Top 5 SEO Courses in India With Practical Training

SEO is a term that has come to gain great relevance in the recent years of digitalization. From business owners and marketing experts, it seems that everyone needs to know SEO today to enhance their careers and business opportunities. Even though SEO is quite a complex tool, it is one that you can use to your advantage once you get a good grasp of it. In this article, I’ll try to explain the basics of SEO and help you find the best SEO courses in India suited for you.


List of best SEO courses in India


So what exactly SEO is?


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the method of expanding website visibility on search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc. And as obvious as it is, the more visible a page is to search engines, the better the traffic and chances to attract visitors and prospective customers. SEO is relevant in bringing a business to light online and expanding brand awareness.


When a user types up a term to search in a search engine, numerous results come up based on the words they have typed. SEO determines the order in which different website results are displayed to the users. The websites which come up on top of the search result have higher chances of engaging more visitors. And hence these websites see better traffic.


There are various factors that these search engines use to come up with this order. These search engines follow different algorithms to test the credibility of websites, the resourcefulness of content, the structure of the website, etc. So to make your webpage or business more visible, you have to curate your content and the whole website based on these algorithms.


Therefore, learning SEO will come in handy. You can decide where to learn SEO courses in India with the help of the list provided at the end of this article. SMO or Social Media Optimisation is another method that you can use to visualize your business online.


Terms you should know for SEO


Before you delve in-depth into the world of SEO via any online or offline SEO courses in India, you need to be aware of certain relevant terms related to it. This will prepare you to fully understand the concept and procedures involved in SEO.


  • Organic results


The results that come up on search engines based on their algorithm when a keyword is searched are called organic results. These results are earned based on SEO optimization, unlike paid advertisements. Organic results are ranked based on the relevance of the websites relating to the keywords used by the user.


  • Keywords


Keywords are the words used by a user to find your content with the help of search engines. It plays a major role in optimizing your page based on SEO. Proper keyword research and usage will help in increasing brand visibility on search engines.


  • Algorithm


Algorithms are the calculated and reasonably automated actions performed by search engines that help them to automatically recognize and put forth the most valuable content for the user. It determines how websites are ranked and enable optimization of content for users.


  • Click-through rate


The Click-through rate relates the number of times your advertisement/website is clicked to the number of times your advertisement/website is shown to the users. If the click-through rate is high, the number of users finding your content relevant is also high. If the click-through rate is low, it implies that the users find your content less relevant.


  • Bounce rate


Search engines track the number of times users click on your website and the number of times users leave without clicking any other page of your website. The rate of users leaving your website without accessing or engaging with any other pages of your website is called the bounce rate. The lesser the bounce rate, the more the value of your website according to the search engines.




  • User experience


User experience simply refers to the experience a user gains while visiting a website. The better the user experience of a webpage more will be the chances of customer engagement. For a brand to get the credibility and good engagement, the website should be curated to enhance the user experience.


  • Headings


Headings or heading tags are the headings that HTML can use to structure a page or an article. They enable search engines to read and understand the content properly. HTML tags H1-H6 are used to create a hierarchy in content.


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What are the benefits of learning SEO?


Learning SEO can help improve your business and webpage in various ways. Since you are already here, you might be seriously considering joining SEO courses. Some advantages of learning SEO are:



Organic visibility makes ensures high-quality traffic and will guide prospective buyers towards your products. As the audience is hyper-targeted, you get a chance to persuade your visitor to invest in your product. The user uses a set of keywords that you can use to help bring your brand forward.


  • It enables you to gain credibility.


Most users do not look for results beyond the first couple of pages. So if your webpage ranks top among the results optimized by the search engine, the chances are that the user will trust you and your product/service more. Users trust the algorithms and hence will trust your brand/business more.


  • SEO helps build and improve brand awareness.


Being on the first page of their trusted search engine will persuade the user to trust and learn about your brand/website. E-commerce is highly competitive and it is important to make your brand’s presence known to potential and general users.


  • SEO helps optimize the user experience.


If your webpage caters well to your users, the search engine automatically boosts your website visibility. Click-through rates and bounce rates are tracked to create a user-friendly experience.


  • SEO increases search visibility.


Online presence is extremely important for businesses in this digital age. Unless your website ranks top in the search results, you cannot promote your brand effectively. If you want your brand’s presence to be known and used, it is important to make your website SEO friendly.


