Top 6 Online Business Accounting And Taxation Courses

Are you done with your traditional or BBA graduation degree and confused about what to pursue next? Recruiters in modern times have made students run a rat race for niched skills. The practical and technical aspects of accounting and taxation are not covered in much depth in the graduation degree curriculum. This calls for a professional course that is as per the industry standards and assists in launching a promising career. Online business accounting and taxation courses offer the candidates knowledge about industry methodology and essential accounting and taxation tools.


List of best online business accounting and taxation courses


Today, many top-graded Ed-Tech institutes are offering both short-term and long-term online business accounting and taxation courses. This article puts together a well-researched list of leading institutes in India that provide online business accounting and taxation courses (BAT).

Pen and paper are no longer the basis of the business. Businesses have jumped into information technology without hesitation as a result of technological improvements and the globalization of the commercial sector. What we used to refer to as “book-keeping” of finances is now called “digital record-keeping.” Accounting records kept in large red notebooks have become only a fading memory.

Technology has gifted the accounting and taxation industries with new avenues to explore, as well as empowered modern accountants and tax practitioners to take on new skills and responsibilities. Data entry and computation have been streamlined and accelerated through more powerful tools and processing software.

As a result of this innovation, top firm HR managers are consistently looking for young professionals who are well-versed in various accounting and taxation tools and software such as Tally, System Application Product (SAP), MS Excel, TDS, Payroll, e-filing of GST, and ITR etcetera to assist them to operate the business more successfully.


What is Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Course?

Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) is a short-term or long-term certification program designed for commerce students who want to excel in the accounting and taxation domain and strive for a career in the finance industry. This certification program enables students to have an extensive understanding and become experts in the technical and practical aspects of accounting and taxation. Individuals who complete the business accounting and taxation course distinguish out and are industry-ready.


The BAT course comprises two major subsets of the finance domain, namely-

  • Business accounting- it is a process of recording, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting financial information to maintain track of the day-to-day operations of corporations, organizations, and small businesses. In layman’s terms, business accounting is the technique by which firms get an understanding of their finances. Whether large or small, businesses without business accounting cannot control their cash flow, make informed financial choices, or uphold tax compliances.
  • Taxation- it is a procedure of levying taxable charges on small businesses, corporations, individuals, and groups of individuals by government or taxing authorities all over the world. Taxation is primarily used to generate revenue for the expenditures made for the development activities of a country.


Online business accounting and taxation courses are customized by industry specialists to provide a full and precise grasp of the company’s accounting and taxation duties, with a focus on observational and experiential learning to prepare students for the workplace. The online business and accounting courses, also enlighten students with the latest technical tools like Tally Prime and SAP etcetera.


Who Can Take Up Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses?

  • Students who have passed the 10+2 examination in commerce.
  • Candidates who have attained a bachelor’s degree in commerce or related discipline.
  • Recent graduates with at least 1 year of experience.
  • Tax and Finance employees looking to boost their careers and become experts.
  • MBA graduates who want to add value to their resumes.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to learn to operate their businesses profitability.


Is It Worthwhile: Benefits of Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses?

  • Learn anytime and anywhere- online business accounting and taxation courses give students the freedom of learning and gaining new skills from anywhere around the world and anytime without comprising their prior obligations. The students can enroll in any reputed institution’s online BAT course without considering the location. Thus, students are exposed to various opportunities for quality education.


  • Self-taught- The majority of online business accounting and taxation courses are based on self-paced learning. With the hustling life of today’s young aspiring generation, self-paced learning allows them to acquire new knowledge and skills at their own pace.


  • Based on upskilling- online BAT courses are structured by industry experts to help students excel in the in-demand industry skills and strategies. Many online BAT courses focus on practical training provided by real-life-based case studies and projects. This practical learning approach helps students develop a strong foundational knowledge of business accounting and taxation concepts.


  • Acquire Technical Skills- the online BAT courses are hands-on learning programs that help students to obtain practical knowledge about the latest accounting and taxation tools like TallyPrime, SAP, Excel, BUSY etcetera. The students also learn about e-filing, TDS, ESI, ITR etcetera.


  • Expertise in Hands- Often, Ed-Tech companies collaborate with industry specialists such as Chartered Accountants and Tax Experts to produce and teach online BAT courses. With their experience, students have the advantage to gain expertise in their hands and acquiring valuable skills that are directly needed for real business-world problems.


