Top 15 GST Certification Courses in Delhi With Placements

This post is for you if you are seeking a GST certification course in the Indian tax system or would like to know about all the finest institutes in this sector. Given below are some of the best institutes providing GST certification courses in Delhi. This post will help you learn all the essential features of all the courses provided by the institutes and their advantages.


List of the best GST certification courses in Delhi


Understanding GST


The GST concept was initially launched in 2000, and the Indian government set up a commission in India to develop a GST model. Several years later, the committee in 2004 suggested the introduction of a single tax on all products and services to replace the existing systems of taxation. This suggested tax system was meant to substitute VAT at the national and central levels.


The GST law for implementation throughout the country was initiated on 1 July 2017. The major purpose behind the introduction of the GST bill is to ensure that the tax is eventually paid instead of applied at the point of production at the point of consumption. GST is one tax right for the end-user from the author or the service provider.


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Best GST Certification Courses in Delhi


IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of Delhi’s most well-known educational institutions, offering comprehensive courses in various subjects such as digital marketing course, content writing course, etc. IIM Skills recognizes the importance of effective GST practitioners in assisting businesses with their operations. In that regard, they also put up the finest business accounting and taxation courses in Delhi. they also have one of the most sought-after, high-grade financial modeling courses in Delhi


The GST course was developed by the institute with the students’ and industry’s needs in mind. The GST course provides a comprehensive syllabus that covers all of the key aspects of the GST act. The GST course includes 16 hours of lectures and industry-relevant practical projects over four weeks.


Course Duration

The course provides 4 weeks of live online training which consists of over 16 hours of lectures as well as practical assignments.


The training is divided into nine modules that cover all aspects of GST practitioners.


Key Highlights:


●      Understanding the basic concept of GST

●      Understanding the different registration processes in GST

●      Understanding GST framework and its structure

●      Understanding different invoicing rules

●      Basics of input tax and credit payment with GST

●      Mastering GST returns filing

●      Understanding composition scheme for GST

●      Understanding the Reverse Charge mechanism and taxability

●      Understanding the GST e-way bill


GST Course at DGA Professional Institute


DGA Professional Institution is a well-known e-accounting training institute providing GST certification courses in Delhi. Job orientation is a fundamental component of all of their courses. They intend to place students as soon as they complete their studies.


Aside from teaching, the DGA institution also provides services to the finance and information technology industries. Advanced Excel, Corel Draw, computer fundamentals, e-accounting, and programming classes are just a few of the courses available at DGA.


The institute includes industry specialists and a committed team of professionals that train students to be financially independent regardless of their field of study.


Course Duration:

It is a 15-day program. The weekday courses last an hour, while the weekend programs last two and a half hours each on Saturday and Sunday.


Key Highlights:


●      Basics of GST

●      Understanding GST Special Cases, Composition Scheme, Tax Rates

●      Understanding GST Invoicing

●      Understanding Return Filing under GST


GST Certification Course by Arth Institute


The Arth Institute is a government-approved training center providing GST certification courses in Delhi. It offers a diverse set of courses that cover nearly every element of finance, including banking, tax, Tally, e-tax, and a variety of other online accounting procedures.


Course Duration:

It is a 45-day program.


Key Highlights:

●      Basics of GST

●      Basics of Sales and Returns GSTR1

●      Understanding basics of Purchase and Inward Returns GSTR2

●      In-depth on GSTR3

●      Understanding TDS

●      Understanding Report and Exceptions


Check out the Top 5 Online GST courses


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GST Certification Course at SLA Consultants


Structured Learning Assistance Consultants offers various training programs such as accounting, taxes, analytics, data science, and GST certification courses in Delhi to help people improve their abilities. SLA Consultants offers over 100 courses and has taught over 7000 applicants with 152 teachers.


Course Duration:

The course can be completed in 80 and 100 hours. The weekday and weekend batches are flexible and even the batch time is flexible.


