Top 7 GST Certification Courses in Faridabad in 2021

The GST-Goods and Service tax is a value-added tax raised on the goods and services sold for domestic purposes. The GST payment is happening to the consumers. It is consigned to the government by the businesses selling the goods and services.


List of the best GST certification courses in Faridabad


What is GST?


Since independence, one of the most significant tax reforms in the country subsumed most of the indirect state and central taxes into one tax. GST was implemented on July 1st, 2017, in India. 


GST is helping the country in different ways, from banishing the cascading effect of taxation to regulating the unorganized sector. You must have heard about GST or might even be paying it if you are a business owner.


GST Rates


The 4- tier GST structure is present for all goods and services. Based on this structure, the calculation of GST is done. The 4 tax structures are 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. Some various goods and services are exempt from paying any GST. For precious metals like gold and silver, there is a separate GST rate of 3%.


Input Tax Credit 


Now that we know how the GST calculation is done, the next important thing is an input tax credit. With the input tax credit, the manufacturers and the service providers, while paying output tax, can offset the amount they have already paid on the inputs.


For example, if a manufacturer’s output is Rs.5000 and he already paid an input tax of Rs.3000 while making the purchase, In that case, his GST liability will be Rs.2000. Moreover, the invoices should match to take benefit of this credit facility  


The GST Components 


To understand the GST process in detail, you also need to know its components:

  • IGST or Integrated GST
  • CGST or Central GST
  • SGST or State GST

If the center levies the GST, it CGST. When the state imposes it, it is known as SGST. Both the taxes apply to transactions within a state. Therefore, for inter-state transactions, IGST is applicable. The center collects the same.


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What are GST Certification Courses in Faridabad?


The MSME ministry’s best GST certification courses are in small and medium enterprises. The primary aim of the study is to help the accountants, business people, chartered accountants, certified management accountants, company secretaries, and other professionals to develop their knowledge regarding goods and services tax by offering updated knowledge systematically, improving problem-solving and analytical skills to broaden decision making and imparting skills and knowledge needed for self-employment in the industry. 


The GST certification courses are meant for CA’s, graduates, company secretaries, financial and tax professionals, and individuals who want career development in these fields. It increases job opportunities, develops skills and salaries.


Benefits of GST Certification Courses in Faridabad 


In today’s industry, it helps raise an individual’s salary by 15% to 25% on average. It also enables individuals to start their consultancy. It helps in skills of finance, different taxation, accounting and professional.


Top Institutes Providing GST Certification Courses in Faridabad


1. IIM Skills  


IIM Skills provides you with the best in class online GST certification courses in Faridabad. IIM Skills offer a skill development course to help students, business owners, and professionals to achieve their career objectives. 


This GST certification course focuses on providing you the knowledge from essential to advanced levels, empowering you with various skills. The outstanding curriculum meets the industry standard, which provides 100% practical training, making it the best online GST course in India.  



● Gaining overall knowledge about the goods and service taxes, compliance, implementation, and enforcement.

● The impact of GST on business, organizations especially the finances.

● Achieving a practical understanding of the process under GST, filing of returns or refunds.

● Access to live and recorded lectures.

● GST tools and software implementation learning. 

● 24*7 online support.


 Course Fees- INR 6490+18% GST

  They provide weekdays and Sunday batches that are flexible to the candidate.



● Genesis and concept of GST

● Invoicing in GST

● GST returns filing

● E-way bill under GST

● Composition scheme under GST

● Input tax credit and payment


1. The GST Practitioner master course is a carefully crafted program to deliver you the foremost up-to-date insights and knowledge during this competitive world. 

2. Therefore, it has a massive demand for e-accounts with GST knowledge. 

3. The rationale is that e-accounts are much more comfortable using the newest technology and accounting software. 

4. One who has GST certification and accounts knowledge can add GST compliances and consult. 

5. The salary for a tax accountant job profile would be around INR 338,398. Job opportunities are plenty.


IIM Skills GST course free demo invite 




NIFM is one of the top 5 Institutes in the insurance, banking, financial, and stock market sector. It is one of the most popular GST certification courses in Faridabad. It is well known for vocational training institutes with short-term and long-term skill development courses with offline and online classes. 


