Top 8 Tally Courses in Kolkata With Placement Assistance

Shyam Sunder Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka are co-founders of Tally Solutions which was established in the year 1986. In the beginning, it had started as an accounting software application called ‘Peutronics Financial Accountant’ but today “Tally” or “Enterprise Resource Planning 9” has emerged as one of the most popular computer courses among the aspirants because the software can store and calculate all the business transactions and records of each account in detail that can be later considered for calculating, evaluating or important decision making for the firm. Read the full article to know about the best Tally courses in Kolkata. 


List of best tally courses in kolkata


Small or large, every business firm makes use of this software for making simple calculations and hence a huge volume of aspirants enroll in training institutes to learn the basics of the software. Therefore Tally courses have gained a lot of popularity among businessmen but the developing and evolving industrial areas such as Kolkata are specifically producing high volumes of tally experts who can support the data management for the industries of West Bengal.

As a result, Kolkata has emerged as the hub for several computer application training institutes that not only train students in different software usages and management but this sector is responsible for generating huge profit margins also. However, as per records, the tally courses in Kolkata have emerged as one of the most popularly learned computer courses among the masses of Kolkata city and other neighboring regions.


Let us now understand the various features of the tally courses in Kolkata that majorly contribute to the high demand in the city:

  1. Tally is user-friendly and easy to use
  2. It is helpful in the creation and maintenance of financial records or even the completion of balance sheets
  3. A trained tally professional may have a wider reach to the job opportunities
  4. Tally is a robust software that enables easy and speedy accessibility
  5. Tally is an error-free bookkeeping practice
  6. It is a bonus point for freshers seeking jobs in the service sector
  7. Tally has relevance in the international market
  8. Tally helps boost efficiency in the business functioning
  9. Tally is helpful for billing and taxation
  10. It is helpful for GST, Tax return, TDS Payroll Inventory


The Various Versions of Tally Software Are Discussed as Under:

  1. Tally 4.5 – It is a financial accounting system to handles simple and basic accounting calculations. This version supports MS-DOS.
  2. Tally 5.0 – It is an updated version of Tally 4.5 and is capable of working with Windows. Organized billing, detailed accounting as well and inventory management are some of the major areas for which this version can be very helpful.
  3. Tally 5.4 – This version is an effective tool for converting original and old formats into new and advanced versions in order to match the evolved business practices.
  4. Tally 6.3 – This version is capable of establishing communicative channels with other systems by using Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC).
  5. Tally 7.2 – It offers a comprehensive approach to managing databases and inventories.
  6. Tally 8.1 – The tools such as the FBT and Central Excise could be supported by Tally 8.1 to facilitate business operations.
  7. Tally 9.0 – This is an enhanced module of tally 8.1 since it can support 13 different languages and also support POS and Payroll options.
  8. ERP 9 – TCS, TDS, VAT, Service Tax, Payroll, Dealer Excise, etc are some of the advanced methodologies that could be supported by ERP 9.
  9. Tally Prime – Tally Prime is the latest version of the software that is flexible to support many latest approaches to help in the smooth functioning of the business organization.

Therefore it is clear that any common man can learn and utilize tally to improve his efficiency levels in business affairs.


Details Regarding a Professional Tally Courses in Kolkata:

The Tally courses is not a degree course but it is a certificate of diploma that is available as/on online as well as offline medium. Therefore the aspirants can take up a training programme at his/her convenience. The course duration also ranges from one to two years or even a few months depending on the institute and course syllabus and hence any student who has appeared for the 12th board examinations can appear for the certificate or diploma Tally courses in Kolkata.

However one must note that the arrangement of classes remains almost the same throughout the country. The courses are available in various colleges or coaching centers at a nominal fee ranging from Rs 3000/- to Rs 10000/-.

The scope for the students who have completed the tally certification or diploma course is very high as they are more likely to be absorbed by multinational companies, public service utilities, banks, or other companies that seek tally experts.


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Let Us Now Discuss About the Institutes That Offer Tally Courses in Kolkata:



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading institutes of India. A number of students of West Bengal have enrolled in tally courses in Kolkata offered by IIM SKILLS because the institute promises to help students attain thorough knowledge and relevant skills that shall be helpful for their professional endeavors. The institute conducts online classes that are on a weekly basis.

