Top 10 Renowned Online Content Writing Courses 

The most flourishing area in times of lockdown is content writing. Those who are committed to their passion can succeed in this field, but without experience and certification, your prospects of becoming a content writer are narrow. Are you having trouble picking which institute to attend? Don’t worry; this article will guide you through the best online content writing courses available.


List of best online content writing courses 


What is Content Writing


Let’s dive into word of the mouth, content writing, an amazing medium to transfer your emotions and information in a written way. It’s a great technique to develop awareness, solve issues, construct perspective and add value to the content. It’s not just about writing articles, it’s a whole process that includes planning, writing, and editing the text.


The content is then delivered through different types of mediums e.g, radio, internet, t.v, books/magazines, speeches, conferences, podcasts, etc. 


Types of Content Writing 


  1. Creative writing 
  2. Copywriting
  3. Business writing 
  4. Seo writing 
  5. Technical writing 
  6. Blogging 
  7. Journal or report writing 


Top 10 Online Content Writing Courses 


#1. IIM Skills 


Their content writing master course serves the purpose of those who have an explicit zeal to understand and learn this subject. From students to professionals, retired or housewives can pursue this course. Below are the details of the course provided by IIM skills which distinguish it apart from others. 


They provide free tools worth 35 thousand with their comprehensive and facilitating course. IIM Skills Content Writing Course wraps all the contemporized education with the Lifetime Access Element. Post-class recordings, assignments, and tools are all organized in LMS, which you can log into through your email id to make your learning process easy as a snap.


Exam clearance will enable you of a globally recognized CWMC  and Hubspot certification. They proposes also 3-month internship program for practical understanding of the accountabilities of a content writer. 


Duration: 1-month training contains 16 hours of live interactive classes, 60 hours of practical training assignments, and 10+ hours of internship. 


Batches: Weekday/weekend batches as per your convenience.


Fees: INR 14,900+ GST


Course Curriculum: The informative and articulate program is covered into 12 modules, each covering several topics and in-hand tools.


The Modules Are:

Module 1: Web Development

Module 2: Blog Creation

Module 3: Intro to Content Writing

Module 4: Keyword Research

Module 5: Begin to write content

Module 6: Content Writing Tools

Module 7: Duplicate Content Detector

Module 8: Email Content Distribution

Module 9: Google Local Page Setup

Module 10: Content Marketing via Social Media

Module 11: Social Media Tools

Module 12: Freelance Content Writing


Other Courses


#2. Udemy


It’s the fastest expanding educational site that provides high-quality in-demand online courses. The next level of online content writing courses-embedded selection, outlining, writing, editing, and publication is one of the bestsellers at udemy with 4.6 ratings. The online content writing courses provide you with a full-time living.


Learn from an instructor with 20 years of experience in creating blogs, websites, and vast online marketing ventures. Uncountable courses and agilities you can discover from udemy like IT, Finance, Excel as per your convenience. 


 in-depth, Bit by Bit This Beginner-friendly Course Has:

  • 15 hours of on-demand video
  • 23 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of compilation


Fees:  INR 3,499/-     


Course curriculum: Find out what is new in this field that makes a beginner advance.


The Modules Are:

Module 1: Introduction and overview 

Module 2: Challenges and solutions for SEO writing 

Module 3: Being a professional writer 

Module 4: Keyword research using free tools 

Module 5: Finding long-tail topics using paid tools 

Module 6: Plagiarism and references 

Module 7: Creating your outline: the vital step 

Module 8: Augmenting the outline using the research tools free

Module9: Getting the final outline structure and flow 

Module 10: Writing approaches and methods 

Module 11: Editing 

Module12: On-page SEO 

Module13:  Publication, structuring, and formatting

Module14; Indexing, tracking, and ranking 

Module 15: Content ideas and post types

Module 16: Website hosting

Module 17: Distribution, syndication, and updating

Module 18: How to make money through content writing 

Module 19: Bonus lectures 


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#3. ECT


Ect is recognized by the government of India. Their online Content Writing Courses are the most extensive in the educational industry. After completion of the content writing certification training program, you will build a fine vocabulary, enrich your grammar and uncover all sorts of writing techniques. They offer placement assistance to provide a 100% job guarantee also work-from-home opportunities knowing of the current situation. 


