Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in Vietnam With Placements

Vietnam, also called the ‘Socialist Republic of Vietnam’, is a Southeast Asian country. Vietnam is famous for its ancient towns, heritage, beaches, and many more. With that, the country provides good quality education to its students to make their future bright. Investment banking has become one of the popular career options for the new generation and has high demand in the finance industry. There are many investment banking courses in Vietnam that one can apply for which are available online as well as offline. So you don’t need to worry about it because you will get much more information about it in this article.


Top Investment Banking Courses in Vietnam

This course educates students who are planning for a career in financial investment and how they can manage it. It also guides investment planning. Investment banking provides underwriting, commercial banking, retail banking, sales and trading, and risk management services.

There are many big investment banks in which one can apply for jobs for a successful career. These top recommended and ranked banks are Deloitte, PwC, EY, KPMG, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs.

There are many reasons why must you choose banking courses. The right course will give you exposure to high-profile transactions, financial modeling, and valuation work.

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Here Are Some Skills One Need to Be an Investment Banker

  • Should have strong communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Numerical skills
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Knowledge about finance
  • Good presentation skills
  • Teamwork
  • Research analysis
  • Time management
  • Mathematical skills
  • Project management
  • IT skills

Eligibility Required for Investment Banking Course:

  • One should have completed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and also a Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Graduation in any finance-related field
  • PG in finance banking
  • Any commerce student
  • CA aspirant
  • Engineers with a background related to finance
  • CFA

The candidates who are eligible for this course can apply to the following institutes and become certified investment bankers. These courses help in earning good salary packages and also have high demand in the finance industry. Now take a look at some courses you can opt for;

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Here is the List Of Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in Vietnam:


2. The Wall Street School

3. Udemy

4. Imarticus learning

5. CFI


7. Preschool (An IMS initiative)


9. Coursera

10. Wall Street Prep



IIM SKILLS is a well-known institute that was founded by Vaibhav Kakkar and has been best known as an ed-tech company since 2015. IIM SKILLS offers certification courses in Vietnam. They have trained more than 18,500 students. Students get the best learning experience as they are trained under industry experts who are highly professional and have years of experience.

They offer practical-oriented training which is 100% tool oriented. IIM SKILLS ranks on the top list and is known as the best learning platform that offers a wide range of professional courses in various fields. The course curriculums are personally designed and are timely upgraded with the current, market trends.

These courses are all certified and government-approved. The course is followed by an internship that gives a professional learning experience that helps you build a successful career. They also offer 100% job placements.

The course offers flexible learning and also provides the recording from every online session for future reference. The Students also benefit from lifetime free access to their learning materials and tools. IIM SKILLS offers 24*7 support and guidance during and post-completion of the course.

Check Below the,

Course Details:

Course Name: Investment Banking Course

Course time: 3 months (70+ hours of lectures)

100 hours of practical assignments, 10+ templates, 5+ case studies

One month guaranteed internship

Course fees: Rs. 39,900

Benefits Of The Course:

Master certification

Live instructor-led training

24/7 support

Lifetime support to resources

Resume and interview preparation

Enhances valuation skills

Builds strong skills

Key Facts of Investment Banking Course-

Placement assistance


Interactive sessions

Anytime and anywhere access to class materials

Finance experts Master certification Learning resources.

Flexible scheduling

Course Curriculum:

Module 1 MS PowerPoint (4-6 hours)

-Introduction to Powerpoint

-Keyboard shortcuts and Their Importance

-Detailed features of Powerpoint

Module 2 – MS Excel (8 Hours)

-Introduction to MS Excel and Understanding the Ribbon

-Rules of Conditional Formatting

-Introduction to Macros

-Sparkliness, Dynamic Dashboards

-Detailed Concepts

Module 3 – Fundamentals of Financial System and Market (4-5 hours)

-Basics of Financial System

-Different kinds of Financial Markets

-Types of Shares

-Stock Exchanges

-Detailed Concepts

-Table Functions

-Quotes and Trades

Module 4-Derivatives Market (2-3 hours)

-introduction to derivatives

-Forwards, Futures, and Options

-Types of Payoffs and Pricing

-Concept of Swaps and Types

-Meaning of Hedging and Speculation

Module 5-Technical of Investment Banking (3-4 hours)

-Overview of IB -the role of IB types of investment banks

-Detailed stages of training

Module 6 – Different Marketing Collaterals (6-8 hours)

-Buyers/investors list





-Financial models.

