Top 10 Online Technical Writing Courses in India

Technology is everywhere and is now an active part of our society. The influx of IT and software has changed our lives forever and has opened many avenues in employment. One of the avenues in high demand is for professionals in written technical communication or technical writing. Hence there are a lot of institutes that offer online technical writing courses in India. 


List of best online technical writing courses in India


The field of technical writing is currently growing. Technical writing has developed into a distinct field that includes all technical texts created to clearly and simply explain difficult technological processes. It contains user manuals, reports, case studies, executive summaries, and much more.

Technical writing has expanded beyond software and hardware technology documents to serve as a powerful tool for communication in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, banking, finance, energy, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, and training. 


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is writing or drafting technical communication used in technical and occupational fields, For example, computer hardware & software architecture Engineering, scientific fields, and biotechnology. For the record, it is the process of technical documentation & procedures which includes Manuals, Executive summary statements, Reports Press Releases,& Emails.

To put it another way, technicality writing is any technical web content that uses plain language to communicate. Technical writing must be clear and polished. Even a layperson should be able to understand the information’s trap.


Who Can Be a Technical Writer?

Having said that being an engineer is not a pre-requisite for anyone wanting to be part of this industry. Anyone who has an interest in technology with a basic understanding of technology and electronic goods and a solid foundation in writing can enter into this lucrative field. 

Knowledge of a technical discipline, such as engineering or computer and information technology, may be necessary for people applying for technical writing jobs. It is still possible to become a technical writer even if you are not a leading authority on a complicated topic. A fundamental comprehension, an affinity, and a fervent curiosity are sufficient to get started. 


Tips to Be a Good Technical Writer

  • Researching about the people/target audience before writing 

Knowing your reader’s persona before writing anything is a crucial skill. For instance, the tone of writing for students is instructive, but the tone of writing for users is suggestive or informational. Since they are accountable for comprehending the readers of their written documents, they must possess great research abilities.

To communicate information properly and employ the appropriate terminology, a technical writer needs to be aware of their intended audience. It makes it simple for the reader to locate, comprehend, and adhere to the necessary rules. Finding the correct audience is one of the most important tasks a technical writer must perform because it will determine how the paper will read and feel.

To define the document’s layout, presentation, and content, they conduct audience research. For instance, hardware documentation is frequently quite lucid, uncomplicated, and succinct, allowing even unskilled users to use it effectively. 

On the other hand, documentation for sophisticated machinery and instruments uses various technical jargon because it is presumed that the reader is well-versed in the subject matter. 


  • Improving your word skills 

Technical writers must constantly employ industry-standard technical tools to keep their writing current. A writer should learn the basics of the subject through study and may require the assistance of technical experts to comprehend the subject before writing about it.


  • Understanding Document Design Skills

Any technical writer should constantly strive to create an organized, effective paper that is easier to read. Both print and digital platform readers will benefit from a well-written, straightforward document. The effective use of numerous visual components, such as typeface, color, space, images, and infographics, always contributes significantly to creating a presentable and appealing design.


  • Enhancing and improving one’s writing abilities

Any technical writer needs to be a skilled storyteller since only they will be able to tell the reader a compelling and intriguing tale about any new knowledge, product, or service. Writing abilities must include the ability to tell a good story, use straightforward language, write grammatically accurate and fluid narration, and engage the readers in the author’s thoughts.


  • Effective usage of Technical writing tools 

There are a lot of software tools at the disposal of a technical writer such as Msword, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, etc. 


These tools can be used to improve our writing skills 


How Much Does a Technical Writer Earn?

The salary of a Technical writer ranges between 3 – 13 Lakhs  P.A.An entry-level Technical writer with less than 3 years of experience earns an average salary of 3.8 lacks per month with experience of 4-9 years and can earn 7.5 lakhs with an experience of over 10 years they can earn close to 12 lakhs P.A.

As the number of tech companies grows, the demand for technical writers will increase accordingly. Furthermore bear in mind that if you don’t want a 9 to 5 work, you can pursue a freelance career in this field.

The average pay of freelance writers in India is INR 475 per hour. Their annual salaries range from INR 1.93 lakh to INR 20 lakh. They don’t work in conventional workplaces, though, and the amount of clients they serve determines how much money they make.


The following are the most significant variables influencing the typical technical writer salaries in India:

  • Experience 
  • Skill
  • Location
  • Employer 


How Lucrative is Technical Writing?

The Scope of Technical writing in India is Unlimited. With the rapid growth in technology  & Electronics, the demand for technical writers is constantly raising and demand for the same is also scheduled to raise. Technical writers can join any companies operating in different verticals as technical communications specialists. 

Since the number of tech startups and companies has exploded in recent years, the demand for technical writers has grown rapidly. When The Economic Times listed it as one of the highest-paying jobs in 2017, you can see how lucrative this industry is. Having a bachelor’s degree and enrolling in a technical writing professional course with some sort of industry-driven certification is the practical method to pursue a career in technical writing.

