Top 14 Online SEO Courses in Kolkata With Placement Assistance

According to Siteefy, there are more than 5.7 million websites in India, and the number is more than 1.10 billion worldwide. Among the considerable number, more than 22% of websites need mobile-friendly. Google has more than 23 billion web pages in its index. There are more than 630 million active smartphone users in India. All these statistical numbers say optimizing a website in a search engine is a high-paying job in 2023 after completing the online SEO courses in Kolkata.


List of best SEO courses in Kolkata


1. IIM SKILLS’s SEO Course

IIM SKILLS is the topmost option for online SEO Courses in Kolkata. It is Delhi based educational training institute. They offer the most comprehensive basic to advance SEO courses in the industry because they provide one month of virtual training along with two months of paid internship. They offer a government-recognized certificate, differentiating it from any proclaimed SEO professional. The course continues for three months. The cost of the course is 14900 (excluding taxes)


Feature of the training:

  • Live lectures for one month
  • Weekly practical assignments
  • Free SEO tools handling
  • Online project-based training
  • Recommendation letter for the job
  • Interview placement assistance
  • Technical support for a lifetime after course completion


Eligibility: There is no bar for admission to this course regarding age or qualification. The course is for freshers and experienced both.


Tools you will learn in this course:

  • Wordcounter
  • Ubersuggest
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Backlink Auditor
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • SemRUSH
  • SERP Rank Checker
  • Backlink Checker
  • Small SEO Tools
  • GTmetrix
  • Pingdom
  • Answer the Public
  • KWFinder
  • Google Search Console, along with Google Developers Tools
  • CanVA
  • WordPress



❖ Introduction: Meaning, importance, Types, Expectation, and result duration
❖ Niche creation: selection of a niche at micro and competitive levels, UI-UE website structuring, blog creation for the audience, and mind mapping theory.
❖ SEO for the on-page:
A. Title tags and meta description
B. Header tags
C. URL & URLs structure
D. Image ALT text
E. Internal links
F. Sitemaps
G. Onpage doesn’t: Keyword stuffing, Hidden text, Repetitive anchor text, and cloaking.
H. Top ranking factors: relevant page title, page heading, anchor text links, keyword-based URL, contextual file name, content readability
I. Linking factors: total referring domains, backlinks, referring IPs, follow backlinks, anchors, and keywords in anchors
J. Performance factors: domain history and age, factual business information, social signals
K. Search engines’ protocols: RobOT.tXT, XML-sitemaps, and HTTPS protocols
L. Behavioral factors in terms of user experience, brand searches, direct website visits, time on page, and page per session


❖ SEO for the off-page:

Link-related: quality and quantity of external links, anchor text in external links, relevancy of external links, freshness and diversity of external links, and authority and trustworthiness.
Non-link Related: social media engagement, an online reputation like reviews, brand mentions, influencer outreach, local SEO, and content marketing like blogging.


❖ Tech-SEO:

I. Domain preference
II. Optimization of robOT.txt file
III. Optimization of URL structure
IV. Revision of website structure
V. Addition of breadcrumb menus along with schema markup
VI. Homepage and post designing
VII. Canonical Url checklist
VIII. 404 page optimization
IX. Submission of sitemaps to Google
X. Enabling https protocols
XI. Checking of mobile-friendliness of a website
XII. Register a website on Google and Bing


❖ Search Engine Console:

● Crawling, Indexing, and reindexing
● Performance report with SERP data
● SPAMS notification
● Backlinks information
● Sitemaps indexing
● Security information
● Top search queries
● Search by location
● Page experience statistics
● Core web vitals


2. Google’s SEO Course

This is our next option for online SEO courses in Kolkata. An instructor delivers the course from Davis University (California). It is a Coursera SEO course with a fundamental understanding. The course mentions four assignments. The course lasts for three to six months. The cost for six months of training will be approx 12500 while if anyone goes for three-month training, it will be approximately 8100.

The fees are volatile. Please check the official websites. However, you can do the training for free if you approach Coursera’s financial aid program. The whole program is virtual with the self mode of learning for almost 30hrs.


Course Modules:

This SEO certification training has four modules as a syllabus. They are expanded elaborately below.

Introduction of SEO for the on-page: It is the applied techniques in a single webpage to improve its visibility to a search engine. It is done through a few strategies, yet knowing the differences among strategies is essential. Let’s know some aspects of it. It is done by tweaking metadata through competitive analysis like

  • Meta tags & title tags optimization
  • Writing meta descriptions by chosen keywords
  • Optimizing the website’s Url by heading tags of appropriate contents
  • Submit the website to a web-crawler


Introduction of SEO for the off-page: These are the indirect practices for increasing the authority of a website. The informal word for these phenomena is called link establishing through various media for a solid online presence. Let’s understand its key components.

