Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Texas With Placements

In today’s world, everything depends on the internet. It is the only mean which helps to reach out to the mass audience and contact the maximum number of people. Practically without the internet, there is no other way faster than digital media to establish a connection with the maximum number of people. Marketing plays a very important role in running any business successfully. And it had been there since the time people started doing business, be it a shopkeeper or tuition teacher or an entrepreneur, everyone needs to market their products. If you want your business to grow, must enroll in the below-listed best digital marketing courses in Texas.


List of best digital marketing courses in Texas


Earlier marketing professionals had to do door-to-door marketing to reach out to the target audience. Or they just used to publish their advertisement in a newspaper or print pamphlets. It was a difficult task and the productivity was also low comparatively. At present time, we are lucky that we have the internet to help us in every possible way, and for marketing also the internet is a boon.

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing, where the internet and digital technologies like smartphones and computers are used to connect with customers. It is a practice of interacting with customers and understanding their needs at every stage of the buying process. It includes social media, multimedia messaging, advertisement, and emails that are distributed through the web and mobile.

As more and more people are using the internet and the number of internet users is increasing day by day, almost every company is opting for digital marketing only.

There are several courses available for Digital Marketing. One can opt for both online and offline options. While staying in Texas all options the aspirants have for the Digital Marketing course are mentioned below. Here on this page, the details are given for Digital Marketing Courses for helping the candidates.


Types of Digital Marketing

Five types of Digital Marketing are used to connect with potential customers. Each channel will be taught in detail during the Digital Marketing Courses in Texas. The following digital marketing channels are used by both big and small companies to optimize sales.


1. Social media marketing

This form of marketing will be done on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and tik tok to target potential buyers. It can be done through computers, mobile devices, etc, by utilizing the opportunity provided by social media to reach the targeted consumers in a big way.


2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Have you ever noticed that the even simplest search on Google will get you millions of results and you would probably check the first few options and let alone the next pages? On what basis these searches will get the top ranking on search engines like Google or Bing?  SEO – Search engine optimization is the technique that helps to improve the ranking of online material on these search engines.

Digital Marketers use SEO to make sure that potential customers find what they are looking for online. The following points should be kept in mind for SEO.

  1. Quality content should be created to meet the intent of searchers.
  2. The content will be available quickly online and is compatible with mobile devices.
  3. Keywords used to help search engines identify the relevant results.
  4. Specific Phrases used by the searchers also known as long tail Keywords


3. Content marketing

Good content helps to appeal to a particular audience and raise brand awareness. The various forms are:



Informative Articles


Newsletters on Digital media platforms like Medium, LinkedIn


4. Marketing through Emails

Through this medium, emailers are sent out to a large group of people who have signed up and are willing to get updates about new products, discounts, offers, etc. This is a very powerful method of Digital marketing if it is used wisely and strategically and helps in generating maximum revenue against every investment made.


Types of emails that can be sent:

Timed emails during holiday seasons to raise brand awareness

Blast emails about upcoming sales events to inform the buyers

Targeted emails to specific groups informing them about personalized offers.


5. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a type of digital marketing where the advertiser pays a publisher each time their ads are clicked. The publisher is a search engine operator, or social network platform, such as Instagram or Facebook, or a website owner.

Type of PPC advertising include:

Banner ads that show the content either on the side or on top of the web pages.

Ads appear along with the other content when a specific keyword is searched on any search engine like Google or Microsoft Bing


Roles in Digital Marketing and Their Salary Scope

Digital marketing is a wide term and has ample role opportunities which serve various purposes in the digital marketing field. Individuals in these roles may help a business to design promotional campaigns, continuous monitoring and take steps to improve its social media presence, and develop customer interaction on the business website and other platforms.

Digital marketing focuses on digital platforms, such as search engines, websites, social media platforms, mobile applications, and emails, to increase online traffic, which can enhance sales and improve the market performance of a business. Digital marketers use key performance indicators and other valuable metrics to track and measure the business campaign.

