Top 5 Technical writing courses in Madurai

Are you looking for technical writing courses in Madurai? Your search ends right here. This article will elucidate the nuances of a technical writing course and the scope of pursuing a technical writing course. This article will also give details of the 5 best places to pursue technical writing training and the potential career benefits to the students who pursue a technical writing course.


List of best technical writing courses in Madurai


What Is Technical Writing?


In plain words, technical writing involves simplifying the jargon (technical terms used by experts in a particular field) to make it palatable to a regular naive audience such that the information gains usability. For example, the user guide that comes from an inhaler that we purchase is a piece of medical writing, a branch of technical writing.


It provides primary information like a step-by-step infographic about how to use the inhaler, the storage conditions of the inhaler, the potential risk factors associated with the inhaler, the things that increase the usability of the inhaler to the end-user.


There are different types of technical writing, some of which are for B2B purposes – where the end-users are corporates, technicians, etcetera. The technical writing comprises reviews and reports of company products, statement of purpose documents, whitepapers, and API documents (required in drug development and clinical trials).


On the other hand, technical documents for B2C purposes include instruction manuals, assembly and repair manuals for electronic devices, brochures on drug use, and likewise documents.


The most common purpose of technical writing is communicating and explaining complex information in simple words to others. You can call technical writing a type of practical transactional writing where one provides information or convinces the other.


The purpose of technical writing is utilitarian and of spreading knowledge with an ultimate goal, such as promoting your products or services. The quality of technical writing depends on its clear message, brevity, depth, reliability, and user-friendliness.


Skills Required for Technical Writing


After knowing what technical writing is, the obvious next question that comes to one’s mind is what skills do one requires to become a better technical writer. Technical writing involves steps like:


Project preparation- This step includes gathering background knowledge about a particular technical subject. Now, as a writer, you are not expected to be an engineer, a doctor, an academician all at the same time, so once you get a project, you need to read vociferously and do background research.


This process involves reading existing documents in the field, undertaking surveys, reading case studies, etc. Thus, to be a better technical writer, one must be an avid reader and a keen researcher.


Customer Analysis– This is one of the most needed activities for any technical writer. A technical writer will analyze the knowledge base of his consumer, then probe the problems that are he/she might face, the usual questions that he/she may have, and provide easy, doable solutions to those problems. Thus, a better technical writer has to be a great analyst.


Document preparation– This step involves writing the technical document, and it involves explanations, graphics, do-it-yourself steps, frequently asked questions in it. Thus like all good writers, a good technical writer is organized and loves to write (a lot).


Revision- This is the last crucial step in all writing which includes a thorough correction to make the document error-free and attractive. Thus, we observe that a technical writer must be a good proofreader and a patient reader.


So, taking a technical writing program in Madurai will brush up on your existing skills. The program will further educate you with new skills to improve your writing. Your writing will have more clarity and brevity that increase the usability of information and thus promote the marketing of products and services.


What Is the Scope of Technical Writing?


Again, a simple example will answer the above question in the best possible manner. How many of you go to an electronics store to purchase a simple gadget, say a mixer or coffee machine. Most millennials do not have the time to go gadget shopping one day, then wait for two days for the technician to arrive to show them how the appliance works.


We will tell you what most of you would do, you just order it online, read a manual and learn how to use the gadget yourself at your convenience. Now, the above-mentioned end-user manual is a piece of technical writing that saves your day.


Why Are Technical Writers Necessary for the Industry?


Industry requires technical writers for varied purposes, such as:

  • Preparation of marketing or sales documentation/ brochures to sell their products or services.
  • Revising the existing documents when a product or service is improved or modified.
  • Preparation of Product manuals and User manuals or Instruction manuals.
  • Documentation of intercommunication among various departments like Sales, Production, Research & Development, etc., within the organization, for present and future reference.


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Demand for Technical Writers


Presently, like in pan India, the demand for technical writing courses in Madurai is high, because the availability of certified technical writers in the industry is low. The companies generally recruit freshers and train them in the job as technical writers. Such practices result not only in loss of money and time but also in low quality of writing.


Technology is growing more and more each day; for example, technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have already made their way into our lives, and our dependence on technology for solutions and innovation is also increasing.


As a result, the demand graph for technical writers is growing exponentially, and at the same thing for their career growth too. Hence, technical writing is a great career option for you both presently and in the future. Moreover, increasing availability and accessibility of the internet due to the ‘Digital India’ program has also increased the demand for technical writers.


US Bureau of Labour states that the projected demand growth for technical writers will be 10% between 2014 and 2024. And with the advent of globalization and e-commerce in a big way, there is an increased demand for technical writers. All this point that after completing training in technical writing, you will not face any lull for jobs.


