Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad

The surge in technology and advancements on the horizon of India’s development has led to a boom in technical writing opportunities in the country. The documenting of complex technical procedures is one of the subjects covered in the technical writing courses in Hyderabad. There are reports, executive summary statements, and briefings. Manufacturing, engineering, biotechnology, energy, aircraft, finance, information technology, and the global supply chain are all examples. The format no longer requires lengthy user manuals. Technical information must be reduced and presented clearly and concisely.


List of best technical writing courses in Hyderabad


The traditional definition of technical writing is the practice of documenting processes, like instructional material or software manuals. consistent with this definition technical writing is restricted to user manuals of some sort. This old definition, however, has grown outmoded as technology advances and innovation reaches new heights and summits.


Technical writing is now defined as all documentation of complex procedures. Global supply chains, IT, finance, aerospace, energy, biotech, engineering, and high-tech manufacturing are all included. Technical writing is a kind of communication that necessitates a thorough understanding of technical ideas in manuals and instructional papers.


Technical writers take complex knowledge and turn it into easy-to-understand pieces for a variety of audiences, such as instructions on how to use advanced capabilities of software programs and applications. Technical writing no longer includes lengthy user manuals.


Technical knowledge must be reduced and presented in a way that avoids any inherent ambiguity. Reports, briefs, executive summaries, emails, policies, and press releases are all examples of this. If you work in a technical field, you’ll almost certainly have to write technical documents.


What Is the Job of a Technical Writer?


The job of a technical writer will differ counting on the industry and /or company that they’re employed with. They often work on multidisciplinary teams functioning because the mediator between the more technical staff and fewer technical readers. They’re going to work closely with these teams to develop a communications strategy. Their responsibilities often extend beyond just writing. they need to understand the whole project from high-level goals to the intricacies of implementation.


Eligibility Criteria to Enroll in Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad


A technical writer’s educational background varies, but the majority have a bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in writing, journalism, communications, curriculum development, IT, software/computer, or engineering. Some additionally have a master’s degree in technical writing.


The bottom line is that a successful technical writer must be skilled at translating technical jargon into layman’s words, whether gaining related knowledge or expertise through formal schooling or on-the-job training. It’s critical to have excellent communication and technical writing skills.


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Skills You Will Learn After Taking Up Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad.


You’ll want to master a core set of abilities if you want to be a successful technical writer. Here are a few:


  1. Research


Research is one of the primary steps in technical writing. After you’ve got an assignment, you’ll be liable for collecting the info (numerical and non-numerical) and turning it into valuable information.

• Research can come from a spread of places including:
• On-Site Data
• Online and Intranet Publications
• Interviews
• Libraries and Research Databases
• After you’ve got researched, you’ll get to synthesize and start planning your document organization.


2) Audience perception


The technical material you gather and investigate must be tailored to appeal to the reader’s attention, comprehension, and perception. Technical writers are typically assigned the duty of communicating highly technical information to non-technical audiences. As a result, one of the first steps in the most efficient technical writing process is to carefully analyze your audience in order to match the material to their demands.


3) Communication skills


Excellent communication abilities to be a good technical writer, you must have excellent communication skills. It will be critical for you to be able to concentrate, record, and communicate.


4) Technical Skills


You should be well-versed in the technical aspects of the subject matter you’re writing about. It’s difficult to explain a subject you don’t completely comprehend. Many technical writers are engineers, geologists, seismologists, financial analysts, or business analysts who have academic or professional experience in the topic.


They work in technical roles and must condense data for cross-functional distribution to other divisions inside the company. If you have a writing background and are trying to understand technical things, it can be more difficult.


5) Writing


Excellent writing skills ensure your documents are easy to read and are free from errors. Writing encompasses many of the opposite skills on this list.
• It is vital that you simply have the right tone, style, and format for your document.
• Often these rules are outlined by the employing organization during a style guide.


6) Document Design


You could also be liable for adding graphics to go with your document. It is important that the graphics aid the reader in comprehending the knowledge. Technical reports frequently include graphs, tables, and charts. You’ll need to know how to format documents as well.


The formatting should be professional and make it easier for the reader to read the content. Headings should be easy to skim, and therefore the content should be organized logically. A poorly designed document will make it harder for the reader to know the content. Document design may be a key aspect of technical writing.


7) Fluency with Digital Tools


When it comes to technical writing, today’s authors must employ a variety of instruments. This frequently extends beyond simple text editors. Technical writers must be able to comment and draw on photographs and screen captures, as well as extract data from Excel and present it in graphs and tables.


8) User Research and Testing


For some types of technical writing, user research and testing may be essential. It’s critical that the documentation is simple to understand, especially if the app is critical to the main function. To properly write the guide, the author needs first to observe how engineers approach the topic. To chronicle their results, they may use recording devices or simply take notes. This type of research is inextricably linked to testing. Testing is necessary to ensure that your material functions as intended.


