Top 5 SEO Courses in Greece With Placement Assistance

Greece, a founding member of the United Nations, is a country that not only has a unique cultural heritage, a great tourism industry, and an outstanding shipping sector but is also a democratic and developed country. Greece also has a highly developed information and communications infrastructure, providing easy access to Internet services. The evaluation of the internet has remolded the entire world into a massive marketplace. Companies are adapting new strategies to take advantage of the rapidly growing digital sector, resulting in an increasing demand for SEO experts in Greece. Let’s understand SEO (search engine optimization), and then we will go through the top 5 SEO courses in Greece.


List of best SEO courses in Greece


This rapid e-commerce growth has triggered an evolution in the Greek market. Companies, startups, and small and medium companies grabbed the opportunity to become more creative and inventive to expand their customer bases on digital platforms. Therefore, the e-commerce sector in Greece has room for expansion and has opened a door for many businesses.


What is SEO? Lets’ Understand

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. In simple words, SEO is the process of refining the website to increase its visibility in various search engines by creating relevant, high-quality content and delivering the best user experience.

It is used to enhance a website’s content relevance, link popularity, and technical configuration so its pages can become easily locatable, more suitable, and in demand for user search inquiries, and as an outcome, search engines rank them better whenever people search for any services, products, or information on the internet.

Whenever people want to buy a service or product, they go somewhere and find information. People start with a search on the search engine. The click-through rate increases when the website or page is ranked higher in the search engine. The purpose of SEO is to bring prospective customers to the website and convert them into clients, repeat visitors, or customers.


Different Types of SEO

SEO is of three types, let’s understand them one by one:-

Technical Optimization: Technical optimization is an SEO task designed to improve SEO that is finalized but not related to content. In technical SEO, it is ensured that the website is easy to maneuver and is free from all technicalities so that it is understood and ranked by search engines at the top. It also helps to attract organic traffic and turn that traffic into customers.

Content optimization is the process or activity of writing content in such a way that it reaches or attracts the most targeted audience. The purpose is to always produce high-value content that the audience is looking for.

Some key components to optimize are title and header tags, image alt text, including the keywords that people use to find the content, being unique and original, free of grammatical errors, well-written, having accurate information, having relevant links, including multimedia, meta descriptions, being readable, sitemaps, page URLs, etc.

Off-page optimization refers to all the steps that are implemented outside the actual website in order to improve its search ranking. The common off-site SEO strategies include link building, content marketing, social media marketing, guest posts, podcasting, and video marketing, engaging in a variety of forms of online promotion, being featured as a guest on third-party blogs, podcasts, and vlogs, traditional public relations, including writing press releases, and building relationships with influencers.


Scope of SEO Experts in Greece

Over the past years, the e-commerce industry has developed rapidly around the globe. Entrepreneurs in Greece are also willing to enter the market since e-commerce is developing rapidly. Entrepreneurs want to take a chance to get noticed in search engine results quickly and at the top of the first page of the results. Since it is necessary for them to attract new potential customers and hold existing ones, To imply so, a well-search engine-optimized website is a must.

All three types of search engine optimization are to be ensured so that the website is ranked at the top of the list of results. Nowadays, in today’s digital era, getting noticed on an online platform is difficult. To attain a good position for a website in search engine results, search engine optimization is the answer.

SEO experts optimize the website in such a way that it is ranked at the top of the search result page. SEO experts increase visibility and try to get organic traffic on the website through various search engine optimization strategies. Entrepreneurs hire SEO experts who can implement and manage technical SEO, content SEO, and off-page SEO.

Search engine optimization experts who have pursued SEO courses in Greece use various strategies to optimize the content according to search engine specifications. They research keywords that can help the website rank at the top of the results. SEO experts also take care of the website’s look as well as mobile friendliness.

Running various marketing campaigns and reviewing analytics can help drive organic traffic to the website. Users on the internet tend to explore online for information, products, and services. A well-optimized website adds value to the users who are seeking information about the products or services. Entrepreneurs either hire SEO experts on board their company or freelance SEO services to manage the various SEO processes.

Hiring an SEO expert on board is mostly the best option since the website is part of your image as well; it has the capability to make or break. Brands have started to implement and manage the best SEO practices to attract customers and market their products in a better way. So the rising demand for well-optimized websites by entrepreneurs raises the demand for SEO experts. The average salary of an SEO manager in Greece is between €1300 and €4300. Search engine optimization experts will also be in high demand.


Roles and Responsibilities of an SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are also accomplished digital marketing experts with research and analysis expertise. SEO specialist job responsibilities and roles differ from one job to another. It depends on an individual which forte they want to pursue. It also depends on where he or she wants to work. Some SEO experts may want to work with a digital marketing agency.

Other SEO experts may want to work with the digital marketing departments of brands or companies. Some SEO experts may also want to work as freelancers. However, the job description will primarily consist of the following:

Develop and implement optimization strategies for a page or website that increase search engine rankings by driving traffic to the website.