The Importance of Technical Writing Courses


With globalization, many companies in developed countries are outsourcing technical writing jobs to India that are relatively cheap here. Further, with the fast growth of the economy, the already vast Indian consumer base of foreign and Indian products and services is increasing each day.


In such an environment, many companies prefer Indian technical writers as they are more conversant with the needs and mindset of Indian consumers. Being the cultural center of the state of Tamil Nadu, with talks of making it the state’s second capital and selected as a smart city, Madurai is developing fast.


Moreover, Madurai has around 80.5% literacy rate, and many important government educational institutes, such as the Madurai Medical College, Madurai Law College, Agricultural College, and Research Institute, the seat of a bench of the Madras High Court, have a highly educated society and no shortage of talented youth.


Madurai has already become a hub for the IT Product sector, and more and more tech firms have set up offices in Madurai in the past few years. It already has a ready environment for technical writers, and the technical writing training programs will provide more opportunities for people interested in technical communication.


Here is a list of the top 5 professional technical writing courses in Madurai that will groom you with industry-relevant skills to get your dream job


1. IIM Skills


One of India’s top professional tech companies provides technical writing courses in Madurai. They have a comprehensive technical writing train g program of 5 weeks duration with 60+ hours of practical assignments. Their trainers have vast industrial experience. The plus point of their technical writing program in Madurai is that they offer extensive placement assistance and guaranteed internship opportunities.


  • Their course curriculum is so beautifully designed that a candidate can develop his/her portfolio while undergoing the course itself.
  • They make students tool friendly and teach the use of MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Scribus, etcetera.
  • They offer lifetime access to their course recordings and tools once a candidate has enrolled in their program.
  • They offer a certificate after course completion.
  • Moreover, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if a student is dissatisfied with the training.


Thus, for a fresher, this technical writing program in Madurai is the perfect launchpad for his/her career. On completing the course, their graduates can get hired by world-renowned companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, and Amazon.


Eligibility– Any graduate with basic knowledge of the internet can take up their technical writing course.


Technical Writing Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • How to write
  • Content Creation
  • Technical Reports
  • Writing white papers
  • DDLC
  • Conversion Writing
  • API documentation
  • Datasheet
  • User Manuals
  • Application Noted
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical writing
  • Case Studies


Fees: 14900+18% GST


Other Course


2. Udemy


Udemy provides technical writing courses in Madurai via online mode. They have several programs under technical writing that are delivered all year round.



  • They provide the most affordable technical writing program in Madurai under different instructors from well-known international universities. They offer whopping discounts of up to 86% on original fees for many of their courses, making the courses pocket friendly.
  • They provide 5.5 hours of on-demand videos of the course for learning purposes with lifetime access to their course materials.
  • They offer certification on course completion.
  • Their students get hired by top companies like Nasdaq, Eventbrite, and NetApp after course completion.


Eligibility– They prefer prospective candidates with a good grasp of English grammar and motivated learners willing to complete the entire course.


Course Curriculum

  • Identifying the goals of technical writing
  • Researching a topic
  • Analyzing competition
  • Analyzing audience
  • Writing a perfect technical book
  • Revising the technical book
  • Marketing the book


Fees-Rs. 455 to Rs.8500 depending upon the course you choose, both course fee and the discount available vary. They also have a money return policy up to 1 month after joining the course.


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3. TechWriter-Certification


Techwriter-Certification is a learning platform that delivers online courses planned only for technical communication. They are a member organization of the Society of Technical Communication and provide online technical writing courses in Madurai to freelancers, consultants, company employees, and freshers.



  • Courses are taught by industry experts working in the field of technology for decades.
  • Courses on different categories of technical writing are targeted toward varying individuals such as freshers, writers, corporate employees, consultants, and even government officials.
  • Certificate on course completion with a verifiable credential from an accredited university. On request, their Accredited University Partners also issue a paper-based certificate.
  • Assignments are self-paced but must be completed within a prescheduled time.
  • If additional time is needed to complete the course of study, Extension Fees apply, which are about $149 for a single month, $179 for two months, and $199 for three months.


Details of courses:

  • Basic Certificate in Technical Writing: designed for beginners- teaching technical communication skills, audience analysis, using graphics in content, and more. The 90 contact hours course fee is $975.00.
  • Certificate in Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers: designed for people already in the field, those in the IT industry, or those who want to be trainers. The 90 contact hours course fee is $975.00.
  • Certificate in Professional Technical Communication – Portfolio: teaches project-planning process, diverse format, and style relevant to various writing assignments. The 140 contact hours course fee is $1,200.00.
  • Comprehensive Career Builder Certificate in Technical Writing: for those who are seriously interested in advancing their career in the area of Technical Communication. The 150 contact hours course fee is $2,399.00.