To handle various areas of digital marketing like email marketing, content strategy, traffic conversion, and data analytics, different roles are assigned. But one common factor amongst all the roles is that they all help to develop the business and are responsible for its growth. Along with the technology advancement, many new roles and methods in online marketing are emerging regularly.

Digital Marketing is one of the highest-paid sectors in present days. In Texas, on average a Digital Marketer will get $ 62,305 annually, however, there are many cities around Texas that pay very well to a professional Digital Marketer.


The Major 10 Roles in Digital Marketing Are Mentioned Below Along With Their Responsibilities and the Average Salaries.


1. Social Media Expert

Average Salary: $ 50,900

Primary Responsibilities:

* A social media expert promotes a business by monitoring its presence on various social media platforms and simultaneously keeping old and potential customers engaged.

* With the help of various promotional strategies, they increase the brand’s popularity on various online platforms.

* Sometimes they also set up online stores to facilitate the customers to buy the products directly.


2. Email Marketing Specialist

Average Salary: $ 54,700

Primary Responsibilities:

* An e-mail marketing specialist maintains a business’ e-mail communication with old and potential customers and carries out all e-mail promotional campaigns.

* E-mail marketing is also a good and essential way to inform the customer about the promotional campaign and discounts and help to retain them.

* Good interpersonal skills and advanced communication skills are required for an email marketing specialist to interact with customers through emails.


3. PPC (Pay per click) Specialist

Average Salary: $ 51,915

Primary Responsibilities:

* The main responsibility of a PPC specialist is to create, implement, and monitor all the PPC campaigns of the business and ensure they meet the designed metrics.

* It is very important for PPC specialists to keep themselves up to date on the trending keyword and current market trends so that they can make the necessary decision and quick alterations to campaigns whenever required.

*  A PPC manager’s job is to make sure that the customers have a good experience when they click on the PPC ads and campaigns.

On the business websites.


4. Content Creator:

Average Salary: $ 52,100

Primary Responsibilities:

* Content creator plays a very vital role in digital marketing as they are the one who creates the online content for the marketing campaigns. Good content is very important to attract more and more customers.

* Content creators include writers, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers, who create various media content, such as blog content, promotional videos, and campaign shoots for the company.

* Their key responsibilities may include generating new content ideas for the company, creating SEO-optimized content to increase search engine rankings, and maintaining consistency with all brand messaging.


5. Content Strategist

Average Salary: $ 63,200

Primary Responsibilities:

* A content strategist works closely with content creators in developing the right content to achieve the objectives of the business and attracts new customers.

* Their key role is to ensure the effective presentation of the brand, products, and services to allure more customers and improve brand value.

* Being creative is very much important for the Content strategist, to get ideas for engaging content for the brand to attract customers.


6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist

Average Salary: $ 60,700

Primary Responsibilities:

* The main role of a search engine optimizer or an SEO specialist is to analyze the business website and make necessary alterations to improve its search engine ranking and increase traffic.

* They keep track of the most relevant keyword and incorporate them into the business’s website content to improve the ranking.

* Their main aim is to improve the visibility of the business website on different search engines when people search for those specific keywords.


7. Digital Marketing Manager

Average Salary: $ 76,900

Primary Responsibilities:

*  Digital Marketing Manager role comes with the whole responsibility to conduct all of a business’s digital campaigns to raise its brand awareness and popularity.

* A digital marketing manager must supervise a project and plan the layout and its execution within the timelines designed. Managing the budget of the project, and setting its metrics and objectives also includes in his responsibilities.

* Getting the maximum number of online customers and enhancing its online traffic penetration rate is also one of the main responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Manager.


8. Developer

Average Salary: $ 76,800

Primary Responsibilities:

* The role of a developer is to develop web pages for the brand and make sure that the existing websites and their applications work efficiently and provide a good experience.

* They are responsible for the different platforms the business uses and use various web design tools to make improvements and continuous upgrades.

* Some developers have specialization in various types of web pages, such as blogs or e-commerce pages.


