Top 9 GST Certification Courses in Lucknow With Placements

Looking for the best GST certification courses in Lucknow? There are many courses in the city that promise to deliver the best to you. But, which one to go for? Find it out in this article covering the best GST Certification Courses in Lucknow.


List of the best GST certification courses in Lucknow


The Goods and Services Taxes (GST) is an important deal to tax-paying individuals and businesses. It is necessary to be compliant regarding the GST criteria.


Every business with a turnover above Rs.40 lakhs, or Rs.10 lakhs in the North East states, is required to register as a regular taxable person. GST registration typically takes 3-6 days and is a time-consuming process. This is where GST practitioners come into play.


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IIM SKILLS Lucknow GST Course Demo Invite


What is GST?


The GST, or goods and services tax, is a government-imposed tax that has replaced many indirect taxes in India. GST is an indirect tax in India that has absorbed many other indirect taxes such as excise duty, VAT, and service tax. The act was passed by parliament on March 29th and went into effect on July 1st, 2017.


GST is expected to simplify and rationalize the tax structure, reduce the burden of tax compliance, broaden the tax base, and lower the final cost of goods and services produced.


Who is a GST Practitioner?


A GST practitioner is a tax expert/advisor who prepares tax returns and provides other GST-related services based on the information provided by the taxpayer.


GST requires a large amount of data to be processed, uploaded, and verified online on time using various software. It needs proper investment in IT infrastructure and manpower training. So, tax-paying firms outsource it to professionals. To make this system more convenient and affordable, the Government of India came up with GST practitioners.


There are requirements and eligibility criteria for a GST practitioner listed in section 48 of the CGST Act, 2017.


Anyone Who Meets The Following Criteria is Qualified to Work as a GST Practitioner:

  1.             Should be an Indian citizen.
  2.             A person of sound mind is required.
  3.             Should not be adjudged as insolvent.
  4.             Should not have been convicted by a competent court for an offense with imprisonment for no less than two years.

There are also some prerequisites for a person who applies to enroll on the GST portal.


The Applicant Must Have:

  1.         A valid pan card
  2.         A valid mobile number
  3.         A valid e-mail id
  4.         A professional address
  5.        The prescribed documents and information on all mandatory fields as required for enrolment
  6.         Must fulfill the eligibility criteria of GST practitioner


A GST practitioner must receive a GST certificate before beginning his or her practice in order to complete all of the responsibilities. Above all, he or she must be registered with the GSTN portal.


What is the Role of GST Practitioners?


After being authorized on the GST common portal, a GST practitioner can provide a variety of services. If an application is submitted for a GST refund, revision, or cancellation of GST registration, the registered person must provide confirmation.


As a result, for significant changes, the registered person’s approval must be included with the application on the GST common site. For routine return filing, this specific confirmation will not be required.


A GST practitioner can perform all the following activities on the behalf of the registered taxpayer:

  •       File out GST returns with information about outbound and inbound supplies.
  •       File a GST return on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or final basis.
  •         Make a GST refund claim.


There are Other Miscellaneous Tasks That can be Carried Out as a GST Practitioner:

  • You can also make changes to his taxpayer client’s profile, such as the location of his business, his contact information, and other business information, by filing an application for modifications or cancellation of his registration.
  • You can help your client with the creation of tax bills, delivery challans, GST registration, cancellation, and any GST updates.
  • You have the authority to accept or reject an application from a fellow taxpayer.
  • You can assist the client in generating an e-waybill for various cargo movements.


What are the Benefits of a GST Certification?


There are many advantages that come with getting a GST Certification:

  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Increases your efficiency.
  • Improves your professional credibility.
  • Increases your earning potential.

IIM SKILLS Lucknow GST Course Demo Invite


Now that we went over the important details of the role, let’s discuss the best GST certification courses in Lucknow.


1)     IIM Skills


Course Name: Online GST Course Master Practitioner Certification

Course Duration:  16 hours lectures

Course Fee: INR 2900


Course Objective:

The GST certification course from IIM Skills is the corporate’s most trusted master certification. It promises you one of the best-in-class online GST certification courses in Lucknow. The certification course provides a curriculum that meets the industry standards. It takes you through the basics of GST and the practical applications of the GST.


Course Syllabus: What will you learn in this course?

The Curriculum Includes:

  •       The origin and conception of GST
  •       The structure of the GST system
  •       Criteria and process for GST registration
  •       GST invoicing regulations
  •       Filing GST returns
  •       GST composition scheme
  •       Reverse Charge Mechanism
  •       Issuing an E-way bill
  •       Claiming Input Tax Credit



Contact Number: +91 9911839503



You can also check out the IIM Skills GST course review for more details.


