Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad

Have you ever bought a new electric gadget and made yourself comfortable with the help of a user guide? Have you ever developed a product and made it easy to use through handbooks?  Have you ever felt the manuals you receive with every new product assist you in becoming more aware of the product that aids in easy use? Thank the technical writers working behind to give you this experience. Not just the guides, manuals, and handbooks – Technical writing find its demand in every domain. From students to business organizations, from entrepreneurs to business strategists, technical writing has the momentum everywhere, and so is the demand for technical writing courses. Through this article, we will help you understand technical writing and the top technical writing courses in Ahmedabad. 


List of best technical writing courses in Ahmedabad


What Do Technical Writers Do?


As our experience with guides and manuals, the primary role of technical writers is to simplify complex information into layman’s understandable language. Before getting down to writing, the technical writers exclusively analyze their target audiences. This analysis holds a key value in the role of technical writers as it helps them decide on the tone, detailing level, and presentation required for the document.


The technical writers are expected to explore the product and perform detailed research. This helps them in creative self-explanatory copies as technical writers. With the above analysis and clear concise writing, the technical writers can effectively deliver understandable and relatable copies to all the target audiences. The below-mentioned list of technical writing courses in Ahmedabad assists you in making technical writing your forte.


Is a Technical Writing Course Worth It All?


Technical writing is an extremely broad field. With technology being omnipresent and humans turning dependent on it like never before – Technical writing needs the hour. Technical writers find their way into every organization and workforce. Error-free and understandable documentation is always in need as long as humans generate ideas, and want to communicate or express themselves. Technical writers are in demand for a plethora of roles. Moreover, the opportunities for technical writers are on an exponential rise in developing cities. 


After Pursuing Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad, the Individuals Could Move Into Any of the Below Roles:


S.No Technical Writer as S.NoTechnical Writer as 
1Case study writer9Science and medical paper writer 
2White paper writer10Technical editor
3UX writer 11End-User documentation writer
4Technical books writer12Technical marketing content writer 
5Report writer13Technical creative writer 
6Review Writer14Technical communication consultant
7Technical writer 15Technical Finance writer
8Grant Writer16Policies and procedure writer


Have a look at the other best courses in Ahmedabad:


Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad


If you have followed up here and are still reading this, we see how certain and serious you are about taking up this course. And you are at the right place to learn more about it. And, we tell you that you have made the right choice by choosing this career that shall push demanding content to the world. We are here for you. We are here to help you with the best technical writing courses in Ahmedabad. After covid, the learning has become digital and we provide you with the best technical course available.


1. IIM Skills


IIM skills is one of the world’s leading education providers that was started with a mission to provide world-class education at an affordable price. They identify the on-demand skill development courses and build a structured course for individuals to upskill. The professional courses at IIM Skills are led by experts with an experience of 12+ years. The institute guarantees hands-on experience and a certificate at the end of training. 


Key Topics Covered in the Technical Writing Course:


S.NoTopics coveredS.NoTools Learned
1Technical Reports1MS Visio
2Scientific Research2MS Project
3White Papers/Journals3GIT
4Conversational Writing4Scribus
5API Documentation5Canva
6Medical Writing6Powerpoint


Reasons to Enrol at IIM Skills Technical Writing Course

  • Live online sessions
  • One month guaranteed internship
  • Lifetime consulting and technical support
  • Placement assistance 
  • Assists in publishing technical writing articles 
  • Valued certificate


Other Courses


2. Education and Career Times (ECT)


Education and career times, popularly known to be ECT is the only training organization recognized by the government of India as a start-up. With a determination to redefine the ways of providing knowledge in India, they provide regular feedback and assistance. 


Key Topics Covered as Part of the Technical Writing Course

ECT provides two options from which one suitable technical writing course could be selected. One is for the beginners, starting new with technical writing and another is for advanced learning, for which even beginners could enroll.


Option#1: Technical Writing Course

This option serves the individuals starting with technical writing and targeting entry to mid-level positions as technical writers. It helps individuals to learn everything from scratch. From the detailed introduction to technical writing to grammar, styling, and helping them with basic tools, the course teaches everything with hands-on experience to start your career and excel. 


