Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata

Are you someone who loves writing? Are you someone who loves technology? Even if you are someone who doesn’t love technology, stick around until the end because currently, technical writers are amongst the most in-demand writers. Given the state of ever-growing technologies in the world, every business entity needs someone who can put their ideas into words and present them to the world. This article deals with understanding what is technical writing and some of the top technical writing courses in Kolkata.


List of best technical writing courses in Kolkata


What is Technical Writing?


Before we get into some of the top technical writing courses in Kolkata, let’s understand what is Technical Writing? When you buy a phone, have you seen the pamphlet that comes along with it? The multipage, multi-language instruction booklet that you get. That booklet is an example of technical writing.


Technical writing involves explanations in detail. These explanations could range from describing the product to explaining the correct way of using the product or any such instructional data. In this article, the intention is to provide you with a comprehensive idea about technical writing and technical writing courses in Kolkata


Technical Writing is Divided into 5 Main Categories


1- Medical and Scientific Papers: The most traditional way of technical writing. This involves concisely presenting medical and scientific findings for the reader to understand. Accuracy is given utmost importance in this segment.


2- Usual Manuals & Assistance Guides: These guides are booklets that come along with products purchased. They help you understand the product part by part. It answers all questions related to the products.


3- Books and Guides by Technical Writers: These are lengthier than your normal manuals. These booklets are drafted majorly for software related products


4- Assembly Manuals: The “how to” about any product is answered in assembly manuals. For example: “How to reboot iPad?”


5- Technical Documents, Reviews, and Reports: This segment of technical writing encompasses documents that are drafted to present during corporate meetings & business deals.


Something cannot be ignored. So is the case with technical writing. One has to make sure that the following aspects of technical writing are addressed.


  1. No Room for Error: Technical content writers have to make sure that the content being put is correct. Take for example a phone manual. One-minute errors can cost billions of dollars to the phone company. Technical content has to be precise.
  2. Follow the Sequence: Technical content should have a proper structure and flow in the format. Since there is a lot of technical information in such writing, the data must be easily readable. The reader should be able to make sense of what is being read. In case of no logical flow, the reader is bound to get confused.
  3. Keep the End Goal in Mind: The technical write-up should align with the goal it was created for. Like, a “How to Assemble a furniture” manual should be drafted so that post-reading and following the instructions, the end-user should be able to assemble the said furniture.
  4. Hassle-Free Understanding: Words used should be precise. Technical writings should not have words that are difficult to understand. Of course, some technical terms cannot be changed. But technical writers have to break down these difficult words into terms that are easily understood. The end-user will lose interest if they have to take extra assistance in understanding what is written.


Here are other lucrative courses in Kolkata


What are the career prospects as a Technical Writer? Read below to understand why technical writing courses in Kolkata are in demand. Generally speaking, content writing is the key to unlocking the future of organizations. Every business entity needs a dedicated team to convey its ideas, products, or services to its end-users in the most compact and impactful way.


Technical Writers are the most in-demand writers in any field of work. Let’s break down these job opportunities for some of the business industries. This will give you reasons to choose from the top technical writing courses in Kolkata.


  • IT: The fastest growing industry of all has the most demand for Technical writers. These writers may write for B2-B communication or B2C communication. In this field, you will need to have sound knowledge of the technology you will be writing about. You should also know how to break technical jargon into easily understandable language.


  • Electronics & Electricals: This is one of the top-ranking industries where demand for technical writers is high as well. The documentation is lengthy in these industries and will be product-focused.


  • Machinery and Heavy Equipment: Well you bought the machine but how to operate it? How do you assemble it? This is the kind of information technical writers work on in these industries. Every machine and every automobile product comes with an operating manual. Imagine the kind of job opportunities this sector provides for technical writers.


  • Academics / Medical / Science Research: From writing operating manuals to working on publishing research findings. Jobs for technical writers in these fields are ever-expanding.


  • Aviation / Aeronautical Industry: Here comes the heaviest of all industries. Technical writing for this field is no joke. Understanding the touch science and scientific words used in this industry to drafting them for the normal audience is one of the most challenging technical writing jobs.


Stay Updated With New Trends in Technical Writing


Like any other field, technical writing has evolved over the years. Before we get into technical writing courses in Kolkata, let’s first learn about some of the recent trends in technical writing.


  • User friendly: Technical writing is now being taken more seriously than ever. With covid impacting everything around us, people had to become less dependent on others for products or services. All they had to assist them with new products were the manuals that came along with them. This has pushed the companies to draft their manuals which are more user-friendly than before.


  • It’s in the Air: A lot of technical information is now provided over emails or cloud services. The hard copies are now on the path to being obsolete. Technical writers are now focused on creating documents on online tools. This helps the data be available on the net forever.


