Top 10 SEO Training in Chennai With Placements

If you looking for SEO training in Chennai, we have compiled the list of best and highly recommended SEO training courses available in Chennai along with all related information which helps you to choose the best course as per your requirement, budget, availability and ultimately helps you to learn how to use SEO to rank your content on various search engines. But before we look at the list let’s try to understand what is SEO, why it is an important skill.


List of best SEO training in Chennai


What is SEO?


SEO is the process of increasing organic search engine traffic to a website or webpage; it focuses on unpaid traffic, also known as organic and natural traffic. In layman’s terms, SEO is the use of various tricks and techniques to naturally improve the ranking of a website on search engine results pages.


The practice of improving a website’s ranking via various tricks and techniques in popular search engines such as Google, MSN, Bing, and others, to increase site visibility and presence is known as search engine optimization (SEO). It also has superior control over websites, which helps to increase website traffic and search ranking.


Though the meaning of SEO and SEO marketing may appear complicated due to the various factors that can influence your ranking search engine optimization is less tricky than it appears.


How does SEO work?


Search engines aim to give their users the best possible offering this entails providing high-quality search engine results that are also appropriate to the searcher’s needs. To do so, search engines will browse, or crawl, various sources to gain a better understanding of their content. This enables them to deliver more effective findings to people looking at specific themes or keywords.


Likewise, search engines will inspect the site to see how easy it is to navigate and read, with viewer-friendly sites ranking higher in SERPs (search engine result pages). By improving SEO one can expand its visibility on the search engine, this increases the targeted organic traffic on the website.


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Job opportunities after  SEO training in Chennai


SEO has sparked a massive interest in the minds of many young adults as well as seasoned professionals. simply creating a website for a company is not sufficient nowadays to establish its online presence. Today businesses from all over the world are attempting to maintain their competitive advantage by establishing a strong online presence, they rely on SEO to rank first in the search result.


An SEO is a professional who must be proficient in algorithms and techniques to help their clients stay ahead in their competitive business world despite the constant changes in the search engines. A career in SEO is so diverse and exciting that you can find a stable position in this field for a long time.


SEO Analysts, SEO Trainees, Link Builders, SEO Consultants, SEO Executives, SEO Leads, SEO Experts, and SEO Managers are some of the common job titles offered to candidates who complete the SEO Course. An entry-level SEO trainee is said to earn between Rs. 2,70,000 and Rs. 3,50,000 per year on average.


SEO experts with 3-5 years of experience can expect to earn between Rs. 3,70,000 and Rs. 4,50,000 per year. SEO Analysts make around $45,657 per year on average around the world.



Top 10 SEO training in Chennai


As the world expands its boundaries in the technological sector, SEO-related jobs are now increasing tremendously. let alone in  Chennai, there is hundreds of job available, you can go check this on LinkedIn,,, and other relevant sites. Now let’s look into the best SEO training in Chennai that will help you effectively learn SEO:


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading institutes when it comes to in-demand skill advanced SEO courses, content writing courses, digital marketing courses in Chennai. It is a fully online course thus location is not a barrier. In their advanced SEO training in Chennai, IIM Skills provides 4 weeks of training course plus 8 weeks of paid internship which include 16 hours of live lectures, practical assignments, and weekly assessments.


You’ll also get free tools worth 20k and hands-on training with 2 live projects. They also provide placement support, a master certification, and lifetime support with post-training mentorship. they also have 24*7 online support. It is recognized by the MSME government of India.


The course fee is RS14,900 plus 18%  and the duration as mentioned above is 4 weeks of training followed by 8 weeks of paid internship.


Course highlight:


  • Understand SEO fundamentals, how search engines work along with their basic terminology.
  • Learn on-page SEO i.e, how to structure, design, and optimize pages to get ranking on search engine’s page 1, also get an introduction to meta descriptions.
  • Master off-page and technical SEO factor
  • Learn keyword research for one’s website and another client.
  • Get a depth understanding of competitor research and its effective performance.
  • Get an understanding of SEO optimization to increase traffic, also bloggers can learn to find trending topics for maximizing the organic traffic for targeted content.
  • Learn all about SEO frameworks like backlinks and other techniques which help in website ranking, etc
  • Master a variety of SEO tools to get ahead in the market competition.
  • Learn the art of keeping up with the algorithm, as there is frequent change in the SEO community.
  • Get an understanding of SEO audit, i.e, how to identify the problem and fix them.
  • Learn professionalism in pitching new clients and other best practices
  • IIM Skills also provide support on your SEO career whether your end goal is to get a job or become a freelancer or start up an agency.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

SEO toolkit


Access and understanding the right and effective toolkit makes SEO optimization much easier, faster, and better. IIM Skills provide numerous free and paid tools to make your work top-notch and easier.IIM Skill gives training on some widely used and highly valuable tools used in the SEO community.