  • A link to another website is given as to follow or null-follow link to a site.
  • Links are given in blue, underlined manner in the browser.
  • High trustworthy site links are appreciated.
  • Content may be internally linked to another page of the same website, like an internal pillar page.
  • The content may also be referred to any other website.


Introduction to the technical side of SEO: Here, the course talks about the structural component of a website. Now see its elements one by one.

  • When a search engine’s crawler visits a website, it crawls every element of every webpage according to the maps we provided, called sitemaps. It is the collection of links. It is not an automatic process; you have to generate the sitemaps which need to be submitted to the search engine also.
  • Sitemaps are curated for human audiences also. Usually, it is in HTML format for managing online traffic and locating relevant site content through indexing off all pages in that website.
  • There are few pages on a website where sensitive information may be given, like when a subscriber enters their contact information; in such cases, you have to forbid the search engine to crawl for privacy reasons. This is named Robots files. It is a .txt file.
  • After that, you need to learn about a few error codes like 404 and redirect ethical link practices.


Keyword Search: A website is made to solve the problems of its user, but how a user comes to know about your website among the millions. That is where the redirection of a user comes into play. You must target the keywords an internet user searches by knowing their online behavior. It is relatively easy because plenty of tools monitor the targeted persona. You expose here the long tails keywords and short-tail keyword research models.


Other best courses in Kolkata:


3. Coursea’s SEO Course

This is your next option while looking for online SEO courses in Kolkata. The University of California affiliates it. You will get a comprehensive understanding after finishing all the modules. The training is for six months. The cost will be around 2000 INR monthly, though it is not a fixed amount. Financial aid is available for this course who need it. It is a specialization training of five online SEO courses in Kolkata in a single certification. The course is of almost 119 hours with five modules.


Google SEO: an introduction-

  • Importance of SEO for a business
  • Career options after doing SEO training
  • The working mechanism of a search engine
  • The history of SEO timelines and evolution


SEO fundamentals by Google- The modules are already mentioned in ‘Google’s SEO course.’


Website optimization for Google-

  • Keywords implementation to a website for the target audience
  • Organic search results for relevant websites
  • Traffic conversion for the intended terms
  • Evaluation of competitors’ keywords
  • Keyword mapping for pages in the clients’ site
  • Advanced SEO: content analyzing for customers, site audit, organizing posts, optimizing domain level local SEO by content strategies
  • App SEO for mobile: App optimization in an external store with A/B randomized experiments, screenshots optimization, several key SEO performance indicators, and return on investment after doing keyword surveys.
  • SEO campaign creation: The course will discuss establishing a relationship among clients by matching their expectations. You must break your objectives into smart achievable goals. You have to ask your customers many questions to measure benchmark metrics. A detailed report should be prepared at last.


Social content for SEO-

  • Introduction for marking content by valued link buildings
  • Do’s & Don’ts for link optimizations
  • Guest blog-writing posting
  • Building readers’ community with SEO marketing
  • Importance of social media for creating backlinks
  • Audience’ demographics for individual social platforms through case studies
  • Collaboration with influencers for targeted advertisements & role of influencers’ relationship marketing
  • Partnerships for creating valued content for anchoring readers


Capstone synthesis for SEO-

  • A perfect pitch creation for SEO tasks for clients
  • Deep leveled research regarding website visitors’ persona, template making for keywords, and competitive analysis
  • Competitor website analysis comparing own website with theirs
  • Technical internal content audit for mapping the site’s error
  • Presentation of the templates after audit mentioning a detailed recommendation for the client’s website


4. Udemy’s SEO

Udemy is our third option for learning online SEO courses in Kolkata. You can find various SEO training on the portals. The duration of the courses is also from 3.5 hours to 20 hours. The fees constantly fluctuate for every class; therefore, check the website.



  • Structured data creation for websites with schema and JSON-LD
  • Generating markup Urls
  • Searchboxs in site links & breadcrumbs applications
  • Tag manager introduction in JSON-LD for webpages
  • Plugins for schema text
  • Search console key points
  • Link building index with keyword research
  • SEO with chatGPT
  • SEO tools and penalties for ill practices
  • Voice SEO
  • WordPress SEO
  • Silo structure for webpages


5. Hubspot’s SEO Certification

It is one of the free online SEO courses in Kolkata with internationally recognized certification. The total duration of the course is three and a half hours. The course has six lessons: basic introduction, SEO types, keyword research and link-building plans, creation of SEO reports, etc. You can find an advanced SEO 2 course on Hubspot, also. This is also a free one. There you will learn SEO optimization for migrated websites, Google console optimization, performance analysis of websites, etc.


