Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in UK

Technology has taken a good hold over us and our world, and each day we are reaching new heights in the technology arena. Being aware of such innovative and ever-updating technology is now quite a need in this dynamic environment. We introduce you to the new need of the hour which is technical writing. Technical communication about different sorts of technical fields and occupations is what technical writing consists of. A form of writing where you write about a particular subject that has immersed specialized knowledge and is unique to the subject for a proper understanding.


List of best technical writing courses in UK


The subjects could be about computer information, technical updates in gadgets, gadget manual, engineering, electronics, finance, applications, software, medicines or medical procedures, sports, etc. Technical writing is a desirable skill that is making a strong mark in the professional world.


Conventionally, technical writing was thought to be only a manual writing job where it explained or instructed the processes for the use of some gadget or electronic product. But the immense growth in the technology sector has broadened the arena of technical writing.


Now, it is not limited to just user manuals but any form of writing for a technical subject of sorts. The demand for technical writing as the occupation is growing rapidly and is expected to grow even more at a fast pace in the future. It demands proficiency and supreme knowledge of the topics one is doing technical writing for.


The professional workplace has seen immense growth in the technical writing sector and has opened opportunities for people to make this occupation a successful career option. A person who performs technical writing is the technical writer that is also termed as his or her occupation in the professional workplace.


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Work of Technical Writers


The technical writing they perform depends on the type of industry and product they are working for. They must have complete knowledge and understanding of the technical topics for which they have to do write. They should have a high level of understanding of the entire project to be proficient and be able to communicate in the same understanding manner to the reader and prospective reader.


The communication should be appealing so that it engages the reader rather than making it a monotonous read, ultimately, leading to less engagement from the readers. In today’s world, it is not a tough roadway to become a technical writer.


There are a number of courses that are offered by various organizations and universities. Technical writing courses in UK help one to understand the techniques, tips, and tricks to write a well-framed piece. It helps in career growth and provides many opportunities to grow.


To become a professional technical writer, one must undertake such courses as it gives more clarity and help to write at a fast pace. Such courses help you to stand out in this highly competitive world. Such technical courses are available for professionals, students, interns, and all those who wish to pursue their careers in this occupation.


It can be undertaken according to the schedule of individuals as it is available both offline as well as online. These courses are provided in batches on weekdays as well as weekends, considering the time limitation of people with other jobs. It can be a highly valuable addition to your resume and can give you the needed career boost.


So let’s move to the technical writing courses in UK that are offered to you considering all necessary points.


Rank# 1. Technical Writing Courses in UK


1. IIM Skills


To pursue technical writing courses in UK, IIM Skills is one of the top players in the sector. It is a well-known name to offer engaging and live courses. They provide live lectures during the course for a total duration of 16 hours. These sessions are engaging and interactive where the participants can ask questions and clear their doubts while attending the lecture.


They provide a variety of courses considering the ever-growing demand for talent in the professional market. And the technical course provided by them is most suitable for the information technology sector. It can be taken up by any professional, who wishes to switch their career in this field.


The 16 hour live sessions are also followed by an internship of 3 months that is optional and depends on the participant whether he or she wishes to continue it. Students or participants are given regular assignments that are to be completed within a certain deadline.

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

It is to bring the students into the daily practice of writing. The practical exercises during classes help in engagement among the participants and they are given regular assignments provided with relevant feedback to improve their writing.


The offered courses aim to provide complete knowledge and understanding of the topics and terms and to be aware of the jargon used in the technical field. The course comes with a placement facility too and can enhance their resume with such valuable and educational certification courses.


Other courses my IIM Skills


Rank# 2. Technical Writing Courses in UK


2. Emphasis Training Limited


It is very important for writers to communicate their piece of writing to the audience in a way that is understandable and clear. Technical writing is an arena that may get difficult for non-technical people to understand, therefore, this course assists learners in such a manner that they are able to reach the audience on a mass level and be able to connect with the non-technical group too in an understandable way.


One of the most popular courses in UK, it assists the participants to enhance their expertise in technical writing. The teaching of this course is more based on realistic examples so that the learners are able to connect with it in a more relatable manner.


Workplace scenarios, examples, exercises, real-world problems, and situations are some of the ways to pass on learning used in the course. These exercises are aimed to help participants in learning technical writing courses in UK for both technical as well as the non-technical group.


Each participant is given attention and support and is encouraged to partake in practical group exercises to bring out their best in writing. Emphasis Training Limited has an interesting way to point out the writing styles of individuals so that they can understand them and accordingly guide them towards their respective improvements.


Each participant submits a writing sample that is analyzed to find out the areas that need improvement and group them for training programs accordingly to focus on those areas. Regular quizzes, assessments, newsletters, updates are provided to participants for their further improvement.


It is an interactive program that provides intensive guidance to participants for technical writing and editing. It assists them to achieve high efficiency in all types of technical documentation.  A proper framework to write about a technical topic needs clarity, logic, confidence, explanations, systematic approach so that the reader understands and all this is provided by a skilled trainer who conveys appropriate tips tricks, and techniques.


Regular writing sessions, presentations, exercises help in polishing the writing techniques of the participants. It focuses on writing to be in a certain logical framework be considerate of the reader and carefully add on graphics, videos, tables, graphs, charts to make the writing more appealing and clear.


