taxation. Also, the system will allow you to start your consulting firm.

Eligibility to become a GST practitioner requires graduation in commerce, banking, business administration, or law from an accredited university in India. You can earn up to INR 8 lakh annually as a beginner in the field. As you grow, your income can increase up to INR 15 lakh.

Let us explore some of the best GST certification courses in Patna. However, you first need to understand what a GST practitioner is and why a GST certificate is necessary.


Who is a GST practitioner? Why is a GST Certificate required?

According to Section 2 (55) of the CGST Act of 2017, a “goods and services practitioner” is anyone who has received Section 48 approval to act as a GST practitioner. He is a licensed person who files returns on behalf of taxpayers and provides consulting services to clients. The Central and State governments approve the person.

The responsibilities of a GST practitioner include filing GST returns GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 with outbound and inward supply information, filing GST returns, paying GST for the taxpayer, claiming a GST refund, and applying for a GST registration amendment or cancellation. A GST Practitioner should maintain a valid PAN Card, email ID, workplace address, accurate contact information, and required documents.

In India, every kind of organization is required to obtain a GST certificate. It is a crucial document since it enables businesses to collect taxes on behalf of the government. In India, a GST registration certificate is a recognized document that serves as evidence of GST registration. Any firm in India that generates more revenue than the threshold for registration with the GST is required.

The GSTIN number and the company registration number are both listed on the GST certificate. Let us examine the benefits of taking GST certification courses in Patna.


Advantages of taking GST Certification Courses in Patna

A certified GST practitioner serves as a testimony of the practitioner’s competence and knowledge and assures their employment. The benefits of the GST certification courses in Patna extend to the establishment of your consulting firm, where you can assist and advise taxpayers seeking assistance with various tax-related services.

Transparency is also one of the benefits of GST certification. The tax administration has started operating without corruption. The GST Practitioner course enhances employment prospects, boosts income, and fosters skill development. An experienced person in the field can earn up to 15 lakhs per annum.

The job opportunities after the course’s completion are vast. You can become an Accounts Assistant, GST Executive or Specialist, Associate Manager, Audit Assistant, Account Executive, Accountant, or Accounts Payable Associate.

The pay scale of a GST Practitioner rises with experience. As an experienced consultant, you can set your rates based on the extent of the work, the difficulty of the circumstances, your expertise in the subject, and the relevance of numerous legal requirements to the specific customer. Depending on the level of detail, you can request anything from 500 to 5000 INR.


What is the Procedure to Become a Certified GST Practitioner?

Step 1: Register as a GST Practitioner on the GST Portal of India (Form PCT-01 and Form PCT-02). CAs, CMAs, and CSs who possess a certificate of practice (COP), lawyers, and graduates are eligible for registration as GST practitioners.

Step 2: Hold back for the application verification process and allotment of the certificate.

Step 3: After submitting your application on the GST registration page, you must pay a Rs. 500 examination fees online for the GSTP Exam that NACIN (the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes, and Narcotics) will be administering.

Step 4: Qualify for the exam with a minimum score of 50%.

Step 5: Get your license as a GST Practitioner


Other best courses in Patna:


Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Patna


1.  IIM SKILLS: Online GST Practitioner Certification Course

Duration: 16 hours or 4 weeks

Course Type: Self-study with pre-recorded online sessions

Course Fee: INR 2900 + 18% GST


GST Certification Course Key Features:

  • Work on Practical assignments
  • Freelance opportunities
  • Get trained by industry experts
  • Free E-Books, Tools, and Software
  • Weekly analysis
  • Hands-on learning with case studies
  • MSME Government of India Recognition
  • Get online support around the clock
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Placement Assistance



  • GST and its Impact on Businesses
  • GST structure and framework
  • Registration Process under GST
  • Invoicing rules and regulations in GST
  • GST return filling
  • Composition scheme under GST
  • RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism)
  • E-way bill
  • Input tax credit and payment


         Learning Outcomes:

In this course, you are going to learn a lot about GST (Goods and Service Tax) and how it influences businesses. Also, put the GST registration process, TDS complaint, and filing tax returns into practice during this session.

You will be able to comprehend pricing in GST better with the help of the practical training included in this course. Get expert training from professionals and practical GST tool training. Acquire certification registered with the MSME Government of India upon course completion by IIM SKILLS.

Be job-ready following course completion. As you advance in the field, you will improvise. Following the course, you may establish job profiles for tax consultants, tax accountants, tax analysts, tax associates, and tax managers. With more experience, the pay scale will also rise.