Their specialization is more about job-oriented vocational training courses in accounts, banking, and financial market segments. They also offer short-term courses on the stock market, derivative markets, share markets, forex market, research analyst, mutual funds, insurance sector, banking sector, etc. 


Their focus is to give quality education. There are many demands for trained and qualified financial market professionals in India as the economy of India is overgrowing.


Certified GST Professional

The GST is extraordinarily ambitious within the element of job maximization and has also invited many global companies. GST certification will enhance your knowledge of GST law.





● Introduction to GST

● Types of GST 

● How we determine GST liability

● Who is eligible for GST 

● Threshold limit for GST registration 

● Who should register for GST 

● GST rate slabs 

● Due dates for all GST rates

● The Taxable event in GST 

● Time of supply 

● Raised invoice and charged GST

● GST invoice

● Bill of supply 

● Debit note/credit note

● Payment voucher

● How to claim ITC 

● Modes of payment 

● Electronic credit ledger

● Electronic cash ledger

● Type of return form and maturity date

● Process flow of return filing

● GSTR 3B return filing

● GSTR9/9B return filing 

● The tax rate under the composition scheme

● RCM scheme

● Taxability under RCM

● Is an E-way bill is required in GST 

● Online registration

● Process of registration

● Surrender of registration


Course Duration-2 months

Course Fees- INR 25,000+ GST



 After the completion of the GST certification course, the various career opportunities offered are: 

1. GST Practitioner

2. GST Assistant

3. GST Executive 

4. Accountant 

6. Tax professional


3. ICA Edu Skills


The ICA Edu Skills’ journey began in 1999 with a motive to train aspiring students in India and make them employable at nominal fees. It is one of the best GST certification courses in Faridabad.


It is well known for accounting facilities, accounting services, accounting outsourcing services, and much more. ICA Edu Skills has developed a good reputation over its history. ICA provides you with the best GST courses in Faridabad and training to crack your following interview.



The knowledge of products and services tax act

 • Goods and repair tax payment to the government 

• Computation of taxable value of services

 • Entries concerning goods and services

 • Calculation of products and services tax payable 


Course Fees-INR 8000 

Course Duration-27 hours



• Basic concepts of GST 

• Levy and collection of tax 

• Valuation

 • Payment of tax 

• Returns

 • GST using tally 

• Practice on GSTN

 • Project on GST



1. It offers quality services in the following category of courses: accounting, accounting services, etc

2. Provides detailed structure of indirect taxation system of India

3. Input tax credit

4. Filing of numerous GST returns 

5. E-invoicing and E-way bills 

6. ICA will guide the students and find them a paid internship for the students pursuing graduation or undergraduate


4. DICS Computer Education 


DICS is one of the leading institutes for GST certification courses in Faridabad, accredited by Nielit under MCIT (Ministry of communication and knowledge technology) Govt of India, recognized as Delhi Institute of computer science. The primary objective of DICS is to strengthen the skills of the youth of India at an inexpensive fee to satisfy the strain of growing modern industrialization. 


The Skill India mission is a bold initiative by the government of India to empower the students with the required skill sets, which make them employable and more productive. The government and industry recognize skills in India, and they maintain their standard.



● Covers the practical aspects of goods and service tax.

● It Includes the returns, registration, and in-depth accounting and recording of GST transactions.


Course Duration-2 months

Course Fees-INR 7000



●       Module1-Overview of GST law

●       Module2-GST Migration and registration 

●       Module3-Returns under GST section (37-48)

●       Module4-Refunds-sections 54-58



1. They have provided career-oriented short-term programs; pursuing these courses helps you to urge employment and enriches you as a private within the planet of knowledge technology.

2. Their programs are developing at the national level concerning common policies, standards, and procedures.


IIM Skills GST course free demo invite




Since 1997 AKB Institute of finance and management has been successfully running. AKBIFM is well known for its unplanned accounting taxation and management programs intending to fully fill corporate needs. 


AKBIFM is the best GST certification course in Faridabad. It has built a new path to taxation, accounting, and management education through learning, i.e., the book, e-learning, and personal contact program.



● Most students in Faridabad pursue this AKBIFM GST course.

