Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Lucknow With Placements

 A content writer produces marketable content designed to drag, tutor, educate and entertain the readers. E.g., describing the technical features of a newly launched mobile. On the other hand, a copywriter produces a copy designed to persuade the buyer to take any action towards buying the product. E.g., an ad released to launch a new mobile. 

By nature, every individual is a writer at heart. Content writing courses in Lucknow can help students to become experts in the field of content writing.


List of the best content writing courses in Lucknow


 In today’s competitive market—it’s all about understanding the science and technical aspects that go into good content writing. Consequently, implementing it in your writing is what makes a difference in bringing out a better copy. Content writing is a lucrative career. 


The foremost benefit of a writing career is that you can earn, for doing something that you cherish. It also gives one a sense of personal satisfaction, accompanied by monetary benefits and fame. 


This article takes you through the best content writing courses in Lucknow, which will help you take off to set the foundation piece of your career in content writing; with internship and placement facilities. 


The field of content writing includes designing a web page or web content, press releases, newsletter writing, creating ad copy, writing e-books, journals for a newspaper, writing blogs & video scripts. 


This is a vast platform that has never-ending opportunities to explore and each one is a specialized area. Quality content has a relentless empathy towards the client. 


Content writers take a brief from the client and implement the same. They look into the precise SEO associated requirements, such as keyword density. They focus on the brief and bring out a distilled outcome that ends up on the webpage.


 In addition, one should be trained in designing brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, and many such things that will add to the visual appeal. A content creator should also be aware of the rules and guidelines and the format of creating content.


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Why should You Care?


Why should you take up content writing courses and what options do you have in the market, when it comes to content writing courses in Lucknow. This will be the point of discussion in this article. In this rapidly changing world of technology, one needs to be equipped with the best course to meet market expectations.


Today’s world relies heavily on advertisements. Everyone depends on the internet for communication, and companies are vying with each other to engage customer attention for their products.


A Career in Content Writing


 Lucknow is growing. It has a flourishing history of art and literature. Several illustrious poets and writers within the past have been nurtured here. It has embraced changes and is building a contemporary town. The potential marketplace for smart content writers is big and opportunities are open around the globe, from blogging to business. 


The necessity of excellent content writing isn’t restricted. There is a need for round-the-clock content writers and freelance assignments. Content writing may be a money-making career. The foremost good thing about this career is to earn through one thing that you hold dear to your heart.


Moreover, content writing provides an opportunity to figure, where you want and write no matter what you wish. A content writing career will increase your confidence and fuel your creativeness. 


Content writing is one of the foremost pursued jobs these days. The content writing job market is inundated with content writers, however, there are only a few smart content marketers. 


A good content writing course online from a reputed institute can assist you to become a possible content seller. The best part of this career is its flexibility. You may operate from any part of the world at your convenience. If you’re employed as a freelancer, you’re the foreman yourself. 


There are no restrictions like the work target or no pressure of operating time beyond regulation. Nearly everything depends on you and your required operating hours, that also, from the comfort of your home! It’s beyond question, a superb option to become a content writer with the help of the best content writing courses in Lucknow.


 Content is king and there is a steady demand in the industry. It’s a source of passive income for anyone who wishes to make it his career. Every content has a niche and there are millions of websites on the internet. Content written with keeping SEO in mind is the need of the hour. 



The list of best content writing courses in Lucknow will help you in making the right choice. Digital marketing has completely revolutionized the way the market functions. 


Content writers who can bring out quality content and grab customer attention and create brand awareness will be in high demand. What attracts customers’ attention is that, which provides them with some value. Communication has to be simple, personal, authentic, and attention-grabbing.


 The world of technology keeps changing and evolving every day. There is a lot of demand for content writers in niche areas. One needs to have a good technical understanding of these niche areas to be a good content writer. 


During this pandemic situation, distance learning courses served as a great opportunity for us to learn new skills and increase our knowledge. Our attempt in this article is to provide you with complete information on the content writing courses in Lucknow to enable you to make the right career choice.


Salary Structure in Lucknow


The content writing career in Lucknow provides exciting prospects for budding content writers and one can earn fifty thousand to three lakhs per month with ease. There is good scope for content writers as a career in Lucknow. Internationally content writing is in big demand in every sphere of life and Lucknow is no exception to this. The content writing business is flourishing in Lucknow too.


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The Niches in Content Writing


1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is the platform for all major businesses nowadays. Every company wants to make its mark on social media. As a content writer, your job is to ensure that your company products have a good social media presence. All companies use the following social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.


2. Blogging

If you are interested in different writing styles and subjects, then blogging can be your area of expertise. But there’s tough competition in that area. To be a successful blogger, one has to be extraordinary in this field to create a place for himself. Bloggers make money by allowing their platforms to be used by companies to create brand awareness.


3. News Writing

If you’re skeptical about facing the camera as a newsman, you’ll be able to check out the small print of being a news writer. News that’s printed as stories, in newspapers or websites, ought to be accordingly written by news writers. 