Duration: 3 Months Course


  • 32 Hours of Classroom/Live Training and 50 Hours of e-learning and practical videos
  • 7 Assignments, 5 Live Projects, 10 Quizzes
  • 1 Certification
  • Lifetime Support will be provided by them. 


Fees: INR15,000


Module 1: Intro to Content Writing

 Module 2: Upgrade Your Vocabulary       

Module 3: Evade Common Grammar errors       

Module 4: Understand Writing Tools, Tips, & Techniques  

Module 5: Sharpen your Creative Non-fiction skills                                                       

Module 6: Learn Fiction Writing   

Module 7: Expertise in business Writing Aptitudes    

Module 8: Comprehend Technical Writing   

Module 9: Sharpen Your scholarly Writing Skills          

Module 10: Learn to Write Distinctive Works of Content   

 Module 11: Master Content Marketing                

 Module 12: Monetize Your Writing Skills        

Module 13: Print Your Book


#4. Skill Upgrader


The course is designed and formed by Content Industry Experts. You will get lifetime access to the latest content and recording of the classes. Free tools worth INR 30000 are provided and 70+ Hrs of Hands-on Assignments. Skill upgrade online content writing courses broadens your horizon and gives you multiple chances to grow at a professional level, start your business and become a certified author.


Duration: 4 weeks

Batches:  Every weekend Saturday and Sunday 

Fess: INR 13,000/-



Module 1 – preface to Content Writing                                                                                  

Module 2 – Net Hosting                                                                                                 

Module 3 – The Link Between Content Marketing and UI/UX                                       

Module 4 – Website Composition                                                                                             

Module 5 – Learning the Writing Process                                                                       

Module 6 – Understanding SEO                                                                                    

Module 7 – How to do Keyword Research                                                                                      

Module 8 – Writing SEO optimal Content                                                                         

Module 9 – Content Invention                                                                                              

Module 10 – Content Marketing utilizing Social Media                                                           

Module 11 – CTA                                                                                                                

Module 12 – Content Marketing Tactics                                                                           

Module 13 – consumer Generation by Content Marketing                                               

Module 14 – Content Marketing                                        

Module 15 – Freelance Content Marketing opportunities 


#5. Thoughtful Minds


Thoughtful Minds, which begin in 2006, offers different courses like content writing, SEO, website development, and digital marketing. The company offers project help in research reports, thesis, journals, and more. The company also has based its clients abroad like Canada, the UK, etc. 


Apart from providing content writing services, it also offers internships in content writing. The company guarantees 100% work-from-home job confirmation to meritorious students upon course completion. 


Duration: 45 days 

Fees: INR 5000/-


Curriculum: The online content writing courses contain 14 modules 


  1. What is content writing?
  2. Types of content writing.
  3. Keywords
  4. Optimum keyword density.
  5. Articles.
  6. Types of article writing.
  7. How to increase content writing speed?
  8. How do detour plagiarism?
  9. The distinction between web content and article writing.
  10. How to write user-friendly content?
  11. Writing SEO-friendly content?
  12. How to check plagiarism online?
  13. It informs about sources from where you can get a content writing job.
  14. What scope and salary you can expect from content writing work?


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#6. Mindstairs


MindStairs is in the education marketing initiative. It is mainly a commerce firm for higher schooling in India. It has already taught 2000+ students and holds 100+ consumers. Other courses are digital marketing, SEO, content writing, social media marketing, and PPC management training. They have also premium assistance comprising professional resume writing and career packages for international and Indian candidates. 



