Top 15 Tally Course Books For Begginers And Professionals

Tally is no doubt the most indispensable tool in today’s world. Even one can’t imagine sustaining business without Tally. Tally helps to unify the business of numerous locations to complex issues from inventory management to stock management in any organization. In this article, we will discuss the best tally course books that facilitate you to gain inclusive knowledge about the Tally realm.


List of best tally course books


The List of Top 15 Tally Course Books


1. Tally.ERP 9 MADE Easy Book by Vinod Kumar

Tally. ERP 9 Made Easy is one of the essential tally course books for those who wish to learn tally as it is the most demanding accounting software in the country. This book is written by Prof. Vinod Kumar, an Indian educator as well as motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of both a free online education platform and a nonprofit organization, namely Accounting Education and Svtuition.

This book contains 100 pages written and described in a very concise manner. This book aims to give clarity on various subjects such as Business and economics, Accounting, GAAP, IFRS, Project management software computers, Enterprise applications, and Collaboration software.


The several other contents of this book include-

  • How to make a backup of your current companies in Tally. ERP 9
  • How to set credit limit in Tally. ERP 9
  • Easy steps to backup and restore accounting Data in Tally. ERP 9


The cost of the book- INR 2000


2. Comdex Tally.ERP 9 course kit by Namrata Agarwal

Comdex tally is one of the most helpful books that provide the requirements of both beginners as well as professionals written by Dr. Namrata Agarwal, a professor in NIFM, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. She has 20+ years of experience in the fields of teaching, finance, and IT. She has published more than 20 research papers and was awarded the Best Paper Award at an International Conference.

This course book caters to depth knowledge about the tally domain through a self-learning complete handbook. This book provides vital topics related to the features of Tally. This book is divided into two parts: Part 1 contains manual accounting dealing with fundamentals of accounting, convention, creating and maintaining journals, Ledger, balance sheets, etc.

Part 2 is on computerized accounting that deals with matters starting from the installation of Tally software to perform intricate accounting procedures, creating inventory vouchers, and creating invoices and reports.

Moreover, it also covers important features of tallying like multi-currency, budget, scenario management, importing and exporting, interest calculation, tally audit, etc. The book is perfectly designed with sufficient examples, illustrations, tables, and flowcharts. Lastly, this book even deals with TDS(tax deducted at source) and GST( Goods and Service Tax) in addition to an explanation of the payroll system concept.


The Cost of the book- INR- 399


3. Comdex Tally. ERP Course Kit With GST and MS Excel by Vikas Gupta

With updated features of GST and MS Excel, Comdex Tally. ERP 9-course kit is the most searched of tally course books in the market. The author of this book is Vikas Gupta who is the best-selling author with over 3 million books sold. He has devised this book for upcoming learners looking for career opportunities in the field of Tally and accounting.

The training kit contains a variety of aspects of tally such as basic accounting, computerized accounting with tally, and enabling and working with GST in Tally. ERP 9, tax return paper, E-Way Bill, cashless transactions, formula and functions in MS Excel, google sheet, etc. This tally course book flourishes learners with business aspects for goods and services along with empirical examples. This book covers all vital areas relevant to Tally use.


The Cost of the book- INR 499


4. Comdex Business Accounting with MS Excel and Tally ERP 9 course kit by Vikas Gupta

Do you want to master business accounting using MS Excel 2010 and Tally ERP 9 application? Then this is one of the right Tally course books for you. Vikas Gupta, a co-founder of a software company offering IT-enabled services, and an international author with over a million copies being sold in India alone has come up with this Tally course book which is a collaboration of two popular applications in their latest version.

This book is best for professionals or anyone who wants to upgrade their skills by acquiring knowledge of new versions of applications actively used in the field of business accounting. It is divided into 3 sections: Basic Accounting, Accounting using MS Excel 2010, and accounting with Tally ERP 9. The book deals with the subject of accounting and business finance the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement.


