Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur With Placements

Jaipur is a city full of possibilities, a center for expanding businesses, and it has enormous potential. Strong financial performance is required for a firm to be successful, and this performance is further influenced by how competent and effective your financial analyst is. Because of the city’s pro-business policies and rising resources, financial modeling courses in Jaipur are in high demand.


List of best financial modeling courses in Jaipur


This course equips students with the skills necessary to precisely and competently identify business obstacles, boost productivity, and offer all-encompassing solutions that accelerate business growth and decision-making.


What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is a process where numbers are used to describe the operations of a business in the past, present & future. The financial models are designed which helps in making decisions. They might be employed by company leaders to project the expenses and profit of a projected new project.

These models are employed when attempting to value a company or when contrasting it with others in the same sector. They are also employed in strategic planning to evaluate potential outcomes, determine project costs, establish budgets, and distribute resources across the organization.

Financial analysts use them to forecast on how certain events, including internal things like a change in strategy and external ones like a change in economic policy, might affect a company’s stock price.


Types of Financial Models

The top 10 models that financial modeling experts use most frequently in corporate finance are discussed in this guide. The 10 most typical types of financial models are listed below:

  • Three-Statement Model
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model
  • Merger Model (M&A)
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Model
  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model
  • Sum of the Parts Model
  • Consolidation Model
  • Budget Model
  • Forecasting Model
  • Option Pricing Model


Three-Statement Model:

The most fundamental framework for financial modeling is the three-statement model. The three statements—income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow—are all dynamically linked together using Excel formulas, as the name suggests. The goal is to place it up so that all the accounts are interconnected changes in one assumption will affect the complete model.


Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model:

The DCF model extends the three-statement model to determine a company’s value based on the Net Present Value (NPV) of its anticipated future cash flows. The DCF model uses Excel’s XNPV function to discount the three-statement model’s cash flows back to today at the company’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC) after making any necessary modifications to the cash flows.


Merger Model (M&A):

A more sophisticated model used to assess the pro forma accretion/dilution of a merger or acquisition is the M&A model. One tab is frequently used for each company, with the formula Company A + Company B = Merged Co. There are many different complexity levels. The most typical applications of this paradigm are in investment banking and/or business development.


Initial Public Offering (IPO) Model:

Excel-based IPO models are also created by investment bankers and corporate development specialists to value businesses before going public. These models assume how much investors would be prepared to pay for the company under consideration while also analyzing similar companies.

To guarantee that the stock trades favorably on the secondary market, the valuation in an IPO model incorporates “an IPO discount.”


Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model:

Leveraged buyout transactions, which need sophisticated financial modeling, can include complex loan schedules. Given the numerous layers of funding and the need for cash flow waterfalls, an LBO’s financial model is frequently one of the most intricate and difficult of all types of financial models. Outside of investment banking or non-public equity, these approaches don’t seem to be notably frequent.


Sum of the Parts Model:

A variety of DCF models are combined to create this kind of model. The value of the business is then increased by any other elements that might not be appropriate for a DCF analysis, such as marketable securities that would be priced according to the market.

To determine the company’s net asset worth, for instance, you would add together (thus, “sum of the components”) the value of business unit A, business unit B, and investments C, fewer liabilities D.


Consolidation Model:

Multiple business units are combined into one model in this form. Each business unit type has its tab, and the consolidation tab just adds up all the other business units. When Division A and Division B are combined to form a new, consolidated worksheet, it is akin to a Sum of the Parts exercise.


Budget Model:

To create the budget for the upcoming year, this is utilized as a financial modeling tool by specialists in financial planning and analysis (FP&A) (s). Most budget models square measure created to be supported monthly or quarterly information and provide the financial statement plenty of attention.


Forecasting Model:

FP&A (financial planning and analysis) also employs this kind to provide forecasts that contrast with budget models. Both the budget and the forecast models can be found in one spreadsheet at different times.


Option Pricing Model:

Binomial trees and Black-Scholes models are the two primary categories of option pricing models. These models are more or less simple calculators included in Excel because they are simply based on mathematical formulas rather than subjective judgments.


Scope of Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur

  • Numerous decision-making situations are covered by financial modeling tools, such as mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, internal planning, budgeting, forecasting, investments, and valuation.
  • The scope of financial modeling courses in Jaipur is even further expanded by ad hoc analysis, which includes sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, capital projects, return on investment, and IRR.
  • The operations are often carried out by experts in private equity, investment banking, business development, equity research, and financial planning and analysis.
  • Accounting, auditing, tax collection, and other jobs related to finance are different from financial modeling.
  • Although not required, business graduates, CAs, CFAs, engineers, and MBAs are advised.
  • A financial model is not the same as every monetary calculation, and not every CA or MBA can create one.


Skills You Will Learn in Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur

  • Using the Financial Statements to Navigate.
  • Filling out Financial Statements with Downloadable, Analyst-Friendly Data.
  • Step-by-step Professional Financial Modeling.
  • Relative valuations and discounted cash flow valuations.
  • Determine the stock’s target price and recommend a buy or sell.
  • Industry expertise in areas such as banking, automobiles, broadcasting, capital goods, etc.
  • Banking Financial Modeling.
  • Mastering Excel.