2)     ICAI:


It deserves a special mention as one of the best GST certification courses in Lucknow.

Course Name:  Certificate Course in GST

Course Duration: 10 days

Course Fees: Rs.12,600 plus GST


Course Eligibility:

  • Members in practice
  • Member in service
  • Auditors


Course Objective:

ICAI is one of the trusted GST certification courses in Lucknow and aims to provide up-to-date, specialized knowledge about GST. The course also helps the members in improving their analytical and practical skills.


Course Syllabus:

  •   The constitution of India and the important legal maxims
  •       Credit linkage with registration cancellation
  •   Important definitions
  •   Definitions and issues in supply
  •   Understanding time of supply in GST
  •   Rules of Interpretation from Customs Tariff Act
  •   Section 7 to 9 of IGST Act (Detailed discussion)
  •   Understanding all clauses related to the place of supply and receiving goods
  •   ITC Problems
  •       Credit linkage with Schedule I supplies



Secretariat of GST and Indirect Taxes Committee


Contact Number: 0120-3045954


You can also check the Online GST courses


3)     ICSI:

It is one of the most popular GST certification courses in Lucknow.


Course Name: Certificate Course in Goods and Services Taxes

Course Duration: 5 weeks

Course Fees: INR 7500 plus GST


Course Eligibility: Members and professional program students of ICSI


Course Objective:

ICSI is one of the GST certification courses in Lucknow that provide a comprehensive overview of GST fundamentals as well as other nuances of the indirect tax system. It helps to understand the concept and use it in the current context.


Course Syllabus:

Interested candidates can apply for the course online. They will be provided with the study material(soft copy) after the registration.




Contact Number: 011-4534105280


4)     AJNIFM:

It ranks as one of the best GST certification courses in Lucknow.


Course Name: Online Training Programme on GST

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Eligibility:

  •       Professionals handling tax compliance issues
  •       Graduates and postgraduates
  •       Accountants
  •       Job applicants that apply in companies that demand GST training
  •       Freshers


Course Objective:

The main objective is to make the candidates proficient in GST and customs law. The course will help develop skills like taxation, planning, registrations, and filing returns.


Course Syllabus:

  •       GST law and the procedures
  •       All the different types and slabs of GST
  •       Composition and Job-work scheme
  •       Goods and services in Tariff classification
  •       GST network portal related issues




Contact Number: +91-129-2465209 (Direct)

+91-129-2465283 (PA)


5)     NAS solutions


Course Name:  GST Training

Course Duration: 2 months

Course Fees:  INR 6000


Course Objective:

The training provides a comprehensive understanding of GST. Their dedicated and experienced team works tirelessly to ensure that the training is delivered with the utmost sincerity, ensuring that the trainee is well-versed in all aspects of GST. This makes them one of the best GST certification courses in Lucknow.


Course Syllabus:

  •       Registration
  •       Returns
  •       Ledgers
  •       Refunds
  •       Payments
  •       E-way bills



Contact Number: 9919999638



IIM SKILLS Lucknow GST Course Demo Invite


6)     Udemy


Course Name: Complete GST Course and Certification

Course Duration: 42 hours

Course Fees: INR 4800


Course Eligibility:

  •       CA aspirants
  •       CA
  •       CS
  •       LLB Practitioners
  •       ICWA
  •       Tax Practitioners
  •       Accountants


Course Objective:

Students will have a thorough understanding of the GST tax regime by the end of the course and will be fully equipped with the required GST knowledge.


Course Syllabus:

  •       What is GST and its effects
  •       Introduction to the composition scheme of GST
  •       Impact of composition scheme
  •       Input tax credit mechanism


7)     BSE Institute Ltd.


Course Name: Certificate Program on GST

Course Duration:  20 hours (4 days)


Course Eligibility:

  •       Newcomers to the financial services industry
  •       Stock Brokers
  •       Professionals
  •       Bankers who specialize in investment banking
  •       Students & Investors


Course Objective:

The GST certificate program aims to provide students and industry members with specialized and up-to-date knowledge in the area of GST. This course will give you an overview of GST and will improve your knowledge of core concepts such as tax invoices, credits, debit notes, tax payment, and refunds, as well as demo sessions on GST registration.


Course Syllabus:

  •       GST overview
  •       Learning the nature of supply
  •       Inter and intrastate supply
  •       Goods and services place of supply
  •       Requirements for taking the input tax credit
  •       Demo of GST registration online





8)      University of Lucknow


Course Duration: 6 months

Course Objective: 

This course is one of the first GST certification courses in Lucknow launched by the University of Lucknow. To create a workforce of GST-trained professionals, it was decided to include GST in the commerce and management curriculum.