The content of this book includes

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Manual Accounting
  • Validating and linking Worksheet
  • Working with PivotTable, slicers, Macros
  • Preparing balance sheet, profit & loss, stock summary, trial balance, and Day book Report in Tally. ERP 9
  • Generating Payroll in Tally.ERP 9
  • Computing TDS, TCS, VAT, and Service Taxes in Tally. ERP


The cost of the book- INR 499


5. Tally. ERP 9 with GST in Simple Steps by DreamTech Editorial Services

DreamTech Editorial Services is known to be one of the leading publishers that provide quality learning to a wide range of readers across India in the fields of Accounting, IT, Engineering, and Management. Tally.

ERP with GST is one among them constructively designed with easy-to-grab style, example, theoretical as well as practical approaches in a presentation to guide learners and working professionals to get an in-depth idea about Tally. ERP 9 software. The self-learning Tally course books cover relevant topics based on Goods and Services along with empirical examples.


The content of this book includes

  • Gateway of Tally Screen
  • Creating a company
  • Creating, displaying, and altering Stock and Godwon in Tally
  • Groups, working with Ledgers, Vouchers, Purchase Orders, and Sales Orders.
  • Working with Balance sheet, Profit & loss
  • Exploring payroll
  • Taxation: Indian Tax structure, TDS, TCS, VAT, GST, enabling Service Tax in Tally
  • Taking backup and restoring data in Tally. ERP 9


The cost of the book- INR 499


  6. Tally ERP 9 + GST Implementation Book by Akshay Rajgaria

Tally ERP 9+ GST implementation aims to upgrade accounting skills through the latest computer software. As Tally accounting software is used by every company worldwide, this one among the top tally course books will effectively facilitate readers to perform accounting activities without any hassle.

The Precise and complete with ample examples to support the concept are some features of this tally course book. The book is thoughtfully presented in such a way that it will be equally helpful to beginners and professionals as it provides solutions for various administrative tasks including GST-based accounting. You will get to learn how to integrate GST into current bookkeeping methods, a solid understanding of inventory management, and stock godown.


The content of this book includes

  • Up and Running with Tally.
  • Recording Various Voucher entries
  • Maintaining Inventory Allocation
  • Tracking Balance and Detailed Transaction
  • Getting Started with GST
  • Collecting Tax with TDS
  • Managing Payroll and wages


The cost of the book – INR 499


 7.  Tally ERP 9 by Shraddha Singh

The perfect tally course books for beginners to professionals cater to in-depth knowledge of working with Tally and basic concepts of accounting. The book is loaded with examples and illustrations, written in very precise and easy-to-understand language making it best to learn the latest version of Tally. Particularly, It proves to be a captivating book for commerce background students.


The content in this book includes-

  • Manual Accounting
  • Accounting Process Section
  • Computerised accounting
  • Implementing final account in Tally
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Taxation and tally


The cost of the book – INR 295


8. Comdex Computer and Financial Accounting with Tally 9.0

The writer while writing this self-learning book keeps in mind to to make it systematic from basic to advanced level. This is one of the outstanding tally course books that comes with CD covers Computer Basics, MS Excel, and Tally 9.0. It is presented in unique 3 stages,

1st stage: the book describes vital concepts of Financial Accounting using MS Excel and Tally 9.0. 2nd stage: Audio- Video demonstration of concepts taught in the book. 3rd Stage: the self-testing Software tests your skills and helps in the correction of mistakes.


The content in this book includes

  • Computer hardware
  • Introducing Windows
  • Working in Excel Workbook
  • Excel calculation mode
  • Installation procedure of Tally 9
  • Group Ledgers Vouchers Orders Cost centers
  • Payroll vouchers and Reports
  • Taxation
  • TCS in tally 9
  • TDS Vouchers
  • VAT reporting in Tally 9
  • FBT Accounting
  • Tally ODBC
  • Mail Merge.


The cost of the book- INR 299


9. GST Using Tally.ERP9 Book by Tally Education Private Limited

Tally Education Pvt ltd. Publish informative tally course books, from the domicile of Tally, India’s preeminent business management software company is a panoramic book for learning concepts of Goods and Services Tax and it’s a business application. This book will teach the user on concepts of advanced entries related to composition and unregistered Dealers, Export, Import, SEZ, and exempted supplies in Tally.

