Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Noida With Placements

Noida is an educational hub and a place to learn and upgrade oneself for better career growth. One can explore various choices for further studies and learn industry-standard courses, and if you have a zeal to learn and upgrade yourself in the corporate world, then Noida is the correct place for you. You can analyze data by learning data analytics courses in Noida and can be a part of multinational organizations as an analyst.


List of best data analytics courses in Noida


Today, data analysis plays a major role not only in the software sector but in other sectors. Institutes now train students with the knowledge and skills required to tackle this growing sector. These skills are needed to carefully analyze data and predict the future of action for major companies dealing in a competitive market, and this is what the data analytics courses in Noida provide for.

Data Analytics is a rapidly growing and demanding sector. This course gives opportunities to more data analysts by recognizing their needs in daily operations and implementing data analytics in the industry.

Being a data analyst, you can combine computer programming, statistics, business management, and forecasting, and help organizations to bring the best performance by discovering different patterns in the data.

Organizations today carefully gather information from different sources and try to process those to identify what is going wrong and how they can improve further. For this careful analysis of data, organizations need to get an expert workforce to do this activity.

Here comes the demand for data analysis. They want to know their strengths as well as weak points to stay ahead in the competition and this is the strong focal point of most of the data analytics courses in Noida. The below-mentioned points will motivate you to get into this field and choose amongst the best data analytics courses in Noida.


High Demand:

Sectors like finance, consulting, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government sector, and education have a high demand for data analysts. Since they can communicate well and organize large volumes of data, this is what is considered the main thing when we go for data analytics courses in Noida.


Meeting skill gap and opportunities:

There is a skill gap between the demand and supply of data analysts globally. Though Big data analysts are required hugely in the job market, there are very less people in this sector due to a lack of proper skills. Those wishing to acquire these skills may learn everything through online courses. This is what is fulfilled by most of the data analytics courses in Noida.


Salary Attributes:

The high demand for data analysis skills drives the salary attributes for these people. This trending course promises better placements and better salaries.


Top Priority for Firms:

These courses are in high demand for firms who are looking out for skilled people who have sound knowledge and expertise in this field. Data analysis courses in Noida are in high demand since they train people to be pioneers in this field and make them hiring ready for big industrial houses. Data Analytics courses in Noida keeps in mind this demand which most MNCs look forward to.


Opportunity to work in all sectors:

Since Data analysis is in demand in all sectors including sectors like finance, consulting, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government sector, and education, well-trained and knowledgeable data analysts are in high demand in all these sectors. They can switch between sectors also and in case if they have domain knowledge, it would be of added advantage for students who are completing these courses.


Structural Approach of learning:

Institutes across Noida teach with a properly structured approach for training the students and helping them to gain a niche in this sector so that they can learn this branch with confidence and become hireable in the market after completing this course.


Doesn’t require any prerequisite:

To get down to this course students don’t require any prerequisites like programming languages or machine languages or any tool. Everything in this course is taught from scratch and this course suits all kinds of students it’s for students of all kinds of knowledge levels. Almost all of the data analytics courses in Noida don’t require any such prerequisites.


When we search for data analytics courses in Noida, the options are many. There are abundant institutes offering this course, but all we must do is choose the best among these. If you find an online institute the options and offers can be overwhelming. You can learn this and enroll in these courses from any part of the world, and they give you an opportunity to learn at your own leisure also.


Search for a reputable online program, read the reviews, and ask for recommendations, for both course and institute. Learn about the faculty and about the institute’s background. Now search on LinkedIn about the profile of the institution through the feedback which comes from other people looking for data analysis courses and from past students who have passed out from there.

This will give you a clear idea in mind as to whether to spend your buck there or move ahead to some other institution.


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Institutes That Provide Top-most Data Analytics Courses in and Around Noida Are Below:




From 2015 onwards, this institute has been in the training for industry-ready courses and it’s a good institute when we search for the best data analysis courses in Noida. It came up with great knowledge-enhancing skills and efficient faculty members to teach to a wide variety of students.

The Data Analytics certification is a major program for students opting for this course in Noida. It teaches SQL, python, and visualization skills to become an analyst.