The institution can attract working professionals from all around the globe to enhance their skills but the students can also participate in the classes for learning without hampering other commitments.

IIM Skills has introduced many professional courses in the field of digital marketing such as the SEO or tally, basic as well as advanced courses that are well-versed with modern technological advancements.

The students can opt for a suitable course with a duration of the courses is around 3 to 4 months. However, the admissions are not bound by the eligibility criteria and the students can enroll even after completion of 12th grade.

All these institutes are very reputed within the territory of Kolkata and are known to provide sound knowledge and practice programs of tally to the students that help improve skills and knowledge in the area of computers and software.


Eligibility criteria for enrolment into a professional institute for learning Tally Course:

  • Students must have completed their 10+2 or higher education.
  • Students from any stream can enroll but those from a commerce background are preferred
  • The minimum scores required are subject to the decision of colleges. However, 50% marks are required for most of the institutes.


The professional courses for tally application are designed in accordance with the industry standards in accordance with the global market trends. However, some of the key topics that are commonly covered in most of the institutes of Kolkata are listed as follows:

  1. Basics of Accounting and Advanced Accounting
  2. Fundamentals of TALLY.ERP 9
  3. Accounting Masters in TALLY.ERP 9
  4. Inventory Masters and advanced inventory in Tally.ERP9
  5. Voucher Entries in Tally.ERP9
  6. Taxes in Tally
  7. Technological advantages in Tally.ERP9
  8. Payroll Accounting, etc


2. Tally Academy :

Tally Academy is considered to be the most prestigious institute for tally courses in Kolkata and provides an opportunity for students to upgrade their skills in order to meet the challenges of the modern industry formats in the computer industry.


The certified programs offered by Tally Academy are –

  1. Tally Academy Certified Accountant
  2. Tally Academy GST master course
  3. Tally Academy TDS master course
  4. Payroll executive and professional courses and taxation courses also.


Course duration – The entire length of the course could be confirmed by the institute since different courses have different structures.


3. Tally Essential Program (Tep):

Tep offers highly relevant and effective professional courses, especially for the younger aspirants as the courses offer advanced features and financial trading practices. Tep utilizes creative measures such as videography, graphics, etc for training programs. The various courses here are divided into three different categories or levels.


The certified programs that the institute offers in level 1 are –

  1. Fundamental Accounting
  2. Introduction to tally prime
  3. Recording and maintaining accountancy records/transactions
  4. Data security
  5. Goods and tax service
  6. Banking
  7. Company data management
  8. Generation of financial statements and MIS reports


The programs that are being offered in level 2 are –

  1. Storage and classification of Inventories
  2. Goods and service tax
  3. Sales and purchase order management
  4. Tracking additional costs of purchase
  5. Costs and profit centers management
  6. Generating and printing reports
  7. Budget and scenarios


The level 3 programs are:

  1. Goods and service tax
  2. Tax deduction at source
  3. Management of business data
  4. Moving to the next financial year


Course duration – The total duration of the course is around 150 hours that a student must undergo for course completion.


4. Aptech learning tally courses :

Aptech Institute is not only a reliable and well-reputed education provider for the tally courses in Kolkata but it is known for producing one of the best services throughout the Indian education market. Aptech Learning Institute also has a presence in 40 different countries apart from India.

A certified learning program from Aptech Institute improves the chances of an aspirant acquiring a nice job. The courses they offer are divided into two terms. The first term focuses on tally-required accounting courses whereas the training-oriented programs are a part of the second term.


The term 1 courses offered by the institute are discussed as follows –

  1. Advanced Excel
  2. Business computer applications
  3. Business Accounting
  4. Accounting with Tally prime
  5. Business communication
  6. RR
  7. Project 1 ( business accounting and tally)


Term 2 courses are_

  1. Payroll
  2. Direct Tax
  3. TDS
  4. Goods and service tax
  5. Advanced accounts
  6. Statutory compliance
  7. Financial accounting and costs
  8. Banking and financial services
  9. Controlling EPR
  10. Project 2 (Advanced accounts, tally, excel, taxation)


Course Duration – It is a 15-month long program and even undergraduates can apply for it.


