7 Best Content Writing Courses in Mumbai With Placements

Content writing is a booming industry with thriving opportunities and a vast future. If you have a love for writing and want to take your writing journey to another level, then carry on reading this article about the best content writing courses in Mumbai. 


List of the best content writing courses in Mumbai


Content writing is not writing merely about anything. Upon opening the chest of content writing, you will get surprised that only writing does not land you on the platform to become a content writer. Of course, the skill to craft engaging writing will make you a good wordsmith. But it takes knowledge such as the types of content writing, Search Engine Optimization, and so on to become a professional content writer. 


Hence, you need to become a content writer who knows the nook and corner of the content writing world. For this, you need a credible institute of content writing that imparts good education on the topic. If you live in Mumbai, then be prepared to know the best content writing courses in Mumbai.


Mumbai, blessed with growth, is one of the metropolitan cities of India. There are numerous possibilities in the city. Every day thousands of content writing jobs appear in the job industry of the city.


Hence, to get a desirable career as a content writer in Mumbai, you need certification in content writing. There are many content writing courses in Mumbai that offer comprehensive knowledge of the course. But first, let us get some insights into content writing.


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What is Content Writing?


Content writing is professional writing that meets the goal of writing for online audiences. The fundamental motive for content writing is to craft engaging content for online businesses. Due to this, online businesses get the advantage of increasing traffic to their virtual business’ doorstep.


To build an unprecedented image of a business, representing it in the form of words is what content writing does. To explain plainly, you need a language or conversation to express what you do, but in the online world, it is impossible to gain face-to-face conversation.


Content writing becomes that conversation by interacting with millions of people at a time. In short, it helps in creating a brand image. So if you reside in Mumbai and are thinking about taking a content writing course, keep reading to know about content writing courses in Mumbai by some of the prominent institutes.


Types of Content Writing


There are various types of content writing and all of them play a singular role in creating engaging content as per the audience’s needs. These types are:


  • Blogging
  • Video scripts
  • Keynote speeches
  • Social media posts
  • Press release
  • Academic writing
  • Email newsletters
  • Web page copy
  • White papers
  • Youtube video descriptions


Anywhere you see written content to promote engagement, it becomes a type of content writing. Or, to put it another way, writing is the foundation of the content that you publish.


What Does a Content Writer Do?


Like any writer, a content writer is also a wordsmith who can craft the most superior content for his clients. A content creator can possess the ability to work with a wide variety of topics and styles. Otherwise, he/ she works under a specific niche topic. Some of the popular niches are health, finance, technology, and so on.


The content writer works either as an employee in private companies or government organizations or as a freelancer.


Now, let’s dig into some of the best content writing courses in Mumbai.


1. IIM Skills


Duration: 1 month course + 3 months internship (optional)

Charges: 14,900 + 18% GST


IIM Skills is one of the prominent institutes that delivers supreme quality content writing courses in Mumbai. The course by the institute is the Content Writing Master Course and is delivered on the digital platform. You will have a handful of knowledge while pursuing this course. This course will help you to know the nitty and gritty of content writing.


The Online Content Writing Course by IIM Skills has been ranked no. 1 in India by media houses, top content writing agencies, and top education blogs such as Write-Right, Naukri learning, Contentholic, and so on.


Salient Features

  • Free tools worth 35k
  • Master certification from IIM Skills
  • Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot preparation
  • 30 hours of case studies and exercises
  • 3 months internship for hands-on experience
  • Build WordPress website
  • Lifetime access to lectures
  • Portfolio development for job/freelance
  • Curriculum
  • Web development
  • UI UX interface (blog creation)
  • Introduction to content writing; types of content
  • Content keyword research; learn SEO
  • Writing content
  • Content writing tools
  • Duplicate content detector; plagiarism
  • Content distribution using Email
  • Google local pages set up
  • Content marketing using Social media
  • Exploring Social Media Tools
  • Freelance content writing


Content Writing Master Course by IIM Skills is a full-packed content writing course providing comprehensive knowledge about writing content. You can also take a demo class for better understanding.


IIM Skills Brand Partners

IIM Skills brand partners


Reviews and Testimonials

IIM Skills Content writing course reviews


Other Courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


Contact Info: +91 9911839503


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite




The Indian Institute of E-commerce and Digital Marketing by TBS is India’s no.1 institute for digital marketing. They have been recognized as among the top 10 corporate training institutes in India and awarded as the best education institute in digital marketing training.


