Top 6 Renowned Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow

From extremely sophisticated fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and aeronautics to daily products such as cellphones, fitness devices, home appliances, computers, and so on, technology is all around us. How successfully a technology business communicates its goods and services to clients and other stakeholders determines how successful it is. Technical writing abilities are useful in this situation. We’ll take a look at technical writing in more detail in this article. We’ve compiled a list of five technical writing courses in Lucknow, both online and offline that will put you on the fast track to becoming a professional technical writer.


List of best technical writing courses in Lucknow


What is Technical Writing?


Simply put, technical writing is the skill of demystifying complex aspects of any technology and presenting it in a way that the audience can grasp. Do you recall getting a little “User Guide” when you bought a new gadget? You’ve probably come across something called a “Developers handbook” if you’ve done any computer programming.


Alternatively, if you work for a technological business, you may have witnessed your product team presenting presentations to the company’s marketing team and investors.


Types of Technical Writing


Depending on the company you work for, the aim of communication, and the kind of audience, technical writing encompasses a wide range of writing styles. Technical writing comes in a variety of forms, including:


1. Writing for Professional Audience: Research papers, programming guides, repair manuals, Science and Medical Papers, Professional Reports and Reviews, and other pieces of communication prepared for field specialists and professionals.


2. Writing for End-Users: User help guides, product manuals, assembly recommendations, technical publications, and other “how-to” forms of communication designed with end-users in mind.


3. Writing for Marketing: White papers and case studies, proposals and pitches, brochures, and other forms of written communication used to advertise a technological product or service.


Why Choose Technical Writing as a Career


  • Companies Are Aggressively Hiring in This Ever-growing Profession

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh’s cosmopolitan capital, is also a technological and education center. IIT Lucknow is one of the city’s most prestigious educational and research institutes. As a result, it has a lot to offer someone interested in technical writing, which is becoming a more popular employment option.


The demand for technical writers has gradually increased. Job growth of 12% is expected to be faster than the worldwide average pace. A minimum of 3000 job vacancies for technical writers may be found on any online employment directory in India. With the expansion of software and electronic device companies, there is a growing demand for easy-to-understand documentation.


Companies, particularly those operating online, are increasingly recognizing the value of clear and concise information. Because of the rising usage of intranets and the internet, people with technical writing abilities now have more job prospects. To meet this need, many institutes are now offering Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow, both online and in person.


Top corporations rapidly employing content writers include Accenture, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, and others. One might expect to be engaged by such firms after completing any of the following technical writing courses in Lucknow.


Here Are Other Renowned Courses in Lucknow


  • Lucrative Pay

Technical writers are compensated differently based on their skills, experience, and work location. Technical Writer salaries in Lucknow range from 3.0 lakhs to 6.1 lakhs, with an average yearly income of 4.4 lakhs for those with less than 2 years of experience.


Technical writers work for a wide range of organizations, including government agencies, commercial enterprises, software developers, and electronics and equipment makers. You can also work as a technical writer on a contract basis. Joining a professional group, having a wide network, and developing a strong reputation can all help you find a decent technical writing position.


  • Ease of Obtaining an H1B Visa

Technical writers are in high demand in the United States. As a result, more firms are sponsoring H1B visas for technical writers. If technical writing is your chosen occupation, it will be easier to obtain an H1-B visa.


  • Continuous Improvement in Knowledge and Skills

A technical writer is on the cutting edge of scientific and technological advancements. When it comes to becoming a competent technical writer, the capacity to comprehend complicated concepts is a need. The employment entails a commitment to continuous skill development.


Technical writers are expected to gain additional abilities related to this type of content writing in the future, such as web design, graphics development, web content management, and so on. Now that we have a better understanding of the technical writing profession, let’s dive into our top 6 picks for technical writing courses in Lucknow.