9. User Experience (UX) Designer

Average Salary: $ 76,800

Primary Responsibilities:

* The role of a UX designer is to create websites, products, services, and applications for the business to follow the customers.

* As per the requirement of the customer and market trends a UX designer designs the website. They also understand the mentality of the customer which they direct into the business’ websites, products, and services.

*A UX Designer works towards providing great experiences to the customers and their purchase journey which rewards several benefits, such as an increase in sales, customer retention, and new visitors to the company.


10. Analytics Expert

Average Salary: $ 83,700

Primary Responsibilities:

* An analytics expert analyses and organizes all types of business data, right from customer interactions to the main business operations.

* Their analysis is very important for the business to modify and improve its products, services, operations, and promotional campaigns.

* Analytics experts also monitor the performance of the improved products and operations to determine the success of their influence and learn and implement more ways to improve the business.


List of Best Digital Marketing Courses in Texas

After Alaska, Texas is the second-largest state in the United States and second most populated after California. Texas has some of the most prestigious educational institutes and universities. For Digital Marketing courses in Texas, one can opt for both online and offline options. The internet has given the leverage to students to pursue their careers at any university while sitting in any part of the world. Here are the options given for the candidates who would like to go for Digital Marketing Courses in Texas.


1. Digital Marketing Courses in Texas with IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is an Ed–Tech Company, Global Leader in Professional Courses. They provide world-class online training in different domains like content writing, Digital Marketing, Finance, etc. Their headquarters is in New Delhi and they have a presence in 23 cities in Asia including Dubai and Singapore. Their Digital Marketing course module is quite interesting and beneficial for those who want to pursue Digital Marketing courses in Texas.


Benefits of Pursuing Digital Marketing Courses in Texas from IIM SKILLS

  1. 3 months of comprehensive live training
  2. Master 40 Digital Marketing Module
  3. 15+ live project
  4. 10+ case studies
  5. Tools Worth USD 966


Module Structure

* Introduction to Digital Marketing

* Web Development using Word Press – 2 Modules

* Seach Engine Optimisation – SEO – 4 Modules

* Email Marketing – 4 Modules

* Inbound Marketing – 3 Modules

* Social Media Marketing – 6 Modules

* Integrated Marketing Strategies – 1 Module

* Web Analytics – 4 Modules

* Online Reputation Management – 3 Module

* Content Writing and Advance Blogging – 3 Module

* Affiliate Marketing – 1 Module

* Video Marketing – 1 Module


2. Digital Marketing Courses in Texas with the University of Texas in Austin

University of Texas in Austin provides an online Digital Marketing boot camp in Austin. The Digital Marketing Boot Camp at Texas McCombs is a part-time program and quite challenging that prepares students to develop impactful marketing plans and drive online channel-specific strategies.


Benefits of Pursuing Digital Marketing Courses in Texas from the University of Texas

  • Gain experience with the latest in-demand tools and technologies such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, WordPress, and Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Flexible and convenient evening sessions so that you can Study without sacrificing your work schedule.
  • Experience from a classroom learning environment, with dedicated and experienced teachers and peer-to-peer insights.
  • Cover the required knowledge you need, and through hands-on project experience real-world digital marketing applications.


Module Structure


* Pre-Course Module – Marketing Fundamentals (Optional)

What you will learn

  • Value Propositions
  • Marketing Research
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Branding
  • Marketing Objectives & KPIs
  • Customer Journeys
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Marketing Plans


* Learning Module – Digital Marketing Strategy

What you will learn

Digital Marketing Channels

Data Strategies

Digital Marketing for Different Business Models

Content Strategy

Organic social media


* Learning Module – Campaigns and Websites

What you will learn

  • Website Creation
  • Content Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building and Backlinks
  • Website Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking


* Digital Advertising and Automation

What you will learn

Paid Search

Social Media Advertising

Display Advertising


Measurement and Optimization

Customer Relationship Management

Marketing Automation


* Post Course Module – Building a Digital Marketing Portfolio (Optional)

What you will learn

How to present yourself for your career search and promotions

How to organize, present and optimize coursework for your portfolio

How to design a web-based portfolio

How to develop a promotional plan


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3. Digital Marketing Courses in Texas with Udemy