Primarily, the institution specializes in providing top-notch education on digital marketing with its upgraded techniques. The institute has well-experienced faculty that knows inside and outside of digital marketing and other courses it conducts.


Although the institute has great recognition for its digital marketing course, it also provides wisdom about other certification courses. These courses include content writing,  certification courses in SEO, social media marketing, SEM- AdWords.


It is one of the best content writing courses in Mumbai. It covers every aspect of the art of content writing. If you live in Mumbai, then this is another great option for you. The IIEDM is one of the best institutions providing holistic content writing courses in Mumbai.


Salient Features

  • Learn from experts with 10+ years of experience
  • 100% job assistance
  • Hands-on experience with live projects and case studies
  • International presence and knowledge partners
  • Practical training with live projects
  • Gain knowledge on freelance tactics
  • Curriculum
  • Writing and storytelling essentials
  • Understanding the reader
  • Writing for the Digital Medium
  • Copywriting
  • Technical writing and Creative writing
  • Different types of writing
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Interview preparation and freelancing


IIEDM is one of the best institutes for content writing courses in Mumbai. With their comprehensive syllabus and supportive teaching, they dare to take the content writing world by the magic of the words.


3. ECT


Duration: 3 months

Charges: INR 12,712 + GST (18%)= INR 15,000


Education and Career Times stands out from other institutes by gaining recognition from the Government of India. This recognition is a boon for the students as they will get certified by a government-recognized institute. ECT was initiated as a career blog in 2010 to provide a vision for the aspirants for a correct career.


With gradual success, they paved their way into tutoring by starting the first batch of content writing courses. They also provide certifications in other types of courses such as digital marketing, communication skills, and personality development. EDT is a fully owned brand of Digital Impulse Online Private Limited. It has its main headquarters in Delhi.


Not wanting to keep time and location a restraint for the students, the institute has facilities for online training. The online classroom is as good or even better than the offline classroom. Their course takes you on the journey from the very basics of writing, that is grammar, to the advanced techniques of content writing. In short, it is among one of the best institutes for content writing courses in Mumbai.


Salient Features

  • 1 certificate
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Lifetime support
  • 32 hours of live training and 50 hours of eLearning and videos
  • 7 assignments
  • 5 line projects
  • 10 Quizzes
  • Work-from home job opportunities
  • Curriculum
  • Introduction to content writing
  • Boosting vocabulary
  • Lesson on grammatical errors in writing
  • Learn writing tools, tips, and techniques
  • Enhance creative Nonfiction Writing skills
  • Learn fiction writing: the art of storytelling
  • Master business writing skills
  • Learn technical writing
  • Academic writing
  • Learn specific pieces of content; SOP, cover letter, personal statement, and so on
  • Content marketing
  • Monetizing writing skills
  • Publish your book


Contact: +91-7827916060


4. Skills Upgrader


Charges: 12,999/- + 18% GST


Skills upgrader is an institute that provides comprehensive content writing courses in Mumbai through a digital classroom. This course is for aspiring writers, bloggers, students and graduates, marketing professionals, business owners, digital marketers, and so on. So, for any of you who want to dig deeper into content writing, this course is for you.


Skills Upgrader knows the value of quality and engaging content, thus works to mentor tactics for writing enticing content to their learners. Their comprehensive content writing course delivers you with knowledge of content creation, blogging, email writing, academic writing, website writing, and so on.


This course was initially Rs 12,999 with 18% GST. But, now it is available at a 50% discount for live online classes. So, go grab this course for comfort online learning at your home.


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Salient Features

  • Tools worth Rs 40k
  • 70+ hours of practical assignments
  • Develop your portfolio for job/freelancing
  • 3 months content writing internship
  • Gain a certificate in content writing
  • Content marketing certification for Hubspot
  • Curriculum
  • Introduction to content writing
  • Web hosting
  • Content marketing and UI/UX
  • website creation
  • Understand the writing process
  • Search engine optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Freelance content marketing
  • SEO optimized content
  • Crafting content
  • Content marketing using social media
  • Know the call to action
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Lead generation using content marketing
  • Email marketing


Contact: +91-9034229196, to get a free class.


5. Digital Marketing Training Institute


Charges: 12,550/-


The institute provides a comprehensive content writing course in Mumbai through an offline classroom. You don’t need any expertise to get enrolled in this course; only a passion for writing is required.  The trainers at the institute have the best knowledge about content writing and immense practical expertise in the field.


In this course, get ready to have packed wisdom about content writing. Learn in-depth from basics to advanced level. This content writing diploma will help you master the skill. If you are someone who likes to go to the institute for in-class experience then this course is for you as the institute provides in-class training.


