Top 3 Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi

Technical writing is a form of writing that conveys information in form of technical communication. It is not a common form of writing. It requires excellent skills in writing as there is complicated information to convey through technical writing. However, it is not just limited to technology. To be eligible for the course in Varanasi, one does not need to be based in Varanasi. Anyone interested can enroll for technical writing courses in Varanasi from anywhere irrespective of their based location as this course is offered online.


List of best technical writing courses in Varanasi


The technical form of writing is used to prepare documents related to verbal information and instructional training about a particular product or material. It is a kind of writing that helps complex information to explain more easily so that the non-technical person can understand it. Before we start looking for the best institutes that offer technical writing courses in Varanasi let us first understand the basics of the technical writing course.


What is a Technical Writing Course?


One who wants to learn the depth of technical writing should pursue this course. The word technical itself explains that it is not a common type of writing. It requires a basic understanding of using the technology, formats, and graphics to write or communicate to its users.


This kind of writer needs a better understanding of how to write complex instructional manuals, and journal articles in an easier way to document for non-technical audiences. It is about conveying technical information about a particular product or material hence it needs proper training as it is not a common type of writing. This course will provide a platform for students who want to pursue their careers as technical writers.


Basic Eligibility to Be a Technical Writer


Anyone who has completed their graduation can take up this course. However, one does not need additional expertise in technical subjects like web designing,  computer science or engineering is important. Usually, candidates completing their graduation in journalism communications or English are their first preference.


As earlier said that it is not a common type of writing it needs a good understanding of how to use technology therefore people who are well versed with technical understandings should choose to be technical writers.


How Can a Technical Writing Course Enhance Career Growth?


Anything that you choose to be your career, you need to better understand it. That is why it is said that the master of all makes jack of none. To be a technical writer one can be creative in writing but, not all who are good at creative writing can do good in technical writing.


This course will offer a platform for students to understand how to communicate in short sentences to make them understand complicated things using formats and graphics. Choosing a technical writer as a career is not an easy job because technology is a process that keeps changing and updating.


One who chooses to be a technical writer should keep themselves updated with the regular changes. Hence there will always be a rise in demand for technical writers and one can make good money in this field.


The Main Purpose of Technical Writing


The main objective of a technical writer is to convey the complex process in the simplest way possible and without using long sentences so that it is communicable to non-technical audiences. Therefore, a technical writer has to use short sentences or minimum words to communicate the structural information through graphics and understandable formats to its audiences. A writer has to be extremely intelligent and skilled technically in his communication skills.


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Components of Technical Writing


A few very basic components of technical writing are clarity, Conscience, Accessible document design, audience recognition, and accuracy. The author’s main purpose should always have a deep clarity about the concept of their writing. The main aspect of the author is to use simple language or graphics to convey the complex technical terms to its audiences who can be non-technical too. A technical writer should also be very focused on using its details to create high-quality documentation.


A writer should follow w few very basic steps:

  • Plan
  • Structure
  • Write
  • Review


Types and forms of Technical Writing


The most common kinds of technical documents:


●    Repair Manuals

As the term says so, a repair manual is a type of document written that provides in detail information about the mechanical parts of the product which instructs how to identify a problem and also how to fix that problem.


●    Product Manual

A product manual is a kind of technical writing that gives information about the procedure, packaging, quality control, and handling instruction of a product.


●    User Guide

The user guide is a type of technical document that instructs about how to use the product by using minimum sentences and graphic images for a simpler way of understanding its users.


●    API Documentation

The application programming interface is a type of document written technically that instructs how an API works. This kind of document is specially written for the programmers, developers, etc.


●    Project Plans

As the term says so, the project plan is a formal document written as a guide on how to control, plan and execute a particular project. It is the most important document that is created while starting a new project in any business.


●    SDK Documentation

Software Development Kit documentation is also termed a devkit. It is a technical document that is a software-building tool for a particular platform like debuggers.


●    Business Standards

It is a document that includes office policies, codes of practices, etc.


●    Test Schedules

This particular document is written to explain the tasks, steps, dates, and responsibilities in software testing.