Udemy is an Education Technology company that provides an online platform for learning and teaching. As of today, they offer approx. 2,10,000 courses for candidates who want to improve their job-related skills. For Digital Marketing they offer a complete course that covers – Master Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email, YouTube, Analytics, Facebook Marketing & More


Benefits of Pursuing Digital Marketing Courses in Texas from Udemy

* 22.5 hours of on-demand video

* 35 articles

* 8 downloadable resources

* Access on mobile and TV

* Certificate of completion


Module Structure

* Introduction – 6 Lectures

* Market Research – 6 Lectures

* Make a website – 8 Lectures

* Email Marketing – 8 Lectures

* Copywriting – 8 Lectures

* Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – 24 Lectures

* YouTube Marketing – 19 Lectures

* Facebook Marketing – 15 Lectures

* Twitter Marketing – 15 Lectures

* Quora Marketing – 12 Lectures


4. Digital Marketing Courses in Texas with Upgrad

Upgrad is South Asia’s Largest Ed Tech Company. With the latest technology, industry Partners, and world-class faculty, they provide the best online learning experience for their learners. They offer Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication and provide the certificate from MICA – one of the Top Marketing Institute, which helps you to stand out from the competition with this dynamic digital marketing program. Their Curriculum also includes ChatGPT and Generative AI in digital marketing.


Benefits of Pursuing Digital Marketing Courses in Texas from Upgrad

* MICA Certificate in collaboration with UpGrad

* 15+ Case Studies and Live Projects

* MICA Executive Alumni Status

* Video Library with 90+ Tools

* Fortnightly Coaching by Industry Mentors

* Personalised Resume Feedback

* Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers

* Daily Doubt Resolution

* Tutorials on using ChatGPT in digital marketing

* New specialization on Generative AI in digital marketing


Module Structure

* Digital Marketing Landscape – 4 Weeks

* Digital Channels Deep Dive – I – 8 Weeks

* Digital Channels Deep Dive- II – 8 weeks

* Marketing Analytics and Integrated Strategy – 3 weeks

* Capstone Project and E-commerce Boot Camp – 3 Weeks


5. Digital Marketing Courses in Texas with Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the leading digital skills providers. Their Certifications and programs enable the learners to achieve their career goals. They have world-class faculty and their programs are designed and delivered with the collaboration of world-renowned universities. Their online Digital Marketing Course gives a deep understanding and advanced knowledge of the most important digital marketing domains along with real-world projects to enable the learners to become ready for the industry.


Benefits of Pursuing Digital Marketing Courses in Texas from Simplilearn

* Co-created with Meta

* Interactive Case Studies and Live Projects

* Interactive Case Studies and Live Projects

* Combination of the world’s top Digital Marketing Certifications


Module Structure

* Digital Marketing Introduction

* SEO Foundation

* Content Marketing Foundation

* Digital Analytics Foundation

* Google Analytics

* PPC Foundation

* Google Ads Fundamentals

* Programmatic Buying

* Hoot Suite Platform Training




1. Who should take this Digital Marketing Course?

Answer: Anyone who is looking forward to shaping their career in Marketing Field can opt for this course. Freshers or People who are already placed in the industry can take this course to brush up their knowledge.


2. Is there any prior degree required to do this Digital Marketing Course?

Answers: Not really, most of the online certification courses do not require any prerequisites. However, some basic skills and zeal for learning are essential to pursue this course. But for a Master’s in Digital Marketing, one may need a prior degree.


3. The online certification is enough to get the placements?

Answers: The online certification can get you a job, infect some of the institutes provide placement facilities also.  But to be placed on a higher designation in any industry one should have other qualifications or a significant amount of experience.


4. What are the chances of Career growth in Digital Marketing?

Answers: Digital Marketing is not limited to a specific area; it provides you with ample opportunities to work. Everything is online now and digital marketing exists everywhere. There is no limit for the candidates who really want to achieve the targets and reach the highest goal.

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