Top 7 Content Writing Courses In Kolkata With Placements

With computer and digital literacy becoming as important or perhaps more important than general literacy, here is a comprehensive review of content writing courses in Kolkata to help you make an informed choice. The advent of the digital era has opened up new technologies and possibilities for communicating with the world. But it also presented problems for writers to adapt their craft not just according to their variety of human audience but also the machine. And it is here that content writing emerged as a bridge to bring balance between man and machine as a mutual audience to the content writer.


List of content writing courses in Kolkata


Elements Of Content Writing


1. Customization: A good piece of content is specific and tailored to suit the kind of customers who visit a particular site. The writing must be engaging enough to convince the ‘swipe-up’ generation to pause and read while being elaborate enough to appeal to old-school researchers. Successful are those content writers who know their audience and adapt their content according to consumer psychology.


2. SEO: Search Engine Optimization – This is the part where the traditional writing and language intended for humans must change itself in a way to remain relevant to the brainchild of humans – the machine and its language. Considered to be one of the challenging aspects for traditional writers, SEO is a deceptively simple way of adding certain “keywords” in a write-up and phrasing it strategically to satisfy search engines that aim to relay only the best to its users – the best being its definition and understanding of content.


3. Brand: A online business of service is remote to the consumers whose patterns of behavior are analyzed by machines and not humans, creating a sense of anonymity between those who create a product and to those whom the creation is intended for. However content writers step in to bridge this gap and offer the missing ingredient of human connection to the customers.

Content writers aim to humanize and bring a sense of liveliness and communication to the screens. Thus they perform one of the major roles of maintaining customer loyalty and keeping a brand relevant and likable to the consumers.


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 Social Media has become one of the most popular brand-building tools and a platform for content writers to showcase their creativity and form a “fanbase” for the brand. Media Handles of IPL teams and some of their hilarious posts and counters garnering more attention than the match itself highlights the explosive power of the written word, timing, and creativity.


4. Breaking The Myth – Content Vs Copywriting


While both these terms are often used interchangeably, and it is not surprising. They share a lot of similarities like both being the kind of writing that is written on the internet for an online audience. However, there lies a major difference between them based on their intention and aim of writing. Copywriting aims to sell and sell alone while with content writing selling a product becomes one of its many motivations. Other reasons for content writing include – to educate the audience, capturing the interest of an audience, building networks, driving traffic, and so on.


Thus in a world brought together by technology, content writing is the key to anything that is on the internet. In a metropolitan city like Kolkata, the IT hub becomes the lifeline of the city with the majority of the educated public finding themselves connected one way or the other to the digital world. In such a city, a skill like content writing could serve as a stepping stone into the world of the internet and IT in general.

Given below is a list of major institutes offering content writing courses in Kolkata


P.S.: The list of content writing courses in Kolkata is in no order of ranking.




One of the most familiar and trustworthy names in the industry, IIM Skills is an excellent option for those searching for content writing courses in Kolkata as well as for digital marketing courses in Kolkata. Titled as Content Writing Master Course, this esteemed institute’s training includes 16 plus hours of live online training and assignments, 10 plus hours of guided internship lectures and assignments, thus making sure that they equip their students to practically implement whatever they are being taught in the training sessions.


To make sure their students are well-versed in the nuances of different types of writing that the industry demands, the institute offers a comprehensive syllabus structure that teaches basics like Article writing, blogs, Statement of Purpose, to commercial writing like Ad Copies, Business Listing, Press release, Product description, Infographics and so on. Their module also includes the technical aspects of content writing to balance its academic side with topics like Exploring social Media, Google Pages, Content Marketing, and so on.


The course prepares its students to develop their portfolios and offers lifetime access and support to ensure that they have guidance in every step they take in the world of content writing. With their students recruited in prestigious places like Amazon, BMW, DELL, HTC Global Services, and so on, IIMSkills live up to the praise they receive.


Course Mode: Online

Course Fees : 14900 + 18% GST

Course Duration : 1 month + 3 month internship



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2.     Vision Upliftment Academy


Located at the heart of Kolkata’s teeming IT Hub in Salt Lake City, the institute offers one of the best content writing courses in Kolkata. Their course is designed to make their students stand apart from the rest. It aims to draw the line between a person who writes content and an expert content writer – with their students guaranteed to belong in the latter category. Their classes are restricted to having a limited number of students to ensure that the instructor can focus and develop each student.


Their elaborate syllabus structure aims to cover major demands of the content writing industry containing concepts like article and blog writing and Website content writing – keeping in the mind the increasingly positive response to online businesses and services. The curriculum also offers insights on ideas like Guest posting, Service review writing, E-Book writing, and so on, keeping in mind the latest trends of the industry.


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Course mode: Offline – Classroom course

Course duration: 1 and half months (to be extended if the student requires it so )

Course Fees: 10,000/-

Address: RDB Boulevard Building, Regus 8th Floor, EP &, GP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091


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3.  Seven Boats Academy


As a startup recognized by the Government of India, this esteemed institute is a training partner of various educational institutions and colleges like Calcutta Business school, Karnavati University, Globsyn Finishing school, IIM Shillong to name a few. Their powerful academic connections speak volumes about the startup’s potential as a training institute as well as a digital marketing agency.

This institute is unconventional in its offer of training as it offers a variety of courses that find value under the content writing field and leaves the choice to choose their particular niche to the students themselves. Along with providing training on a vast range of topics pertaining to the digital industry, Seven Boats also offer assistance to their students to gain certifications on topics like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Digital Garage, Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Media Marketing, and so on.

The Content writing Training is a course consisting of twelve classes on weekdays with the curriculum including key concepts like Web content writing, Ad copywriting, SEO Overview, Content research, and so on thus making a valuable addition to the list of content writing courses in Kolkata.


