Top 8 SEO Courses in Goa With Placement Assistance

Digital marketing becomes the domain of interest in the ever-increasing digital world with marketing in general, and  Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is becoming the most important aspect of it in particular to make one’s presence visible to the targeted audience in the world of the internet. The world cannot be imagined now without the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, and too many websites are flourishing in the internet domain to satisfy the different needs of people from education, health, higher education, manufacturing purpose, digital governance, services provided through the website and many more purposes you already know. This makes the SEO courses in Goa more significant and makes it the field of interest.


List of best SEO courses in Goa


Importance of SEO

This tool is used for the purpose of driving traffic to a website or webpage. It makes the website more qualitative and user-friendly. SEO helps one to get organic and natural traffic without going by the paid version. It makes the website appear if one searches in general such as image search, video search, academic search, keyword, etc.


Brief History of SEO

The Optimization of websites began with the webmaster in the 1990s to recognize the high-rank value of websites. Danny Sullivan was the first person to coin the term “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION”. As time progressed, many used to manipulate web content with the use of HTML code so that their website could be ranked over the others.

The success and popularity of Search engines were determined by the ability to produce the most relevant result. The quest to produce more relevant content and to stop the manipulation of content led to the development of a more complex ranking algorithm which becomes difficult for any further manipulation of content.

The SEO concept gets popularity with the advancement of technologies and it is further evolving with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and new upcoming technologies.


Opportunities and Scope of SEO

These skills become highly demanded as every business organization and institution needs websites to be managed, products to be sold, and their products to be visible to the targeted audience, driving traffic to take the lead for the call to action, digital marketing, etc. With SEO skills, one could become a Search Engine marketer, digital marketer, Freelancer, Content marketer, SEO manager, or entrepreneur to start your own business online.

The scope is huge as the world looking online for even basic things and the rampant development of digitization after the pandemic makes the scope even more attractive in the upcoming future.


1. SEO Courses in Goa With IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILL is the dominant player in the training of Search Engine Optimization with 4 weeks of paid internship and 16 hours of live lectures with assured placement support after completing the course.


Course Module of IIM SKILLS:

They start the course with a comprehensive overview of SEO. Niche plays an important role so module 2 is about understanding and comprehensive coverage of niche, developing website credibility, User Interface, and experience.

Learning On-page and off-page optimization make one familiar with keyword search, landing page content, SEO for local, domestic, and international pages, headline and title structure, internal and external linking, indexing, social sharing optimization, competition analysis, strategy, building a link with other website owners, performance-based navigation, and multiple domain strategies, Content Marketing Strategy, Google My Business, Cold Email Outreach for Guest Blogging, thin content, etc.

Technical SEO contains mainly HTTP vs HTTPS Servers, Speed Optimization, Permalinks, Broken Links, etc., and a search console module helps to check indexing status, search queries, crawling errors, and optimize visibility which contains user experience, page experience, and mobile usability, site link search box, etc.

Module 7 helps you to track and report the website traffic with the help of the Google analytics tool. The module contains Realtime Traffic Analytics, Audience Overview, Acquisition, and Traffic Behaviour and the module ends with Reporting in SEO a bonus lecture contains career planning, interview preparation, and Resume preparation.


Tools Worth 20k Contain:

Keyword Planner, Answer the Public, Ubersuggest, SemRush, WordPress, Canva

Google My Business, Word Counter, Small SEO Tool, SEMrush, CompressNow, ConvertCase

Aminstitute, Various WordPress Plugins, Duplichecker, Quetext, etc.


Skills one will acquire while going through the course are Critical thinking and Analytical Mindset, research skills, writing proficiency, the skill of extracting relevant data, communication skills


Why Join IIM SKILLS SEO Courses?

  • Two months of Paid internship
  • Certificate and training to start your own SEO agency
  • Ranking of websites in google
  • Lifetime access
  • 24 hrs Online support
  • Demo classes provided
  • Claiming to be the number 1 Digital marketing training institute with proof of testimonials
  • The clarity in delivering the lecture with simple and easy-to-understand explanations.
  • SEO hacks and tips
  • Lecture delivered by experts.
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 1 week after the first session if a withdrawal request is given.
  • 10% group discount on 3 or more registration.
  • Working on real projects
  • Course open for all.
  • No prerequisite skills are required to join the course
  • Holistic training module
  • Faculty with 12-plus years of experience
  • Limited admission per batch for quality assurance.
  • The course duration is 4 weeks and it is followed by paid internship.
  • Recording classes are provided if one misses the class.
  • lifetime access to the learning management system


2. SEO Courses in Goa With Clickmind Training

The training institute is known for guiding startups. Here the students are trained to set up their own agencies. They provide a certification course that can be learned with ease and without delay.