6. Semrush’s SEO Courses

Semrush is also delivering various online SEO courses in Kolkata free of cost. These are self-paced courses without any time limit. There are globally renowned instructors giving free lectures. Only some types of SEO courses are mentioned below for reference only. All the mentioned courses provide free certificates to the learner.


  • Mobile SEO by C. Carter
  • Lead Generation with SEO by D. Khannal+B. Hyam
  • SEO Principles by K. Byers
  • SEO Crash Course by B. Dean
  • Content SEO by B. Dean
  • On-page & Tech SEO by Semrush
  • Fundamental SEO by G.Gifford
  • Local SEO by G.Gifford
  • SEO Agency by G.gifford
  • Technical SEO by B.Grimm


7. MOZ’s SEO Course

MOZ is delivering five online SEO courses in Kolkata. These are the certification courses. I am mentioning the five courses individually below. Their essential certification course costs 595 USD. A student will learn SEO principles, searching keywords, optimizing a webpage, building links, and SEO reporting. The course is for eight hours. At last, students need to sit for an online exam. The course is instructor-led.

They offer certification for keyword research. The modules cost USD 395. Here you will learn the fundamental of keyword research, keyword find strategies after knowing the customers, and keyword tracking. The duration of the course is seven hours with certification. The course is instructor-led.

They offer instructor-led certification for local SEO also. The course costs 395 USD. Here you will learn to map local space, compare your business and competitors.’, build a business in local channels, build a reputation with a community, and track performance. The course is for ten hours. They have technical SEO certification, which costs 395 USD. The duration is five hours. A student will learn how to index a site in a search engine, how a search engine crawls a webpage, and how to measure a website’s performance in terms of speed. This is an instructor-led course.

Moz offers certification for competitive analysis of SEO. It costs 395 USD. It is a five hours instructor-led program. Here you will learn to monitor’s competitors’ on-page-off-page activity, explore their specialties, and identify a competitor. You can buy these courses separately.


8. Ahref’s SEO Course

Currently, Ahref is running two online SEO  courses in Kolkata for free. The first is the basic, and the second is an advanced certification. The introductory SEO course incorporates the importance of SEO, how to do keyword research, SEO optimization for on-page, link-building techniques, and fundamental technical SEO aspects in its modules. This course is for two hours without any certification.

The advanced course with certification is for its user. You can get the certificate after spending 99 USD for a month along with their tool subscription. The course consists-


❖         Their in-house function of crawler and index, along with budgeting and faq strategies

❖         Measuring SEO metrics regarding data sources, backlinks, and keyword traffic.

❖         Site reports: domain reports for new and lost backlinks, anchors, and content gaps after inspecting links, organic keyword inspection, and outgoing connections for competitive domains.

❖         Keywords report: generating ideas for traffic

❖         Page audit: structure of the website, page filters, segmentation of issues, and explorer structure for links.

❖         Rank report for a project: competitors’ metrics

❖         Overviews of content searches along with several alerts


9. Google Analytics:

GA4 provides its users insight into visitors’ behavior, their experiences with the website, and marketing goals to retain visitors. The platform continually evolves,  improving its capabilities to meet business owners’ needs. As the Internet of Things expands, ensure you have the right tools to analyze your data,  gain insights, and adapt to changing environments. It is the de facto standard in web analytics. It gives you more control to adapt to the evolving settings without re-configuring your tracking code repeatedly.

Businesses adapt to the changes for more control over data collection and its use. It is a powerful analytics platform to help enterprises to address changing measurement standards. Machine Learning technology provides insights and adapts to your changing environment. It enables you to anticipate user needs by providing new data collection and use controls.

It is a machine learning-powered mobility solution that helps businesses collect data and adapt to change. The robust, user-friendly platform welcomes any organization, from the largest enterprise environments to the smallest companies. Only a few of the benefits businesses will enjoy powerful reporting tools, self-service dashboards, and a strategic infrastructure to support your business.

It is a pivotal investment for helping companies to adapt to user privacy expectations and changing business needs. The latest version of analytics adds critical functionality and new features. It powers the Tag Manager interface, making defining and managing tags easy. It delivers personal privacy experiences with proactive identification and removal of PII.

❖         SEO Reporting: Here, you will learn how to make SEO performance reports on a monthly and weekly basis for your clients

❖         Bonus Chapters: There is a bonus chapter regarding career & interview planning for the future and internship introduction.