Salient Features

  • In-class training
  • Weekend batches
  • Gain 80% practical knowledge
  • Certification from DMTI – SOFTPRO
  • Create campaigns independently
  • Curriculum
  • Non-fiction writing techniques
  • Important content writing steps
  • Blogging and Ebook
  • Copywriting for digital sales
  • White paper and case studies
  • Effective email writing to drive conversions
  • SEO copywriting for websites, blogs, and google ads
  • Product Descriptions
  • Freelancing


Contact: 9324347326


6. Content Writing Courses


Charges: 11,550/- + 18% GST


Content Writing Course is a division of the digital marketing institute. The CEO and co-founder at Softpro, Poonam Mashru is a digital marketing expert. She has gained over 29 years of marketing and training experience.


If you are living in Mumbai and want to push the limits of your writing, this content writing course is another good option for you in the city.  The course includes modules that start with the different writing techniques and go through other stops like writing attractive headlines, tips for blogging and e-book, making white papers; writing effective emails for better conversion, and so on.


The actual charges for the course are 11550 + 18% GST. However, you may also get some special offers that are available only for a limited time. You will also get 5 bonus books regarding the subject. So, this is one of the content writing courses in Mumbai to choose from.


Salient Features

  • Notes and certificate
  • 5 bonus books
  • Limited offers from time to time
  • Learn from experts
  • Curriculum
  • Non-fiction writing
  • Learn storytelling techniques
  • Writing exercises
  • Copywriting types
  • Craft impressive headlines
  • Blogging and Ebook
  • White paper and case studies
  • Email copy
  • SEO writing for websites, blogs, Google ads
  • Product descriptions for eCommerce
  • Freelancing and content marketing skills


For more information, you may contact: 983390010


7. Henry Harvin


Charges: For self-paced course: 13500/-

For the live online classroom: 15000/-


Henry Harvin has made a big name in the educational industry. The institute has been designated No. 1 in India by Higher Education Digest, Prime Insights, Yugasa, Best Course News, Italics, Reviews Reporter for its content writing course. If you are looking for content writing courses in Mumbai, then Henry Harvin is another superior option for you.


This course is through an online platform and gives a boon of having a year gold membership of a writing academy. This 1-year gold membership gives access to e-learning, Bootcamp sessions, internships, job opportunities, and complementary modules on soft skill development.


The course commences with language skills which teach you about the basics of content writing, grammatical skills, and presentation skills. Then, this course walks you through every important module of content writing, such as business and marketing writing, technical and research writing, academic writing, creative writing, copywriting, and email writing. You will also get to know about other crucial elements like affiliate marketing, SEO writing, and so on.


Salient Features

  • 9 in 1 course including training, projects, internship, certification, placement, E-learning, boot camps, hackathons; Gold-membership
  • Learn 30+ types of content
  • Placement assistance
  • Certification
  • 24×7 support
  • Syllabus
  • Language skills
  • Internet skills
  • Business and Marketing writing
  • Content strategy
  • Technical and research writing
  • Academic writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Online and international projects
  • Simulated content writing projects
  • Complimentary module; soft skills development and resume writing


By opting for Henry Harvin for a content writing course in Mumbai, you will also be learning about tools like Hemingway, Ginger, HubSpot, Google Keyword Planner, Canva, and so on.


Contact: +91-9015266266


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is SEO content writing important?

SEO content writing is important for dragging the traffic of the audience towards a business for better visibility. Great SEO content with the right keywords can change the game of organic visibility on a website.


2. Who earns more as copywriters or content writers?

While both types of writing need the great skills of crafting attractive content, copywriters earn more as compared to content writers. This is because they work directly with organizations to enhance their sales and business.


3. What are the skills that every content writer should have?

An ideal content writer should have the following skills:

  • Research
  • Originality
  • Search engine optimization
  • Editing
  • Social media knowledge
  • Good communication
  • Adaptability
  • Time management


4. How to learn content writing?

For learning content writing, there are many sources. An aspirant can learn these skills from YouTube videos. However, for real-time learning and getting credibility in the skill, you should gain a comprehensive knowledge and certificate to become a certified content writer.




Content writing is a lucrative job with huge demand in the current scenario. The field can help you reach plausible milestones in your career. Therefore, to start as a content writer, along with good writing skills, you will need certification for credibility. This you can get by pursuing a content writing course for in-depth knowledge. Hence, if you are in Mumbai, above mentioned are some of the great institutions that deliver quality content writing courses in Mumbai.

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