●    Medical and Scientific Papers

This type of writing falls under a very old and traditional way of technical writing. This kind of technical writing requires a high level of accurate information to insert dates and names. Its main purpose is to give accurate information on the observations and research by analyzing.


●    Assembly Manuals

Assembly manuals are documents that instruct their audience by easy formats and graphic images on how to assemble a particular product.


Important Things You Should Know About Technical Writing Skills


  • One should have a very clear understanding and knowledge about the product:

Understanding your product is the most important skill in writing. Only when you know your product in detail the author can write about it. Knowing the product in and out is the key to being a good writer. The writer should know the purpose and the solution of the product he is writing about.


He should have a better understanding of how the product will function. As the technical writer writes about the product he should be well versed in the design of the product its internal components and other aspects of his product.


  • In-depth depth research and knowledge about your product’s industry:

A technical writer needs to know depth details of your products and should have a better understanding of how the product works. A tec writer cannot easily switch his industry like any other software programmer it is not that simple he will have to learn his industry very well. They are very important major solutions in the business.


  • Should know the essentials of technical documentation

Technical writing plays a vital role in the lifecycle of any product. In earlier days before the world was introduced with the technology physical technical documentation was the only mode of communication with their customers in any phase of the lifecycle of their product. Here tech writer needs to know the essentials of technical documentation.


  • Must possess excellent skills in the mode of communication

The mode of communication depends on customers’ relationship with the product. User documentation is the format used by every saas product. Just like every physical product, you get a document booklet similar to the software apps that may have PDF documents about how to install use, and maintain the app. Hence a tech writer should know the various mode of communication for its user for his product.


  • Should know basics of web designing and graphic designing

Technology has been growing at a faster speed, like earlier days tech writing was done on notepad using basic editing tools for writing. Now there are many innovations in a trend that are used by tech writers to document their products and interact with their users creatively to provide guidance. Therefore having basic knowledge about graphic designing and web designing is a must for any tech writer in today’s world.


  • Should possess good research skills

Research skills are a must for a tech writer to be an expert in writing on any product one must possess excellent skills in doing research. Only by doing an in-depth study and research about the product, one can have a better understanding of the product he has to document. Only by doing research, a tech can have his audience analysis.


  • Should be flexible to work with a team

Teamwork plays an essential role to have success in anything which requires critical skills. One cannot achieve success without team efforts. For a tech writer, it is the most important thing to be able to work with a team of developers and programmers for a better understanding of the in and outs of their product.


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Features of a Good Technical Writer



Whatever a tech writer documents should be correct. There should be no errors.



The content should be appropriate for its audiences.



Writing should contain minimum words and should be brief but comprehensive giving clear information about its product.



It should provide logical information.


Well Organized

It should be very well structured. The document should give step-by-step information about the product. Should be written in a well-organized way for its users to understand.



Not every user of the product will be technically skilled to understand the information so make sure that the information is minimal on point and will not take much time for the reader and provides full information in one glance.



Make sure the document is written keeping in mind giving the solution to the problem. As said not all the users are technically skilled so many will be learners therefore make sure the document provides information on a solution for a problem so that they can follow it step by step to resolve a particular issue.


Those who are willing to grow and passion to follow their passion for writing will not have to restrict their goals because of location constrain, fees, or any other reason. You will have many institutes online that will offer technical writing courses in Varanasi, there are very few certified and authorized institutes to offer technical writing courses in Varanasi will be worth taking your time and spending your hard-earned money.


Below Are the Top 3 Highly Rated Institutes Offering Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi


1. IIM skills


IIM skills are one of the top recommended institutes that offer the best technical writing courses in Varanasi. They are globally recognized for the various courses they offer. They have the best mentors to get trained with. IIM skills are the best platform for learners to become pro technical writers.


They have experience in teaching more than 1400 students who have gotten certified training and become professionals in various fields. They have spread all over India. They offer the best E learnings with 100% tools accessibility therefore students can enroll for technical writing courses in Varanasi from any part of the world.