Top 6 Institutes Providing Technical Writing Courses 


#1. IIM Skills


The first pick for Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow is Technical Writing Master Course by IIM Skills. IIM Skills, based in New Delhi, India, is one of the leading online education service providers in the world. This Technical Writing Master Course is a one-of-a-kind, high-quality course produced by mentors with extensive technical writing expertise. Each participant receives personalized attention due to the course’s small batch size.


Best Suited For

Anyone with a willingness to study and a desire to pursue a career in Technical Writing would benefit from our online Technical Writing Training. This training will be highly valuable to people who work in the following fields:

  • Writers of Content
  • Marketing Managers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Design/Development Engineers
  • Technical Documentation Engineers
  • Configuration and Control Engineers
  • Engineers who work in software
  • Technical Writers on the Job



This Technical Writing Course at IIM Skills is open to anybody. A graduate of any discipline with a passion for technology and writing and good communication skills. If you’re new to technical writing, their Technical Writing Master Course is a great place to start. If you already have some experience, this course will reinforce and establish your fundamentals while also preparing you for better prospects in the sector.


Duration & Mode of Delivery

This 5-week curriculum contains over 60 hours of practical projects and over 26 hours of live online teaching. The beauty of this mode of distribution is that it allows people from all around the world to take part.


What you will learn in Technical Writing Course

The Technical Writing Master Course focuses on all of the critical abilities required to excel in the technical writing field. You will be able to do the following after finishing this course:


  • Create/craft written content that is both captivating and concise.
  • Recognize the many forms of technical communication and select the most appropriate format for providing technical information.
  • Explain complex technical issues in a way that even a layperson can grasp.
  • All formatting and documentation rules must be followed.
  • Include design elements in your papers to make them more visually appealing while also improving the reading experience.


In comparison to other Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow, this course contains the most up-to-date and practical tools for curating technical content. Investing in the right equipment and software is an excellent approach to help any activity go more smoothly. You will also learn about the most effective software tools for technical writing throughout this course.


Other Courses


#2: Education and Career Times (ECT)


The next place for Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow is Technical Writing Course by Education and Career Times (ECT). ECT, which is based in Delhi, seeks to transform the face of education and has taught people who are currently working in the global industry. It began as a simple blog and has evolved into a global technical education powerhouse in less than a decade.


 They Offer Two Types of Courses:

  • Technical writing course
  • Technical writing course + (HTML + CSS + JavaScript)


To begin your career as a technical writer, the “Technical Writing Course” is sufficient. It includes everything you’ll need to accomplish the majority of entry-level and middle-level technical writing jobs. However, as you advance in your career and seek senior positions at top software firms such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others, you will need to be able to understand source code, particularly when writing documentation for engineers.


In such circumstances, these companies look for people who are proficient in HTML and at least one programming language, such as C++ or JavaScript. Basic HTML and JavaScript skills will help you advance faster in your career and enable you to work in cross-functional teams.


#3: Tech Writer


Our third pick for Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow is the Certificate course for technical writing at Tech Writer. This course is designed to improve the knowledge of learners who desire to upskill to perform better in their current jobs. Those who are seeking technical writing classes in Lucknow to develop a technical language to become more effective technical communicators should enroll in their courses.


Additionally, individuals who wish to create papers with great readability and useful content must check their courses. Tech writer has compiled a list of stand-alone courses that will meet the aforementioned learning requirements.


#4: Coursera


Our fourth pick for Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow is the Technical writing course by Coursera. Coursera is an online education platform that offers high-quality courses from reputable universities throughout the world. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology provides technical writing courses in Lucknow.


The contents of this online course are around 19 hours long. It may be used by writers in Lucknow who are seeking technical writing courses. It covers themes including technical writing subtleties, research and organization requirements for technical writing, and the creation of numerous technical reports and papers.


The human touch is missing in this course, unlike physical courses. This course will provide you with the necessary abilities to become a competent technical writer, but it will not assist you with applying for employment or improving your interviewing skills.


#5. Skill Upgrader


The Skills Upgrader course on content writing may be regarded by anybody interested in technical writing courses in Lucknow that also diversify into the larger subject of content writing. The structure of this course is the same as the live online classroom. Even though it is a content writing course, it covers the majority of subcategories of content writing, including technical writing.


