Top 4 Instagram Marketing course Free in 2022

In this competitive online world, Instagram is a visible platform and historically favored by many creative businesses that contain eye-catching images to share. The main target of the image is mandatory in Instagram. Many people have concluded that their company on Instagram isn’t suitable for them unless they need a gorgeous product. In the Instagram marketing course free, you will learn about features of Instagram and businesses for marketers in Instagram. 


List of best instagram marketing course free


However, Instagram is not always about pretty pictures and curated grids in this fast-changing world. Earlier in June 2021, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced that Instagram is no longer just a square photo-sharing app. Instead, he has revealed that platform number is to entertain and focus on four key areas: creators, shopping, video, and messaging.


This insight is precious for marketers. By this, you can create content strategies that support Instagram priorities and make the best of its features. There are many ways you can connect with your ideal customer on Instagram and the creators who use it all. It’s easy and better to use the app to enjoy all the features.


The content somehow reached many people who like to consume content differently. In the Instagram marketing course free, you can learn the methods and strategies involved in the marketing business. The elements you are using in your process depend on many factors, including time constraints, your assets, and your audience.


There are various features used in Instagram’s marketing strategy.


Instagram features for marketers


Instagram is among the foremost popular social media platforms with a massive user base. The social media network had over 1 billion active monthly users within April 2019. The platform’s user base has an excessive amount involved, which the brands and marketers cannot ignore.


Instagram is one of the essential social media marketing platforms constantly flooded with influencers and marketers. Luckily Instagram is grabbed into the companies. Every one of its features is often used effectively for marketing purposes, whether you’re looking to shop for ads or market organically.


This app mainly attracts the younger generation. Therefore, a large percentage of the audience falls within the 18-34(64%) age bracket; hence these features are inbuilt. It catches the attention of children who primarily use them. It’s no surprise that Instagram has an average of 25 million business accounts.


More than 44%of Instagram active users take this platform to research and discover brands if you are working with a business or marketing a brand. The great thing about Instagram is you don’t have to spend one percent to market your business. The various features available project itself towards marketing simply as a pie.




The Instagram filter is the center of attraction. It is a feature in a social platform where you can edit your picture with one click. By using pre-set edits, Instagram has created for you. There are various filters available. Each filter has its unique style. If you are in the marketing business, you can create a different look and check which filter represents your brand.


So you can be consistent with the brands and image style. Some of the popular Instagram filters are Clarendon, gingham, and Juno. Every photo is unique, so be sure to add an excellent filter to your image. It is the thing that connects with your brand vibes.


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Instagram Stories


Instagram stories have become a massive plus for Instagram. This feature was added in 2016, copied from the Snapchat successful model. Businesses are looking for creative tools to engage with their brands without massive investments. Stories with this feature included are gold.


Stories attract your biggest fan and entertain your audience. Suppose the people start responding to your reports. In that case, you can slowly shift them to your dm’s and start connecting with people personally. You can make use of the poll, quiz stickers, questions, etc.




IGTV is a form of long video, stories, and tutorials to deliver information of any kind. These videos can last up to 60 minutes, depending on the account type. First, you must be sure about the audience type. By using IGTV, you come to know about the percentage of views by the audience. It gets updated at each moment.


There is no limit to posting videos; you can post them any time you want. Jon youshei, the marketing manager at Instagram, has explained and divided them into four parts:  teaser, cliffhanger, title screen, and call to action.


 Instagram reels


In August 2020, the Instagram reel successfully searched for the platform’s future direction. Some of their competitors are Tik Tok and youtube, so they plan on excellent video development. These reels you can share with your friends or anyone on Instagram. Through this, you can edit and record up to 15-second multi-clip video with effects, audio and creative tools.


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Video Post               


Those were the days when videography making was rare with big budgets. Nowadays, anyone with a decent camera and basic knowledge is a video marketer now; 81% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool in 2018. The video is excellent for engaging with the audience and allows you to share more details, in-depth content that cannot convey in a single image or series of stories.


Starting is limited to 15 seconds. In businesses, video post allows creating high productivity value videos of about 1 minute long that provide a lot of engagement. In a survey by Hub spot, 64% of consumers buy the product online only after watching a video.


So your Instagram video conveys your brand message or introducing the company culture are efficient ways to build trust with your customers and followers.


 Institutes that Offers Instagram Marketing Course Free


1. Udemy             


With the Udemy Instagram marketing course free, you get up-to-date information and straight-to-point regarding the system. In this marketing course, you will learn how to set up your account on Instagram and lead to success and catch your customers right away. They will teach about the best hashtags to be more visible.


They provide you with the tricks and strategies needed to convert your followers into high-paying customers. Having a good customer is nothing but building a deep relationship with your audience through stories and Instagram live so that they keep on following you and your content for the following years to come.