Key Takeaways of This Program

  1. Designed for working professionals
  2. Designed for all types of students with varied skillsets who are looking forward to gaining expertise in this field
  3. Assurance of job opportunities
  4. Placement assistance for all the candidates who clear their certification course
  5. 24*7 guidance and support from mentors
  6. Live training as well as recorded sessions along with real-life assignments
  7. Regular exams and hands-on experience in real-life projects from the industry
  8. Special guest lectures from industry experts in this field
  9. Preparation for facing job interviews for students


Skills students can learn here: SQL, PowerPoint, Python, Artificial intelligence, machine learning


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2. Simplilearn:


It is a pioneer institute that provides professional training and coaching to meet industry goals. Data analysis courses in Noida are in trend and this institute provides training in courses like Cyber security, Cloud computing, management, digital marketing, and data science.

They provide placement assistance, and they have tie-up with major companies from almost all sectors dealing with data analysis. They provide free access to different tools and applications related to the domains. The endorsement of this course is by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysts).

The course fees are approx. 65K and no cost EMI starts at 4500 per month.




ExcelR is a good choice when browsing for data analysis courses in Noida. It’s a training consultant company founded in 2014. They provide online as well as offline training courses with the latest software and interactive learning sessions. Headquartered in the USA, they have centers certain spread over the globe like the UK, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, middle eastern countries, etc.


Why It’s a Good Option?

  1. The course curriculum has been designed in such a way as to help freshers as well as experienced people
  2. Recorded sessions of live classes and students have access to them over a larger period
  3. Expert guidance on live projects
  4. Post-training support to all students until they get placed
  5. Tie up with all major companies in important and diversified sectors
  6. Blended sessions with live interactive classes and live industry-based projects and internship support for all.
  7. Certification exam and guidance to clear the exam.


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4. Croma Campus:


Came into existence in 2010, a leading institute in providing Data Analysis courses in Noida. It provides interactive industry-based programs and hands-on coaching for all kinds of projects based on live projects.


Course Details Include:

  1. 100 hours of session
  2. 3 live projects
  3. Live and interactive support for projects
  4. Placement assistance in major brands
  5. Live and recorded sessions for students’ convenience


  • This course helps in developing in-depth knowledge of key technologies related to data science.
  • Helps in resolving practical problems and gaining experience in several tools and applications software.
  • Using data mining techniques and using the latest technologies of Big Data, Hadoop and Python, and database languages like SQL.




NET expert’s educational services support APTECH institute for professional courses. They teach 3 major aspects to students and working professionals which are technical knowledge related to domain-specific tools and technologies. Presentation of knowledge and interview guidance and placement opportunities for all students.


Contents of This Course Include:

  1. Data Analysis Introduction
  2. Data mining techniques and relevant cases
  3. Hadoop, Big Data, python, and other latest tools and languages
  4. Social networking analysis
  5. Live interactive projects and case studies
  6. Data visualization using tableau.


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An online interactive course in Noida in Data Analytics based upon the course curriculum of the International Institute of Information technology Bangalore. This program is developed by NASSCOM and the government of India’s skill development program.


Course Benefits Include the Below:

  1. Live and recorded sessions
  2. Hadoop, Big data, and python including SQL server, and free access for all students to these tools and applications who enroll in this course.
  3. 400 plus hours of classroom live coaching
  4. Placement assistance until the student gets placed.
  5. Free access to study materials for students until he/she is placed in an organization
  6. Industry people taking live sessions with students as guest faculties.
  7. Opportunities to connect to Alumni across the world
  8. The course is designed for working professionals as well as freshers
  9. Doubt clearing interactive sessions for all the students
  10. 24*7 customer support
  11. Dedicated learning portal for all students so that they can use that anytime to learn


There may be many questions arising when one is searching for the topmost institutes providing data analysis courses in Noida. There is a dilemma in selecting the best institute among a choice of several institutes which are offering this course.

Because you need to search such an institute that not only provides your training on the subject but also provides you placement assistance, proper knowledge of the industry, and how this learning can be implemented to create better prospects in the industry.

And since data analysis courses require an amount of knowledge in programming, analytics, statistics, and management, hence in order to get the best institute that provides the combination of these things along with job assistance is important.

Hence before you pay your hard-earned money and enroll for an all-in-one data analytics course in Noida, below are a few questions that will give you a fair amount of clarification that you require before you plunge into the course




1. What to look out for before joining data analytics courses in Noida? –

About the course: This course revolves around data, information, customizing, and presenting the data, hence this course also requires a good knowledge of information technologies and tools, and people should be familiar with technical jargon and understand programming skills.

Course Fees: Course fees vary from institute to institute in Noida. Course fees depend on many other factors as well. But every time high course fees mean high quality of training; this doesn’t fit all the time. The reputation of the course and past students’ feedback also becomes a critical factor in choosing a course.