Reasons to Enrol in Ect  Technical Writing Course, Option#1

  • Recognized by the Government of India
  • Personalized attention and feedback
  • Live and interactive sessions
  • Internship opportunity
  • 6 Assignments
  • 6 Live projects
  • 12 Quizzes
  • 1 Certificate


Option#2:Technical Writing[HTML + CSS + JavaScript]Course Modules

ECT believes that along with technical writing the basic knowledge of HTML, and javascript will accelerate the career path. And, also aids collaboration and work with cross-functional teams. In this option#2, along with all the options #1 topics, HTML, Javascript, DOM structure, and debugging are included. 


Reasons to Enrol in ECT  Technical Writing Course, Option#2

  • Recognized by the Government of India
  • Personalized attention and feedback
  • Live and interactive sessions
  • Internship opportunity
  • 18 Assignments
  • 18 Live projects
  • 36 Quizzes
  • 4 Certificate


3. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning


Symbiosis center for distance learning, popularly known as SCDL, is one of the largest autonomous distance learning education institutes. The institute offers Postgraduate diplomas, diplomas, and certification courses on a wide range of topics. The institute has been an ISO-certified institute for the last 6 years.


Key Topics Covered as Part of the Technical Writing Course


Symbiosis center for distance learning provides a Postgraduate diploma in Technical writing (in Business Management). This is a two-year course providing detailed knowledge of technical writing. The two years of education include 4 semesters, and 2 semesters each year. The course is quite impressive with a lot covered as part of the curriculum. 


The first semester could be considered an introductory semester. Introduction to Technical Communication, Basic grammar, technical writing style, and writing and information-development life cycle are deep-dived.  The second semester mainly deals with technical communication software tools, advanced concepts of technical communication, product management, and principles of management.


The third semester focuses on business. This includes business communication, creative writing in business, instructional design for business communication along with advanced documentation types and processes. The fourth semester focuses on the key traits of being an effective technical writer. This semester introduces advanced technical writing tools and research methodologies. Students are also provided with a project to get hands-on experience. 


Reasons to Enrol at SCDL Technical Writing Course 

  • It offers a post-graduate diploma certificate
  • A detailed study for two years
  • Distance education from a renowned university


4. Ibrik


Ibrik is a consulting firm that delivers assistance with Technical writing, instructional design, and translations. Along with consulting, it also provides training in technical writing. 


Key Topics Covered as part of the Technical Writing Course

This is an online course designed to make individuals proficient with technical writing.


S.NoTopics CoveredS.NoTools Learned
1Introduction to technical writing1MS word
2Document development life cycle2Adobe Robo help
3Writing effective manuals3Adobe FrameMaker
4Emerging trends in Technical communication


Reasons to Enrol at Ibrik Technical Writing Course

  • Online course for a month 
  • Industry-focused and job oriented
  • Hands-on with practical exercises 
  • The certificate will be provided


5. SkillShare


Skillshare is one of the largest learning platforms where members inspire and encourage to learn and teach each other. The platform started with a vision to multiply and inspire creative exploration that aids expression, learning, and application.


Key Topics Covered as Part of the Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad

Skillshare is a learning platform where you get to choose a course that meets your requirements from the list of courses. Below is the list of courses that are currently available in skillshare.


  • Technical writing: Getting started by Dr. Katharina Grimm
  • Technical writing: The writing process by Dr. Katharina Grimm
  • UX writing in practice – Part 1 The documentation of UX writing by DDrKatharina Grimm
  • The technical writing process for beginners by Amruta Ranade
  • Business writing simplified – How to make your writing easier to read by Chris Heath
  • Become an awesome technical writer with the help and manual of Subash  S L
  • The process of writing your dissertation simplified: Phase 1 by Yasawini Edupuganti 
  • So you want to be a technical writer by Sridhar Machani 


Reasons to Enrol at  Skillshare Technical Writing Course

  • Online course
  • An option to choose from various courses
  • Self-paced
  • Keeps individuals inspired and motivated 


6. Udemy 


Udemy is an online learning platform that is emerged with a vision to create opportunities for people and organizations to connect.  With knowledge as a medium, the way Udemy has provided possibilities to collaborate skills with organizations has changed the learning world. With a presence in the global market, they provide the platform that assists instructors, individuals, students, and organizations reach their full potential.


Key Topics Covered as Part of the Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad

There is a wide range of technical writing courses offered on Udemy. Students can select the courses that match their requirements based on ratings and reviews as well. The course-specific types of technical writing are offered. For instance courses specific to API,  academic writing, business writing, and technical writing. 