Total of -12 lectures

Duration-30 minute


Course Content

  • Attract your clients by Inbound marketing
  • Leverage Instagram Marketing: the way to get high paying clients on Instagram
  • Optimize your Instagram account for fulfillment
  •   To make Instagram posts a professional
  •   Find the only hashtags for your account
  •   Instagram stories that connect alongside your audience


Build Your Instagram Following Together with your dream customers

  • Dream 100 strategy
  • Find real Instagram influencers
  • Instagram tools to skyrocket your account


 Benefits of  choosing Udemy for Instagram marketing course free


Instagram marketing works right now. This course will learn how to grow your Instagram and attract your dream customers. In addition, you will be learning how to communicate with your audience correctly to increase conversations.


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2. Hubspot Academy                                        


Hub spot Academy is free online training for sales, customer service, and marketing. Hub spot academy’s mission is to transform people and companies by providing free online activities for the digital age, from practical courses to certificate courses. The main goal of Hub spot academy is to educate the users on Hub spot software where they can sell, market, and grow an inbound business.


Total of -6 lessons

Duration-2:30 hours


Course content

  • Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • To gain more followers
  • Setting up your Instagram Ads
  • Analyzing your Instagram ads


Benefits of choosing HubSpot academy for Instagram marketing course free


Learning Instagram marketing from HubSpot Academy, you will be able to establish the power of the social network to grow your business. In addition, you are investing in yourself and your career in the highly recommended institute in digital and social media marketing.


3. Alison                                                  


Free Alison is one of the most powerful learning platforms for free education and skill training among Instagram marketing courses. It is one of the social Institutes developed in making education for anyone, anytime and anywhere, provided free online. They founded in Ireland in,  2007 which has organically grown to become a significant source of free online education and skills training.


Total of – 5 lessons

Duration-1:53 hours


Course content

  • Instagram marketing-learning outcomes
  • Creating memorable profile
  • Organic followers
  • Instagram marketing
  • Course assessment


Benefits of choosing Alison for Instagram marketing course free


Alison believes that anyone has the right to vary their lives and the world around them through proper education for the better. Innovation technology and artistic collaboration are a number of the foundations of Alison’s commitment to delivering access to education. Through their mission for education, they’re a catalyst for positive social change creating opportunity and equality for everybody.    


4. Coursera                                              


With the extensive choice of paid courses overall, with Instagram marketing course free, Coursera helps work professionals and students. In addition, they’ve partnered with many leading universities and corporations. Their approach is to bring more flexible and affordable online learning to individuals.


Duration – 2hours


Course content         

  • influencer marketing
  • grow your business
  • Select the right influencers
  • To validate and reach bent influencers
  • Creating content, sharing it with influencers


Benefits of choosing Coursera for Instagram marketing course free


Coursera Instagram marketing course free helps you to build your own Instagram profile. It provides the necessary action to connect you with the right influencers.




1. What will you learn in the Instagram marketing course?

You will be learning the complete basics, starting from setting up an   Instagram account and making your first post on the platform and the intermediate and advanced topics. Influencer marketing and URL tracking for E-commerce.


2. What are the Insta Instagram questions?

The questions exist on the ‘Stories’ portion of the platform. They allow business owners, social media managers, and others, by engaging the audience using a sticker with yes or no questions or more lengthy responses.


3. What are the benefits of Insta Instagram ads?

Instagram ads have excellent results and offer high engagement. Business profiles with more than 10,000 followers can add swipe up to links to Instagram stories to drive traffic directly to their site; that was something challenging to do on the platform.


4. What is Instagram marketing, and why is it important?

Instagram is one of many small businesses marketing campaigns. It has a large audience of over one billion monthly active users. And about 500 million users on Instagram stories daily are happy to engage with brands, resulting in high engagement.


5. What are the best Instagram marketing courses for beginners?

So if you want to dedicate yourself to making the most of your Instagram strategy, like getting more followers or just learning everything. Some of the top Instagram courses recommended are

  • Instagram domination
  • Excite your brand on Instagram
  • Instagram marketing with Instagram growth.



Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with a wide variety of user bases. Based on the data as of April 2019, this app had over billion active users. It indicates that the platform’s user base has easily gotten too big for any brand or marketer. Some of the benefits of using Instagram are marketing your content leads to making money and sharing your photos and videos for business purposes.

You will also find like-minded people where to share your thoughts and ideas with them. As of 2021, Instagram owner Mark Zuckerberg met with the senate and found how to make social media safer for kids’ mental health. Significantly teenagers are adversely affected due to the social media pressure put on them. It has become one of Instagram’s disadvantages and other social media sites.             

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