However, an individual with a degree in Journalism is well-liked for this profession. You need to build very informative posts that have the best vocabulary and communication skills. The articles should be written with unbiased perception.


4. Copywriting

The key highlight of this activity is that an employee is responsible to provide ads and taglines in the brand’s favor. The copy ought to be adequate and fairly compelling to draw shoppers to the merchandise they support. If you’re adept in creating content that endorses it, this profession will provide you with the prospect to earn a  very high income.


5. Technical Writing

You need to be an expert journalist for technical writing. You also need to be in a position to elucidate ancient and nuanced details into simple perceivable English. 

There’s a range that an expert author is accountable for: writing FAQs, instruction manuals, how-to-guides. To be an honest technical author, you should possess in-depth information on assorted topics like engineering, varied code, and alternative technical domains.


6. Scriptwriter

As a scriptwriter, you’ll be able to either write a script as you wish or pitch it to production groups. Or, you will work underneath a production team and write scripts supported by the assembly team’s concepts. Usually, the scripts are for film, TV serials, etc.


7. Educational Writing

You use your intensive information on the varied subjects and your writing skills in this field. You’re expected to create educational material for college students with the intention of those skills benefiting them in their educational pursuits. 


 Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Lucknow


This article has chosen the top ten institutes in Lucknow. Being a renowned town, there are plenty of establishments that offer content writing courses in Lucknow. However, due to the Covid state of affairs people have now opted for online courses. 


The content writer has to have a powerful and manifold presence as a content creator on the web. However, if an individual needs to seek employment at an organization as a content creator or internet and infographic designer, a piece of in-depth information concerning marketing is not required, since large corporations have their own promotion or sales force to take care of those things.


 The purpose of this article is to provide the audience with a detailed and informative insight concerning the top-performing content writing courses that have both offline and online choices. 


The in-depth analysis of the options offered by different institutes can hopefully facilitate the readers to seek out the best one for themselves. A single institute may not have all the required options.


 Checklist before Choosing a Course

 • Updated Course Module: The market is dynamic; therefore, the demands keep changing. The institution needs to make the students aware of the demands and requirements of the market.

 • Regular Assignments: The institute ought to give different assignments and ask them to submit them daily. This not only facilitates them to gain experience besides learning but also teaches them to meet client deadlines.

 • Proper Evaluation: The mentors ought to appraise every individual assignment properly to make the student aware of their mistakes and give them proper space to correct their mistakes and improve their writing.

 • Certification: This is often one of the top criteria to consider before enrolling in a course. The certificate not only gives an assurance to the student of his worthiness but also ensures credibility in the competitive job market.

 • Internship: A good internship will help the student to work in a simulated environment. Here he should be able to apply the techniques he has learned and be confident of applying them in real-time practical situations.

 • Career Guidance: Learning is an endless process and particularly the talent of content writing. Mere completion of the course doesn’t create someone fully job-ready. There are many aspects to consider. 


The mentors must always be there to guide a student. Whether or not it’s associated with the new trends within the world of selling or making a powerful resume, portfolios, or SOPs, the mentors ought to be there.


Before deciding about the best content writing courses in Lucknow, we need to look into the facts, so that the audience will have a transparent plan. Here, we have listed the top 10 institutes that provide content writing courses in Lucknow to help you to narrow down your choice.


 1. IIM Skills:


 IIM Skills offers one of the best content writing courses in Lucknow, covering all the relevant aspects of content writing. In the end, they conduct 2 exams that judge individual performance and also encourage healthy competition among the learners.



They provide the following through their Online Content Writing Course:


 • LMS (Learning Management System): Records all the category recordings, details, students’ progress, tasks accomplished by the scholars, and necessary tools to enhance their website settings and to trace the individual progress.

 • Convenience: Folks staying in numerous cities like Pune, Kerala, or different continents, will be a part of the course and reap the total advantages.

 • Online Lectures: Sixteen hours of real schoolroom lectures offer the students with real schoolroom expertise.

 • Hands-on Assignments: Weekly assignments facilitate the students with grasping the thought of the business and make them master the art of content writing.

 • Certification: The course provides every student with a completion certificate which will facilitate them within the future to create a career in the content writing business.

 • Internship: After finishing the weekly assignments, students will enter an internship to induce real operating expertise within the content writing business and find the scope of learning with their writing.


Course Fee – INR 14,900 + GST


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 2. Skills Upgrader:


A well-known Lucknow-based company that provides content writing courses in Lucknow. The options include:


 • Online Course: Everybody requiring the course can participate being at their home.

 • Expert Mentors: This is often vital that the writers get coached by tough and extremely experienced faculty so that they’ll get the most effective output from the course.

 • Affordability: The courses are affordable and provide reasonable returns for the fees they charge.

 • Assignments and Lectures: The institution provides the writers with sixteen hours of schoolroom lectures and also makes them complete seventy hours of long active assignments. This may facilitate the students to have a true schoolroom teaching experience and a student-oriented learning method. 