  • The writer may release a draught of the work to a test group for review after completing it. They can then observe the end users follow the instructions in real-time.
  • They may conduct a focus group or conduct a poll to obtain input on the document’s usefulness.
  • Having a third party read over the material is always a good idea, even in less sophisticated or crucial applications.


This aids in overcoming the knowledge curse. When someone tries to explain what they already know, they suffer from the curse of knowledge, a cognitive bias. It’s difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a novice as an expert


  • Highlights of the technical writing courses in Hyderabad.
  • Professional/Job-Oriented Course
  • A curriculum focused on both practical and theoretical training
  • Expert industry training
  • Complete placement assistance
  • Infinite career opportunities


Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad


The city of Hyderabad within the southern state of Telangana has become a hotbed of activity as far as technical writing cares. aside from being an IT hub, technical writing is additionally flourishing here. there’s a mixture of institutes, courses, and trainers offering both offline and online teaching of technical writing.


However, the standard of the program varies by institute and trainer and one has got to take care of fly-by-night operators who promise the moon and deliver nothing and take your money and flee.


It’s for this reason that the subsequent list of institutes has been carefully vetted and honed by yours truly to present an inventory of institutes that provide quality technical writing training within the city of Hyderabad. So, without further ado, let’s plunge into the planet of a technical writing course in Hyderabad.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills, a prestigious institute, offers the best technical writing courses in Hyderabad. The success and positive feedback for the Content Writing Master Course and Digital Marketing Master Course speak volumes about IIM Skills’ training methodology. The Technical Writing Course is appropriate for both new and experienced technical writers. It’s a thorough course that covers every area of technical writing from beginning to end, all at a reasonable fee. Technical Writing Master Course is the name of the course.


The course will last for 5 weeks. The cost of the course is INR 14,900 plus taxes.


Other Courses


 2) Tech Total Systems


If you would like to become a content writer and wonder what the work and profession may involve, this institute’s technical writing course will introduce you to an exciting and rewarding career in technical communication.
The course’s duration is 30 days and weekend classes also are available to work professionals.


The timings are from 10 am – 9 pm


Who can take TechTotal’s Course?     

Any graduate or engineer, content writers, editors, proofreaders, business, content and research analysts, corporate trainers, candidates with any IT experience, software engineers, medical transcriptionists, call center executives, mass communication and Journalism students, BA English students, lecturers, teachers, professors, research scholars, and technical writers who want to brush up on their technical skills can all benefit from this course.



The institute’s course certification in technical writing features a duration of 5-6 weeks and costs INR 25,000, whereas the institute’s certification in technical writing with unpaid internship course features a duration of the course is 3-4 months and fees are Rs50,000.


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3. Knowledge Buffer


A diploma in technical writing, a post-graduate diploma in technical writing, and a certificate program in technical writing are all available at the institute. Technical writing courses at the institute have a certain duration, description, and eligibility. Duration, description, and eligibility for the institute’s technical writing courses.


The institute’s diploma course has a duration of 40 hours spread over 2 months, the postgraduate diploma in technical writing has a duration of 60 hours spread over 3 months, certificate course in technical writing has a duration of 20 hours spread over 30 days.



The full cost of the institute’s diploma degree in technical writing is INR 38,000, however, it is presently available for INR 30,000. The institute’s postgraduate diploma in technical writing was previously priced at INR 56,000, but it is now available for INR 40,000. Similarly, its technical writing certificate program was formerly priced at INR 25,000 but is now available for INR 18,000.


4. Author Tech


The Institute of Technical Writing, formerly known as the Institute of Technical Writing, was founded in 2007 and is involved in training and documentation services, providing a one-stop-shop for all technical writing needs. The institute produces high-quality reports, PowerPoint presentations, bids, and technical documentation such as user guides, configuration instructions, reference manuals, installation guides, and tutorials.


Fees The course charge for both courses is INR 22,000, payable in full or in two or three installments.


5. Learners Spot


This technical writing course in Hyderabad offers writing training via the internet. It is primarily concerned with the use of tools in the delivery of training. This course has the advantage of being self-paced, allowing candidates to learn at their own pace. There is no organized learning schedule.


Furthermore, the meetings are one-on-one and last an hour on Skype, AnyDesk, or GoToMeeting. Course prices vary depending on the topics covered at this institute. The training prices for MS Word are INR 3,000, for Adobe Robo Help they are INR 3,000, for Adobe FrameMaker they are INR 2,500, and for Snag IT & Camtasia they are INR 2,500.