  • Those from English Medium schools 
  • Students/ specialists from the US, UK, or born English speakers
  • Those who desire to discover SEO content writing scope
  • mothers who wish to work from home
  • Those who are looking for flexible work from home opportunities


It provides one of the finest courses for online content writing courses in India. The diploma in SEO content writing is another intriguing and advanced level course offered by them. Free counseling in this prospect is provided by them.80/20 method is the formula. They work on 80% practical and 20% theory formulas. 


Curriculum:  Their online content writing courses content has the following modules: 


  1. Fundamental of content writing.
  2. Significance of writing effective web content.
  3. Techniques to write effective web content.
  4. Types of content writing.
  5. Start writing.
  6. Judge the target audience.
  7. Covering the knowledge domain.
  8. Be creative and clear with your writing.
  9. Construct sentences that communicate.
  10. The technicalities of writing.
  11. Choose the correct writing style.
  12. Editing for quality.
  13. Principles of good web writing.
  14. Understanding document structure.
  15. Methods of explanation.
  16. Design content for the human mind.
  17. Creating documents.
  18. Prototype the document.
  19. Give the right look to your document.
  20. Say it with graphics.


#7. Coursera


One of the best digital learning apps with 4000 plus courses in distinct languages makes it stand out. The courses are taken from world-class universities and companies and taught by experienced instructors. With filters for languages, levels, skills, and partner universities, affordability, and time flexion make it one of the best online content writing courses that you want to learn is: 


 The Strategy of Content Marketing


  • Rating: 4.5 stars.
  • Students enrolled: 71K
  • Duration: 4 weeks 



  1. Module 1: The content writing ecosystem 
  2. Module 2: The strategic content 
  3. Module 3; Crafting the content strategy
  4. Module4: The types of content                                                                                           


How It Benefits You:

  • start a new career after completing these courses                                                                       
  • Tangible career benefits from this course                                                                                                
  • Pay increase or promotion                                                                                                                                
  • This course is a collaboration between Copyblogger and UC Davis University of California.
  • The course is  100% online, with certification.
  • This course guides students on the essence of content marketing, effective copywriting, and improving writing skills.


#8. Online Idea Lab


Online Idea Lab is a well-organized and certified coaching institute in this industry. They provide hands-on knowledge. For youthful intellects, they offer different skill-based courses that let them scour new routes.


Their Free Course Comprises:

  • An intro to content writing
  • Digital marketing introduction (12-13 hours).
  • A preface to social media (four to five hours).
  • Introduction to SEO (three to four hours).
  • A Curtain-raiser to PPC (three to four hours).
  • Intro to web analysis (three to four hours).
  • AWS approved cloud practitioner (five to six hours).


There are short-time crash courses and even everyday classroom and online classes. Standing amidst all the competition in providing content writing services, Online Idea Lab presents one of the leading online content writing courses in India. Also under the content writing course, they contain eclectic parts such as the basis, advanced, copywriting, tech-writing, and creative writing. 


Online content writing courses in general are available in both classroom and online classes. Other than this, they offer placement assistance, a super diligent alumni network, and lifetime support to their students. 


Duration: 2 months 

Batches:  Monday to Friday [2 hours each day]

Fees:  INR 8,900


Curriculum: The content writing foundation course includes:

  1. Digital marketing fundamentals.
  2. Basic competitive analysis.
  3. Reading and analyzing content.
  4. Fundamentals of visual content.
  5. Common grammatical errors.
  6. Content writing and ethics.
  7. Content writing tools.
  8. Proofreading and editing.
  9. Writing viral content.
  10. Freelancing as a content writer.


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#9. Semrush Academy 


Initiated by Mr.Ashley Segura, who is the VP at TopHatRank. Within seven years in the digital marketing industry, she gets in a lot of wisdom and first-hand experience in the course of content writing. It teaches newbies about the impotence of quality content in their business strategy.