Module 7- Technical of Financial Modelling (8 hours)

-Intro to structure projecting of IS, BS, CFS

-Building detailed revenue

Best financial modeling practices

Module 8-Business Evaluation (4 hours)

-Relative valuation; trading and transaction comps.

-DCF valuation

Contact –


Phone: 9580740740

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2. The Wall Street School

The Wall Street School was started 14 years ago i.e. in 2009. They provide the best financial modeling and valuation courses and Investment Banking Courses in Vietnam & all across the world. They focus on practical training and train their students for a professional life.

The trainers are all well-educated in finance and have experience working in renowned investment banks. They provide the training with real case studies. The eligibility of this course is for any CA student who is interested in finance-related careers, for MBA students from a finance background, or for any graduate who has graduated related to finance, in short, this course is for everyone passionate about investment banking courses.

The main features of the course are the live online classes one can attend the classes anywhere from any part of the world. On-line classes are also available. They make sure that you get the best learning experience by focusing on basic concepts and developing your skills for a better future. They provide successful placements for the students.

Course duration : 3 months

Course fees: 45,000/- +GST

They Also Provide Other Related Courses Like:

Investment banking

Portfolio management

Corporate finance




Call: 9953729651


3. Udemy

Udemy was founded in May 2010. Udemy is a learning as well as teaching platform that provides online classes all over the world. It is available in many different languages across the world. This platform has more than 64 million participants and more than 200,000 courses with 75,000 teachers.

They are also one of the most preferred choices for Investment Banking Courses in Vietnam. This course is taught by experts in finance from all over the world. You can learn the skills required to become an investment banker.

The Course Includes:

-Access on TV and mobile

-Certificate of completion

-Full-time access to previous video

-210 lectures

-Placement assistance

Course fees start at Rs. 449 for 13.5 hours

Course Curriculum:

-Introduction to investment banking

-Investment banking and research

-Sales and trading

-Investment banks VS retail and commercial banks

-Structure of an investment bank

-Investment banking conclusions

They Also Teach Their Students the Following:


Value Investing

Financial markets.

Corporate finance

Financial modelling

Finance fundamentals 


4. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is also one of the top investment banking courses in Vietnam which is trusted by millions of students all over the world. It is an award-winning education company that provides certified investment banking professional courses.

The institute offers finance, analytics, technology, and marketing courses. Imarticus learning is globally spread with its centres present in different parts of India. Classroom and live online classes both are available on weekdays and weekends.

They focus on giving you the best learning experience to build your career in investment banking. It offers more than 20 courses and programs.

Program fees- Rs. 40,000

Program time-3 Months

Average salary-5LPA

Accessibility: Investigate

These Course Offers:

-Job assurance

-Resume building

-Profile enhancements

-Interview prep. -Extensive career support

-Live training modules

-Experimental learning

Course Curriculum:

Introduction to financial systems

Types of financial markets

For finance graduates guaranteed interviews

Certificate after completion of course

Imarticus Learning’s Other Courses 

-Financial analyst

-Investment banking associate

-Risk management skills

-Money market analyst

-Global finance researcher

-Financial market advisor

Finance Programs- ISB Chief Financial Officer Program

-IIM Lucknow advanced management

-IIM Calcutta executive program in investment banking and capital markets

Contact-9953831030 (Gurgaon)

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5. CFI (Corporate Finance Institute)

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)is an online training institute that is recommended for the best investment banking courses in Vietnam, which mainly works for finance and investment, certificate courses in financial modeling, valuation, etc.

CFI was founded in 2016 and now has 1,500,000 students and more than 100 staff members globally. CFI works in more than 170 countries with 180 courses.

CFI builds skills in students so that they can be job-ready, they make you gain confidence and enhance your productivity. Participants can earn certificates and CPE credits after the course is completed.