IIM also assures job placement. They take a full authority to support their students to build their careers professionally. They offer participation in their live projects for practical experiences. Therefore they rank as the best technical writing courses in Varanasi.


Technical Writing Course Curriculum:

  • 5 weeks of live sessions for an online technical writing course
  • Offers 20 hours plus practical assignments
  • Offer internships for practical experience.
  • Assures lifetime support to their students for upgrading their portfolios.
  • Offers a platform for their students to publish their first white paper.
  • They make their students experts in various forms of technical writing.
  • Offers practical learning to each of their students.
  • Helps in understanding the complex technical concepts to their students easily and simply.
  • Helps students to follow and adhere to the protocols and rules of technical documentation.
  • Helps students recognize various forms of technical communications and help them choose the best format for providing technical information.
  • Assures full support in job placements


Other Courses


2. Udemy


Udemy is among the ranking institutes that offer the best technical writing courses in Varanasi. They have the best professional coaches to train their students to become experts in technical writing. They Offer no deadline to finish the course because of which students can study as per their flexibility. They cover a wide range of topics under Technical writing courses in Varanasi.



  • There are around 100 plus sessions in each course.
  • They provide 22 exercise sheets and 22 solution sheets
  • They organize quizzes for their students to train them hard
  • They provide PDF Ebooks
  • They provide PDF supplementary documents
  • There are no deadlines to finish the course. Flexibility to learn and finish the course.
  • There are free weekly updates on writing tips, ideas, and tutorials
  • Students learn from professionals with more than 20 years of experience


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3. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a popular and renowned institute for the various courses they offer. Henry Harvin is counted on the top list for the technical writing courses in Varanasi. They have trainers from the most respected industries having experience of more than 15 years of.


The faculties here are recognized by numerous organizations for many years for the quality of their work. So far these faculties have successfully been able to deliver more than 300 lectures and are domain expertise with Henry Harvin in their academy. They also provide internships for gaining practical experience. Henry Harvin assures 100% job placements.


With the current scenario they are accessible for E-learnings with tools contends and video recordings therefore you are not limited to any location to apply for technical writing courses in Varanasi. Students are also given authorized and valid certifications after the completion of their course.



  • Get trained by the best coaches who are experts and industry specialists.
  • Organize regular Bootcamp.
  • Offer participation in live projects for practical experience.
  • Have access to e-learnings
  • Offer internships for better practical learning.
  • Authorized certification after completion of the course.
  • Offer free access to their #askhenry hackathons and competitions.
  • Offers free 1-year gold membership for certified technical writing courses.


These institutes offer e-learnings therefore you need not be from a particular location to take this course. Hence you get trained online and get professional guidance and support for technical writing courses in Varanasi online and anywhere outside Varanasi.


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Frequently Asked questions


1. Can I apply for a technical l writing course if my current career is in content writing?

Absolutely yes, in today’s world both content writing and technical writing are important. Even if they are not similar to each other, they are kind of linked with each other when it comes to conveying complex information to their audiences. Therefore a content writer can apply for a technical writing course to enhance his portfolio.


2. What is the eligibility to enroll in a technical writing course?

Any graduate can apply for this course, however, you need to have basic knowledge about web designing, graphics, computer science, and basic knowledge about how to use technology also you need to have good communication skills.


3. Will technical writing help me earn a good income?

Yes of course. In today’s world where technology rules, anything that will enhance your skills about how to use technology will help you build your career and earn a good income. You can also use technical writing skills as your side income along with your job. Since technology is a process that needs timely updates and changes one needs to be updated and this will increase the demand for tech writers.




Technology is the fastest growing industry and there will always be the scope for growth for careers related to the technology sector. Hence with no second thought, there is a wide scope of success for technical writers. So if you are planning to have future career goals as a technical writer there is very little scope of not having a successful career provided you are open to learning and adapting to new techniques. If you are very passionate about following your passion you should enroll in the technical writing courses in Varanasi and watch your career graph moving upwards towards success and growth. Of Course, there is a good scope for earning money.


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