5. ICA EDU Skills :

All the courses covered in the ICA EDU are very relevant and useful in the industry today. Hence learning any of these courses could prove helpful for the students in their professional endeavours.

The courses that ICA EDU offers are listed as follows:

  1. Company creation
  2. Cost center and cost category
  3. Inventory
  4. Bill of materials
  5. Concepts of GST
  6. Security
  7. Payroll
  8. ESI
  9. Purchase and sales cycle
  10. TDS
  11. Backup and restore
  12. GST using tally prime

Course Duration -The course duration is 51 hours and even the undergraduates can enroll after completion of the 12th class.


6. Udemy for Tally Courses :

Udemy is another popular institute that offers over 19,000 online training programs that are preferred by the students as they can train here along with their other endeavors.

Students of and around Kolkata can benefit by learning at Udemy.

Some of the popular courses that the institute offers are discussed below:

  1. Price center and price categories
  2. Reconciliation of budget in tally
  3. Stock and inventory management
  4. TDS and TCS processes
  5. Generation of bills of material (BOM)
  6. GST taxation and Reserve charge mechanism
  7. Payroll
  8. Construction and modification of ledger accounts
  9. POS(Point of sales)
  10. Tally prime
  11. Tally ERP9

Course Duration – It is an 8-hour course that focuses on relevance and modern industry standards.


7. NIIT :

NIIT is not only ranked as one of the best institutes in Kolkata but it is ranked as one of the most reputed institutes in the country that offers professional learning and training programs that are well-versed with the current business trends in the market. The institute has designed a syllabus that incorporates parts from other applications such as Microsoft and Excel.


Some of the important courses that the institute offers are:

  1. MS Word documentation
  2. Enter and select data in an Excel sheet
  3. Editing worksheets
  4. Running computation and workbook printing
  5. Recognize double entry book system
  6. Description of important elements of tally
  7. Fundamental accounting systems
  8. Price list and credit limit
  9. Voucher types and classes
  10. Point of sales
  11. Payroll accounting


However, as a part of enrolment eligibility, it is important on the student’s part to be at least a graduate in any subject to be admitted into the institute.


Course Duration – It is a 36-hour training program.


Other best courses in Kolkata:


8. Tally

Tally is an online facility that can cater not only to the East Indian masses but even the other students from all around the world who can participate in the training programs offered by the online medium. The institute enables aspirants to take up a course of their interest to upgrade their skills that shall be advantageous in the future. The institute is known for not only efficient learning programs but the effective practical approaches and tally is one of the best courses that they offer.


Some of the major courses that the institute takes up are –

  1. Cash and bank reports creation and maintaining
  2. User interface and company management
  3. Payment voucher
  4. Sales and purchase vouchers in GST
  5. Debit and credit notes
  6. GST returns and payments
  7. Re-order level in tally and interest calculations
  8. Bank reconciliation in tally
  9. Tally audit
  10. Data security
  11. Printing reports
  12. Billing features, etc.


Course Duration – The total course duration is 45 hours for the students to be certified. However, only commerce students, businessmen, and accountants should enroll since the syllabus for training programs majorly focuses on accounting and financial trading practices.




1. Why are tally courses important in the business world today?

In small and medium-sized business firms there is an urgent and continuous need for data recording, compiling, and comparing. Therefore software like Tally proves to be very helpful as it provides solutions for all such accounting activities and data computation.


2. Why is there a high demand for tally courses in Kolkata?

There is a high demand for tally courses in all metro and big cities. However, Kolkata is one of the developing areas that is able to capture good opportunities for business as well as the service sector. Therefore in the presence of awareness and the need for developing businesses, tally courses have gained a lot of demand in the city of Kolkata.


3. What is the average pay scale after completion of a tally course?

An average salary for an Indian resident is around 240,000 per annum and the salary for beginners could range from around 180,000 on a yearly basis. However, the growth and hikes are very good in this section and any aspirant has many opportunities for growth and stability depending upon their individual merit.


Scope of Tally Courses in Kolkata and Other Parts of the Country and Abroad in the Present Day?

Tally courses are gaining a lot of popularity in general because they enable an easy and sufficiently effective working approach that could be helpful in the progress of the business. Students, working professionals, or even businessmen want to upgrade their skills because relevance is important for sustainability and growth.

