Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Indore With Placements

The GST has been a significant game-changer in the Indian economy, with its impact being felt across various sectors. The Goods and Services Tax (GST), a single, comprehensive tax system that replaced various indirect taxes, was implemented in India in 2017. Consequently, in order to stay up with the changes in the tax environment, professionals are increasingly required to obtain GST certification. The article aims to provide readers with a thorough and objective overview of the GST certification courses in Indore while concentrating on the expertise of tax automation.


List of best GST certification courses in Indore



Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a significant tax reform implemented in India in July 2017. The introduction of GST has brought a fundamental change in the country’s tax structure, leading to a need for professionals to understand the new tax regime’s nuances.

GST certification courses are designed to provide professionals with an in-depth understanding of the GST framework and help them acquire practical knowledge and skills related to GST compliance. These available GST certification courses in Indore cover various aspects of GST, including registration, returns, invoicing, refunds, and compliance requirements, among others.

In this context, the demand for GST certification courses has increased significantly, and many reputed institutes and online platforms are offering these courses to cater to the growing demand.


What Services Do GST Certification Courses in Indore Offer?

GST certification courses are designed to provide comprehensive training and knowledge on various aspects of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system in India. These GST certification courses in Indore aim to help professionals, business owners, and individuals to understand the GST law, compliance requirements, and best practices for filing GST returns and managing GST-related transactions.

The content and structure of GST certification courses may vary depending on the provider, but typically they cover the following topics:

ü  GST registration and compliance,

ü  return filing,

ü  input tax credit,

ü  audit and assessment,

ü  impact on business, and

ü  best practices for managing GST-related transactions.


In addition to the above, some GST certification courses may also cover advanced topics such as GST for E-commerce, GST for Export-Import, and GST for Service Providers. The courses may be offered online or offline and may include case studies, practical examples, and assessments to test the knowledge and understanding of the participants.


Who May Enroll in This Course?

§ These certification courses are beneficial for anyone seeking a career in taxation who have a degree ( Com) in banking, finance, law, or accounting.

§  Graduates from other fields, such as corporate secretaries, are also eligible to enroll in the online GST course.

§  Accounting professionals that want to create their own consultancy or agency to assist clients with GST filing.

§  Tax practitioners, finance professionals, accountants, and business owners who want to understand the GST system’s intricacies and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest GST laws and regulations.


What Advantages Do GST Certification Courses in Indore Offer?

The GST courses in Indore are designed for people who are interested in learning about the GST for their careers. It is designed for different levels of professionals, like students, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The courses are designed to teach you about the different aspects of GST and how it will affect you. Some of the key benefits are:


§  Enhanced Career Opportunities: GST certification courses can help individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of GST, which can lead to better career opportunities in accounting, taxation, and finance.


§  Improved Compliance: GST certification courses provide practical insights into GST compliance requirements, including GST registration, filing of returns, payment of taxes, and maintaining records. This helps businesses to avoid penalties and fines due to non-compliance with GST regulations.


§  Increased Efficiency: GST certification courses provide training on the efficient management of GST-related transactions, which can help businesses to streamline their operations and reduce the time and effort involved in GST compliance.


§  Competitive Advantage: Businesses that have employees with GST certification can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors, as they can provide better compliance and management of GST-related transactions.


§  Cost Savings: GST certification courses can help businesses to save costs by ensuring that they are aware of all the available input tax credits and other benefits provided under GST regulations.


Overall, enrolling in GST certification courses can help individuals and businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest GST regulations, improve compliance, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.


What Qualities Should You Consider While Choosing the Best GST Certification Courses in Indore?

When choosing one of the best GST certification courses in Indore, it is important to consider various features that will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a GST expert. Here are some features to look for:


Course Content: The course content should cover all the necessary aspects of GST, including registration, invoicing, returns, refunds, and compliance requirements.

Faculty: The faculty should be experienced in the field of taxation and have a deep understanding of GST laws and regulations.

Practical training: The course should provide practical training in GST compliance and implementation, including case studies and live projects.