The course holds upscale uncomplicated video lectures. There are specially chosen paper materials for an in-depth understanding of each subject. Finally, there is an examination separately of the modules to test your understanding


There is a content marketing fundamentals exam upon completion. After  it, you will earn SEMrush Certificate, which is a worthwhile multiplication to your C.V and LinkedIn profile


Skill level: Beginner 2 Advance                                                                                                

Fees: Free of cost


Curriculum: The course is approximately two hours and has 13 lessons which are:

  1. About content marketing.
  2. Implementing content marketing in your business.
  3. Business goals of content marketing.
  4. Competitor research techniques.
  5. Audience research to tailor content.
  6. Analyze content quality and relevancy.
  7. Content ideation.
  8. Content calendar.
  9. Optimizing content for rankings.
  10. Content distribution.
  11. Measuring content performance.
  12. Avant content tips


#10. Henry Harvin 


The institute ranked among the top 5 in 2021 in India. The course provides you with the opportunity to live 30+ types of writing with online projects. The course helps you to develop skills to identify loyal target lead for your content. 


The  Course Contains: 


It determines your profiler and demonstrates aptitude with the globally Certified Digital Content Writer employing the sign of CDCW as your title. Guaranteed internship for practical knowledge and 100% Placement Backing for 1-Year after course completion.


  • Access to Plenty of tools and Methods, video content, reviews, and more
  • Bootcamps on daily basis will be distributed over the next 12 Months
  • complimentary access to #AskHenry Hackathons 
  • You will  get a 1-Year Gold Membership for the Certified online Content Writing Course


Fees–  INR 13,500/- 

Batch– Every week 



Module 1: Language Skills

Module 2: Internet Skills

Module 3: Blog, Business, and Marketing Writing

Module 4: Content Strategy

Module 5: Technical & Research Writing

Module 6: Academic Writing

Module 7: Creative Writing

Module 8: Copywriting

Module 9: Email Writing

Module 10: Gain Online & Earn International Projects

Module 11: Simulated Content Writing Projects

Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q1. What can you learn from the online content writing courses? 

By persuading the course, you will get immense knowledge and opportunities for example it will help you to comprehend all types of content writing, such as technical writing, business writing, creative writing, etc. When you enroll in online content writing courses, you will also know how to monetize your writing talent. You get the best practical training which will improvise your skills as a writer wholly. The certification helps you in your career-wise and puts a start on your resume. 


Q2. What is the scope of content writing professions in India?

There are multiple areas of content writing in India. now that’s on you to decide which can be a suitable career option for you. Technical writing creates massive room for job seekers in India, mainly in IT-dominated cities like Bangalore and many more with a salary range of 278,766. Blogging, numerous industry sites in India has demanded content bloggers to execute the details. Journalism has massive scope in India, and this country cannot function without ambitious writers with an average salary of ₹ 2,93,951 per year. Copywriting is one of the content writing occupations in India which has a giant scope. This field has the most need in the market. 


Q3. What are the few tips on how to write good content? 

  • Research Research Research, shows you know what you are talking about and create trust 
  • Contouring the content helps you to put your words in a methodical tone, which leads to a more suitable format.
  • Use instances, especially from personal experiences, and keep them up to date.
  • Giving a cool introduction and a call to attention is a must before finalizing.
  • The content should be uncomplicated to digest and easy to share. By adding pictures/screenshots, making it comical and witty. To sum up, your content should be fascinating.




The field of content writing is manifold, individually each post/position in this category like technical writing or copywriting will give you ample opportunities. The right coaching from a recognized institute expands your chances of getting good earnings as a freelancer or a job. As you know from the above listing mostly, all of the institutes are providing internships, so you can train yourself as a good content writer. 


If you have broad-ranging content writing talent and ample knowledge in this field, then there are higher chances of becoming successful. Content Writing in India is one of the top services. over the years, there is a huge number of raised content writers in India. The best content writing services in India offer high-quality content, on-time content delivery, cost-effective prices, and diverse relevant content to their customers.  Samsung, Nestle, and Canon are some of the brands that constantly need content or copywriter to build their brand.


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