  • Intensive Course Curriculum- A crucial feature of online BAT courses is that they are rigorous and have in-depth syllabi, covering a broad range of topics, ranging from the fundamentals levels to advanced level concepts of a subject. Therefore, the students have a comprehensive understanding of the accounting and taxation fields.


  • Lifetime Access to Learning- the prominent feature of doing an online course from an educational institute that provides the students with the benefit of continuous learning is that they have developed a lifetime access platform popularly known as LMS. This LMS allows the students to access the recorded session, study material, and quizzes pre and post the completion the course.


  • Enhanced Career Growth– According to a global poll, the main incentive to pursue an online course is the benefit of career advancement. taking online BAT courses, results in good job vacancies salary hikes, promotions, and change in the professional field.


Other best online courses:


List of Leading Institutes That Offer Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses-


Rank #1. Online BAT Courses


IIM SKILLS is well-known for its empowering online courses that teach young professionals industry-level skills and lead the way to a successful career. Online courses offered by IIM Skills are job-oriented and have an amalgamation of fundamental and advanced concepts taught through theoretical and practical learning.

The online BAT Course at IIM Skills is designed and validated by industry experts taking into account the in-demand skills needed in the accounting and taxation sectors. The offered course is recognized by the government of India and provides a master certification to the candidates.

The course offered by IIM Skills is one of the best online business accounting and taxation courses offered in India. The course significantly helps the students in obtaining an in-depth understanding of accounting concepts, taxation, technologies and techniques of profitable accounting, various software tools, payrolls, economics, and business discipline.

Through this extensive online BAT course, the candidates acquire invaluable 360-degree insights into best business accounting and taxation practices, emphasizing each component equally.


The IIM SKILLS offers a Master BAT Course

Duration- 4 months

Fees- INR 49,900 + 18% GST


Eligibility- Any candidate with a bachelor’s degree in commerce from a recognized university, a basic understanding of computers, and writing and communication skills is eligible for this course.


The curriculum of the Master BAT Course is divided into 6 modules which cover the topics mentioned below –

  • Fundamentals of Accounting, GST, Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), and their practical aspect in Tally.
  • Basics of the Payroll system and its operation with Tally.
  • Income Tax with Tally.
  • Understanding Advanced Excel and Management Information System Reporting.
  • The coursework includes advanced accounting software such as QuickBooks, Advanced Excel, Tally, and BUSY.


Key Highlights of the IIM Skills Master BAT Course are-

  • Obtain a globally recognized Master BAT Certificate.
  • Flexible weekday and weekend batches are available.
  • Anytime access to recorded live classes and self-study resource study material for a lifetime.
  • Hands-on experience with in-demand software tools.
  • 120+ hours of lecture sessions.
  • 60+ hours of practical tasks.
  • Practical learning through real-world projects, unlimited case studies, and weekly tasks and assignments.
  • Excellent mentorship by Top CAs.
  • 100% interview assurance.
  • Offer learning internship opportunities.
  • 24*7 dedicated BAT community having 2000+ experts.
  • Resume and Interview assistance following the industry requirements.
  • Provide job referrals to suitable candidates.


Rank #2. Online BAT Courses


ICA Edu Skills is the premier accounts training educational institute in India. For 24 years, ICA Edu Skills have been providing top-notch educational training with a vision to increase the employment capabilities of an individual. This institute has 30 placement offices across India and has a record of coaching 2 lakh students annually.

ICA Edu Skills online business accounting and taxation courses is popularly known as Certified Industrial Accountant (CIA). The CIA course has been outlined for students who wish to make an outstanding career in the fields of accounts, finance, and taxation.

By enrolling in ICA online business accounting and taxation course, which comprises TallyPrime, GST, TDS, and MS Office, students learn to obtain, evaluate, interpret, and represent financial data about the business or an individual in an organized manner using these latest in-demand tools.

To enroll in ICA Edu Skills certified industrial accounting course, the candidate must pass a common entrance test which is conducted by ICA.


Duration- 170 hours

Fees- INR 24,999/-

Eligibility- the candidate should be 12th passed out or a pursuing graduate or a graduate from a recognized university.


Key Highlights-

  • The students will be certified by ICA Edu Skills and MOS.
  • Gain Hand-on experience through live projects created by industry experts and academia. Also, ICA Edu Skills’ Learnersmall App helps students to test their knowledge with quizzes and assignments.
  • Doubt Clearing Classes.
  • The curriculum of the course is 90% practical training and 10% theoretical learning.
  • Smooth self-paced learning with the help of case studies and live videos.