Google search console, Ubersuggest, KWfinder, answer the public, and various other speed test tools and performance tools to name a few.


Other Courses


2. FITA Academy


FITA Academy is one of the good institutes for SEO training in Chennai. they provide comprehensive knowledge of various SEO techniques under the mentorship of experts, they train you to become pro in SEO practices. FITA Academy provides both classroom training and instructor-led live online training and also provides recorded videos of each session.


They provide weekdays and weekend classes so interested candidates can choose course timing and days as per his/her convince. Their SEO course curriculum is designed as per the global industry requirements. Content of every module is compiled by industry experts to give candidates an in-depth understanding of various technics of SEO, such as keyword research, off-page and on-page optimization, and SEO-related tricks.


SEO trainers of FITA academy are qualified experts with many years of experience in various SEO-related projects. They also provide extensive SEO training to you equipped with the important skill which will help you in your journey as an SEO trainee and with ample experience SEO expert one day.


Course Highlight:


  • Get real-time industry experts as trainers, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with learner
  • You’ll get real-time experiences with live projects and as you showcase your project experience chances of you getting hired insert.
  • Apart from FITA academy’s certification you’ll get equipped with the knowledge to clear global certification which will make you job-ready.
  • FITA Academy’s course fee is very affordable and they provide a pay-in installment option as well. providing quality training at an affordable price is their motto.
  • As mentioned earlier in the article FITA Academy SEO training in Chennai is quite flexible you can choose from the classroom or online training, early morning classes, or late evening classes on weekdays or weekends at a fast or regular pace, choose as per your convince and availability.
  • Trainer at FITA academy also assists you in building your resume professionally with various projects and practices.
  • FITA Academy’s SEO training in Chennai also provides placement support to start your career in the SEO community, they have MOU with many small and medium companies to give you ample opportunity in the SEO field.


3. Besant Technology


Besant technology is another good option for SEO training in Chennai. Their training program is also a mixture of theory and practical live examples. They have well-experienced faculty and they also limit their student intake in a particular batch to enhance the learning experience of students and also make the class more interactive.


Their course is designed ever-evolving SEO tribe and advertising world.  Besant technology offers great exposure in the SEO field through practical classes and lives assignment which will not only enhance your resume but your skill also, which will make you job-ready.


This SEO training is best suited for those who have completed their graduation and want to start a career as an SEO analyst and other related job profiles. they provide weekday and weekend classes at two different timing so the learner can choose as per their convince.


Course highlights:


  • Besant technology has more than 7 years of experience in training candidates in the field of SEO
  • The learner gets both strong theoretical and practical knowledge as the course curriculum is a good amalgamation of theory class and live practical class and numerous assignments.
  • They provide placement assistance also help in building your resume with the help of various assignments.
  • Trainer in this course is industry experts, who are working in various multinational companies like TCS, HCL, ZOHO, HP, etc.
  • Besant technology’s certificate is accepted by all major global companies, and hence increases the value of your resume and helps you get a leading job post.
  • They provide 30 plus hours of course duration which provide 100% job-oriented training under the supervision of industry experts faculties, they have completed 800+ batches so far.


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4. Simplilearn


Simplilearn is a well-known online institute and one of the world’s most important certification training companies. It works with organizations and individuals to meet their specific requirements, providing training and coaching to assist working professionals in achieving their career goals.


Simply put, they specialize in providing training to help people gain the skills required to succeed in the digital economy. Their advanced search engine optimization course is one of the good options for SEO training that will help you to transform into a full-stack SEO professional.


In their course, you’ll master various SEO techniques like keyword research, technical SEO, link building, analytics, and other related skill. The various skill covered in their courses: are search engine optimization, content marketing, web analytics, keyword management, and research.


Course highlights:


  • They provide self-paced learning with live online instructor-led training classes
  • They also offer lifetime access to this high-quality e-learning content curated by an industry expert.
  • 20+ real industry-based projects and assignments
  • Get an understanding of Google’s popular tools like keyword trends and search console.
  • Get in-depth insight into advanced web analytics
  • Ga et detail understanding of planning and marketing a website.
  • They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you feel that course does not meet your expectation. in that case you just have to send them a refund mail within 7 days of purchase.


5. Inventateq


For more than 10 years, InventaTeq has been the leading and most excellent software training institute, providing nearly 100 percent assured job placements, as well as cost-effective, high-quality, and real-time training classes in Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, and other areas.