  • Your SEO marketing results can be gauged accurately.


You can calculate your SEO trial results on SEO tools such as Google Analytics. The results of your efforts to promote your brand can be calculated to further enhance your performance.


  • It can be done on a budget. 


Search engine optimization helps you grow your brand organically, which means that you do not have to pay to get customers. Learning SEO will be an investment to make sure that you do not have to send money later on for marketing strategies like pay-per-click. The search engines will enable the free flow of users into your website if the website is ranked high according to their algorithms.


  • It gives 24/7 promotion for your brand.


The digital world doesn’t have an off-time. This means that your brand and website will be open to being explored throughout the day and night. This will help gather more customers. Even if you develop your brand internationally, your brand will speak for itself online all the time.


Even if you do not own a brand, learning SEO can prove to be a useful skill in your career. SEO writing in itself is a career that involves partnering with brands for optimizing their websites for search engines. It will be good to study SEO courses in India to make a good career in writing and marketing.

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

What factors should you consider before joining SEO courses in India?


Before joining SEO courses in India, you should check:


  • Whether it enables practical learning:


It is best to learn SEO hands-on by trying it straight rather than by just listening to lectures. It will enable you to get more familiarised with different tools and aspects of SEO and prepare you for real-world situations. Learning practically will also ensure that you have a few samples of your work to show to potential employers.


  • Whether the instructors are well-experienced in the field:


Unless a person has been in the industry for years, it will be difficult for them to teach prospective students to survive and to prosper in the field. Experienced and skilled instructors will be aware of the practicalities of the field and this makes them the best persons to learn from.


  • Whether the course offers internships:


Students who are new to this field and who want to make a career out of it might find it difficult to break into this industry. In such cases, an internship will be the best solution to attain real experiences in the field and will act as an advantage when it comes to seeking jobs.


  • Whether you get proper certification:


Proper SEO certification will prepare you to make a career in the field. Recognized certificates will add value to your portfolio and can impress potential employers. Many institutions that offer SEO courses in India will provide relevant certifications such as the Hubspot certification.


  • Whether the institute is reputed in the field:


Experience and certifications from a reputed institute will help you to improve your skillset and add value to your CV. Most reputed institutions that offer good SEO courses in India let you gain practical knowledge and prepare you to practice in this field.


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  • Whether you have access to the syllabus:


Access to the syllabus beforehand will help you in understanding what you are getting into and to make sure the course provides you with the exact information that you are seeking. It also helps you ease into the curriculum easily and helps you prepare for the classes accordingly.


  • Whether you will get access to SEO tools:


Tools play a very important role in search engine optimization and you need to have the right set of tools made available for use. If you join good SEO courses in India, you will get access to the right tools and learn how to use them properly.


  • Whether there’s a demo and money-back option:


When you are new to the course and the whole concept of SEO, it will be important for you to get to know how it works and how it is taught in the particular institution. Certain types of teaching might not appeal to you and it might be good for you to experience the class before you commit to it. With the help of a demo or money-back option, you will be able to understand exactly what you are getting into.


  • Whether it has good reviews:


An institution or a course having good reviews imply that the particular institution or course is helpful and worth the hype and money. Bad reviews might reflect discomfort from their previous users. So reading reviews is a good method of recognizing valued courses for you to learn.


  • Whether the course timing and duration suits you:


Different courses will have different timings and durations for their sessions. You could be a student or employed elsewhere and still want to learn SEO. In such a case, it would be ideal to choose a course that fits into your timeline so that you can make maximum use of the course.


Top 5 SEO Courses in India


There are many offline and online courses provided by reputed institutions in India. Here, I’ll mention short online courses that you can enroll into according on your convenience.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the top-renowned institutions for learning SEO and other various marketing courses. Their online SEO course is one of the best in India. They have an extensive and exhausting curriculum that makes sure that you get equipped with everything related to SEO.


The course consists of sixteen hours of live training sessions and two months guaranteed internship. This enables you to prepare yourself for a career in the field.