Moreover, This book decodes the migration process to Tally. ERP 9 Releases 6.0 from earlier version. The feature of this book contains properly solved illustrations, and practice cases with multiple screenshots that guide students to experience the simplicity of working on Tally. This 292-page book is recommended to those who want to gather information about GST, the New system for indirect taxation, and implement it successfully.


The content of this book includes

  • GSTIN Structure
  • Dual GST
  • Supply of Goods and services
  • Unavailed CENVATE
  • Input credit Mechanism
  • GST implementation in India
  • GST Returns
  • Getting started with GST
  • Recording Advanced Entries
  • GST adjustment and Return Filing
  • Migration to Tally. ERP 9
  • Creation of GST Duty Ledgers


The cost of the book- INR 478


10. Learn Tally. ERP 9 with GST and E-Way Bill Handbook by Rajesh Chheda

This book contains all the detailed information that you need to know in Tally. The topics deal with any business that wants to transform from a manual to a computerized environment using Tally. ERP9. The author of this book is Dr. Rajesh U. Chheda, a Chartered Accountant (CA) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the USA.

His article has been published in professional Magazines and presented papers at international seminars. He was also awarded for Education Excellence by the All India Achievers Foundation. The book is a boon in disguise for students who come from a commerce background. The overall tally course books are designed to the point that from beginner level to expert level knowledge can be acquired.

It guides users to get step-by-step learning of doing data entry in Tally. ERP uses charts, diagrams, and screenshots of the software presented in the book for a quick understanding of subjects like accounting and taxation transactions. The recent development of GST and E-Way Bill entries makes it the most relevant publication in today’s time.


The cost of the book- INR 391


11. TallyPrime Essential by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has presented 3 TallyPrime Essential books from level 1 to level 3 so that learners can buy the book according to their needs and level of understanding. TallyPrime Essential Level 1 aims to offer organized instructions starting from Fundamentals of Accounting, Introduction of TallyPrime, Maintaining charts of accounts, Recording and maintaining Accounting Transaction, Generating Financial statements and MIS Report, Data security, Company Data Management, Goods and Services Tax. The learners will be able to understand GST, TDS, E-Way billing, GSTR Returns, and E Returns.

TallyPrime Essential Book Level 2 is for intermediary-level book with 406 pages. This book has many Real Business scenarios, screenshots, observations, and solved illustrations to make the working on TallyPrime domain powerful for learners. The topics covered under this level are Purchase and Sales Order Management, Tracking Additional cost of Purchase, Profit Centres Management, Generating & Printing Reports, and Hierarchy of calculating Tax in Transactions.

TallyPrime Essential Level 3 is a comprehensive advanced-level book meant to upgrade the in-depth understanding of readers. It deals with taxes deducted at source to company Data Management and moving to the next Financial Year.

The content in this book includes the Management Of Business Data, changing the Current period and continuing voucher entry in the same company, the composition of Dealers under the GST Regime, and Recording GST-compliant transactions.

The essence of these TallyPrime books is revolutionary products that have been presented with the vision of simplifying the Simplest, Greater Flexibility enriched with multitudinous real business to practical scenarios. This group of 3 excellent Tally course books is highly recommended for those who yearn to build a successful career in Finance, Accounts, and taxation or as an entrepreneur


The cost of the book –


Level 1- INR 720

Level 2- INR 720

Level 3- INR 675


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12. Learn Tally. ERP 9 With GST Book by Gaurav Agarwal

This book is presented by the author of 4 books who was awarded by the Government of India from Government of India for mission Digital India for those who are zero in tally software and aspire to be experts in this area. The book is perfectly written by Gaurav Agarwal an imminent author, Founder & CEO of ” Digital Muneem Ji”.

He aims to strengthen the youths of India and make them self-dependent. Since 2013, he has started producing computer instruction books and published more than five books and is currently working on more valuable publications.