Strengthening your technical writing abilities because there are no boundaries for skilled technical writers and if you still have concerns about its viability or longevity. Not only is there no shortage of employment in India, but there is also no shortage of jobs worldwide. from receiving instruction and studying the following excellent online technical writing courses in India.


Other best courses in India:


What Are the Top Institutes Offering Online Technical Writing Courses in India?

There are a number of institutes that offer online Technical writing courses in India 



IIM SKILLS is one of the most prominent institutes which provides comprehensive online technical writing courses in India. It is a paramount institute in the Ed-Tech field which has been one of the most popular and preferred institutes for many students to upskill themselves.

Established in Delhi, the institute offers high-quality courses. They offer these courses online which can be learned anywhere and is easily accessible, thanks to its course recordings available anytime online and flexible batch timings.


Technical Writing Course Details:

Duration: 5 weeks

Course Fees: 14,900


The Course Details Include:

  • Introduction to Technical Writing 
  • Writing manner, Template & Process
  • Content conception and planning
  • White papers including journals
  • DDLC – Document development life cycle 
  • Discourse writing
  • Proofreading and Publishing
  • API Documentation
  • Datasheets and user guides
  • Case study


Apart from theoretical training, they offer Industry relevant practical training. It offers lifetime access to its tools and learning resources through its Learning Management System. Once upon completion of the course along with International certification, they offer global placements. 


2. Coursera

Coursera through its online platform offers online Technical writing courses in India in collaboration with RICE University USA. Coursera is an Ed-Tech company offering various courses online by partnering with 275 leading universities & Companies. They offer flexible and affordable job-relevant courses since 2012 by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng.

By Partnering with Rice university, it brings a comprehensive syllabus to students in technical writing by giving essential writing skills that can equip students with the skills needed to excel in this field. It is completely online and gives flexible timing and schedule to complete the same. It is one of the most preferred institutes for online Technical Writing Courses in India.


The syllabus includes:

  • Specialization Introduction – Communication for Engineers
  • Course Introduction – Writing Skills for Engineers
  • Developing Paragraphs and Writing Reports
  • Clarity and Conciseness – word choice, using the choice of verbs, clear sentence structure, and Proposals.


3. Udemy

One of the leading destinations for industry-driven online technical writing courses in India is Udemy. It is a vast online learning environment with thousands of courses for technical writers at all levels, from novice to expert. According to the course curriculum covered, the course fee ranges from about Rs. 500 to Rs.20000.00.


The summary of the courses:

  • Methods for technical writing
  • Generation of document templates
  • Plan for Documentation
  • Technical Document Components
  • Utilizing infographics and flowcharts
  • Identifying Trends


4. Information Developers Foundation

Founded in 2009 by Rahul Karn, its focus has always been to enable others to cultivate and expand communities based on passion conducting online classes for various subjects Via their online technical writing Courses in India. They assist in upskilling by providing essential technical document development inputs. The entire course is modular and broken down into 25 sessions, with certification available after training is finished.


  • A summary of their course includes 
  • Introduction to the Technical Writing Sector 
  • Why do technical writers need to exist?
  • API Writing, 
  • Agile Documentation, 
  • Copywriting,
  •  Influencer Marketing, 
  • and Blogging
  • Email Promotion
  • Content marketing, 
  • writing, and strategy


5. Knowledge Buffer

In the field of online Technical writing courses in India, Knowledge buffer is a well-known trademark. Started by G.M.Sundaram in 1985, they have trained over 6000 students so far for Rs.5000 to Rs.57000.


In the overview they cover

  • Concepts of Technical Writing
  • Introduction to the Writing Process
  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • DDLC
  • Technical Writing Tools
  •  Advanced MS Word
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • RoboHelp


6. TechnoKraftIndia

When it comes to the best online technical writing courses in India, TechnoKraft India has been at the forefront for many corporates. Founded in 2003, the training facility was created to educate and motivate aspiring instructional designers and technical writers to develop their talents.

TechnoKraft is the first institute in India to offer classroom instruction in instructional design, and it is a premier center for high-end technical writing training.

TechnoKraft has trained thousands of students and guided them to successful careers in technical writing and instructional design. For their documentation work, corporate training, and placement services, major IT firms.


They train students with:

Tools for writing like 

  • DITA
  • Adobe Articulate
  • Adobe Captivate 
  • Adobe Illustrator 


Their courseware is designed to provide top-notch, durable course materials that have been carefully crafted by technical writers with extensive knowledge of the subject. Based on input and feedback, the course material is rebuilt and modified to meet industry standards and expectations.


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7. TechTotal Systems

Located in Hyderabad, TechTotal Systems is a team of engineers and technical writers that offers technical writing programs in India as well as writing services to both small and major Indian corporations. They have technical writers and editors with expertise in engineering and science that work with their clients to better grasp the technical components of any product or service before providing them with simple documentation.

Additionally, they collaborate with other technical writers and subject matter experts to offer services for technical writing in sophisticated programming languages. The in-house team of scientists is able to communicate with developers directly and comprehends how to translate complex subject matter into clear and understandable user manuals.