Prerequisites: To join data analytics courses, students should be from a Computer science or engineering background and should have a niche for learning data analytics. Should be having basic programming knowledge in Python, Java, and other languages as well. To apply for these courses, they should have a well understanding of software life cycle concepts and data forecasting application knowledge as well.

Reviews and feedback: To check for a review of these Data analytics courses and of their institutes in Noida, students are advised to visit the websites of these institutes whether offline or online. Also for feedback purposes, they should be checking institute profiles on LinkedIn where they can also find past student’s reviews about those institutes.


2. What’s the exact work of a data analyst? –

A data analyst uses tools and applications and analyses data on the company sales, production, employee output, projects undertaken and completed, shares, expenses, incomes and profits or losses, assets, liabilities, etc. A data analyst does an estimation of the company’s data and does an analysis as to what could be its future course of action. It processes the data and uses statistical methods to understand and forecast a business model and proposes what could be good for that organization in terms of investments and projects.


3. What are the types of jobs done by Data Analysts? –

Data Analysts courses in Noida teach students industry-upgraded techniques and tools in how to identify data, collect data, and process it, and give estimation and forecast as to what needs to be the course of action to be followed by the organization. Statistical methods are used to create an estimated forecast of the organization’s data.

The jobs for which the institutes in Noida train people are:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data Administrator
  • Statistician
  • Data Engineer


4. What are the factors on which the Data Analyst job depends? –

Data Analytics courses in Noida teach students what is required or expected from students once they are ready to join the industry. They inform students as to what is required from them regarding the work culture and job responsibilities. Below are some features of this job requirement:

Traveling: Data analysts are required to travel between cities and countries to their subsidiary companies for one organization to share knowledge and collect data. Hence traveling can be a major part of this role, however, nowadays post Covid 19 pandemic, data analysts are also allowed to do work from home or work from anywhere and the travel part has become less presently but once the situation changes traveling will be a must for Data analysts since a large organization normally has many subsidiary branches and sister concerns and physical going there and collecting data might be expected.

Nature of job: Organizations want in-house data analysts so that they can access the company’s data by staying inside the company and there should not be any data breach. Data analysts typically work as a part-time employee also or even works outside working hours sometimes when needed. So, this job may not be like a typical 9-5 job but maybe a diversified one.

Workplace: Data analysts may work in-house, or they may work from some remote place on their own. And since he must move to different places, his office may not be located at a permanent place, and his workstation may keep on changing as per the needs since he may need to travel to the sister concerns of a large organization to collect and accumulate their data.

Geographical Presence: Since the data analyst needs to handle data of big companies and that also large chunks of data, hence job locations preferably be urban and metro cities in India like Delhi, NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, etc. Though nowadays analysts can work from home, at least there is no need to move to remotely located places and villages since he requires internet connectivity all the time for their job. Hence the geographical presence should be metro cities may be around the world also. Since this job requires collecting data from branch offices and main buildings where centralized data is stored, hence you may have to require staying in urban cities only.

Time Pressure: Data Analyst’s job is timebound and he must work under strict deadlines. Hence data analysts institute to train people how to work in a fixed deadline-based time bound work, since their work is mission critical, and they must analyze huge volume of data and produce results and reports and must submit it to the management within a fixed amount of time. So, his work is a bit pressurized in nature and he must be ready to take on a huge amount of workload and give results. Hence as mentioned the deadline pressure will always be there for a data analyst and organizations require to organize data and prepare reports in quick succession since that report needs to be published to management as well as a press bulletin release.



When you go for any data analytics courses in Noida, they will give you a better idea of what all things will there be covered in that course. You can get a clear understanding of how to go ahead with this course and what is the scope of this course and how you can advance with this course in your career.

A data analyst uses his knowledge in a sophisticated manner and goes beyond classical indexing and keyword counting to develop systematic interpretations. So, you should aim for the best institute in Noida and bud your career when opting for one of the data analytics courses in Noida.

This post makes it easy and hopes it will help you in finding the best course suitable to build your career. You should select from the above-listed institutes since they can give you the best-in-class training required to boost your career in the field of data analysis.

Moreover, they will help you in developing the confidence you require when you walk in for an interview for the post of a data analyst, and the organization will feel to hire you immediately. And this is the value of a top-notch institution where students and professionals are trained so that they can be future leaders in their domains. Best institutes provide the best facilities and the best infrastructure to nurture the skills within an individual.

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