Course Module:

The course starts with Setting you up for success which deals with 22 tools and setting about one thing before you start your SEO course and help you set to increase your sales funnel with SEO strategies.

Organic search with the upcoming module sets you fundamentally and how to implement the strategies in different search engines such as Google, Yelp, Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, etc helps you rank your website or blog. Query refinement and in-depth sales analysis with search internet make module 2 more interesting.

Strategies are a key aspect of any project and the course hits the bull’s eye with creating powerful DATA-DRIVEN strategies which include how to do keyword research along with its use of  3rd party tools, things drive digital marketing, overinvest in keyword research, making a content planner with ranking opportunities.

Making content that ranks search engines by addressing the “Document Relevancy” problem and How to use Latent Semantic Indexing will make you find better keywords that make you rank higher in the search engines. This module helps you how to link neighborhoods and about winning traffic.

Google ranking and how to influence it makes the fifth module which teaches about linking, How to use a “CRM for link building” to send personalized emails that get links, and building white hat links.

The course module takes care of the non-tech students by dealing with the separate module which contains TECHNICAL SEO FOR NON-TECHNICAL PEOPLE. This module helps you out with how to squeeze as much data about your search traffic as possible, to prepare for the mobile-first index i.e creating a mobile-friendly site,  “Keyword Cannibalization” makes you get rid of duplicate sites along with these things also makes you learn how big websites like Paypal manage their website.

The course ends with Launching a new site from scratch and lifetime access to bonus lectures. SEO mini-courses contain Local SEO, Shopify SEO, Pinterest, Youtube, and Amazon SEO


Why Join the Clickmind SEO Courses?

  • 14-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee: No Question Asked
  • Access to a massive library of world-class digital marketing courses with COURSE FEE CONTAINS:
    • SEO Course at 997$ i.e approximately 90,000 INR.
    • Complete course library access at $1997 which contains 7 digital marketing courses.
    • For team access facility option available with the discount.
  • Certification with unlimited access
  • Team access can have logged 10 users at a time.
  • Downloadable slides & lecture quizzes
  • Free updates for life
  • All digital Marketing Certification
  • Reusable Licenses
  • courses are entry-level to intermediate comprehension with proper explanation.
  • You will learn nothing new that blog does not contain but the course will make learning digital marketing easier and faster.
  • Updates with changing scenarios.
  • Each course contains 3-6 hours of lecture.
  • The faculty is the domain expert and has 10 years of experience.


Check here for other best courses in Goa:


3. SEO Courses in Goa With Yoast SEO for Everyone

The course is with both premium and free facilities to start and to have an idea about Search Engine Optimization. The free course has the basics of SEO, WordPress, and their  Yoast SEO plugin for free. The academy has many more courses in the basket of SEO one can look at it as per one need and level of experience.

The free Course Contains beginners training, WordPress, Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin training, WordPress block editor training, Structured data, and SEO news webinar replays.

Premium Course with ACADEMY facility: It contains All-around training, International SEO training, Keyword research, Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO training, SEO copywriting Training, Site structure training, Structured Data, Technical SEO, WordPress block editor training, Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin training, Understanding structured data training, The Yoast SEO Premium plugin.

These above courses are provided with separate heads with separate fee structures and free courses are also available along with the premium courses. The Premium course is provided at $99 per year i.e 8,066.62 INR.


The Course Module Contains:


  • ALL-AROUND TRAINING COURSE will take  12 to 16 hours and contains how to get your own list of keywords, Optimize your own SEO text, and Set up or improve your own site structure.

The technical side of SEO will improve site speed, and make the site more secure off-page SEO makes one learn about the site linking audience engagement with emails and discovering social media. This All- round course is for those maintaining blogs, online stores, developers, copywriters, marketers, or other online professionals and teaches you to start offering SEO services to your clients.


  • The International SEO training consists of four modules: Time required 12 hours.
    • Introduction to International SEO contains behind the scenes of Google’s search engine and a holistic overview
    • Keywords and content in International SEO about international keyword research, how to write copy for multiple regions
    • Domain structure in international SEO  makes you learn which URL structure gets the best result in a specific situation and how to target multiple languages within a country.
    • hreflang: the most important tool for international SEO
  • Local Seo Training makes you know how to rank in local search results.
    • Local SEO strategy
    • Good for small businesses and website ranking.
    • Link citation building
    • Local SEO plugin
  • Keyword Research Training comes with 2.5 hours of training.
    •  It contains nine  SEO courses, including Keyword research, SEO copywriting, and Site structure
    • Finding long-tailed keywords
    • Determining traffic potential and conversion
    • Determining your ranking potential
    • Rolling out your keyword strategy
  • Site Structure Training helps to rank better.
    • Make traffic improvement
    • keep people on site longer
    • Organizing site, contextual linking, landing pages, and maintaining site structure.