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6. TExpertsIndia


In order to participate in the course, you must be eligible. In India, there is no formal degree required to pursue a profession in technical writing. Holders of any degree or diploma are eligible. Graduates with good English language skills in journalism or mass communication, English literature, science, or IT have an advantage.


The program’s target audience, structure, and duration The program is open to any graduate with outstanding written and vocal English abilities as well as basic computer expertise (great word processing skills are a plus). The course will be held for two hours each day, five days per week, with a one-week to three-month duration.


On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, candidates will attend classroom sessions. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, practical sessions will be held. The above-mentioned program will last for one month, with a course fee of INR 35,000.


7) Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning  


The institute has grown to become India’s premier distant education institute since its founding in 2001. This AICTE-approved technical writing program combines both academic and practical training. Candidates who complete the course gain skills and have a variety of job options open to them, such as technical writers, business writers, technical web authors, and so on.


Course Fees

The fee structure of the institute is divided into application fee, main tuition fee, and examination fee. The application fee is 1,200 Indian Rupees for Indians. For the main course fee, Indians are required to pay Rs 50,000 and there are additional discounts for military and police personnel.


8. Henry Harvin:


It is one of the leading institutes providing technical writing courses in Hyderabad. The institute provides 16 hours of live online interactive classroom sessions, 24 hours of live online brush-up sessions, and 50 hours of access to E-Learning. Also, candidates get to undertake live industry projects during training.12-monthly brush-up sessions for INR 6000 for free; and special job and internship support.



The charge for the self-paced course is INR 11,250, which includes lifetime support and access. The live online classroom course costs INR 12,500 and includes everything from the self-paced course as well as a year of gold membership and monthly Bootcamp sessions.


Career Options After Studying Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad


  • Content creators
  • Documentation experts Content writers
  • Designers of information
  • Developers of information
  • Writers of manuals, policy writers, and technical communicators
  • Communicators that specialize in technical issues
  • Illustrators that specialize in technical subjects
  • Trainers with a technical background
  • Web content creators


What Are the Job Duties of a Technical Content Writer?


  • Researching topics
  • Writing technical documentation
  • Editing for publications
  • Revising technical documents


Here are the Essential Technical Writing SKills


Which Are Different Types of Technical Writings?


    • Technical Documentation
    • Technical Reports
    • Technical Marketing Communications, such as emails
    • Technical Corporate Reports
    • Feasibility Studies
    • White Papers
    • Research Results
    • Memos User Guides and Manuals for End-Users


What Are the Project Requirements of a Technical Writing Job?


    • Order and Logic
    • Brevity
    • Accuracy
    • Thoroughness
    • Appearance
    • Collaboration
    • Clarity
    • Communicability
    • Teaching Element


Where Can You Work After Taking Up the Technical Writing Course in Hyderabad?


    • Government
    • Education
    • Manufacturing
    • Insurance
    • Business/Finance
    • Healthcare
    • Science & Engineering


Salary of a Technical Content Writer


In India, an individual pursuing this course can expect to earn between 2.5 lacs-6.5 lacs on average. Marks, performance, competence, and other factors all have a role in determining pay and annual earnings.


Preparation Tips for Being a Technical Content Writer


How to get better at technical writing. There are a few things you can do to improve your general technical writing abilities:

1) Read

2) Develop a procedure

3) Get comments

4) Enroll in a course

5) Practice


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a technical writing course?

A certificate in finance accounting and taxation is a comprehensive diploma-level course that comprises modules related to areas such as direct and indirect taxes, financial accounting, income tax, auditing, accounting management, and more.


2. What is the scope after pursuing technical writing courses in Hyderabad?

There are uncountable job opportunities available for the students taking up this course: Assistant manager, accountant, taxation policy Analyst, and Assistant Manager.


3. What is the duration of technical writing courses in Hyderabad?

It depends on different universities about how long it takes to complete the course but mostly it’s from 1-3 months.


4. What salary can be expected after pursuing the technical writing courses in Hyderabad?

The pay scale may vary depending on skillset, knowledge, and course. Still, the candidates can expect fairly between  2.5 lacs-6.5 lacs.


5. What are the course fees of technical writing courses in Hyderabad?

The course fee may range from Rs 5000-40,000 depending on the duration of the course, university, and type, of course, an individual prefers to go.




Technical writing is a rapidly growing sector in India, with several work opportunities. Technical writers are in high demand around the world, with demand expanding at a rate of 26% each year. Furthermore, with the increased use of outsourcing by corporations, this industry has seen tremendous expansion in global marketplaces. It is critical to one’s the development and success to choose the proper institute with a suitable training program and skilled instructors at the right moment. Even experienced technical writers must maintain their abilities and, as a result, select suitable institutes to further their education. This collection of technical writing courses in Hyderabad is intended to keep you updated and assist you on your path to becoming a technical writer.


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