Rank #3. Online BAT Courses


Finprov Learning is an educational and upskilling platform, formed by experienced Chartered Accountants with a mission to provide finance and accounting education solutions by creating smart finance professionals.

This finance education institute has a dedicated platform for students that provide high-quality and innovative accounting and taxation education. Finprov focuses on building world-class accountants, finance, and tax experts in the industry through a variety of paid and free courses.

Finprov Learning’s Certification in Business Accounting & Taxation (CBAT) course is a 2-level course designed by experienced Chartered Accountants, to assist students shape themselves into the ideal next generation of Accounting and Taxation professionals.

The course syllabus assists the students in developing industry much- skills as well as a practical understanding of popular accounting software to work in the accounting and taxation industry. In addition, Finprov Learning offers their students 100% job assistance who have finished the CBAT course successfully.


Duration- 6 months

Eligibility- This course can be enrolled by any graduate.

Fees- INR 40,000/-


This course curriculum is divided into 2 levels and the topics included are-

  • Practical aspects of Accounting.
  • Basics & Advanced Concepts of Tally Prime
  • GST (theory & practical)
  • Basics & Advanced MS EXCEL.
  • Understanding Business Law.
  • Calculations related to ESI & PF.
  • SAP Basics
  • Income tax (theory & practical)
  • Professional Skills & Language Skills
  • Zoho Books.


Key Highlights of the course-

  • Hands-on training of 200+ hours.
  • The coursework includes topic-related quizzes.
  • Practical training through 10+ case studies.
  • 360-degree knowledge coverage.
  • Personalized Career Guidance with 100% placement assistance.
  • Learn corporate laws, ESI & PF computations.
  • Hands-on experience with the latest version of accounting and taxation software.
  • Excel in interviews and group discussions by learning professional and language skills.

In addition to the CBAT program, Finprov Learning also provides PG Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation Course (PGBAT).  It is an intensive 12-month course that includes concepts like SAP FICO, Auditing, and Management Information Systems (MIS). This program is an upgraded version of the CBAT course. Aspiring finance students can enroll in either of the online business accounting and taxation courses as per their skill development requirements.


Rank #4. Online BAT Courses


The National Institute of Financial Markets is known for providing long-term and short-term skill development education in the domains of Stock Market, Financial Accounting, and Business taxation for a decade. Understanding the growing need for skilled and qualified employees, NIFM has developed an array of online and offline courses that provides quality education with job assistance.

NIFM offers an Advance Diploma course in Business Accounting and Taxation.

The course delivers quantitative and quality education in each corner of Accounting and Taxation with practical teaching of knowledge delivered. During this course, the students get familiar with Income Tax, GST, TDS, TCS, EPF, ESIC, MCA, ROC, and Auditing.


Duration- 12 Months

Fees- INR 25000/-


Eligibility- 12th passed or Any graduate degree holder


The course syllabus of the Advance Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation is divided into 7 Modules which includes

  • E-Filing of Income-tax,
  • E-Filing of Returns and GST,
  • Payroll Accounting and its processing in Tally ERP9
  • Theoretical understanding of GST
  • In-depth understanding of Accounting and Tally.
  • Various Concepts of Auditing.


Key Highlights of the NIFM Course-

  • Gain a certificate from NIFM.
  • Industry-level case studies taught by expert faculty.
  • The faculty at NIFM is friendly, supportive, and experienced.
  • Recruitment assistance in corporations and Chartered Accountant Firms.
  • Pre and post-course 24×7 assistance and support.
  • Batch schedules are available with flexibility.
  • Practical as well as theory sessions for all the topics of the course.
  • Gain expertise in modern bookkeeping.


Rank #5. Online BAT Courses


Established in 2009, EduBridge is a leading workforce development organization, started by alumni and professors of IIMs. EduBridge has the vision to unfold the career life cycle of today’s generation by uplifting their strengths and building tomorrow’s skills needed today by top recruiters.

The online BAT course offered by EduBridge helps learners discover the financial accounting sector, with an insistence on developing analytical skills. The EduBridge offers a Certification Program in Accounting and Taxation with GST and Tally to the learner and prepares them for jobs in the accounting and taxation market.