Execute tests, collect data and analyze results, identify and implement relevant SEO trends, and observe target customers’ choices to maximize the return on investment from an SEO campaign.

Estimate the weekly and monthly costs and manage the cost of SEO campaigns. Also, ensure campaigns are implemented within the budget.

Analyze and track various web analytics data for search engine marketing campaigns.

Responsible for optimizing websites and landing pages for search engine ranking and marketing.

Undertake keyword research and refine keywords for the search engine.

Research and understand the search engine optimization attempts of competitors.

Create and implement link building.

Run several campaigns to boost the company’s revenue.

Drive target segment customer traffic to a website or landing page by building community.

Develop and integrate various content marketing strategies.

Motivate other sites to associate with or collaborate.

Monitor the performance of client websites and recommend suggestions for website enhancement by constantly checking search terms, rankings, and analytics.

Develop website architecture, content, and other factors to enhance SEO ranking for target keywords.

Keep an eye out for the latest updates on search engine algorithms.

Work in collaboration with different teams to ensure best practices are implemented.


After a basic understanding of search engine optimization, and the various types and roles of a search engine optimization expert Let’s explore and understand better what all institutes offer in SEO courses in Greece.



IIM SKILLS is a globally and highly renowned provider of online professional training that provides excellent advanced SEO Courses in Greece. It is a 4-week live online course and has 16+ hours of online training. Participants also need to appear for practical assignments and weekly assessments.

They also provide an 8-week guaranteed paid internship and hands-on training with two live projects. This course will help an individual learn all the relevant points related to search engine optimization.


Glimpse on Modules:

Introduction to SEO

Setting up the right niche

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Technical SEO

Search Console

Google Analytics

Reporting in SEO

Bonus Module: career planning, interview preparation, resume preparation, best practices, introduction to paid internships


What will you learn from the Advanced SEO Course?

The participant will understand how search engines work, including ranking and indexing. Understand and learn to design and optimize the website so that it gets ranked on Google Page 1. Learners will learn 200+ SEO factors.

Participants will learn to research targeted keywords for the websites that they are taking care of. Will learn, master, and perform effective competitive research and various technical SEO tools. Learn to develop SEO-optimized content that can drive traffic to the website. It will help to learn about link building and all about backlinks.

Learn the contribution of optimum internal linking to website ranking. Become an expert at adapting to changes in the SEO fraternity and audit and find the issues and fix them. Learn the best professional-client onboarding practices and pitch to new clients. Support an SEO career either as a freelancer, as a job or as an agency startup. It’s a practical SEO training course with effective results.


Additional skillsets that participants will acquire:


Critical and analytical skills


Writing Proficiency

Technical: HTML and CSS skills

Data: extract relevant data and turn it into valuable, actionable data.


Thirst for learning


Who can learn this course? Let’s see:


Solopreneurs, small and medium businesses, and entrepreneurs

Marketing Professional

Digital marketing professionals


Content writers and copywriters

Anyone who wants to learn with passion about SEO


Why Choose IIM SKILLS?

IIM SKILLS is an excellent, globally world-class institute that aims to provide valuable and high-quality SEO courses in Greece at reasonable prices. Already ranked #1 in content writing and digital marketing. Eventually, the institute has helped many participants upskill themselves, re-launch their careers, or launch themselves. They provide the perfect platform for you to learn, grow, and capture the professional world with advanced knowledge.

Offers the best SEO training course. With extreme clarity on the fundamentals of SEO concepts, you will become an expert. It will equip participants with proven SEO techniques to deliver output. Also, we will be sharing SEO hacks that have never been revealed before, and IIM Skills will also follow them. Thus, after course completion, participants will be able to face various job challenges in the real business world. Have 300+ placement partners and provide job support.


Course Name: Advanced SEO Course

Course Fees: INR 14,900 + 18% GST

Course Duration: 4 weeks


Contact details are below:


Contact No.: +91-9580740740



SPOCLEARN provides advanced training SEO courses in Greece. This course provides an individual with complete knowledge of SEO that they can implement to drive the website’s growth. The key features are a 2-day (8 Hours per Day) or 4-day (4 Hours per Day) interactive instructor-led online virtual classroom SEO training course.

Expert SEO trainers across the globe Case studies with real examples Accredited SEO course material prepared by SMEs After training and coaching for real-world applications, Participants enrolling in this SEO training course will learn and understand everything about keyword research, analytics, technical SEO, website optimization, link building, and achieving organic rankings. A certificate of course completion will be awarded to participants by Spoclearn.


Glimpse of chapters:

Introduction to SEO

How Search Engines Work

Different types of SEO

Keyword research and competitor analysis

On-page and off-page optimization

Content Duplicity

Website Design and Architecture

Local SEO


Course Name: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training

Course Fees: USD 495

For more details


Call: +1 832-924-0564


#3 SEO Academy Course by Hellenic American Union (HAU)

The Hellenic American Union is a non-profit, public-service institution that provides accessible and innovative educational programs, testing services, and cultural events for diverse and young aspirants. HAU provides SEO courses in Greece. HAU has 27 hours of detailed workshops where participants will learn to formulate an SEO strategy. SEO Academy was developed by GrowthRocks.