Course Fee: 12,000/-

Course Duration: 1.5 to 2 months

Course Mode: A option to choose between online and offline

Address: AN 1, 4th Floor,

Flat No. 4D, Saltee Plaza,

Nayapatti, AN Block, Sector V,

Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700102


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4.     ECT


Considered to be the only content training institute to be recognized by the government of India, ECT – Education and Career Times offers a Content Writing course along with a built-in internship opportunity following the current industry trend to train their students as well as offering a taste of the professional world through a guided internship program.

With 32 plus hours of live learning, more than 50 hours of e-learning, 7 assignments, the opportunity to get acquainted with 5 live projects from their simple yet focused curriculum training students in various nuances of both fiction and non-fiction writing, monetizing their writing skills and publishing a book. They also provide 100% placement assistance and work-from-home job opportunities that enable their students to be job-ready and professional.

With the clientele of the founder including NIIT, Tech Mahindra Oyo rooms, and so on, Education and Career Times offer one of the most reliable content writing courses in Kolkata.


Course Fee : 12,712 + 18% GST

Course Mode: Online

Course Duration : 3 months


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5.     Compete Infotech


With the promise to their students that they can dominate the Content and Internet Marketing Industry within a couple of months of training with them, the institute offers one of the most ambitious training programs.

An X factor for choosing Compete Infotech academy is that they are not just a training institute that hires industry and subject matter experts to teach them but they are the Industry experts with their company also functioning as one of the top institutes providing content writing services in Kolkata. Their diverse clientele and reception as a top agency offer a testimonial to their expertise as those who practice and implement what they preach or here, teach.

Their elaborate syllabi include teaching their students the basics of writing, assessing audience, editing for quality, usability testing, designing content for the human mind, Building and Prototyping a document, conveying information with graphics, and so on.

With one of the first of its kind institute in offering discount and scholarship opportunities for students of lower economic strata, Compete Infotech academy sets the precedence to offer quality and affordable training and the successful portfolios of their students displayed proudly on their website stands proof of their commitment in being one of the best content writing courses in Kolkata.


Course Mode: Offline

Course Duration: 2 months

Address: Shani Mandir, Near, 4/4, DumDum SethBagan Shani Mandir Road Swapnonir Apartment, Ground Floor, DumDum Rd, Seth Bagan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700030


6.     One India Training Academy


Known to be the city’s one of the most well-known institutes offering professional courses, One India Training academy credit their fame to the quality and effort it put in teaching their students to be the best in their niche. This is not a surprise as the institute is a subsidiary of the Institute of International Teachers Training (IITT) which is an ISO-certified institution of its right.

They provide a wide variety of courses ranging from Google Analytics, PHP classes, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Training classes, Web Designing, and so on along with Content writing courses in Kolkata to capture all the needs of the growing digital world under a single roof. They offer the course in both online and offline mode to encourage not just students but graduates and those seeking part-time jobs or even career changes.


Course Fee: 12000/-

Course Duration : 3 months

Landmark: Near Rabindra Sadan Metro


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


7. Henry Harvin


A familiar name in the content writing industry, Henry Harvin offers one of the most elaborate syllabi out of the institutes offering content writing courses in Kolkata. Ranked among the topmost institutes, the course offered by them comes with the classic 9 in 1 benefit that includes Training. Projects, Internships, Certification, Placement, E-Learning, Bootcamps, Hackathons, and Gold membership.

All of these ensures that the institute inaugurates and supports its students in every step along with their entry and development in the field of content writing while also providing ways to remain relevant and in touch with it.

As mentioned, their syllabus structure is designed so as not to miss out on anything in the field as of current scenario which has led them to include almost 30+ types of writing ranging from Creative writing, Business writing to medical and academic writing, Copywriting, Content Strategist to name a few.

They also offer an interesting option to enable their students to attend the same course with different trainers to give them different perspectives and opportunities to gain from their many subject experts. The course is designed to provide students with options of Self-paced and Live Online Classroom, the latter generally preferable as presents the advantage of being trained by expert mentors in an interactive environment.


Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Fee: ₹15000/-

Course Mode: Online


1.      What is content writing?

Content writing is the writing done for the online audience to provide information on anything and everything. It is the writing that describes a product or service aiming to make the audience aware of something.


2.      What is the salary of a content writer?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a content writer is 20,000. However, this depends and varies based on a lot of factors like experience, skillset, and job titles which include Content Writer, Content Editor, Content Manager, Web Content developer, creative writer, and so on. As a field currently growing and predicted to hit a further growth sprout, the salary is bound to reach higher levels and the industry to become more competitive than it already is.


3.      Which degree is the best for Content writing?

A degree in fields of humanities or arts like Mass Communication, English Literature,  Journalism could make the learning process comparatively a lot easier. However as mentioned in the above list of content writing courses in Kolkata, most institutes offer training from the basic level so as the ensure that the field of content writing remains open and accessible to anyone. Even those from an academic background that is not heavy on writing. Thus a keen interest to learn and adapt is the only eligibility criteria for the course.


4.      Are the content writers in demand?

Success in this field is determined more by the ability to adapt and thrive rather than stock knowledge and thus this is an industry that is always going to need creative minds. Although a lot of people become certified experts in the field and provide the necessary workforce, the content writing industry is ever-growing and will always need writers and creators.



Writing is, always has been, and always will be one of the clearest and deepest forms of human communication and connection, and thus the surge of digital way of life would be closely followed by a surge of digital way of writing. And therein lies the everlasting appeal of content writing as the most elementary building block of the world wide web and everything that goes on in it. Thus a choice to do a professional course in content writing and develop it as a possible career choice is one of the most fruitful decisions and this writer hopes the post on content writing courses in Kolkata helps you take the first steps towards it.

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