Key Highlights:


●      Understanding the basics of GST and GST law

●      Basics of registration with GST

●      Understanding returns under GST

●      Basics of GST refunds

●      Understanding GST Input Tax Credit

●      Understanding GST  in e-commerce


GST Certification Course at KVCH


Since 1991, KV Computer Home Private Limited (KVCH) has been a global leader in the training industry, instructing students from more than 60 countries.


It has trained over fifty thousand students and placed over thirty thousand students. Learning at KVCH is beneficial because of the high quality of education, skilled personnel and trainers, extensive partnerships with diverse learning partners, and a specialized placement cell. The institute also offers one of the best digital marketing and GST certification courses in Delhi.


Course Duration:

The course is self-paced and the class timings can be taken as per the student’s requirement.


Key Highlights:

●      Basics of GST

●      Understanding Income Tax

●      Understanding Balance and Financial Statement

●      Understanding Financial Statement

●      Understanding Import- Export


Additional Benefits:

●      Mentors are qualified professional trainers, and the institute offers free personal development and presenting training.

●      Candidates can also receive one-on-one attention from teachers and repeat sessions for free.

●      In addition to the aforementioned services, KVCH also offers resume writing and job placement help.


GST Certification Course at Megara Infotech


Megara Infotech offers HR courses, accounting, tax, SAP, digital marketing, and GST certification courses in Delhi and also offers a range of courses in business consultancy and corporate education in Delhi.


Megara Infotech strives to create and implement high-impact development programs and has so far trained 5705 people. The institute also offers corporate training and job placement assistance. Megara Infotech emphasizes the significance of hands-on applications and actual projects in all of its courses.


Course Duration:

●      The normal batch lessons are two hours long and run for five weeks on weekdays.

●      The weekend batch sessions will run for 12 Sundays, each lasting three hours.

●      The short-term batch sessions are 5 days a week starting from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Key Highlights:

●      Basics of GST

●      Understanding GST levy and collection of goods

●      Understanding basics of supply

●      Understanding time and value of supply

●      Understanding GST invoice, debit, and credit

●      Basics of GST registration

●      Input tax credit

●      Basics of returns

●      Understanding payment of tax

●      Understanding e-way bill

●      Understanding refund with GST

●      Understanding GST assessment and audit


GST Certification Course at Class of Professional Studies


COPS (Classes of Professional Studies) is another institute that offers short-term training programs. Their diverse course offerings assist students in honing their professional abilities and providing them with the tools they need to attain their objectives.


COPS provides comprehensive GST certification courses in Delhi. It also offers children’s language and personality development classes.


The institute employs qualified instructors and provides both online and offline courses in a well-equipped environment. COPS is a school that pushes pupils to be competitive and to strive for greater success.


Course Duration:

The course may be completed in two months.


Key Highlights:


●      Understanding GST

●      Understanding Returns Under GST

●      Refunds

●      Understanding Job Work and Composition

●      Understanding Input Tax Credit

●      Understanding GST Registration & Migration

●      Understanding E-Commerce in GST


Added Benefits:


The institute offers free taxation software with guides and other tutorials such as in-depth video guides and books for in-depth understanding.


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GST Certification Course at LK Singhal Tax Consultants


In the area of corporate training, LK Singhal Tax Consultants is an industry leader. The trainers in LK Singhal Tax consultants are all experienced, chartered accountants.


The institute also offers Advanced Tally, MIS, and advanced training in Microsoft Excel, and GST courses in Delhi, as well as training and placement. LK Singhal Tax Consultants, a CA business with over nine years of expertise, offers one of the top GST certification courses in Delhi.


Course Duration:

Individual modules have a training length of 40-45 hours, and the total training time is 125 hours.


Key Highlights:

The course is divided into two parts: the GST fundamentals and the income tax module. Sub-modules exist inside these modules. There is also a free supplementary module on full TDS, e-accounts, and taxation that may be used in conjunction with the individual courses or as part of a packaged course.