2.  ICAI (The Institute of Cost Accountants of India) Patna

Duration: 10-day course

Both weekend and weekday classes are offered


Course Type: Online

Course Fee: INR 9000 + GST


Key Features:

  • Weekday and weekend batches
  • Government certified
  • Training by industry experts
  • Live doubt-clearing session



  • Introduction to GST and Constitutional Provisions
  • Supply and Levy of GST
  • Classification
  • Nature, Place, and Time of Supply
  • Valuation
  • Reverse charge mechanism (RCM)
  • Import and export under GST
  • GST Registration
  • Exemptions under GST
  • E-way bill and e-invoicing
  • Returns and Tax Payments
  • Accounts book maintenance and records
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Audit by tax authorities
  • Input service distributor and job work
  • Case studies


Learning Outcomes:

The objective of the course is to assist members in industry and practice by systematically imparting specialized and up-to-date knowledge in the area of GST and by enhancing analytical and problem-solving skills for decision-making. It is one of the most reliable GST certification courses in Patna.

The faculty for the course will include several working Chartered Accountants, advocates, academicians, and professionals in the subject of indirect taxation to give applicants in-depth knowledge and practical experience. Applicants will receive a certificate upon completion of the course and successful completion of the examination.


3.  ICA Edu Skills | Patna – Kankarbagh

Duration: 27 hours or 8 lectures

Course Type: Classroom or Offline mode

Course Fee: INR 9000


Key Features:

  • Utilize the most up-to-date software: ITR, PAN, Net Banking, GSTN, and TDS.
  • Guaranteed placement
  • You are eligible for the course just after 10+2
  • Practical Learning
  • Mock Interview
  • Case studies, live videos, and learning at your own pace
  • Get certified in Advanced Excel
  • Expert CA faculty
  • Soft skills training



  • Basic concepts of GST
  • Valuation
  • Returns
  • Levy and Collection of GST
  • Tax Payment
  • GST using Tally
  • Practice on GSTN
  • Project on GST


Learning Outcomes:

You will learn about time management, communication and behavioral skills, public speaking, workplace protocols, and email. Doubt-clearing sessions are there for better clarity. Learn skills and Important terminologies under the Goods and Services Tax Act, including calculation of the Goods and Services Tax payable, passing Entries Relating to Goods and Services Tax, and Payment of Goods and Services Tax to the Government


4.  Tally Brains Certification: GST: Tally with Accounting

Duration: 40 hours

Course Type: Online

Course Fee: INR 3000


Key Features:

  • Grab Career opportunities like Tax Practitioner, Freelance Accountant, and Industrial Accountant.
  • Internship programs at CA firms
  • Mock Interview and CV Writing
  • You are eligible for the course just after 10th grade.



  • Basic Accounting
  • Download And Installation of Tally
  • Masters
  • Banking
  • Basic and Advanced Report
  • Inventory
  • Daily Entries: Receipt, Payment, Sales, Purchase, etc.
  • Printing backup, etc
  • Assignment, Projects
  • GST Returns
  • Introduction to GST
  • Reports: GST R1, R2, Etc.
  • GST Law
  • HSN, SAC, Registration, Supply, E-Way Bill, Etc.
  • Practicality and Invoicing of GST Using Tally
  • Setup And Automation Entry
  • GST Returns
  • GST For Service


Learning Outcomes:

This course will teach you all about the Goods and Services Tax and its effects on businesses. Practice registering for GST, filing a TDS complaint, and submitting tax reports. After finishing the course and qualifying for the test, applicants will receive a certificate.


5.  Tally Academy’s Certificate in GST in Tally (C-GST)

Duration: 3 months or 36 classes

Course Fee: INR 5000


Key Features:

  • Free eBooks as study material
  • Get both Digital and Hard copies of the Certificate
  • Online Examination
  • Get hired by renowned recruiters like Godrej, Samsung, Oppo, Havells, Vivo, Havells, and many others.
  • Choose a career as a Purchase Manager, Accountant, Process Associate, Supervisor, Cashier, Inventory Manager, Logistics Manager, etc.
  • Placement Assistance



  • Basic GST rules
  • Point of Sale (POS) on GST
  • GST on Service Tax, Capital Goods, TDS Services, etc.
  • GST Projects
  • Report Generation
  • Order Processing
  • Budget
  • E-commerce GST Operator
  • FMCG under GST
  • E-way bill
  • Input Service Distributor (ISD)
  • Composition Scheme
  • Data Import
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • GST Projects


Learning Outcomes:

The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is going to require personnel who can comprehend GST concepts and implement them according to legal requirements. This program incorporates the GST modules and enhances the job potential of students by increasing their ability to comprehend and work with GST.