The mentors can offer the students personalized attention, and therefore the question-answer session is useful in clearing the doubts. Learn in-depth SEO practices with the most effective digital selling course in India.


 3. Leads Academy:


 Another option for good online content writing courses in Lucknow. The reasons to enter this course are:


 • Proficiency in Marketing: The academy is supported by some extremely competent writers, particularly specialists in selling and content writing.

 • Enhancing the Inner Creative Thinking: The mentors can make sure that the students will take their creativity to a higher level and within the field of content writing by exhibiting extraordinary writing skills.

 • Lifetime Support: The mentors can continually provide lifetime guidance if a student seeks it in any form.


 4. Newcent Training Academy:


 NTA is a private faculty that lays emphasis largely on technical experience. This could be particularly helpful for an individual who pursues a content writing course in Lucknow. The school is in Faridabad and is one of the self-renowned schools in Lucknow.


 •Caters to the Market Demands: The content writing course offered here is specially designed in a manner that it may cater to the various and distinctive demands of the market. This can prepare the students and their skills, so they’ll be able to serve the fast-shifting requirements of the industry.

 •Technical Guidance: The educational program conducted by the establishment, especially deals with the latest technological stuff that plays an important role within the content writing trade.


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 5. Education and Career Times:


 ECT offers one of the most effective content writing courses in Lucknow. It provides multiple courses: like digital marketing and varied other courses, together with content writing courses. The options that they provide are:


 •Freelancing: The mentors conduct the course in a manner that paves a brand-new opportunity for students to become freelance writers or content creators.

 •Internships: The course creates a practical work experience model during their internship.

 •Interactive Sessions: The course is primarily a student-oriented program that ensures active participation of the students, and some sessions encourage the students to have opinions of their own. Thus forming healthy communication between the instructors, and therefore, the students.


 6. Focus’d IT Academy:


 FITA is an establishment that deals with the coaching of IT technology and alternative language-based courses. If somebody is interested in obtaining admission to a content writing course, FITA is a wonderful possibility.


 •Modern Technologies: Today IT plays a great role within the world of technology. Courses offered here are -artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevOps to support business development, robotic process automation, which deals with information transfer, responding to emails, etc. 

 •A Restricted Range of Students: This ensures that each and everyone gets equal attention from the instructors.

 7. Maharishi Dayanand Education Group:

 This establishment offers a spread of courses ranging from PC coaching to e-publishing that has content writing.

 •Multiple Options: The institute provides a heap of alternative courses together with the content writing courses like e-book writing, blogging, etc. If somebody needs elaborated information regarding totally different kinds of content writing then this is a choice to think about.

 •Certification: All the courses offered here are certified courses, and therefore the establishment is registered underneath the Government of India act.


 8. Spark Academy:


 This specific academy offers one of the most effective content writing courses in Lucknow, in terms of:

•Practical implications of the learned ability on varied platforms.

 •Encourages entrepreneurs and freelancers so they’ll contribute to the trade of content writing in their manner.

 •E-learning, trendy technology and communication are the prime space of focus.


 9. Online Idea lab:


 Another great choice to choose a good content writing course:

 •Designing: The course deals specifically with incredibly necessary content designing.

 •Guaranteed Placement: The recruitment department ensures that everyone related to this course can get a position on completion.


10. Green Technologies:


 The course offered by them includes the 2 most vital options of a content writing course. Those are:

•Placement: The students get a position in several sectors on the completion of the course.

 •Online Class: Permits students to learn from any part of the country.

 •Realistic Approach: The instructors emphasize a realistic presentation of the individual creative thinking instead of a theoretical one.

 •Workshops: Organizing workshops for a new subject creates a friendly atmosphere with the mentors and therefore the students will freely participate and exchange their thoughts and opinions.

 •Prior Scheduling: The schedule, the subject to debate, study materials, and everything associated with a specific course is scheduled beforehand so the students will get enough time to arrange for the coming class, and therefore the student finds the next class more engaging.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: I have no experience in this field. Can I be a content writer?

Yes. Anyone can become a content writer with proper guidance and one who follows a professional and disciplined path.


Question: Which is regarded as the best content writing course in India?

IIM Skills, Skillshare, Udemy, ETC are some of the best places to find good content writing courses.


Question: Can I have some tips for this career?

1)     Have a unique style and identity on your social media platforms

2)     Use simple words to communicate and be specific

3)     Have interactive and actionable posts

4)     Use visuals to communicate your messages

5)     Start guest blogging

6)     Start a Facebook page

7)     Connect with other writers


Question: Does freelance content writing pay well?

Yes. A freelance writer can make good money as there are lots of freelance sites which provide work.


Question: Is it a good option to take up a career in content writing?

Yes. There are immense opportunities for the right candidate. All big companies have a digital presence.



All the above courses are accessible from Lucknow. Please note we have only selected the top institutes that provide content writing courses in Lucknow.

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