Why Join the SEO Courses in Goa With Yoast Seo?

  • Course created by SEO Expert
  • Practical Experience along with the course
  • The course has been dealt with separately heads and is more comprehensive as far as SEO is concerned.
  • Free courses are there to make you try first and then decide whether to purchase them or not.
  • Cover courses from beginner to advanced level.
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-follow module.
  • Step-by-step guide from theory to practice.
  • Webinars, conference talks
  • The comparison is provided with the free and Premium courses.


4. NIIT  SEO Courses in Goa

A brief history of the company: The company was set up in 1981 to overcome human resource challenges in the IT industry. It has two main lines of business across the globe – Corporate Learning Group and Skills & Careers Business.

Market-leading companies throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania rely on NIIT’s Corporate Learning Group (CLG) for Managed Training Services (MTS).

The Course is part of Digital marketing and it is provided in the name of SEO, SEM, and Google courses. The course consists of both classroom and online courses with a total duration of 50 hours.


The module contains 4 segments:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Preparation for Google Certification


The course put emphasis on Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keyword research and tools for Keyword research, Creating Content for SEO, Link Building and Back Links, Schema Mark-up For SEO, Understanding Search engine marketing Pay per click (PPC), User journey of Google ads, and its bidding process, Display ads, video ads, and universal app ads, Bing ads campaign


The certification and its process followed by the institute contains the  Overview of Google Certifications and Preparation for Google Ads Fundamentals Exam, Google Ads Search Advertising Exam, Google Ads Display Certification, Google Ads Mobile Certification, and Preparation for Google Ads Video Certification.


Why Join the NIIT SEO Courses in Goa?

  • App-based learning along with the classroom program
  • Faculty of experts
  • Faculty guidance through the app.
  • Hands-on application of tools
  • Effective strategies for SEO
  • The program first starts with Digital marketing and then SEO and SEM segment with advancement in the course.
  • The course is open to all.
  • Why the course is unique as per their claim:
    • Unique curriculum with an understanding of digital marketing.
    • Extensive hands-on skills
    • Online learning through access to online learning and practice on and NIIT student app.
    • Hands-on learning
    • Students will be provided with advanced study material.


5. Simplilearn SEO Courses in Goa

The course will make you learn about Search engine optimization, Content marketing, Web analytics, Keyword management and research, Website management, and optimization, and URL management along with the advanced modules.


Course Module of SEO Contains:

SEO introduction contains  Search Ecosystem Components, Search Ecosystem Components: Incentives, SEO and Social Media.

Understanding SEO working contains SEO and Social Media, Minor Search Engines: Search, international Search Engines, Search Engine Mechanisms, Search Engine Crawling, Processing, and Indexing. Moving with module 3 makes you learn about Types of SEO with SEO Hats, SEO Mistakes, SEO Best Practices, SEO Spam, etc.

Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence make one aware of the Keyword Research, Performing Keyword Research, Types of Queries, B2B vs B2C model.

The course contains comprehensive subject coverage of  On-Page Optimization and Off-page Optimization. Fixing Duplicate Content have a separate module with further coverage of the subject such as Design and Architecture for Search Engines.

The last four modules of the course deal with Local SEO, Algorithm Updates and SEO Changes, Integrating SEO with Other Disciplines with Integrating Marketing Channels, User Experience Across Channels, SEO and Content Marketing, SEO and Analytics, SEO and Mobile, SEO for WordPress.

Career counseling and SEO tools also have the module to cover in the course. These all modules have their Advance version along with the Basics covered in the SEO training course.


Why Join Simplilearn Courses in Goa?

  • Switch up and course report provided 4.5 ratings in the course of SEO.
  • Ask-Me-Anything sessions by IBM
  • No cost EMI option is available with the total cost of the course around 54K including the taxes.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  •  insights on advanced web analytics
  • 360-degree completion of the course with hiring companies amazon, BookMyShow,, and cleartext.
  • Self-paced Learning option.
  • Candidate should possess a prerequisite undergraduate degree and diploma if any.
  • Tools covered: Majestic, MOZ, SEMRUSH, SpyFu.
  • Industry project on keyword analysis and research, SEO structure planning, Website audit documentation, Inbound link building, and Marketing Plan.
  • Completing 85% of the course will make one eligible to sit for the examination and get the certificate. The simulation exam needs more than 75%.