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Rank# 3. Technical Writing Courses in UK


3. Udemy


A well-known name in the list of online learning sectors, Udemy provides a variety of courses to master the specific art you are looking for. An interesting fact about Udemy is that it provides lifetime access to the content of the course to all the participants who enroll to take up the course.


It offers a number of courses to master the art of technical writing among which you can choose according to your need. They have a list of curricula for participants to choose from among the available courses. The course offers download of content resources that assist the learner throughout the course.


Learners can access the course on any smart device from anywhere. An authorized certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course. The technical writing courses in UK by udemy helps in producing a well-communicated form of writing that is understandable, meaningful, has a good vocabulary, and is suitable for readers to connect with it.


Many professionals can benefit from it and enhance their skills to achieve a great deal in their respective careers. Technical writing has a certain systematic form of writing that includes a process to generate a well-written document.


The writing should be clear enough for the audience to understand it otherwise the sole purpose of preparing and writing documentation for an audience is ruined. This course helps the participants to improve the areas of writing where they lack the needful and guide them to be confident and clear about the topic.


The course is beneficial for any professional who wishes to enhance their skill and upgrade their career achievements. A certificate of completion is provided to each participant on completion of this course.


Rank# 4. Technical Writing Courses in UK


4. Coursera


One of the best online learning platforms, Coursera offers prominent technical writing courses in UK. A number of courses are available for people to choose from according to their preference. The courses come with the level of learning that is they are available for beginners, intermediates, and experts.


The level of learning makes it easy for the participant to acquire the knowledge according to their job and experience. Courses by Coursera are highly regarded and are quite efficient to develop required writing skills to exactly match the preference you are looking for.

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

Participants are taught report writing for all kinds of reports like laboratory reports, research reports, etc. The course curriculum is specially designed to teach the correct technical writing style to identify different structures and understand the relevance of it all.


The writing taught is rich in quality and content and participants are told the appropriate techniques to generate a well-written document. The queries and doubts are solved and cleared for all participants. This course helps in expertise in the art of technical writing and produces flawless content in the challenging market to stand out.


A certificate of completion is provided to all participants at the end of the course that adds a valuable addition to the resume and helps them land the job of their preference in the ever-changing market that sees cutthroat competition with each passing day.


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Rank# 5. Technical Writing Courses in UK


5. Henry Harvin Academy


The list of top technical courses includes the name Henry Harvin Academy too as one of the most popular choices to pursue technical writing. They provide module-based content in the course curriculum that prepares participants for the job challenges faced by them in the market.


It helps them to stand out in the crowd and be able to prepare and create industry-appropriate technical content that will boost their career growth. The appealing benefits of lifetime access to the course content and valuable addition to resume are hard to miss.


They also provide placement facilities to the participants and help them seek appropriate jobs. It could be termed as one of the great technical writing courses in UK. The live and interactive session is of the duration of 32 hours where participants can ask questions and clear doubts.


These are interactive lecture sessions to engage the learners and help them understand the relevant topics with clarity. They are given regular assignments to complete and provided due feedback for them that highlights their improvement areas.


These courses focus more on practical learning rather than theoretical knowledge to prepare participants to gain experience on a real-time basis as that would help them in their respective jobs. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course with good placement opportunities. It helps participants prepare content on scientific and technical processes and topics.


The language and vocabulary are of utmost importance and the technicality of the various concepts is explained. The core concepts are well explained with proper explanations for language and content. The course is suitable for all professionals who wish to pursue their career n technical writing.


A well-written technical document includes appropriate explanations of various concepts and topics and the correct use of jargon. The needed techniques are taught in this well-defined course that offers a practical approach for learners to grasp the needed information.


Participants can connect with the trainer directly to clear their doubts and confusion regarding any topic or concept. They are given due attention and feedback for their queries.




1. Are such courses a true addition to my resume?

Well, the answer is Yes! Such courses add a valuable addition to your resume and make you stand out in the crowd with knowledge of the new emerging market.


2. Are these courses in UK expensive?

The courses are budget-friendly and offer a great deal of learning. Also, these institutes provide free courses as well. You can check the free courses and course fees for paid ones and choose according to your preference.


3. Do they have weekend batches for the working professionals?

Definitely yes! These organizations and institutes offer a variety of courses that are scheduled on weekends. They consider the fact of a time crunch with professionals and offer weekend classes for you.



Technical writing is a more broad aspect that is more than having a good trainer. It requires full attention and participation from the learners to be a successful technical writer. It is more than earning a qualification, learners should be motivated enough to achieve their committed goals. Technical writing is not that of a cakewalk as it might sound. One needs to be careful and attentive while creating a technical writing document.


It requires brainstorming and attention to detail to type a well-written document. The course can only help you land a good and well-paying job only when it is accompanied by dedication and hard work. Participants should be constantly focused on improving themselves and their writing and learn from every challenge they confront. Producing content is a team task that requires assistance from various people who contribute their valuable knowledge in producing the final content.


The knowledge from various stakeholders is then moved, edited, altered, churned, and polished to generate clear and appealing content that is understandable by the target audience. The technical field includes a lot of authentic information that is required to be explained in the most suitable way so that learner understands it and acquire relevant knowledge from it.

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