  • Raising the Standards: Now that everything is going global, so are technical documents. Hence technical writers should make sure that their documents are up to the mark and follow domestic and international standards.


Now, Let’s Dive Straight Into Some of the Best Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata:


1-  IIMSkills:


IIMSkills is one of the top-ranking institutes offering world-class technical writing courses in Kolkata. IIMSkills was founded by Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar who is a digital marketing expert. He is also an entrepreneur, running websites various like, and


Name of the course: Technical Writing Course

Course Curriculum: IIMSkills has a comprehensive curriculum in technical writing:


Some Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Guaranteed Internship
  • Lifetime Access to learning material
  • Assistance in developing a portfolio for Freelancers
  • Placement with top MNCs like Google, Microsoft, Oracle to name a few
  • hands-on experience with technical writing topics like technical reports, white papers/journals, Scientific research, conversational writing, API Documentation, Medical writing
  • 24*7 support for queries and assistance


Course Details:


Duration: 5 Weeks / 20hrs lecture / 60+ hrs of internship

Mode of Classes: Online

Placements Assistance provided? : Yes

Course Fee: INR 14900 +18% GST

Tools Used: MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Scribus, MS Visio, Canva, Powerpoint

Certificate Provided: Yes


Eligibility for the Course

Graduate with a fair knowledge of technology, Good communication skills, Basic internet knowledge



Phone# +91 9911839503

Email ID:


List of some other courses offered at IIMSkills


2- Udemy


Udemy as an education platform has tons of technical writing courses in Kolkata, available on their website. If you are someone who would like to have multiple options related to technical courses in Kolkata, Udemy is the website for you. Technical writing courses on udemy range from lessons for beginners to advanced certifications. You get multiple options to choose from depending on your requirement.


Subcategory of Subjects You Wish to Choose From

  • Communication
  • Industry
  • Other in IT & Software
  • Other in Teaching & Academics


Udemy’s Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata Also Have the Following Levels

  • Beginner
  • Expert
  • Intermediate
  • All Levels


Some Key Highlights of the Courses Offered on Udemy

  • The price range depends on the course you chose.
  • All of the courses have 30 days money-back guarantees in case you are not happy with the course you chose


Name: Technical Writing: Master your Writing Career (Created by Joseph Phillips)


Course Curriculum:

  • Overview
  • Know you topic
  • Know Your audience
  • Plan the book
  • Write the book
  • How to Write Well
  • How to Rewrite the book
  • How to Polish your Writing
  • Marketing the book
  • Wrapping up the course


Key Aspects of the Course:

  • This course is not for fiction writers or English Grammar
  • Full Lifetime Access


Course Details:

  • Duration: 5.5 hrs on-demand Video
  • Mode of Classes: Online
  • Course Fee: INR 3,200
  • Certification Provided?: Yes


Learnings from the course:

  • Goals of Technical Writing
  • Investigating Writing Competition
  • Defining book contents and boundaries
  • Research the writing topic
  • Market the book for good sales


Eligibility for the Course:

  • Basics of an English Language
  • Fundamentals of Grammar


3- Compete Infotech Academy


The academy was founded in 2009 and is a unit of Mindstairs Academy Pvt Ltd. Compete Infotech offers a range of courses. One of these courses is Content Writing and technical writing is a part of this course. Compete Infotech is ranked among the top technical writing courses in Kolkata because they use a combination of case studies, projects, and other tools to make the course more experimental.


Name of the course: Content Writing Course


Course Curriculum: This course is a 12-in-one course offering in-depth knowledge of multiple fields in course writing. Following are the modules in Academy’s content writing course


The Course Modules Are Divided Into 3 Sub-categories


  • Certification in Content Writing

Duration: 1 month

Class per week: 4

Class Module: 47


  • Diploma in Content Writing

Duration: 3 months

Class per week: 3

Class Module: 90


  • Master’s in Content Writing

Duration: 7 months

Class per week: 4

Class Module: 175


Some Key Highlights of the Course

  • 1 on 1 training sessions
  • Tools worth Rs 75,000 Free of cost
  • Free website
  • Paid domain & hosting
  • 100% Internship & Job support
  • Placements provided?: Yes


Eligibility for the Course

No such eligibility required



Phone # 9433365039


Some of the Other Courses Offered by Compete Infotech Are:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Blogging & Vlogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Social Media Marketing


4- Coursera


Like Udemy, Coursera is an educational application providing a platform for categories of courses. If you are looking for technical writing courses in Kolkata, you can check out the Coursera website and choose from multiple options.


Name of the Course: Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders.