GST Certification Course at BPA Educators


BPA instructors assist students and professionals achieve their objectives. During career selection, the institute seeks to reduce trouble and misunderstanding. BPA Educators have trained over 1000 students with experience of over 10 years. Their staff is made up of CA, CMA, LLB, and MBA consultants and trainers.


BPA educators provide training for various in-demand skills related to accounts, data mining and analysis, and GST certification courses in Delhi. With its practical approach, upgraded and relevant study material, real-life projects, training in work, and strong placement network, BPA educators excel in work-oriented formation.


Course Duration:

The training may be finished in three months.


Key Highlights:

●      Basic of GST

●      Understanding taxes

●      Understanding significance of supply

●      Understanding composite and mixed supply

●      Understanding value of supply

●      Understanding the basics of reverse charge

●      Understanding  tax credit

●      Understanding composition scheme

●      Understanding import and export under GST

●      Understanding tax invoice

●      Understanding payment of taxes

●      Understanding e-returns

●      Understanding e-way bill generation

●      Understanding GST using Tally/Busy


GST Certification Course at CAclubindia


CAclubindia has a very good curriculum providing a GST certification course in Delhi. Upon completion of the course, the certificate of completion is provided by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.


Course Duration:

40 hours (approximately 1.5 months): 12 sessions with 3 hours of the session, 4 hours of real estate, and GSTR-3B session Saturday and Sunday time (7 p.m to 10 p.m)


Key Highlights:


  • Understanding Supply Time in GST
  • Understanding Supply value in GST
  • Understanding Supply in GST
  • GST Tax Credit
  • Imports and Exports in GST
  • Refunds in GST
  • GST Registration


GST Certification Course by Attitude Institute


Attitude Institute is an e-learning Institute that teaches a plethora of different courses which are in demand such as courses related to accounts like SAP, GST, advanced Tally, web design, graphic design, web development, software development, database management, digital marketing, etc.


The institute also claims a job guarantee and has trained and placed over 3400 students since its inception. The institute provides one of the best GST certification courses in Delhi.


Course Duration:

It is a 40 hours course with regular / weekend batches available.


Key Highlights:


●      Basics of GST

●      Understanding Returns Under GST

●      Understanding Refunds (Section 54-58) in GST Rules

●      Understanding Input Tax Credit

●      Understanding IGST Law in GST

●      Understanding E-Way Bill in GST


GST Certification Course by IPA


IPA is a govt. recognized training institute which specializes in providing diploma certifications in various domains such as computer accounting, finance, taxation, SAP (FICO) and also provides very career-oriented GST certification courses in Delhi. The institute provides a job assistance program after the course completion.


Course Duration:

The training lasts between 20 and 30 hours and is spread out over two months. The institutes provide options for offline as well as online classes.


Key Highlights:

●      Understanding GST Rates

●      Basics for updating Services Ledger

●      Understanding Sales and Purchase Ledgers

●      Basics of Sales and Printing Invoices

●      Recording Purchases, Tax Payment, Sales Returns

●      Understanding Exceptions in GST

●      Understanding GSTR-1


GST Certification Course by NIFM


National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM) also provides a very comprehensive GST certification course in Delhi. NIFM was the first to introduce a short-term job-oriented diploma program in the field of financial markets to provide state-of-the-art facilities.


The courses explicitly address the need for financial market staff to get training and placement, such as marketing personnel, dealers/arbitrageurs, research analysts, and managers. NIFM also provides preparation sessions for SEBI NISM modules exams at the NIFM institute.


Course Duration:

It is a 2-month course.


Key Highlights:


●      Basics of GST

●      Understanding the structure of GST

●      Basics of invoicing in GST

●      Understanding tax credits in GST

●      Understanding return filing in GST

●      Understanding RCM

●      Understanding e-way bills

●      Basics of different registrations under GST


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GST Certification Course by Tax Guru


Tax Guru is a familiar name in the accounts and finance domain. The training is led by CA Raman Singla and covers the basic concepts of GST to advanced topics.CA Raman Singla has also authored one of the best-selling books in the finance domain “ Complete Analysis of GST”.