This book comes in both English as well as Hindi Language with every topic explained with the help of a screenshot. This tally course book deals with GST, VAT, Types of Business, and Turnover means Total sales in years


The cost of the book- INR 450


13. Learn Tally. ERP 9 with GST Book by Er. Soumya Ranjan Behera

This to-the-point handbook is best among the leading tally course books and is thoughtfully designed to offer the learner in-depth knowledge regarding how to work with tally. ERP 9 in a precise detailed format. The graphics and real-time examples have enhanced the features of the book. This book explains the core concept of accounting and financial management to cater to the required skills of professionals and beginners who aim to establish themselves in these fields.

This book also has the feature of remote login and sharing of data among systems located in various parts of the world to let the user manage and process business transactions more quickly. The author has adopted one of the best methods of teaching the subject and clarified everything in a crystal clear manner. This book is highly recommended to read to elevate the understanding and knowledge related to Tally.


The content in the book includes-

  • Introducing tally
  • Stocks and Godwon
  • Group, Ledger, Voucher, Invoice
  • Payroll in Tally ERP 9
  • Taxation
  • Explanation of Tally.NET
  • Shortcut keys of Tally


The cost of the book- INR 295


14. Tally. ERP 9 Training Guide Book by Asok K Nadhani

This simplest tally course book with detailed operation steps is best for learning Tally. ERP 9 deals with almost every aspect of tally in easy-to-understand language with numerous screenshots. It provides guidance to the learners related to Financial Accounting, Invoicing and inventory, TDS, VAT, CST, E Duty, TCS, and Payroll with 340+ Illustrations and complete projects for each module.

This book is organized into 3 parts, Part 1: Basic Financial Accounting in which topics like vouchers, reports, and ledger are covered. Part 2: Financial Accounting where topics like inventory vouchers, Invoicing, and orders are being taught. Part 3: Tax Accounting in which GST Accounting using Tally and TDS, TCS-related topics are being covered.


The content in this book includes-

  • Company creation
  • Gateway of tally
  • Account Masters
  • Account Vouchers
  • Accounts Reports
  • Cash bank book
  • Ledger book
  • Trial balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Tally Administration
  • Print of sales
  • Tax challan printing & statutory Returns
  • Excise duty
  • Central Sales Tax
  • Inventory master


The cost of the book – INR 256


15. GST Tally ERP9 by Navneet Mehra

An outstanding handbook for successfully implementing Tally. ERP for GST compliance. It provides a rich blended learning and reading experience through easy-to-understand informative content and multiple screenshots, such as practical application. This book is especially ideal for every new learner including CAs.

It offers comprehensive ideas on Financial Accounting and a career in Finance and Accounts. This book has inclusively polished the intricacies of the Tally field. Read the tally course books to grab an idea about GST application and Implementation in Tally.


The content in this book includes-

  • Activate GST for your company
  • Setting up service for ledgers
  • Transfer of Tax Credits to GST
  • Recording GST sales and printing Invoices
  • Recording sales of mixed Supplies
  • Recording sales involving consignee and buyer
  • Recording important and export sale Transactions.
  • Recording SEZ sales




Why is the tally so important nowadays?

Tally is an essential tool for any business and accounting. Professors from every sector like CAs are also well versed with the tally for the effective working process.


From where can I purchase the tally course books mentioned in the article?

You can purchase these books online from Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, Or the publisher’s website. You can even choose to read the book on Kindle or Google Books.


Which educational background will be good for tally?

As such no prerequisites are required to learn this subject but the students from a commerce background would be the best for this course.


Can I become Proficient in tallying by reading the tally books mentioned in the article?

This book will give you in-depth clarity in the wide spectrum of Tally but to become proficient one needs to gather some experience in the working environment.



Tally is an account and inventory management software that has raised to endless potential and virtual flexibility, where you don’t need to maintain different books or prepare balance sheets or profit and loss A/C, which comes with advanced features in a new version each time whenever there is a need like with the advent of TallyPrime that can be accessed through any private network outside the local network area whereas the Tally ERP 9 could only be accessed in private network.

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