Course Offered by: Rice University


Please note that this course is designed for engineering leaders. They need to create technically sound, well-structured, easily comprehensible documents. This writing course aims at enhancing the following skills of such leaders:


A – Writing Quality documents

B- clear and concise Writing

C- Setting style, tone, and voice


Course Curriculum


Week 1: Total Duration – 6 hours and 25 mins

  • Specialization Introduction
  • Course Introduction


Week 2:  Total Duration: 4 hours

–          Developing Paragraphs and Writing Reports


Week 3: Total Duration: 3 hours

–          Clarity and Conciseness


Week 4: Total Duration: 4 hours

–          The Finishing Touches


Some Key Highlights of the Course

  • Subtitles are available in the following languages Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, Spanish
  • The course has complied with reading material and quizzes
  • Financial Aid Available
  • Flexible Deadlines


This Course Comes Along With 2 Other Course Modules.

1- Oral Communication for Engineers Leaders

2- Interpersonal Communication for Engineering leaders


Course Details:

Mode: Online


Eligibility for the Course:

No such eligibility is required but the course is ideal for professionals with an engineering background


5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the top 500 ranking global ed-tech institutes. With headquarters in the USA and India, the company is connected with students across 97+ countries. Henry Harvin has made it to our list of technical writing courses in Kolkata giving the student experience and reviews.


Name of the Course: Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership


Some Key Highlights of the Course

  • The technical writing course at Henry Harvin is 9 in 1 course. These 9 steps are Training, projects, Internship, Certification, Placement, E-Learning Access, Bootcamps, Hackathons, Membership
  • Henry Harvin offers a Gold membership of 1 year. With this membership, you get 1 year of Bootcamp sessions, Alumni Status, Guaranteed Internship, offer of 10+ job opportunities weekly
  • Henry Harvin is affiliated with the Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI) & are ISO 29990:2010 certified
  • They provide customized learning
  • 24*7 support


Duration: 32 hrs

Mode of Classes: Online

Placements Assistance provided?: Yes: 100% Placement Guarantee Support for 1-Year post successful completion

Course Fee: INR 15000


Tools Used:


Authoring Tools

  • MS word
  • Notepad++
  • Google Docs


Screen Capture tools

  • Snipping tool
  • Techsmith Snagit
  • FireShot
  • Greenshot
  • Lightshot


Image Editing Tools

  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Snagit


Spell Check Tools

  • Grammarly
  • org


Technical Writing Software Tools

  • Microsoft Word
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Snag IT
  • MS Visio
  • PowerPoint
  • Photoshop
  • Overview of DITA Tool
  • Overview of API Documentation
  • Overview of XML


Certificate Provided?: Yes

Eligibility For the Course: No such eligibility criteria were provided


Phone# +91 9891953953




1- Is it necessary for technical writers to have in-depth knowledge of technology?

It is not necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the subject, product, or service they are writing about. Of course, there will be help available for them to understand the technology. But technical writers should be able to comprehend the data given to them and put them into logical flow and words for the general public to understand. Understanding the framework of the product/service is a crucial part of technical writers.


2- What qualification is needed to become a technical writer?

It depends on the field or experience needed for the job. In some cases a certificate in technical writing does the job, However, jobs that are more technically inclined would require a bachelor’s degree in the subject that you wish to write about. In some cases, a degree in journalism or mass communication also helps. The number of years of experience also matters when applying for certain jobs which are more demanding than the others.


3- What qualities should technical writers have?

  • Attention to detail is a must for technical writers
  • Proofreading a large amount of data
  • Technical writers should be able to analyze complex data and work with jargon
  • Patience since technical writing will involve a lot of communication with other teams to get the facts right until the product reaches the end-users
  • Technical writers have to be accurate with what is being written in the document
  • They should be good with words as well as graphically
  • Experience in using the tools they use for creating technical documents


4: What is the pay structure of technical writers in India?

The average salary for technical writers in India is around INR 6.6 LPA with the maximum amount going beyond INR 14 LPA for technically challenging roles.


5: How to apply for a Technical Writing course?

Do your research for the institutes offering technical writing courses. Check their websites. Read reviews of ex-students on Glassdoor, Google, or any other review platforms. A lot of institutes offer free demo sessions or a money-back guarantee. Once you are satisfied with the institute, pay for the course & start your sessions. After completing your course, you will be awarded a certificate and some institutes also offer placement assistance. Post that, you can start your career as a technical writer.




There you are! These are the top 5 recommendations for technical writing courses in Kolkata. To conclude, technical writing is one of the most challenging aspects of content writing. However, it is also one of the most rewarding & promising fields in content writing. You can bet that as long as technology is growing (we know it will never stop!)demand for content writers will grow along with it. If you plan to start a career in technical writing, then you are sure to land in a field that will never run out of jobs. There are a lot of technical writers out there & they all have the same number of opportunities available to them. We hope that this article on technical writing training must have helped you to take the first step in your career.


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