  • You can try a live class before committing to the course. Full money-back is guaranteed in case of an unsatisfactory experience by the end of the first class.
  • Live instructor-led sessions are available.
  • Guaranteed internship opportunities are available.
  • A comprehensive and exhaustive syllabus is followed.
  • Permanent access to their course content is available.
  • Your work will get indexed.
  • Constant support from trainers is available.
  • You can Hubspot and a course certificate.
  • Professional SEO tools are made available for you for free.




Other Courses


2. Udemy


Udemy is one of the most known online platforms formed for sharing and connecting through knowledge. It offers various courses from design and music to marketing and finance. They have trained instructors to guide students through different topics. They have several SEO courses and you are free to pick one that suits you best.




  • Might be best suited for business owners and to enhance brand reputation as you can choose to learn only the things that you need.
  • You get to learn about Google and Bing rankings.
  • You can combine SEO with other relevant topics such as WordPress, digital marketing, etc.
  • Learn about keywords and keyword optimization.
  • real-world experts.
  • You can choose a wide range of courses according to your budget.


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3. Yoast Academy


Yoast which owns the Yoast SEO plugin offers an online SEO course that helps you to learn vital SEO skills. They cover all SEO topics, from beginner level to advanced level. The course is comprehensive and engaging. Their course content will help you optimize your WordPress and website accordingly. It could be the ideal place for you to start learning SEO.




  • Suited for users with different experience levels.
  • Practical guides and kits to use in the real world are taught.
  • Easy to follow.
  • You can choose to learn from the free course or the premium course.
  • Ready-to-use SEO templates are made available for you.
  • Optional assignments and quizzes are available.
  • You can get access to webinars and conferences.


4. Coursera


Coursera is one of the top reputed online platforms for learning and offers thousands of different courses. It enables flexible learning with the courses which can be studied according to your convenience. You can enroll in hands-on job certificate programs on a budget.

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite



  • You can choose between different courses teaching SEO.
  • You can receive professional certificates by the end of your course.
  • You can combine SEO with other relevant topics such as WordPress, Squarespace, etc.


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5. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya is one of the most reputed institutions in Asia for students to acquire new age skills today. They act as the official training partner of Google and Microsoft India and partner with various other relevant brands as well. The course is mainly self-oriented and promotes practical training that will help gain industry-based experience.




  • You can take a free demo class before committing to the course.
  • Live instructor-led sessions are available.
  • You can get involved in a research-based internship.
  • Permanent access to their course content.
  • You can take part in hands-on projects.
  • You can always ask for support from trainers.
  • You can look into the course syllabus beforehand.
  • You will receive the government, Google, and Hubspot certificates.
  • Professional SEO tools and software are made available for you for free.




Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which degree is best for SEO?

While a degree in Digital Marketing is one of the common degrees seen within SEO specialists, most of the SEO-related work doesn’t require a particular degree. A bachelor’s degree is mostly required for SEO positions but otherwise, it is the skill that matters. You can choose short-term courses and build your way up into the field if you work on them passionately. While looking for courses or degrees best for SEO, it might be good to work in fields related to content marketing, digital analytics, digital promotions, etc.


2. What is the duration of an SEO course?

SEO courses can be of a month duration or several months duration. Most of the institutions where you can study SEO courses in India provide short-term curriculums. These institutions generally provide you with course certificates and prepare you for a career in SEO. It is important to look into the course curriculum than the duration of the course.


3. What is an SEO course?

SEO courses teach you the process of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation is the method of expanding website visibility on search engines. Usually, institutions that offer SEO courses in India have short-term curriculums that help you to understand the basics of SEO and you will be required to work by yourself to further widen your field of learning.


4. How do I get SEO certified?

In India, SEO courses are made available conveniently either in offline mode or online mode. Many short-term courses provide SEO certifications in India which will help you gain real and practical knowledge. You can choose any reputed institution which offers SEO courses in India to get certified.



In this digital age, SEO is one of the most relevant skillsets that you can have. SEO or search engine optimization is already a crucial tool in marketing. Be it to promote your brand or build up your blog or build a career in Marketing, SEO can be of huge help. Now that you have reached the end of the article, you have hopefully gained basic knowledge on what SEO is and how to select a course that is fit for your needs.


A certificate and good skillset you can receive from a good institution will never go to waste. Investing in a good SEO course from a well-reputed institution will be well worth your time and money. By pursuing such a course, you can earn a wage by making a career or building up a business.

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