● The course is designed perfectly for ones willing for an accounts job.

● This course also provides GST course training.

● It also gives Tally ERP for starters who want to gain knowledge in tally.



● Company creation ledger 

● Purchase entries, journal entries

● Payment, receipt entries, cash book, sales register & purchase register

● Alteration of entries 

● Inventory reports trial balance 

● Accounts receivables and accounts payable

● Goods and service tax


Course Duration-3 months

 Course Fees-INR 10,000



      1. AKB Institute of Finance and Management focuses on financial accounting and taxation courses.

      2. It provides job-oriented diploma courses regularly, online in the field of financial accounting, Income tax, goods and services tax, and ESI-EPF.

     3. For the last 20 years, they have placed thousands of students in industries like accounting, taxation, etc.  


6. Udemy


Udemy is an online platform where they offer various courses. It provides GST certification courses in Faridabad. Udemy is budget-friendly; whether students or office goers can enroll in this. 


But, on the other hand, it is user-friendly and flexible. The requirements needed to enroll in this course are to have a basic understanding of taxes and enthusiasm to learn about taxes.



● Access on mobile and TV

● Full lifetime access

● 42 hours on-demand video

● 29 articles


Course Curriculum

● Basics of GST

● Composition scheme

● Input tax credit

● GST Registration

● Returns

● Transitional provisions 

● Webinars

● Place of supply

● Time of supply

● Offenses and penalties

● New council meeting: GST rates

● Payments

● Impact on trading sector


 Course Duration-42Hours 52 minutes

 Course Fees– INR 4800


7. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin provides one of the top GST certification courses in Faridabad. They are into various fields like skill development, business, training, content services, and higher education. Since 2013, Henry Harvin has been one of the initial players in the ed-tech space. Some of the salient features of the GST certification course are listed below. 



● GST certification course its government recognized with the award-winning institute

● Duration-32 hours 

● 100% placement guarantee with support for one year of successful completion

● E-learning method with abundant tools and techniques, assessments

● Boot Camps spread for next 12months 

● Free access to Ask Henry hackathons and competitions


Course Duration– 32 hours 

Course Fees-INR 8999 



●      Module 1-Supply or levy, supply value, import and export, and E-way bills.

●      Module 2- Registration, job work, transitional provisions.

●      Module 3- Tax payments, time of supply, returns, and refunds.

●      Module 4- Litigation management, demand, and recovery, audit.

●      Complimentary– Soft skill development, resume writing.



 1. Gain knowledge on recent amendments & their challenges. 

 2. Study material worth INR 500 for free of charge. 

 3. Real-life cases and experiences shared by GST experts.

4. Certified GST Practitioner certificate from Govt. of India recognized institute. 5. Up to 1-year access of GST practitioners LMS and e-learning portal.

6. 20+ years of experience from trained experts.


IIM Skills GST course free demo invite 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the use of the GST certification course?

 It increases the number of job opportunities available to the individuals, thus raising their salary by 15% to 25% on average. It opens the way for the individual to start their consultancy. It helps develop skills in the area of different taxation, finance, and accounting professionals.


2. What are the types of GST?

 GST is divided into four types:

The central goods and service tax (CGST)

The state goods and service tax (SGST)

The union territory goods and service tax (UTGST)

The Integrated Goods and service tax (IGST)


3. What are the benefits of a GST Practitioner?

 GST Practitioner individuals can offer offline services, generation of e- waybills for the movement of goods. For issuing tax invoices, they can provide help. They can also support the procedures of GST registration, cancellation, and GST updates. 


4. How can I start a career in GST? 

A person who is curious about becoming a GST Practitioner can enroll by making an application in form GST PCT-1 to a licensed officer; after checking the eligibility, the officer will issue the certificate in Form GST PCT-2.  


5. What is the salary of a GST Practitioner?

The GST Practitioner’s average salary for an accounts manager is INR 4.9-6.4 Lakhs in India. The thing to be noted is that salary depends on your skillset and the organization you’re employed.




The above-listed institutes are well recognized and have established their role in the GST certification courses in Faridabad. Thus enrolling in one of these institutes will enrich you individually and grow in your career for a better future ahead.


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