Until you are hired, their instructors offer job-specific training and support. Everyone who attends this institute is allowed to work on real-world SEO projects. After completing the SEO course, you will be job-ready and capable of bringing any client’s site to the top of search engine top results, generating traffic, and increasing leads/sales.


SEO training in Chennai is provided by Mr. Rahul, an SEO expert with over 14 years of experience. He’s worked with large groups of students on SEO, digital marketing, as well as Google Adwords PPC to assist them land jobs at multinational corporations and small businesses.

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

Course Highlights


  • They offer real-time and practical training classes to make you job-ready.
  • Trainer has 13+ years of experience in the field of SEO
  • They provide live training project
  • They don’t only provide placement support after completion of the course, they also teach you how to earn money with this SEO course.
  • They also provide resume and interview preparation support
  • This SEO training n Chennai is suitable for freshers, professionals, and business owners.
  • In this course, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of various SEO tools and techniques like off-page, on-page optimization, meta tags core websites, and much more.
  • After completing this SEO course you’ll get certificates from Google, Microsoft, SEMRUSH, and Inventateq


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6. DMC


DMC (Digital marketing course) is one of the trustworthy institutes for SEO training in Chennai. In their course learner are comprehensively instructed on the fundamentals of the search engine, its operation and optimization, and other strategies that are being employed in various marketing campaigns. This is suitable for students, entrepreneurs, web designers, and online marketers.


Course highlight: 


  • Learn best SEO practices that give a site organic results in search engines.
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the design and architecture of the website to enhance users experience to get high ranking search result
  • Understand both on-page and off-page optimization
  • Get an understanding of strategies to improve keyword research.
  • Learn the best way to track and improve conversions.




They are a leading provider of classroom and online SEO training in Chennai and India. They work with IT firms and individuals to meet their specific requirements, Their training assists the learner in achieving their career objective.


Course Highlights


  • They provide beginner to advance level SEO training.
  • Learners will get hands-on learning in SEO.
  • The learner will get lifetime access to students portal and other content like study material, video,o and interview questions
  • The course is provided at an affordable fee.

8. Softlogic


If you want to learn search engine optimization skills from the beginning to expert level then SEO training by softlogic is perfect for you. their course is perfectly designed for students, business owners, and other SEO enthusiasts working professional.


They provide practical-oriented training to give learners much-needed exposure to SEO.basic requirement to enroll in this course is just working knowledge of the internet and computer, but prior web page designing via HTML and CSS would be good for learners.


Course Highlights


  • They provide job oriented training
  • They offer 100% job placement assistance
  • Their course curriculum includes practical sessions and various assignments during the course to build skills effectively.


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9. Web D School


Web D School’s SEO master course is designed in a holistic manner that is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. In this course, learners will get an understanding of keywords, social media, image, and video optimization techniques, etc on the webpage, apart from teaching other off-page SEO strategies. Their course teaches SEO through a real-time project under the constant guidance of expert instructors.

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

Course Highlights


  • They have faculty of an expert instructor
  • They teach via live sessions
  • They also help in your portfolio development
  • For more information visit their site


10. UpGrad


Upgrad was established in 2015 to assist marketers in better understanding marketing as a whole instead of a single piece of the puzzle. Their training method includes learning specific parts of different marketing concepts, experiencing such concepts by listening to experts describe their issues, and implementing these theories to real-world business needs. UpGrad does provide the most effective SEO training in Chennai.


Course Highlights


  • They offer 15 live sessions over 6.5 months
  • They enhance learners skills in SEO via various case studies and live projects
  • UpGrade provide candidate hand on experience with various SEO tools
  • They provide placement opportunities in reputed companies




1. Is SEO is profitable career option?

SEO is an ever-growing field, and it is the backbone of all websites, online businesses and hence very profitable. it is the most important strategy of online marketing, and has earned a lot of importance recently employment in the SEO field is also gaining an upward trajectory.


2. Is SEO is difficult to learn?

SEO is not as difficult as people made it sound. You just need an understanding of a few fundamentals and need to learn the operation of various tools which will assist you in the optimization of search is more about smart work.


3. Is SEO training courses are free?

There are many sites such as Yoast, Hubspot academy, clickMinded, etc do provide free SEO training with certification.


4. Does understanding SEO require prior knowledge of coding?

One word answer to this question is no, it typically doesn’t require coding you can optimize content without any coding knowledge. but having prior knowledge of coding and various programming languages does add value and hence is a useful skill when it comes to search engine optimization.

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