Therefore it is very evident that the scope of the tally as a software is endless since there is a huge dependency on this tool in the business and profitability-driven environment today. However, the opportunities that the aspirants are exposed to are more likely to increase with the passing of time as the industry is likely to produce more vacancies and opportunities in order to match the high demand and dependency on various computer applications.


Career Opportunities After Completion of Tally Courses in Kolkata and Other Capital Cities in India :

Job seekers may find work in Kolkata or any other mega city in India or one may even get an opportunity in a foreign estate because the scope of the tally courses has become wider over the period of time. This sector has created golden opportunities with attractive perks and packages for the aspirants as the role of applications like tally is increasing with the industrial evolution.

One can even take up individual projects in and outside the country in the capacity of a freelancer and so, as a matter of fact, the scope for students after the completion of tally and similar courses in computer science is huge and there are many job opportunities in our country and in the western countries that are attractive to the young aspirants.


Some of the Highlights of the Tally Tool That Make It Popular Among Users Are Discussed as Follows:

  • Tally allows the user to create and maintain accounts for up to 99,999 companies at the same.
  • The user can automate employee records management by using the payroll feature.
  • The feature of synchronization in the software enables any transaction to be maintained in more than one location and these files can be automatically updated when any changes are made in the main record.
  • Using tally, a user can generate consolidated financial statements as per the requirements of a company which can then be used for calculations and comparing the ratios and figures that shall prove helpful in making key decisions and growth of the firm.
  • Tally is user-friendly.
  • The files stored in single and multiple group formats can be managed easily.
  • Tally can make use of two distinct languages to generate results because it supports a multi-language system that includes 9 Indian languages. Therefore businesses that operate in more than one region can make data entries in one language and invoices or purchase and sales orders can be generated in another language. This makes business dealings very convenient by eliminating the language barrier.

Therefore all these features make tally one of the most widely used tools for the conduction of accountancy and financial practices in India and hence the people of West Bengal enroll in tally courses of Kolkata more in comparison to any other courses with a computer background.



Tally has emerged as one of the most widely used computer applications that enables data storage, management, and comparison in the accountable records of a business entity. However, the scope for tally is likely to expand in the future because of the technological advancements that are constantly evolving. Tally is an easy-to-use tool that could be used by a common man and a software professional. Therefore tally is highly popular in comparison to several other tools used in accountancy and data entry systems but the industrial evolution may affect the structure, syllabus, and usability of the tally courses offered in any part of the world to suit the changed patterns.

However, it is important to remain relevant in order to meet the challenges of the industrial standards of tomorrow and therefore it is important to bring necessary changes in the tally tool also. For instance, today the installation process of software on a computer device needs a time-consuming and costly manual intervention that must undergo a change to meet the advanced requirements in the future.

Therefore, it is believed that the advanced system shall make use of cloud platforms to eliminate the shortcomings of the current structure. This shall affect the overall performance of the software. Even the installation process and additional costs involved shall be affected and are likely to be reduced. The experts claim that the tally shall become more techno and user friendly where the user shall only be required to arrange for an internet connection and a tally account to work with the application.

The engineers are determined to create a better version of the application that could be managed virtually on a cloud platform and shall be helpful in eliminating the man-made efforts in order to allow the program to run smoothly on any computer device. Another important feature that shall be introduced shall affect the design of the application that will allow the users to remotely work from anywhere with the help of an internet connection.

The idea is to eliminate excess costs and manual approach but add a mobility factor to the tool in the coming future. A better version of the tally significantly emphasises on provision of better job opportunities for the aspirants.  Therefore, constructing a better version of the tally tool to promote its popularity is a motivation for software engineers to create a better and user-friendly version of the tally application that can be used worldwide to meet the challenges of digital growth and create more and better employment opportunities for aspirants.

Tally has emerged as an industry in itself that helps aspirants establish sound career paths. The individual incomes then eventually add up to the GDP of the country and help in the process of progress and development. Therefore it is important to constantly bring necessary changes in the tally application to meet the changed patterns of the industrial growth.

The professional institutes can be of great help to make students learn and practice new and relevant trends of the applications by incorporating several new changes in the syllabus of the tally courses. Tally courses in Kolkata are very much relevant to the modern digitalised approach and hence they set an example for the rest of the small institutes mushrooming in the country.


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