CFI Offers Its Students the Following:

-Students can learn from experienced finance professionals with the new age and advanced learning techniques.

-Practical and relevant teaching method with essential study material and guidance from instructors too.

-Modern standards in finance certifications to prepare candidates for industry demands.

-Online learning experience with video content and real case studies with extensive support from financial professionals.

-Macabacus by CFI – To save time and reduce errors CFI introduces you to Macabus which is an add-in for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

-Detailed study material and recorded lectures.

Course duration-2 months classes + project work


Fees – Rs.33,000

Engine Accessibility investigate

Other Courses:



-Commercial banking and credit

-Financial planning and wealth management

-Data analysis in Excel

-Commercial real estate finance

-Business intelligence

-Financial modeling and valuation

-Capital markets and securities.


6. NYIF (New York Institute of Finance)

NYIF has more than 90 years of essential education for finance professionals delivered by finance experts. NYIF offers the best investment banking courses in Vietnam. Their investment banking course is a four-core discipline in business and finance, a professional certification.

NYIF provides training with certificates with the main focus on quantitative modeling, model validation, risk, and desk-ready competencies which apply to valuation, and asset liability management. After completing the IBC course participants will receive a certificate from NYIF which will help students’ ability to perform in the real world of finance.

Course time-70 hours

Mode-online/live classes

Fees – Rs.82,000

Related Courses:

-Finance for managers

-Financial statement analysis

-Fundamentals of the securities industry


-Corporate finance

-Business valuation

-Corporate credit analysis

-Mutual funds and exchange trade

-Wealth management

– Portfolio management

Contact –



IMS Proschool’s post-graduation for investment banking courses in Vietnam is an operation course for those students who are in their last year of graduation or have a minimum of 0-3 years of job experience and want to get into an investment banking operations profile.

This one-year program builds relevant skills and job assurance. The students who are in fields such as BBA, BCom, or BAF are eligible students for the school’s postgraduate investment banking course.

This Course Offers-

Assured placements

(The candidates will get placements with an average package of 3-9 LPA who have participated in PG IBO)

-Learn from finance experts

(The staff members have 30+ years of experience in respected industry)

-Placement-oriented case studies

(Students will be provided with real case studies which will help them prepare for interviews)

-Upgrade to CFA

(This course will clear the basics of IBO and will build a strong foundation in the finance domain which will help you to clear CFA. IB banks need CFA-qualified students in front office jobs)

-Comprehensive skill training

(The PG IB course will teach you Excel, forex, derivatives, OTC, financial markets, etc. will make you master IBO roles in just 120 hours)

Course Curriculum:

Term 1-

Course duration-6 months

Excel and financial markets

Basics of investment baking operations

4 exams

Term 2-

Course duration-4 months

Settlement, risk and OTC products

Start applying for investment banking jobs

2 PCGM exams

Get placement in 2 months

Training for soft and hard skills

Resume review and feedback from the HR team

Job applications on call

Many job applications

Course fees -Rs.1,20,000

(course training – Rs, 70,000+ placement services – Rs,20,000+ AIMA’S

PG exam – Rs.30,000)

Course time – one year

More info. –


8. Institute of Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances(IMAA)

IMAA was established in 2004 as a part of Austria’s Webster University Vienna. It is an international professional association that works in different countries of the world & is popular for investment banking courses in Vietnam.

Along with investment banking courses, the institute offers a unique mergers and acquisition certification program which is available as an online course, virtual live classes, and onsite training. This special course is made by faculty members and M&A experts.

IM&A Training Program’s Facts:

-Course time – 30 hours (onsite and virtual live)

-Fees – varies between Rs.30,000 to Rs.4,00,000

-Regular content update

-Four-course modules

-Industry experts for teaching

-Lifetime access to the course content

-Hard copies of class material available for on-site class

-Access to the e-library of the M&A program

-Global network of experts

-Expanding your M&A perspective

-Improving your foresight

-Mapping out the negotiation landscape

-Completion certificate of M&A

Course Includes:

-essential of M&A



Available training programs –

-International mergers and acquisitions expert (IM&A)

-Mergers & acquisitions professional (M&AP)

-Legal mergers & acquisitions expert (LM&A)

-Certified Post-merger integration expert (CPMI)

-HR mergers & acquisitions expert (HR M&A)

-Valuation training with Prof. Aswath Damodaran

-International hospitality mergers & acquisitions expert (IHM&A)



9. Coursera

Coursera Inc. provides an online financial investing course which was founded in 2012 by Stanford University professors. Coursera works with different 275+ universities and they provide more than 4,000 courses.