10. Web & SEO Training

It is a training institute for online SEO courses in Kolkata. It offers online and offline classes to the student. In the case of online, they provide personal training for every individual. The training duration is two to three months. They also offer internship projects for a month. The cost for this course varies from 20K to 22K INR. The minimum qualification requires for the training is 10+2. The institute is MSME recognized.



  • Website layout design with color theories
  • HTML & CSS coding introduction
  • Different types of SEO which I discussed before


11. Adret’s SEO Course

This is our ninth option regarding online SEO courses in Kolkata. Their academy’s SEO course is a hybrid model with digital marketing. The course lasts three months for theory learning and three months for non-internship.


Mode of training: Offline sat-sun classes

Cost: 15000 INR



❖         SEO techniques

❖         Email marketing, along with social media

❖         Blog creation, along with content & affiliate marketing

❖         Graphic creation & in-store app optimization

❖         Adsense training


12. Career Kicks’ SEO course

This is our next option in terms of online SEO courses in Kolkata. This institute gives advanced SEO training to the candidates. They offer two months paid internship when a candidate can earn 2000-2500 INR per month. They provide experience certificates at the end. The course can be avail in offline or online mode.


Duration of the course: 3 to 4 months( excluding internship)

Cost of course: 20000 to 22000 INR



➢         HTML coding session for structuring the website

➢         Different types of SEO

➢         WordPress blogging training

➢         Conversion rate analytics for search engines

➢         Website audit lectures with competitive analysis

➢         Keyword searching for e-commerce business


13. Digital Vidya’s SEO Course

Digital Vidya is the name of one of a veteran to provide online SEO courses in Kolkata. They offer Sunday online classes only. The weekend- classes are instructor driven for more than eleven hours. They focus their training on more than five live projects offering many SEO tools to students. They have partnerships with Google & Microsoft regarding academic training. They provide all the necessary training for SEO optimization, like on-page, off-page, site audits, etc. This is a government-recognized course.

Fees: approx 12000 INR plus tax


14. W3Webschool’s Pro SEO Course

W3webschool is a Kolkata-based ISO-certified digital computer training center specializing in digital marketing-based training and website development courses. They provide Digi SEO training for 2 to 3 months. They provide three live projects to their candidates for practical learning.


Cost- 10000-12000 INR excluding tax


Their course modules cover all SEO training aspects, including HTML/CSS basics in WordPress architecture with schema text. Their modules also cover SEO for voice search and Youtube channels.




Which are the best online SEO courses in Kolkata?

The SEO course that gives you instructor-led training and the maximum number of live projects is the best SEO course for you. The SEO course is highly logical and analysis based, providing a website with organic traffic; you have to inculcate these analyses through practice and mistakes. Therefore internship opportunity is a must. You should avoid the online SEO courses in Kolkata that are only theory-based because you will only learn theories and a certificate. A certificate has no value in the job market without experience and practical knowledge. One protip will be to earn industry-based certificates from Google, Hubspot, etc., along with your SEO courses for your portfolio. Remember, those are free.


How do you become an SEO expert?

There are five steps to becoming an SEO expert. First, you need to learn robust seo training because you need multiple pieces of training. The second step will be to build a website where you will apply your learnings as putting skills into practice. The website can serve as your portfolio also. The third step will be to generate enough leads with the website to jump to freelancing opportunities. Your local businesses are your target clients. The fourth step will be your pro-level scaling with the advanced SEO field by learning coding and voice-video SEOs. The last step will be to acquire experience with SEO tools in your workflows. Some industry-leading tools are ahrefs, semrush, Google Console and Analytics, Moz, and Majestic.


What is the SEO expert’s salary in India?

Before knowing the salary, you must understand that becoming an SEO expert will take at least three years. According to Glassdoor’s Aug (23) data, an SEO expert can earn 39000 to 44000 INR monthly, excluding other cash compensations.


Why SEO is vital for business?

There are four benefits of SEO optimization in a business. They are mentioned below.

  1. Customer acquisition
  2. Free of charge in comparison to paid marketing campaigns.
  3. Less investment in tools but high returns for a long time
  4. Scope of marketing content in terms of the marketing funnel to the clients.

But You should basic need of SEOs first. There are Trillions of websites on the internet, but your motive will be to rank your website on Google’s first page and complete the purchase process with the customers. The customer has minimal time to check all the websites for their desired product; therefore, a successful SEO can offer your product to the clients at the right time.



There are hundreds of online SEO courses in Kolkata, but you need to check what practical knowledge will be for your job, business, or freelancing. Yet, It is better to join a well-known training center for such professional training. SEO techniques look easy, but they are logical to implement in that case; a long time and patience are required. It is practical training with various tools and strategies according to the domain you are dealing with.

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