Course Duration:

The course takes about 30 hours of content and is mostly self-paced. The course also includes doubt clearing sessions along with the option for live sessions for discussions.


Key Highlights:

●      Basic concepts of GST including Constitutional Aspects, Subsumed Taxes

●      Understanding CST

●      Understanding GST Rules

●      Understanding Returns Filing Procedure under GST

●      Understanding Input Tax credit

●      Understanding Supply under GST

●      Understanding Audits and Annual Returns

●      Understanding Inverted Duty Structure

●      Understanding various provisions under GST

●      Understanding Exceptions in GST

●      Understanding GSTR-1

●      Understanding the basics of Reverse Charge

●      Understanding  Tax Credit

●      Understanding Composition Scheme

●      Understanding Import and Export under GST

●      Basics of different registrations under GST

●      Basics of Invoicing in GST

●      Understanding E-Way Bill in GST


Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a very highly reputed institute providing GST certification courses in Delhi. Training 360 has also placed this course among the top three.


In this course, you’ll learn about GST rules, including how to implement, comply with, and enforce them. You’ll learn to comprehend the GST’s influence on your company and the modifications in business processes that are necessary to comply with the new law. Henry Harvin also teaches about the GST tax system.


GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, and GSTR 2A are among the high-order thinking skills subjects covered by Henry Harvin in this course. It also includes new e-invoicing requirements as well as information on how to claim an input tax credit.


Course Duration

The course provides 1-month training. The course also boasts over 32 hours of live training with real-world projects, internships, and job assistance programs.


Key Highlights:


●      Basics of GST

●      Taxation

●      Import Export

●      E-way bill

●      The Tax Credit, ITC04

●      Invoice Accounting

●      Annual GST Audit

●      Understanding Appellate Authority


Eligibility Criteria for GST Certification Course in Delhi


GST practitioners are one of the most in-demand skills in India. Any industry from IT to Sales to e-commerce has great demand for GST practitioners. Thus I have listed down some of the minimum criteria required to take GST certification courses in Delhi.


●      A chartered accountant (practicing).

●      A person with a certificate of practice.

●      A person with experience in accounting.

●      Advocate.

●      A person who is has a graduate or PG degree in commerce.

●      A person with a PG or graduate degree in banking.

●      A person who is a retired govt official.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.    What is the salary of a GST practitioner?


The average salary of a GST practitioner is anywhere from 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum in India.


2.    Is the GST practitioner exam tough?


The GST practitioner exam is not the toughest exam available. It is easily cleared with good knowledge of accounts and the various tools under GST.


3.    Who is eligible for the GST practitioner exam in India?


Here are some of the basic criteria for being eligible for the GST practitioner exam in India.


●      You must be an Indian citizen.

●      You must be mentally stable.

●      You must not be considered insolvent.

●      You should not be guilty of any offense which results in at least two years or more in jail.




The industry is in desperate need of qualified GST experts, so now is an excellent opportunity to pick up new abilities and make the most of them. The majority of courses offered by various institutions give in-depth information.


The institutes that provide practical experience by requiring applicants to file returns as part of their training are the ones that take their training to the next level, making it real and lifetime. The longer-duration courses are more intensive, but the shorter-duration courses will almost certainly skim over the subject.


Classroom or virtual online classes, on the other hand, allow you to clarify questions on the spot and better comprehend ideas. Another issue with video lessons is that the information is static. GST is a dynamic system with constantly changing regulations and changes, thus static data becomes obsolete over time. A reputable training school keeps the material of any course up to date, making it worthwhile.


This article has, hopefully, helped you select the GST institute to suit your objective. However, like any other course, one must remember that at the end of the day, it’s the individual effort and hard work which determines success.


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