Online access: The course should offer online access, allowing students to learn at their own pace and convenience.

Certification: The course should provide a valid certification upon completion, recognized by the relevant authorities.

Support and resources: The course should provide adequate support and resources, such as online forums, study materials, and access to experts.

Reviews and ratings: Look for reviews and ratings of the course from previous students to evaluate the course’s effectiveness and quality.

Cost: In light of the course’s qualities, the course should be reasonably priced and offer good value for money.


By considering these features, you can select the best GST certification courses in Indore that suits your requirements and helps you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a GST expert.


What Career Opportunities Are Available After Taking GST Certification Courses in Indore? 

GST certification courses in Indore as well as any part of the country can provide individuals with a range of career opportunities in various fields. Some of the career opportunities after taking GST certification courses are:


GST Consultant: After completing a GST certification course, an individual can become a GST consultant and provide advisory services to businesses on GST compliance, GST returns filing, GST audit, and other related matters.


Taxation Specialist: A GST certification course can provide individuals with a strong foundation in taxation, which can help them pursue a career as a taxation specialist in accounting, finance, or other related fields.


Financial Analyst: A GST certification course can help individuals to understand the impact of GST on financial statements, which can be useful in pursuing a career as a financial analyst.


Accounts Manager: A GST certification course can help individuals to manage the accounting and taxation functions in a business, which can lead to opportunities as an accounts manager or finance manager.


E-commerce GST Specialist: With the increasing focus on e-commerce in India, a GST certification course can help individuals to specialize in GST compliance for e-commerce businesses.


Government Jobs: A GST certification course can make an individual eligible for jobs in government organizations that require knowledge and understanding of GST, such as the GST department, tax authorities, and public sector undertakings.


Ultimately, taking a GST certification course can help people improve their knowledge and skills in the area of GST, which can open up a variety of job options in the sectors of accounting, taxation, finance, and other related industries.


Who Are GST Practitioners, and What Are Their Responsibilities?

A GST practitioner is a person authorized by the Government of India under the GST (Goods and Services Tax) Act to provide assistance to taxpayers in relation to various GST compliances, such as filing GST returns, applying for GST registration, and claiming refunds.

A GST practitioner can be an accountant, a lawyer, or any other person who has completed the GST practitioner course and has been authorized by the GST authorities.

The main role of a GST practitioner is to assist taxpayers in complying with various GST regulations and filing GST returns in a timely and accurate manner. A GST practitioner can assist taxpayers with GST preparation and submission as well as data reconciliation to ensure accuracy.

In order to become a GST practitioner, an individual must complete the GST practitioner course and pass the GST practitioner exam. The GST practitioner course covers various aspects of GST compliance and management and provides practical insights into the GST system in India.

Overall, a GST practitioner plays a vital role in helping taxpayers to comply with GST regulations and ensure the timely and accurate filing of GST returns.


Here are the other best courses in Indore:


How Much Does a GST Practitioner Earn in India?

A GST (Goods and Services Tax) practitioner’s salary in India might vary depending on a variety of variables, including their education, experience, location, and the size of the company they work for. On average, the starting salary of a GST practitioner in India can range from around Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs.

4,00,000 per year. With a few years of experience, this can increase to around Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000 per year. However, salaries can vary widely based on the individual’s level of expertise, with some senior GST practitioners earning upwards of Rs. 10,00,000 or more per year.

It’s important to note that many GST practitioners in India are self-employed, and their income may depend on the number of clients they have and the fees they charge for their services. Additionally, the introduction of the new tax regime has created a high demand for GST practitioners, which has led to an increase in salaries and wages across the country.


What Are Some of the Best GST Certification Courses in Indore?

The top GST courses in Indore are something that many people seem to be looking for. There is numerous institution that provides these courses with excellent online reviews. But where can you find the finest GST certification courses in Indore? What subjects will you learn in the course? What qualifications are necessary to enroll in the course?

Finding the best route to take might be daunting because there is so much information online. In this article, we’ll look more in-depth at some of the finest GST certification courses in Indore to help you narrow down your pursuit of the perfect career path.