Course Outline 

  • Writing Technically
  • SDLC, or Software Development Life Cycle
  • 5. Technical Writing Methodology
  • Document Delivery Life Cycle, or DDLC, 4.
  • Deliverables for Documents
  • Project planning and SME interviews
  • Intro to HTML & XML
  • Writing Abilities
  • Style Manual and Guidelines
  • Tools for Technical Writing
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Adobe RoboHelp 
  • Snag IT 14. 
  • Adobe FrameMaker 
  • Microsoft Visio 
  • PowerPoint 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Reviews, shipping, and publication
  • Certification and Resume Preparation


8. Symbiosis (SCDL)

Since its founding in 2001, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) has achieved significant progress in offering high-quality education to a wide number of students, making it one of the few significant and most coveted distance learning institutions in India for online Technical writing Courses In India.

The program’s objective is to familiarise and prepare the students with both the theoretical and practical facets of technical writing. The program has a strong emphasis on developing capable technical communicators who can function at all levels of their professions with initiative and responsibility.

Even more, this curriculum attempts to foster in students a sense of inventiveness, attention to detail, and process discipline.


Program Structure 


  • Introduction to Technical Communication
  • Information Development: I
  • Life Cycle of Information Development – II
  • Grammar editing and Technical writing style



  • Tools for Technical Communication
  • Advanced Technical Communication Concepts
  • Technical Communication Project Management
  • Management Concepts and Techniques



  • Instructional Design for Business Communication 
  • Creative Writing in Business Communication
  • Advanced Documentation Forms & Processes for Corporate Communication



  • Advanced Technical Writing Tools 
  • Research Methodology 
  • Project


9. Blue Dots Consultancy

More than 2000 students have benefited from Industry Partnerships’ 15000 hours of technical writing training sessions with more than 50 real projects. They provide hands-on training with various tools like Adobe RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Captivate, Madcap Flare, Confluence, Jira, XML, and DITA. They also provide greater placement support to their trainees because they are also into staffing solutions for companies like HP, HCL, IBM, Altair, and SDS.


10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the leading institutes providing online Technical writing courses in India. Starting in 2013, it is an international organization that operates in more than 15 cities. With a strong 600+ support staff & consultants, they offer training programs in over 30 plus categories. 

They have trained over 500000 professionals in technical writing in India. The course focuses on creating specialized writing skills which are necessary to communicate information learned through a cycle of specialized or test work. The course includes the elements that determine how in-depth the language and thoughts are.

You will learn to write various specialized reports, such as lab reports, research reports, plan and plausibility reports, progress reports, counseling reports, and so on. The course also discusses a few language, design, style, and content problems that you can run into when announcing the findings of your research. They also have 100% placement support for 1 year after completion of the course. 


Modules Cover 

  • Introduction to Technical writing
  • Documentation procedure
  • Technical writing procedure & Techniques
  • Editing & grammar usage
  • Tools required for technical writing




1. What are the roles and responsibilities of a technical writer?

A technical writer basically is required to prepare: 

  • Reports – 
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • EMAILS containing the technical messages
  • User interface text
  • Product descriptions
  • Press releases
  • Proposals


Technical writers are required to prepare Instruction manuals and other papers that provide comprehensive technical information in an easy-to-understand language. Technical writers produce a variety of related documents, including instructions, journal articles, and guidelines. Typically, they collaborate with businesses that plan, create, or supply technical goods.


2. Are qualified technical writers in demand within the sector?

Technical writers’ employment is expected to increase by roughly 8% between 2018 and 2028, faster than the average for all occupations. The majority of businesses engaged in IT and other technical fields need experts in technical writing to efficiently document project details, provide training modules and guides, and manage marketing communications.


3. What level of education is a prerequisite for enrolling in online technical writing courses in India?

Enrollment in the Technical Writing Course is not subject to any rigorous requirements. But, having writing experience or familiarity with technical documentation will undoubtedly aid in your ability to rapidly understand the course material.


4. Is Content writing, Technical writing & Medical writing similar or different?

Press releases, ebooks, podcasts, product descriptions, and other types of content are all covered under content writing. The goal of technical writing, on the other hand, is to convey technical information regarding the hardware and software components of goods through the creation of user manuals, troubleshooting guides, and other similar documents. The subject of medical writing is healthcare. such as storing information about medicines and disorders, documenting medical records, etc.


5. What are the major plus points and advantages of Technical writing?

Technical writers that specialize in particular fields and skilled freelance content producers today dominate the industry of technical writing, which is on the rise. For freelancers, having reasonable pay and flexibility in their working hours and location is essential.



For building a professional profile and establishing a respectable living, any professional job requires an average investment of at least 10 years, which includes 5 years of academics (Graduation and Post-Graduation) and a minimum of 3 to 5 years of working experience. In contrast, depending on your aptitude and dedication, you can become a professional technical writer in one of the fields of technical writing in as little as two to five years.

No particular educational background is necessary to start a career in this industry. Any graduate who enjoys writing and has a working grasp of computers and English can advance their skills by enrolling in one of the technical writing programs mentioned above in India. Following course completion and industry certification, you are equipped for a very rewarding and fulfilling career as a professional for a company or as a freelance with the freedom to work on your terms. 

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