4. TechTotal Soft Systems Private Limited


They are among the few organizations in India that provide documentation services in Hyderabad and professional technical writing courses in Madurai. The video online mode delivers a technical writing program in Madurai.



The organization has experienced professionals and experts in providing the growing technical writing needs of corporates and individuals in the country.


  • Promotes technical writing best practices among Indian organizations, by developing a center of excellence (in Hyderabad), by providing the best technical writing training courses and technical documentation services for the industry.
  • They partner with peer technical writers and experts in the technical documentation field to provide tools and training to individuals and organizations for captivating technical documentation.
  • Their team consists of technical writers and editors, many of whom are skilled programmers, engineers, and scientists.


Course Title: Full-Time Certificate Course in Technical Writing (FTW)

Eligibility: Any Graduate

Mode of delivery: Online Training

Duration: 3months


Course Modules:

a) Software Development Life Cycle

b) Technical Writing

c) Documentation Process

d) Technical Writing Process

e) Grammar and Editing

f) Technical Writing Software Tools (Microsoft Word, Macromedia, Adobe RoboHelp, Adobe FrameMaker, Snag IT, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint, Photoshop)


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5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is another leading Edtech company in India, providing technical writing courses in Madurai.



  • They have trainers who have 10+ years of experience
  • They are affiliated with the American Association of the EFL, UK Cert, Professional writing association of India, and MSME (Government of India).
  • They provide 24×7 access to their teaching content to enrolled students.
  • They provide certification on course completion and prepare students for other industry-relevant certifications.
  • They provide guaranteed internships after completion of the course.
  • They provide placements assistance. They have tie-ups with top corporates and send regular emails on upcoming job opportunities.
  • They offer lifetime membership of Henry Harvin writing academy that provides brush-up sessions for one year.


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Technical writing process which teaches research, task analysis, content publishing
  • Components of technical writing document which teach creating a TOC, LOF etcetera
  • Creating a template for a technical document
  • Soft skill development
  • Resume writing
  • Technical writing software tools
  • Overview of formats of Technical Documents
  • Advanced technical writing tools like API documentation and XML.


Fee- Rupees 15000, they also provide no-cost EMI.




1. What difference will it make if I take a technical writing program in Madurai versus a content writing course in Madurai?

It is a question that most freshers have in mind. Although technical writing is also a form of content writing, there are differences – a piece of technical writing is usually more formal and involves breaking up complex technical terms for a regular audience. Technical writing requires in-depth technical/theoretical knowledge; hence a content writer will not write API documentation while a technical writer will.


2. Do I need an advanced degree to be eligible for technical writing courses in Madurai? 

No, you do not need to hold an advanced or a specialized degree like a Ph.D. or an MBBS to be a suitable candidate for taking up a technical writing course. As mentioned, requirements are very primary, such as a good grasp of the English language since most technical writing happens for the global community.


3. What positions and range of salaries can I expect to get after pursuing technical writing courses in Madurai?

After completing technical writing courses in Madurai, a job as an online researcher fetches around thirty thousand a month, a position as a medical writer you can expect to get paid in the range of rupees eighteen thousand to seventy thousand a month. Once you become a senior technical writer, you can expect a take-home salary between rupees forty thousand to one and a half lakhs per month.


4. Will taking technical writing courses in Madurai help me obtain industry-relevant certificates?

Yes, these institutes listed above provide handholding for acquiring other industry-relevant certifications like those developed by the American Medical Writing Certification for medical writers.


5. What difference will it make if I take a technical writing course online versus offline mode?

In this digital age today, most people prefer to take courses online for convenience, as they can take them from the comfort of their home without incurring any traveling costs or wasting any time. Secondly, millennials prefer to take multiple courses together or take the program while they are already employed regularly, as such an online course serves their purpose. For a technical writing course, all the modules of the course curriculum can be delivered both in online and offline mode, thereby making no difference whether you take technical writing courses in Madurai in online or offline mode.




The field of technical writing is a fast emerging one. A country like India has the perfect conditions to utilize the new job opportunities created by this emerging field. Given that most of India’s population is below the age of thirty and there is a shortage of jobs to absorb the fresh graduates coming into the market every day, technical writing courses in Madurai gain high importance. Moreover, with the emergence of a globalized world, the high-paying jobs of the west are also up for grabs.


Hence courses like a technical writing course, digital marketing, or content writing course act as a bridge that helps fresh college graduates join the market and helps upskill those who are already working. Now that you are aware of these affordable technical writing courses in Madurai, it is time for you to get enrolled in one of them and give wings to your career.


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