6.  Bihar State-Certificate in Financial Accounting (BS-CFA) Course

Duration: 120 hours

Course Type: Live virtual class

Course Fee: INR 4946


Key Features:

  • The fee is nominally priced, i.e., less than INR 40 per hour
  • Quasi-online-mode course training
  • Recorded sessions



  • Financial Accounting: Theoretical Overview
  • Tally History and Journey (Theory)
  • GST Introduction (Theory)
  • Tally with GST
  • Basics of Financial Accounting (Theory and Practice)
  • Company Data Management
  • Incorporation of various laws under GST (Theory)
  • Creating Masters
  • Voucher Entry
  • GST Constitutional Amendments (Theory)
  • Inventory
  • Economic Survey in regards to GST (GST)
  • Payroll
  • TDS
  • Reports
  • Tally Software Services (TSS)
  • Data Management


Learning Outcomes:

The course intends to help MSMEs in Bihar with GST return filling and build up the required skills and qualifications in Bihar’s youth that help them achieve career goals. The target scholars are 12th-grade pass-outs. The training platform will be the eLearning Management System of BSDM. For registration, the applicants will be chosen through an automated randomization process.

Downloadable reference material comprises a handbook on Basic Accounting Concepts, Inventory Accounting, GST Learning Material, Income Tax Learning Material, a Presentation on Business Organizations, Tally Learning Material, and Highlights of labour Laws and Other Laws.


7.  NIIT’s Introduction to GST Course

Duration: 20 hours

Course Type: Classroom

Course Fee: INR 3800


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive learning
  • Dual Certification: NIIT certification for GST course and certificate from Tally after clearing the Tally online exam
  • Experienced industry trainers
  • Study material provided
  • Live training on data sets for improved learning
  • Personalized performance evaluation and feedback



  • Good and service tax concepts
  • Supply of Goods and Services
  • Time and Value of Supply
  • Invoicing
  • Input Credit Mechanism
  • Tax payments and returns
  • Understand Appeals and revisions
  • Learn about demand and Recovery
  • Audit process
  • GSTN and GSP knowledge
  • E-commerce and compliance rating
  • GST transition
  • Tax refund and rate structure
  • Input Service Distributor


         Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to: Understand GST ideas well; Know GSTN and GSP; Understand Invoicing and Input Credit Mechanism; Understand the tax rate structure and Refund of Tax; Transition to GST and Input Service Distributor (ISD); Recognize your function as a tax return preparer and prepare returns, pay taxes, use e-commerce, and maintain compliance.


8.  ILMS: Institute of Legal and Management Studies

Duration: 1 month

Course Fee: INR 3000


Key Features:

  • Lifetime course access
  • One-year membership of the Jobs Portal
  • The course is certified by ISO, ORO, and IAF
  • practical guide and videos
  • complete solutions to real-time problems



  • Account management with GST
  • Manage Payroll with PF, ESI, EPF, and Statutory Payments
  • TDS and extract TDS reports.
  • Account Management of a manufacturing firm.
  • Create MIS Reports for the Managerial Level
  • GST computation and reports
  • Accounting of the Goods Transport Agency (GTA)
  • RCM: Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Accounting of Composition Dealers under GST
  • Avail Input GST Credit
  • Import and Export Entries
  • Apply GST at Multiple Levels


Learning Outcomes:

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of the Goods and Services Tax, its scope of application, and frequently asked questions. You will learn everything from the basics of registering for GST to submitting and maintaining your status as a registered business. This course provides a step-by-step manual for filing a company for GST. It also includes information regarding GST reports, due dates, and penalties. From initial registration through final reimbursement, this course covers it all, including a thorough introduction to the subject of reverse charges.


9. Udemy’s GST: The Goods and Services Tax Certificate Course

Duration: 3 hours

Course Type: On-demand video

Course Fee: INR 389


Key Features:

  • 2 practice tests
  • Lifetime access to the course videos
  • No prior qualification is needed



  • GST Basics
    • GST Introduction and Types
    • GST Input, Output, and set-off
    • GST Accounting Credit Sales and purchase journal entries
    • GST Accounting: Bank Receipt and bank payment journal entries
    • GST Accounting Cash receipt and cash payment journal entries
  • GST Return Filling
    • Registration of GST
    • Letter of Undertaking
    • E-way Bill
    • GSTR 2A/2B Data Preparation and Reconciliation with Excel Tools
    • GSTR 1 Introduction and Data Preparation from Tally
    • GSTR 1: Filling in the GST Portal
    • GSTR 3B: Introduction and Data Preparation from Tally
    • GSTR 3B: Filling in the GST Portal
    • ITC-04: Introduction and Data Preparation
    • ITC 04: Filling in the GST Portal


Learning Outcomes:

Acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of GST. Know about the steps and regulations for filing returns and the GST registration process. Learn how to retrieve data from Tally for submitting different types of returns. Owners of businesses can register and submit their own GST returns. Learn to fix a few typical mistakes made when offering GST returns. After finishing this course, you will receive a certificate of completion and have a solid understanding of both the theoretical and practical components of GST.