It is a public online education course that is available in nearly 40 languages. This e-learning site provides certified investment banking courses in Vietnam like financial analysis and valuation. This course is a part of the mergers and acquisitions specialization.

Course Includes:

-Learn new concepts from finance experts

-Students can earn a shareable career certificate after completing the course.

-Candidates will be able to build needed skills for a job with hands-on projects.

-One can gain a basic understanding of the subject.

This Course Provides Study Related Material Which Will Make the Student’s Foundation Strong. This Course Includes Five Modules-

-Course introduction and Module 1: financial spreads and adjustments

-Module 2: Introduction to valuation analysis and comparable public companies analysis.

-Module 3: Comparable Precedent Transaction Analysis

-Module 4: Discounted cash flows

-Course conclusion

Others Courses:

Financial markets

Mergers and acquisitions

Private equity and venture capital

Investment management

Discounted cash flow modeling

Financial engineering

Risk management

Stock valuation with comparable companies analysis

Skills you can learn

Investment Market (economics)


Financial statement

Financial Accounting


Corporate finance

Financial analysis

Coursera Offers Job Ready Certificate Programs Which Will Be Included in Your Subscription. Fees for These is Rs.4,912 Per Month and You Can Take 7 Days Free Trial Too.

Coursera Offers:

-Unlimited access to 90% of courses, projects, specializations, and professional certificates from them taught by teachers who are experts in finance from their respective universities.

-You can learn anything you want from Coursera.

-One can save money if they enroll for multiple courses.

-Students can learn at their own pace, can move between different courses, or can switch to another course.

-Earn a certificate from every program you have completed without paying extra cost for it.


10. Wall Street Prep

Wall Street Prep was established in 2003 by investment bankers of JP Morgan. It is a global finance training institute that is also listed among the top investment banking courses in Vietnam.

Wall Street Prep is used by more than 50 business schools, and 150 investment banks. It is a global investment banking training firm that includes a unique course in financial modeling.

These firms include programs that are taught by teachers and also contain self-study programs. The self-study online courses include the making of financial models which is taught by investment banking and finance

professionals. The finance professionals will teach you the skills that are useful to make your job ready. They also arrange instructor-led public boot camps.

Wall Street Prep Provides Training to Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, and Business Schools.

Class duration: 45 hours 60 min

Class fees: Rs. 41,000

Related courses:

-Private equity masterclass

-Real estate financial modeling

-Certification in financial modeling and analysis modeling


Course offers:

Comprehensive training

Learn by doing

Practical skills

Excel mastery

Course support

WSP webinar series


Q. What are some institutes that provide investment baking courses in Vietnam?

Yes, there are many top investment banking courses that you can find in Vietnam. Some of them are top-rated firms that will give you quality education with certificates that will help you build a strong career for yourself. They will provide both online and online courses. IIM SKILLS tops the list among other investment banking courses in Vietnam.

Q. What is the eligibility to get enrolled in investment banking courses in Vietnam?

This course is for those students who are interested in doing a career related to finance. Anyone from a commerce background can apply for this course. Graduated or postgraduate students who have completed a degree in finance are eligible for this course. Many other types of students can apply for these courses such as engineers, CA aspirants, CFA, graduates or postgraduates and anyone desperate to do a career in investment banking are eligible. It is also one of the courses which are well-paid and have great demand in the finance industry.

Q. What are the different types of investment banking?

There are different types of investment banking in the market. One of the main types is as follows:

  • Bulge bracket investment banks
  • Mid-market investment banks
  • Elite boutique investment banks
  • Regional boutique investment banks
  • Corporate finance
  • Brokerage investment banks
  • Sales and trading
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Equity financing
  • Security trading

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