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Financial Modeling Salary Details

An economic Modeling analyst’s starting salary for financial modeling is about 2,49,000 Indian rupees. This amount can go up to a maximum of roughly 5,46,000 INR. This results in a Financial Modeling analyst’s typical compensation being roughly 3,97,500 INR.

To maximize a nation’s financial productivity, financial modeling analysts must make a wide range of assessments, reasoned assumptions, interpretations of present economic trends, and projections of future trends.


Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur and Its Relevance

The Pink City is more than just a popular tourist destination known for its forts and Rajasthani-style buildings. Its thriving economy is supported by industries including textiles, blue pottery, jewelry production, handicrafts, carpets, leather goods, and metal goods.

The leading businesses in every field now view the city as the ideal place for commercial expansion because of its excellent transport connections. Due to the abundance of opportunities, there is a rising need for financial experts who possess the relevant credentials.

Financial professionals help businesses succeed by using their knowledge to foster their visions and progress. Imagine yourself effectively equipped with the knowledge necessary to predict the future of any company.

The ability to predict the cost-effectiveness and profits of the upcoming quarter would be fantastic for small business owners, entrepreneurs fired up to pursue their goals, and managers of major corporations.

Before making a decision, one should be aware of how their current actions may affect their long-term objectives. Once you have the necessary experience to stand out in the finance field, Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur will assist you in successfully capturing such opportunities.


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Institutions for Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur




IIM SKILLS was established to educate students using the best methods available to make difficult subjects understandable. Since then, they have aided over 35,000 individuals in developing their professions. This online learning platform allows students to enroll and learn from any location in the world.

In their curriculum, IIM SKILLS offers a “Financial Modeling Course” that includes both fundamental and intermediate-level ideas. To gain practical experience and lifetime access to resources, students must submit practical tasks. They provide you with a two-month internship, certification, and help to find a job.


Financial Modeling Course Curriculum

Module1: Basic and Advanced Excel

Module 2: Financial Statements and Accounting Concepts

Module 3: Ratio/KPI analysis 

Module 4: Financial Modeling Fundamentals

Module 5: A variety of financial modeling techniques

Module 6:  Valuation


Course Specifications:

  • Assignments are given throughout the course so that no one can procrastinate, and foster themselves to push the bounds and develop an honest grasp of the domain.
  • The course additionally enclosed 5+ case studies, which may be a bonus for the scholars.
  • The entire program is in alignment with surpassing spreadsheets so that no one can miss out on the period of sensible expertise.
  • You will run life access to the LMS.
  • Certification on course completion.
  • They additionally offer billet opportunities to their students.
  • 100% help in placements.


Fee Structure: Rs. 39,900 + GST


2. The Institute of Financial Studies


The Institute of Financial Studies, in Mansarovar, which is located in Jaipur is a reliable name in the industry as they aim to deliver the best services to its customers. The facility offers professional training in courses that are recognized internationally as well as training for working professionals to advance in their fields. The goal of the course is to provide fundamental training in financial modeling to students. They offer a course named “Financial Modeling Using Advanced Excel and VBA.”


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Finance and its principles

Module 2: Programming in Excel

Module 3: Data Analysis and introduction to various Decision tools

Module 4: Fundamentals of Excel


Fee Structure:- Rs. 45,000


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3. The Wallstreet School


Reputable financial modeling courses in Jaipur are available from The Wallstreet School. The Institute is a firm believer in using practical education to shorten the learning curve. Under the guidance of seasoned industry professionals, knowledge transfer will take place.

A thorough understanding of investment banking is provided in the course material. They provide you with online self-study resources, job placement help, and hands-on learning opportunities. When you finish the required assignments, you will be granted a certificate.


Course Curriculum: 

Module 1: Basic to intermediate Excel

Module 2: Advanced excel and introduction to PowerPoint

Module 3: Fundamentals of financial concepts

Module 4: Business Modeling and feasibility study

Module 5: Comparable company analysis

Module 6: Analysis of previous transactions

Module 7: Discounted Cashflow Valuation

Module 8: Merger Model

Module 9: Leveraged Buyout

Module 10: Interviews and editing of resumes


Fee structure: Rs. 22,500 plus GST


4. Coursera


 A well-known learning platform called Coursera offers a huge variety of courses and programs that are open to everyone in the world. To increase their scope across all disciplines and to grow internationally, they have partnered with more than 200 institutes. You can learn at your own pace and use the courses that are offered.

Online access to the Wharton Business and Financial Modeling Capstone is provided by Coursera. The foundation given by this course is excellent for developing your abilities in financial modeling for decision-making. You will gain access to resources and be required to finish practical assignments. You can learn at your own pace and will be awarded a certificate once you’ve finished.


Course Specifications: Earn a certification (offered by Coursera) upon completion.

  • 100% online content.
  • Self-paced learning with a flexible schedule.
  •  You can start from the beginner level.
  • You will get feedback on assignments.
  • Videos and notes will be provided beside quiz sessions.


Benefits of the Course: Utilize spreadsheets’ mapping and prediction capabilities.