The course is being launched with the goal of producing GST experts, and the seminars will help educate the general public, he added. Because of the sudden increase in demand for GST experts, LU anticipates that candidates who complete the certificate courses will be hired right away.


Course Syllabus:

  •       Basics of accounting
  •       Contract and sales of goods act
  •       Basics of GST and the assessment procedure
  •       Computer application for filing online returns



Contact Number: 7991200507




9) Henry Harvin


Course Name:  GST Practitioner Course

Course Duration: 32 hours

Course Fees:  INR 12,500


Course Eligibility:

  •       CA aspirants
  •       CA
  •       CS
  •       Tax practitioners
  •       ICWA
  •       Tax professionals


Course Objective:

It covers the most recent hot topics, such as GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, GSTR 3B, new e-Invoicing provisions, how to take ITC if it isn’t reflecting, and so on. This is one of the GST certification courses in Lucknow which provides a comprehensive overview of GST regulations presented by experts who have appeared on Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other well-known platforms.


Course Syllabus:

  •       Levy and supply
  •       Supply value
  •       Registration of E-way bills
  •       Import and export
  •       Input tax credit
  •       Invoices
  •       Returns and refunds
  •       Audits and assessments
  •       Demands and recovery
  •       Transgressions and penalties
  •   Resume writing



Contact Number: +91-9015266266


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I learn about GST from the beginning?

There are many online resources to learn about GST.  The Tax Adda has a beginner’s guide to GST on their website. If you are new to GST, this guide is ideal for you. It explains all the details of GST in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner.

There is another informative article by CA Sudhir Halakhandi on GST India. He explains why GST was needed and how it came into existence.

YouTube is also a great platform for many educational videos. One of my favorite YouTubers CA Rachna Phadke Ranade has made a video on the basics. She puts forward the concept of GST in a simple manner with relatable examples.

There are other more comprehensive videos by YouTube channels like ConsultEase and ClearTax.

You can obtain ‘Online GST practitioner’ certification from one of the reputable and credible online GST certification courses in Lucknow. This will dispel any doubts you may have and fill in any remaining gaps. You will gain confidence as a result of this, and you will have a certificate to show your employer as proof of your worth.

The majority of portals have pre-recorded sessions on all GST topics. They also offer videos about new amendments, notifications, and clarifications, among other things from experts. Getting a proper certification can also improve your professional credibility and open up new opportunities for you.


2. How do I become GST certified?

Once deemed eligible to apply, you can go to the GST common portal and register yourself.

  1.     Part A of the GST PCT 01 Form
  • Go to the GST Common Portal’s New Registration option, or go to and fill out the form. Select “GST Practitioner” from the menu.
  • Validate the details using the OTP received in your mobile and email by selecting your state, district, name (as per PAN), PAN number, email, and mobile number. You will be given a 15-digit temporary reference number after validation (TRN.)
  • Select the Temporary Reference Number option from the Services > Registration > New Registration menu. Proceed after entering the TRN number. OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone and email address. Enter the one-time password.
  1.     Part B of the GST PCT 01 Form.

Four sections must be completed here.

  1.         General Information: Choose the qualification for which you want to apply. Enter the name of the university, the year of graduation, and a copy of your diploma.
  2.         Applicant Information: Fill in your basic personal information, such as your full name, father’s name, gender, and then upload your photo.

III.          Professional Address: Include your professional address information. You must also include proof of address in your application.

  1.         Verification: Accept the declaration that you are a devout Indian citizen of sound mind who has never been convicted in a court of law. Enter the location and submit the form using DSC/EVC.

You’ll be given an Application Reference Number once you’ve submitted your application (ARN). The application’s status can be viewed on the GST Common Portal’s Track Application Status dashboard.

  1.     Application Verification and Certificate Issuance:

The details of your application will be forwarded to the appropriate officers once you’ve submitted it. They’ll either enroll you as a GST practitioner and issue a certificate in form GST PCT 02 after conducting whatever research they deem necessary. They have the authority to deny the application because YouTubers are not qualified to be a GST practitioner.


3. What is the salary of a GST practitioner?

The average annual salary of an accounts manager in a GST practitioner is from 5.4 to 6.9 lakhs. This is an estimate based on salaries submitted by GST practitioner employees.




There are many other GST certification courses in Lucknow. But the important thing is to choose a course that will suit your needs. All the GST certification courses in Lucknow mentioned above are unique in their way. Be sure to look into their websites or contact them for a detailed understanding of the features of their course.

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