6. Vedasyspro SEO Courses in Goa

The course contains both the Digital Marketing aspect and the SEO course with 30 hours and 60 hours of the combined course. The course has been made for targeted audiences such as BCom, MCom, BBA, B.E, BCA, BSc, MBA, and Business Owners.

The Course module has an Introduction to Digital Marketing and  SEO, Social media marketing  Facebook and Instagram Ads, Content marketing, Search engine optimization, On-page and Off-Page, Search engine marketing (SEM) – Google Ads, Pay per click advertising, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing and ends with  Conversion Rate Optimization.


Why Join the Vedasyspro SEO Courses in Goa?

  • The simpler course is meant for everyone with focussed and relevant modules as per the market need.
  • Unlimited support for a lifetime even after completing the course.
  • The course contains both basic level and advanced level courses with the blending of Digital Marketing and SEO.
  • hands-on practice over SEO tools, SEO audit practices, Website design advice, Website analytics, and more.
  • No pre-requisite requirement.
  • 60 hours course with 2 hours daily.
  • Quality content with no discount option available.
  • No book is recommended as per their claim that it is a comprehensive course.
  • The job guarantee is not with completing the course only support provided. Only an updated copy of your CV will be shared on forums to facilitate interviews and placements.
  • The average rating of the course provided a 4.72-star rating.


Must Check:


7. Promoz SEO Courses in Goa

The course is of 70 hours interactive and extensive. The classroom training has been provided in Kolkata only and the facility of online classes has been provided all over India. The course has been rated 4.8.

The course module has the basic coverage with the introduction and its works with on-page and off-page optimization, HTML Structure, Semantic Errors, and Validation, Keyword research has Geo-specific keywords, Keyword Efficiency Index, and Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.

Advanced Rich Snippet Markup – Structured Data contains Advanced Rich Snippet Markup – Structured Data, Basic Schema implementation, etc. Advanced Google Search Console (Google Webmaster), Google Analytics (GA), and Bing Webmaster make module 7 and covers an In-depth understanding of mentioned keywords.

Blogging and SEO have separate module coverage with Advanced WordPress Optimization, Competition Inbound Link Analysis with Free backlink analysis tools, SEO Profiler for backlink analysis.

The course has covered subjects from basic to the Advanced level such as Advanced Voice Search SEO, Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization, Advanced Google Algorithms, Website Audit, and Site Recovery


Why Join Promozseo SEO Courses in Goa?

  • They have a separate head for all the courses above mentioned
  • Flexible hours with multiple joining options available.
  • Maximum 4 students in a single batch on weekend days.
  • Ensure Quality delivery.
  • The Digital Marketing Training course contains Advance Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Branding, Blogging, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.
    • SEO: On-page, Off-page SEO link building, SEO Blogging, Advanced SEO and Data Analysis, and Technical SEO.
  • Faculty have a Group of Young professionals and Dynamic Experienced


8. The Knowledge Academy SEO Courses in Goa

The course contains the four Pillars of SEO -Technical SEO, Content and User Experience, On-site SEO, and Off-site SEO. The Digital Marketing Training Package contains Social Media Masterclass, SEO Masterclass, Digital Marketing Masterclass, Google Analytics Masterclass, and Google Adwords Masterclass.

The course has different separate modules with specific subjects as per the requirement of the client. The courses contain such as Digital Marketing Masterclass, Google Analytics MAsterclass, Google AdWords Masterclass, LinkedIn Marketing Masterclass, SEM training, Content Marketing Master Class, Website Conversion rate Optimization Master Class, Pay-per-click Masterclass, etc.


Why Join the Knowledge Academy SEO Courses in Goa?

  • The training institute is globally recognized
  • Professionals with more than 12 years of experience.
  • Discount on the course has been provided.
  • 100 plus courses running daily and their location in 490 plus branches worldwide.
  • The best price is guaranteed for the course under a separate head.
  • High-Quality Training Material.




Q1. How to understand the basics of SEO?

You can enroll in one of the SEO courses in Goa for an in-depth understanding.


Q2 What Are the Scope and Opportunities After Doing SEO Courses in Goa?

There are so many such opportunities to grab.


Q3 How Difficult is SEO and Which Institute to Join for the SEO Courses in Goa?

Nothing is easy and nothing is too tricky that one cannot achieve. It is up to you how much hard work and time you put in to learn the concepts. There are SEO marketers, freelancer and if they can do it why not you? If you really like to learn SEO go for it.

All institutes are good and relevant as per the syllabus. It is up to you where you find yourself comfortable. One can ask the veteran who is already working in the field and compare the syllabus and discuss it, read about the institution will make you clear on which institute to choose and learn from.

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