This course is best for students who are interested in all sorts of content writing with a concentration on technical writing. The instructors become more reachable as a result of the live online lectures, assisting with any queries and hastening the learning of crucial ideas. Among the skills taught in this course are producing FAQs, instruction manuals, and how-to guides, which are the foundations of a successful technical writer.


#6. Henry Harvin


Our fifth pick for Technical Writing training is Technical Writing Course by Henry Harvin. Extensive learning is undoubtedly required for simple writing. However, there is no rule that learning cannot be enjoyable if there is a lot to learn.


With this in mind, Henry Harvin has created a course that will not only allow you to express your writing talents but will also expose you to your creative side, which is essential for technical writing. Because technical writing, despite its complexity, cannot be dull and unimaginative. If you’re looking for technical writing classes in Lucknow, Henry Harvin is a great place to start.


Harvin Henry’s courses have garnered honors and certificates for being among the finest in the business on several occasions. You will be able to compose a thesis, research proposals, research papers, and excellent citations after the course. You will be able to explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience, which is what a skilled technical writer should be able to do.


This increases your chances of landing a decent job overseas while also updating your existing employment profile and skill set. They educate in a real-time online classroom, providing a more tailored learning experience than is now accessible. They design this course for corporate training as well as individual one-on-one instruction.




1. What qualifications do you need to be a technical writer?

There are no formal entrance requirements for working as a technical writer. Excellent writing skills are required, and most companies prefer individuals with a postsecondary education, such as an English degree or a technical communication certification.


2. What do Technical writers do?

Technical writers are capable of doing the following tasks:

  • Determine information needs with the help of managers, developers, users, and others.
  • Prepare instructions, SOPs, forms, and policies by planning, researching, and writing clear, accurate material.
  • Create content in several mediums, such as video, web, audio, print, and interactive eLearning.
  • Analyze and manage work assignments and documentation projects. The layout and structure of publications are designed.
  • Create diagrams for business, science, and technology.
  • By editing other authors’ work for consistency and clarity, you may test content for usability.
  • Organize the translation procedure.


3. Can you become a technical writer without a degree?

Employers frequently favor candidates having a bachelor’s degree in English or another communications-related subject. Technical writing jobs may need a bachelor’s degree as well as knowledge of a technical area, such as engineering, computer science, or medicine.


4. What education is needed for technical writing?

Technical writers must be excellent communicators, both in writing and orally, as well as quick learners, personable, and able to relate to a diverse audience. Management abilities such as planning, time management, and project management are necessary. Technical writers can specialize in a variety of fields, including:

  • Science, engineering, and information technology
  • Content approach for eLearning development
  • Design for the user experience (UX).
  • Job openings for public relations professionals


5. What distinguishes a technical writer from a creative writer?

Technical writing is concerned with presenting facts and concepts clearly and understandably. On the other side, creative writing tries to elicit an action or just entertain. When it comes to technical writing, one cannot afford to be inventive. It is entirely accurate and is intended to inform and educate the reader.




Technical writing is, at its core, the skill of simplifying the complex. For anyone interested in becoming a writer, it’s one of the most profitable niches and career alternatives. Lucknow’s booming technology industry offers several opportunities for you to break into this profession. A variety of technical writing courses can assist you in getting started and putting you on the fast track to becoming a proficient technical writer. It is critical that you pick the best appropriate training course for you. Start with grasping the principles of any type of writing if you’re new to it. Improve your English language skills.


Investigate the work of other technical writers to learn what makes their work so successful. Technical writing may also need an understanding of a technical subject, such as engineering, computer science, or medicine, depending on the industry. You might start by enrolling in one of Lucknow’s technical writing courses. If you haven’t already, consider getting a degree or certification in one of these subjects to obtain a better grasp of the industry. Skills in planning, time management, and project management will enhance your resume and position you as a top prospect for any company looking to recruit a technical writer.


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