Construct your quantitative models.

You will learn to read Income and cash flow statements.

Fee structure: $474 ($79 each month beyond the trial period, given that most students take around 6 months to finish the course)


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5. EduAscent


The EduAscent Institute of Finance is a leader in offering services and education related to the financial markets. What differentiates EduAscent from others is, its “Learning-by-Doing” approach, giving them real-world skills, sensible understanding, and observation.

Their students have access to a broad variety of partnerships, projects, recruiters, and career opportunities. Institute aims at promoting a higher understanding of the context and impact of financial services; understanding of the niche business areas develop as a result of this impact.

Establishing commonalities concerning employability skills in a world context and developing courses and coaching material to be delivered put together to deal with known employability skills. The EduAscent office is in Jaipur, and it offers some of the best 100% online courses in financing modeling there.


Course Curriculum: 

Module 1: Basics of Excel and advanced excel

Module 2: Financial Modeling in detail


Benefits of the Course: Using Adv. Excel for financial modeling

  • Excel VBA Programming
  • Advance Excel Training
  • R Programming


Fee structure:- Rs. 35,000


6. Corporate Finance Institution


A reputable platform for finance training and skill development, CFI (corporate finance institute), established in 2016, offers certificate online courses. Additionally, a course in the financial modeling specialty is being offered.

The course offered by CFI is comprehensive and will cover fundamental, intermediate, and advanced levels of study in areas such as finance, accounting, valuation, financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, presentations, dashboards, and strategy planning. The name of the course is Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA).


Course Curriculum: 

Module 1: Preparatory courses

Module 2: Core courses

Module 3: Elective courses

Module 4: Final exam


Course Specifications: Lifetime access to LMS.

Can be accessed easily on mobile and TV

Certificate after course completion.


Fee Structure:- Your CFI Subscription includes the Full FMVA Program.


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7. Skillshare


Skillshare is another one of the reputed institutes that provides financial modeling courses in Jaipur. One of its famous courses related to finance is Practical Financial Modeling Bootcamp. This course demonstrates how the top financial institutions develop their financial models. For this reason, instead of creating a simplified financial model as most other courses do, they have opted to use a real corporation and do so.


Course Curriculum: 

Module 1: Preparing a three-statement model

Module 2: Building a DCF valuation

Module 3: Building forecasts


Fee Structure: $15


8. Henry Harvin


Being a reputable organization Henry Harvin provides professional skills through a hands-on learning strategy. Its goal is to add value by offering skill-focused training to professionals in many industries of industry. Henry Harvin offers custom-made educational programs that are centered on the market’s present and future needs. In addition to practical training, internships, and placement assistance, their interactive “Financial Modeling Course” also offers certification.


Course Curriculum: 

Module 1: MS Excel tips

Module 2: Analysis of Ratio and Financial Statement

Module 3: Corporate Finance and Financial Management

Module 4: Modeling Project Finance

Module 5: Equity Research Modeling

Module 6: Writing Financial Reports

Module 7: Cash Flow Statement 


Benefits of the Course:

  • Create a Stable Financial Model.
  • Educate yourself on advanced financial techniques.
  • Learn about how to prepare Excel sheets.
  • Understand the principles of financial reporting.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
  • Study financial statement and ratio analysis applications.
  • Familiarise yourself with the stages and phases of the project evaluation.
  • Prepare a financial statement, analyze the data, and forecast costs and revenue.
  • Make a presentation sheet with a company and sector overview.
  • Report writing using financial modeling.


Fee Structure: Rs. 29,500 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Which is preferable: Offline or online financial modeling courses in Jaipur?

It depends on your requirements and timetable. You can choose offline coaching if you are a full-time student enrolled in a program. However, if you are currently employed and decide to take this course to improve your job prospects, you can choose online classes and pick the class time that best fits your schedule.


Q2. What is the amateur degree of difficulty for the financial modeling courses in Jaipur?

If you decide to learn financial modeling on your own, the Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur can be classified as being quite challenging. However, a decent institute with excellent faculty may undoubtedly lessen the difficulty level with the assistance of professionals and professional supervision.


Q3. How may the Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur assist me with the launch of my business?

Financial modeling courses can aid startup founders in making financially sound decisions for their businesses. You may arrange your financial affairs, comprehend choice outcomes, and establish stronger financial goals for the future in this course. There are financial modeling courses designed exclusively for start-up owners that will help you comprehend every aspect of your company’s financial potential.


Q4. How long do Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur typically last?

The complexity of your course curriculum will determine how long your financial modeling course will typically last. The duration of the courses indicated below varies depending on whether they are specially meant to cover every facet of financial modeling, are expressly created for particular audiences, such as start-up founders, or cover specific themes connected to financial modeling.




This article aids you in determining various institutes that provide Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur which is a crucial course for any business that works with finances. The Financial Modeling Courses come highly recommended not only to people looking for jobs in the finance industry but also to prospective business owners and people who work for family-run enterprises. They will get valuable information from the financial modeling classes in Jaipur about enhancing corporate performance, controlling routine financial tasks, making crucial decisions, forecasting and budgeting, and much more. 

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