Duration- 370 hours

Fees- INR 30,000


Eligibility- Graduate degree in any stream, working people with 0-3 years of work experience, or learners wanting to make a career in the accounting and taxation sector can take up this course.


This course syllabus includes-

  • Basics of financial accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Accounting ratios
  • Cash flow analysis and statements
  • Concepts of stock evaluation (LIFO & FIFO)
  • GST, TDS, Payroll Taxation concepts
  • Tally Prime and MS Excel


Key highlights of the course by EduBridge-

  • Learners gain an understanding of all the concepts through practice quizzes, assignments, accounting software projects, and home tasks to polish their skills.
  • Learners prepare for the interviews through mock interviews.
  • Develop job-relevant skills like time management, communications, and networking abilities.
  • Logical and analytical skills development through industry-based projects.
  • Attempt at least 3 interviews with the help of dedicated guidance by placement managers.


Rank #6. Online BAT Courses


Incorporated in 2013, Henry Harvin is one of the first companies to join the Ed-Tech industry in India. Henry Harvin has reshaped the career trajectories of individuals worldwide by upskilling and re-skilling their knowledge through more than 800 training programs in more than 27 professions.

The business accounting and taxation course provided by Henry Harvin is a certified course that ranks 3rd among the top online business accounting and taxation courses in India.

The course is designed to make students learn from specialists about the constantly evolving accounting and taxation business functions as well as how the latest tools and software are changing the industry.


The course is named Professional Certificate in Accounting and Taxation.

Duration- 12 months (6 months course work + 6 months internship)

Fees- INR 50000/-


The course syllabus of Professional Certificate in Accounting and Taxation includes-

  • Comprehensive knowledge of various concepts related to GST
  • In-depth understanding of Income tax and its implementation.
  • Human Resource Payroll system
  • Advanced Excel for Accounting and Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Acquire Knowledge to analyze and finalize financial statements.
  • Accounting software such as Tally Prime and SAP FICO
  • Real-life-based accounting and taxation projects.


Key Highlights-

  • The coursework is tailored by industry leaders to gain considerable knowledge of the essential areas.
  • Receive a Master Certification that is worldwide accredited.
  • Learners gain in-depth knowledge and skill through industry-graded projects.
  • Guaranteed 6-month internship to obtain practical experience.
  • 100% placement assurance with personalized job consultation.
  • An over-the-top learning experience with experienced tutors holding certifications in their respective fields.
  • Offer tailor-made training process to meet individual’s learning preferences and objectives.
  • Flexible schedule for classes as per the convenience of the learners.
  • Anytime and anywhere access to the recorded sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-


Q1. What is the annual salary after the BAT course?

A1.  After gaining certification in the BAT course, a candidate can expect an annual salary ranging from 2 lakh INR to 8 lakh INR based on the job role chosen and the experience they have.


Q2. What are the skills acquired after doing online business accounting and taxation courses?

A2.  Firstly, the online business accounting and taxation courses, help you gain an immense amount of knowledge regarding accounting and taxation sectors. Secondly, these courses help refine your existing knowledge through practical usage of Tally Prime, SAP, and other accounting and taxation tools and aspects. Thirdly, the candidates learn not only how to manage financial and taxation issues but also how to manage the business as a whole.


Q3.  Can I enroll in online business accounting and taxation courses after the 12th?

A3. Yes, one can enroll in online BAT courses after the 12th. However, it is advisable to enroll after completing your graduation as it is a minimum eligibility criterion for most educational institutes and a basic qualification needed by job recruiters. Also, with a graduate degree one can have a better learning experience.


Q4. How do online BAT courses help elevate my career?

A4. Online Bat courses are specially designed by industry experts to elevate and open new doors in your career paths. BAT professionals are in-demand in the industry. They are working in major domains of the business industry as an Accounting manager, accounting assistant, Junior Accountants, Tax manager, Auditing Assistants, Corporate Tax managers, etc.


Summing Up

Nowadays, online BAT courses are high in demand. Small and large companies, firms as well as individuals need an expert who can make their hard-earned money multiple into profits. Prestigious educational institutes have developed such long-term and short-term courses to produce a qualified next generation of industry professionals. Not only that, but these online courses also give opportunities to young entrepreneurs to learn accounting and taxation skills and flourish their businesses. Online courses like BAT help keep the young generation abreast with the changing scenarios of the accounting and taxation fields.

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