10. Henry Harvin’s GST Practitioner Course

Duration: 32 hours

Course Type: Live online training plus recorded sessions

Course Fee: INR 12500


Key Features

  • 100% Practical Training with Live Projects
  • Featured by Aaj Tak and Hindustan Times
  • Training by Award-winning GST experts
  • Accredited by ISO, MSME, Microsoft, etc.
  • Flexible schedule and recorded sessions
  • Get lifetime support and course access
  • Learn Interview skills and career services
  • Guaranteed Internship
  • Get a one-year gold membership that assists you with career services and interviews.



  • The fundamentals of GST comprise supply or levy, place, and value of supply, import and export, and e-way bills
  • The procedure of registration included registrations, input tax credits (ITC), and transitional provisions
  • Administration of records and Tax payments covering Accounts and Records, Invoices, Tax Payments, Time of Supply, Returns, and Refunds
  • Management of Litigation, consisting of Litigation Management, Audits and Assessments, Offenses and Penalties, Demand and Recovery


Learning Outcomes:

Gain practical experience with key aspects of GST regulations, including GST registration, filing returns, TDS compliance, and obtaining input tax credits, and refunds.

The learners benefit from apprenticeships, placements, and hackathons. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

You will be given career support with a 100 percent placement guarantee. Get free study guides, practice on real-world cases, and learn from GST professionals’ experiences.

Additional advantages for the students include placement drives, customized job suggestions, and Premium membership to the Henry Harvin Job Portal.


Frequently Asked Questions about GST Certification Courses in Patna


1.   What is the average salary of a GST Practitioner?

A GST practitioner helps the taxpayer apply for GST registration or amends or cancels the taxpayer’s GST registration. As a beginner, the salary for a GST Practitioner in India ranges from 2.5 lakhs to 5.0 lakhs. By gaining experience in the field, the salary can go up to Rs. 20 lakhs annually. However, your salary will be determined by the company you work for and the expertise you bring to the table.


2.   What are the Career Advancement Opportunities after the GST certification courses in Patna?

Most firms require experts in GST handling and reconciliation. After finishing the GST certification courses in Patna, you can choose from several professional pathways in the accounting and finance sectors, besides increasing your employability in the taxation field. Some of the job positions are GST accountant, consultant, analyst, officer, and auditor.


3.   Who Can Benefit from GST Certification Courses in Patna?

GST certification courses in Patna offer a thorough understanding of Indian tax laws and rules. Government-guaranteed GST expertise training strengthens your position and contributes to the significance of your profession. The GST certification courses in Patna can benefit businessmen, CAs, Certified Management Accountants, professionals, CAs, and finance experts by pumping up their knowledge in the context of Goods and Service Tax. Businesses can save money through efficient tax planning, thus minimizing the risk of penalties.


4.   Can non-CAs do the GST Certification Course?

The government’s GST certification programs are ideal for CPAs, business secretaries, tax, and accounting experts, as well as students interested in a career in taxation. However, a student or individual from any stream can undertake the GST Certification Courses in Patna.


5.   What are the challenges of the GST?

Bringing all indirect taxes under one roof, which is the central aspect of GST, is the major difficulty in its implementation. The complicated tax structure of the GST is one of its primary challenges. There are four tax brackets in the GST system: 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. Moreover, with GST, every step of the process—from billing to paying taxes—is completed online. Most small and medium-sized businesses could lack the technological know-how to adjust to this significant change.


Conclusion for GST Certification Courses in Patna:

Concisely, GST plays a significant and crucial role in the Indian economy. All three categories of GST—CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax), SGST (State Goods and Services Tax), and IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax)—work to regulate taxation and balance taxes to reduce inequality. By acquiring a certificate in GST and getting complete knowledge about its laws and regulations, you can boost your professional ranking.

Students and working professionals can progress in their careers by gaining essential skills and training. As a career, GST practitioners can earn a good package based on their skills, knowledge, and experience. Additional perks of being a GST Practitioner include the elimination of several indirect taxes, health insurance benefits, and various tax benefits. In conclusion, good training, a recognized institute, experience, and the skill set of a person play an important factor in getting a high-income job as a GST Practitioner.

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