1. GST Practitioner Certification Course- IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS offers a thorough and comprehensive GST Online Certification Course. It has a unique curriculum that complies with industry requirements and offers only practical training, making it the best GST Certification Course in India. The Certified GST Practitioner Education at IIM SKILLS is a career-focused course that approaches GST from every angle.

The GST certification course will enhance your knowledge and skills with professional-level training. The curriculum begins with the development of GST, moves through the fundamentals and core concepts, and finally comes to a practical application of GST.

One of the top GST certification courses in Indore, the comprehensive GST Practitioner Master Course has been thoughtfully created to give you the most up-to-date insights and knowledge in a dynamic world and complex environment.


The Following Are Some Key Aspects of the GST Certification Course:

ü  Learning about the Goods and Services Tax’s creation, application, administration, and enforcement on a broad scale.

ü  You are well-equipped to comprehend all the complexities and particulars of GST and its general structure.

ü  It involves comprehending how the GST affects businesses and organizations, particularly as it relates to money. This assists you in rethinking and restructuring your pricing methods in light of GST.

ü  Acquiring a practical understanding of all GST processes, including registration, TDS compliance, return filing, and refunds.

ü  Gaining a thorough understanding of all GST provisions and being job-ready

ü  The Master GST Certification Course may help you build a solid basis for a prosperous career, regardless of whether you are a new graduate or an aspiring CFO wishing to sharpen your skills.


Additional Course Benefits:

ü  Master Certification

ü  Practical Learning

ü  Lifetime Access

ü  Freelance Opportunities

ü  Dedicated Placement Cell

ü  Free E-Books, Invoicing Tools & Software

ü  Recognized by MSME Government of India

ü  Instant 24×7 online support from the 2000+ professional GST Practitioner Community.



ü  2900+ 18%GST


Contact Info –

ü  +91-9580740740

ü  Email-


2. GST Practitioner Certification Course- Shine, which was established in 2008, has established itself as a well-known brand in the employment sector over the previous ten years. The popularity of the portal is demonstrated by the fact that it has attracted more than 3 lakh new job postings from top companies and has passed the milestone of 3.4 crore candidates.

The goal of this Course is to provide all participants with knowledge of the practical aspects of GST, as well as to assist professionals and aspirants with the changing trends and to make them GST experts.


The following are some key aspects of the course:

ü  Developing GST Knowledge for the Future Understanding of various new compliance requirements imposed by the new GST regime.

ü  a thorough understanding of GST provisions is required to begin a career in accounting and finance.

ü Find out more about the impacts of the GST on different industries and their business practices.

ü  Exposure to Practical Training for GST Registration, Certificate, and related concerns


Additional Course Benefits:

ü  Access to 35+ hours of high-quality, online learning content.

ü  An industry professional with 25 years of expertise designed and presented the training content.

ü  Lifetime access to content that is updated every quarter for content and policies.

ü  Offline Tools: Excel Offline Tool, ERP (latest or minimum 9.0), User Manual Guide

ü  WhatsApp group or email list: With weekly GST updates (if any), an online trainer, and technical support through email.

ü  Online examination option for the GST Practitioner Examination

ü  Certified Official GST Practitioner by MSME (Government Certification)



ü  Rs 5700/-


Contact Info –

ü  080-4710 5555



3. Certified GST Professional- Vskills

Vskills is a certification program administered by ICSIL (Intelligent Communication Systems India Limited), a Government of India PSU and a joint venture of TCIL (Govt of India PSU) and DSIIDC (A Govt of NCT Delhi PSU). Companies have benefited from hiring pre-certified candidates from Vskills, and the certifications are also used for in-house employee appraisals.

The certification body is affiliated with several organizations and is professionally managed by IIM Alumni. Vskills certifications are for relevant qualifications that assist students/employees in quantifying and proving those skills that employers value and are in high demand.


The following are some key aspects of the course:

ü  This course’s goal is to equip accounting, finance, and tax professionals with the skills they need to be GST-ready.