Reasons to Enrol at Udemy 

  • Self-paced
  • You get to choose the course of your choice 
  • Certificate on completion 
  • Select the course from the instructor you want 
  • Affordable and economical

7. Coursera


Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng founded Coursera in 2012 with a vision to provide a life-altering experience to learners across the world. Today, it serves learners as a globally recognized education platform with a plethora of courses associated with leading universities across the globe.


With a B corp certificate received this February 2021, they hold a legal duty to their shareholders along with bringing a positive impact on society. Coursera continues to put in efforts to reduce barriers to a world-class education. 


Below Is a Few Technical Writing Courses Available on Coursera:

  1. Writing skills for Engineering leaders by Rice university
  2. Technical support fundamentals by Google
  3. Writing professional email and Memos (Project-centered Course)


Reasons to Enrol Coursera

  1. Self-paced
  2. You could choose from a plethora of courses based on university, instructor, reviews, and duration of the course.
  3. You get to virtually do the course from the university of your choice globally.
  4. Certificate on completion 
  5. Affordable and economical


8. LinkedIn


 LinkedIn, one of the world’s largest professional networks does offer various courses for professional development. With 830 million members in more than 200 countries, it’s a bank of knowledge. The courses also certification and LinkedIn as a platform could help you find jobs on the same platform. Not just the courses, but LinkedIn also has videos and events that share bounty knowledge. 


Courses that are offered by LinkedIn Currently:

Technical Writing: Quick Start Guides


9. Vskills


Vskills are primarily known to certificate individuals. Vskills is the largest certification body in India. It performs skill testing and certification exams to increase employability. The tests are conducted in a conducive environment in an unbiased manner. The certification is provided purely on a merit basis.


Any individual with the skill set of a technical writer can appear for an examination and obtain a certificate. Individuals could also get certification from Vskills after enrolling in any Technical writing courses in Ahmedabad.


10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a popular, multi-award-winning organization established in 2013. Recognized as one of the 5 fastest-growing tech startups, Henry Harvin offers 200+ online and classroom courses, globally. Currently, ed-tech serves students through both online and offline certifications, diplomas, and degrees. 


Key Topics Covered as Part of the Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad


S.NoTopics CoveredS.NoTools Learned
1Research Proposals1MS Visio, MS word
2Literature Reviews2Photoshop
3Write a Thesis3Adobe FrameMaker
4Research papers4Macromedia RoboHelp
5Snag IT
6Overview of DITA Tool, API Documentation, and XML


Reasons to Enrol at Henry Harvin Technical Writing Course 

  • Integrated curriculum 
  • 24/7 lifetime support 
  • 1-year gold membership in the writing academy
  • Placement assistance 
  • Certificate


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What skills are required for a technical writer?

Good English, clear and concise articulation, and communication skills. Deep analysis, research, creativeness, and compassion are equally important.


2. What do technical writers write? 

Technical writers are like any other writers. But, their primary role is to communicate anything technical to laymen in understandable terms. They write How-to guides, journal articles, supporting articles, manuals, user guides, and many more. 


3. Where do technical writers get placed? 

Anywhere, Based on their skillset and quality of deliverable technical writers could get placed anywhere from start-ups to well renowned MNCs like Google, Microsoft, EY, etc. 


4. How much do technical writers get paid?

Based on their skillset, and where they are placed- Technical writers get paid from 3-13 lakhs per annum on an average. 


5. Is it worth doing technical writing courses in Ahmedabad?

Post pandemic, the world has become digital and it doesn’t matter which course you choose and where it is from. Ahmedabad is a platform of opportunities and yes, technical writing courses in Ahmedabad are worth doing pre and post covid. 


6. Should we have prior technical skills to be technical writers?

No. You need not have prior knowledge. But, it is essential to deep dive into the respective concepts and does your research before writing. 



The field of technical writing is on-demand, well-paying, and enjoyable. Along with what institutes teach us it also required compassion, research, and analysis skills by the writer. Good communication and articulation of the details in layman’s terms are mandatory. While all these could be taught it requires a writer’s true passion and writing tone to make the copy user-friendly. With so many institutes claiming to be the best, it’s up to the individual interest to research well and identify the institute and course that lies in line with their requirements. Hope we helped you with the technical writing courses in Ahmedabad.

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