It helps you to learn the exact steps that need to be followed to improve the website’s ranking in organic results. The participants will understand various frameworks and methodologies that will help launch the organic rankings of the website. It helps participants learn and recognize the SEO strategies and techniques competitors follow.


Glimpse of modules:

SEO Highlights

Advance Keyword Research and Targeting

Develop your SEO strategy.

SEO website auditing

Technical SEO

Combine content marketing and SEO.

Off-page SEO and link-building

SEO case studies



Who can learn this course? Let’s see:

A digital marketing expert who wants to dive deeper into SEO marketing.

Marketers who want to upskill or upgrade their knowledge to become SEO experts

IT graduates who want to explore the SEO domain

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who want to optimize business strategies

Web developers


Course Name: SEO Academy

Course Fees: €590.00

For more details


Call: +210-3680064


#4 Masterclass in Search Engine Optimization by Know Crunch

KnowCrunch offers education in professional digital marketing courses with video on demand or in class. KnowCrunch provides SEO courses in Greece that have extensive information on SEO. The course includes lectures and lessons that cover a vast range of SEO tools, approaches, and techniques. Participants can pursue the course at their own convenience.

The program includes 14 hours of lectures and 2 hours of exercise. The course content is available 24×7 for 6 months, Participants will be able to develop and implement relevant SEO strategies to optimize the website or landing page after the course is pursued. Participants will be able to create content and articles based on researched keywords.

Participants will be able to assess and analyze various KPIs of SEO. Set up and manage the customer account. Participants can also participate in question-and-answer events to connect with SEO experts in the industry. It will give an individual access to projects and business specs that will contribute to professional growth. Lifetime alumni discounts are offered to participants in all educational programs.


A glimpse of the module:

Course introduction and welcome

Content production: research

Search engine optimization strategy

Search engine optimization: content

Search engine optimization: technical

Search engine optimization: backlinks

Search engine optimization checkup: content

Search engine optimization checkup: technical

Search engine optimization checkup: backlinks

Google Search Console

Search engine optimization report

Search engine optimization services

Search engine optimization: exercise

Course summary and epilogue


Course Name: Masterclass in Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Course Fees: €650.00 for regular applicants and €550.00 for special applicants

For more details

Call: (+30) 210 3007214


Also Check:


#5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Careerera

With the ongoing demand for SEO experts, one more institute that provides SEO courses in Greece is Careerera. The course is created and presented as a self-learning online course, that allows participants to develop their skills at their own convenience. The Search Engine Optimization course in Greece is designed in a sequential manner that covers all aspects of SEO, including assessments and presentations.

You will be attending interactive classroom sessions and a practical learning experience, which comprise 60 percent of the overall syllabus. The participants learn the courseware in such a way that they are able to deliver the outputs in their actual workplace. The course offers an insight into the SEO tools and techniques, and various SEO strategies.


Glimpse of modules:

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Search Engine Optimization


Design and Architecture of the Website

SEO: Important Rules


SEO (local search)

Conducting website audits

Critical Algorithm Updates

SEO Tracking

SEO Career

SEO Tools


Course Name: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Course Fees: Not mentioned




1. What skills are required and can be learned for SEO courses in Greece?

Critical thinking

Research minded

Knowledge of analytics

Quick decision-making skills

Flexibility and resilience

Good with content writing

Fundamental knowledge of web design and development

Well-versed in how the internet works

Technical and programming skills


2. Are SEO courses in Greece worth it?

In various industries, search engine optimization is one of the recommended skills. Search engine optimization is one of the most recommended skills in digital skills that add huge value across all industry sectors. Due to the demand for the online presence of the brand and businesses, it is essential for entrepreneurs to attract traffic to the website organically. About 66 percent of the Greek population uses the Internet, so attracting customers is essential. Therefore, the need for SEO experts in Greece is in high demand.


3. Are SEO courses in Greece easy or difficult?

The SEO courses in Greece are very easy to learn. The step-by-step process of understanding the fundamentals of SEO can help the learners absorb all the relevant topics, including website design, website optimization, content optimization, keyword research, web analytics, SEO tools, SEO algorithms, off-page SEO, SEO site audits, etc.


4. Who can enroll in SEO courses in Greece?

Students, experts in digital marketing and marketing professionals, copywriters and content writers, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs. Also, anybody else who has passion or enthusiasm for search engine optimization knowledge.



The e-commerce industry in Greece has been rapidly evolving over the last few years, which is a clear-cut indication that Greece is on the digital revolutionizing path. There will also be a demand for SEO experts in the industry since the rapid growth of e-commerce in the upcoming years will have a positive effect on the Greek business climate. I hope that this article has given you enough insight about SEO, types of SEO, and some of the popular SEO courses in Greece. With the above details, hopefully, you will be able to make a decision on enrolling in the SEO course.

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