ü  A good understanding of the practical features of GST (Goods and Services Tax) is demonstrated through the Vskills online training course to obtain visible recognition for this knowledge. These are:

ü  Taxation and GST Basics

ü  GST Administration

ü  GST Registration

ü  GST Payment

ü  GST Accounting or Record Keeping

ü  GST and Law


ü  GST in Other countries


Additional Course Benefits:

ü  From Vskills, receive a certificate of completion.

ü  Enjoy lifetime access to e-learning.



ü  Rs 3,499/-


Contact Info –

ü  011-47344723

ü  Email:


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4. Goods and Services Tax (GST)- EduBridge

EduBridge, the leading Workforce Development Platform in India, assists students in establishing jobs with prestigious corporations through training and other career-building services. EduBridge is an integrated workforce development organization that was founded in October 2009 by IIM alumni and professors.

It impacts the entire career development life cycle of the country’s unemployed youth. The organization assists the jobless youth in identifying their talents, developing the skills that employers will demand in the future, and securing employment with them. This creates sustainable careers for the beneficiaries.

The goal of EduBridge, a workforce development company, is to close the skills gap that currently exists between semi-urban and underprivileged youth and the skill requirements of high-performing organizations. By influencing every stage of the youth’s career development life cycle, EduBridge aims to be the country’s career development partner.


The following are some key aspects of the course:

ü  assist you in grasping the idea of the goods and services tax

ü  Improve your understanding of the compositional structure

ü  Help you understand the idea and procedures for creating an E-way Bill

ü  You will learn about the GST’s significance and the meaning behind concepts like:

§  Tax Slabs under GST

§  Composition Scheme

§  E-way Bill


Additional Course Benefits:

ü  Hands-on application of tools

ü  Professional Skills

ü  500+ students

ü  Interactive Materials

ü  Study at your own pace.



ü  Rs 5000/-


Contact Info –

ü  1800 120 1193



5. Advanced GST Training & Certification Course- CAclubIndia

In the early part of September 1999, there was a website called that was interactive for taxpayers and financial professionals. In the beginning, it was a website designed for CAs to share knowledge, but as it gained popularity, it soon began to attract the attention of the entire community of finance professionals.

CAclubindia now offers a wide range of services to its 2 million+ members today. CAclubindia has introduced the Certification Course on GST to assist professionals and aspirants with the ongoing changes and to make them GST experts.


The following are some key aspects of the course:

ü  In-depth knowledge of the GST provisions with real-world examples

ü  Analysis of the most pressing GST concerns

ü  GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C preparation and filing – Table-wise

ü  Different Case Studies and Judgments from Various Advance Ruling Authorities/HC

ü  Exclusive recordings of Q&A sessions.

ü  Understanding of All Recent Changes and Their Effects


Additional Course Benefits:

ü  61 hours of online instruction

ü  GST e-book

ü  After completion of the GST course, CAclubindia issues an e-certificate.

ü  Content with the latest Union Budget 2021 updates

ü  Content with the latest 45th GST Council updates

ü   Enrol with Pen drive (INR 1000 will be added)



ü  Rs 6599/-


Contact Info-

ü  011-411-70713



FAQs About GST Certification Courses in Indore:


What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in a GST certification course?

The eligibility criteria for GST certification courses may vary depending on the provider. However, most courses require the candidate to have a basic understanding of accounting and taxation.


What is the duration of a GST certification course?

The duration of a GST certification course may range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the provider and the level of the course.


Is there any exam or assessment for the GST certification course?

Yes, most GST certification courses include assessments and exams to test the knowledge and understanding of the participants. Some courses may also require the participants to complete a project or case study.


What is the cost of a GST certification course?

The cost of a GST certification course may vary depending on the provider, the level of the course, and the mode of delivery (online or offline). However, most courses are affordable and offer value for money.



The best GST Certification courses in Indore are discussed in this article, which we hope you found interesting. We’re glad to have the chance to respond to your inquiry and we appreciate the chance to explain why so many people are looking for GST certification classes. Please get in touch with our staff to discover more about the course you’re interested in from among the many we offer to both individuals and businesses. Enjoy your day!

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