Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai in 2022

Are you interested in becoming tech-savvy? Wanna be a person of substance? Then grab the holistic experience with the variety of Digital Marketing courses in Dubai, the booming area of job opportunities, broaden your perspective, and unlock a world of the modern educational window.


List of best digital marketing courses in Dubai


What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing’s purpose is to knot a tie between consumers and sellers automatedly using bilateral technologies. It is also known as internet marketing and online marketing. It leverages diff channels like a search engine, websites, social media, emails, and other mobile applications. Earlier, traditional marketing techniques utilize banners, posters, pamphlets, etc to grow their leads, but now it’s become advanced.


They are creating and providing interest-based valuable content with the help of the internet and electronic devices at minimum cost. Digital Marketing extends to non-internet channels also like TV, SMS, MMS, CallBack, On Hold Ringtones, etc.


How it Begins


It begins with an event that happened in 1971 when Ray Tomlison sent the first E-Mail. However, the more recognizable period is the start of digital marketing which is the 1990s when the Archie Search Engine was Created and then suddenly companies start choosing online techniques such as database marketing.


In the 1990s the term digital marketing was coined with the debut of CRM Customer Relationship Manager. Fierce competition forced vendors to provide more services. It was also able to own huge online customer data after the internet was born which makes it easy to update customers’ data and needs and obtain their priorities.


This led to the first clickbait in 1994 which was a campaign by AT&A 44% clicked on the ad. In 1994 new technologies like yahoo was launched founded by jerry yang which receives 1 million clicks within 1 year In 1996  the launch of more search engine tools like Hotbot, Looksmart, and Alexa happened.


Revolution began with the birth of the Internet which is officially considered 1983 invented by bob & vint followed by the www web browser in 1993. Then 1998 google was invented by larry page and Sangli brin which is now everywhere! The first search query on the engine was considered the name of Gerhard carper then a resident of Stanford UN.


In 1998 PayPal CEO Hannah Qui, In 2000 the birth of the iPhone, Facebook in 2004, Youtube in 2005, Instagram in 2010 Linkedin 2002, twitter in 2006, and Netflix in 1997 revolutionized the whole marketing term.


Well known social media platforms which can give you a livelihood


  • Facebook


Facebook is a practice of promoting a brand and maintaining its refers to both organic and paid posts. Whether you are a big corporation or local small biz, FB is a powerful marketing tool. It’s a great platform to promote and develop the brand and generate leads. there is a variety of advertisements that cost you around 151 rs.


It’s an alignment of both b2c and b2b business. Ways to use FB in digital marketing: Facebook page and optimization,  Add integration and custom tabs, know Relevant audience, Schedule best time and date for posting according to your niche,  Be Slow and steady, Post frequency, make Partnership with influencers,  Contest quiz webinar helps, use Hashtags.


  • Instagram


Instagram has 1 million registered users in 2 months in 2010 Instagram get 4 positions among the most downloaded apps 80% of users follow a business account on Instagram today 25 million businesses running on installing Instagram has 100$ billion worth out of hundred only 2% of the audience engage on FB and the rest spend their time on installing. It volumes creativity,  it offers ads.


  • Twitter


Twitter is an integral part of digital marketing and a powerful strategy for many brands. It Easily promotes your research and draws consumers to your market. You can promote your brand through Running campaigns, offering an inclusive which is an exclusive offer on Twitter and promoting events, etc.


  • LinkedIn Promotion


LinkedIn Promotion is b2b centric. It’s a place where your career develops, relationships are forged and business is done. You can find employees, run advertisements and analyze the analytics. By utilizing community features you can get more followers and increase visibility and run the app as a marketplace.


  • Youtube


Youtube is one of the most powerful platforms. It has enormous web traffic. It involves creating videos and promoting a brand through them and gaining exposure. It helps to boost traffic and reach a new audience every day. Running a contest, targeting google search, customized thumbnails, engaging must-see titles helps you to promote your marketing today 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute it is the second most visited site.


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Types of Digital Marketing


Content marketing –


It’s the pillar  of SEO, SMO, etc. whenever you want to optimize your site on a search engine what you need is to refine your content, put keywords, specifications features usage benefits known as content and the way you choose to promote it known as marketing.“Content is the atomic principle of all digital marketing’’. Infographics, videos, blogs, and case studies are a few ways of content marketing.


SEO – 


The goal of SEO is to get rank higher in search results and gain organic traffic to your website to get the results SEO marketers research words to get information online for users and use the term to make their content.


But for that, you need to have a basic technical knowledge of SEO like link building, keyword research, ranking, traffic monitoring, content, social networks, strategy, feedback, web design, software development,  sitemap optimization, etc. Did you know most companies or brands spend lakhs of rupees on their website and being expert in this field might you get a good salary job.


Social media marketing –


It is the easiest and most popular way to promote your brand and services and gain sales. Most e-commerce stores and websites use social media for the marketing of products with the Apps like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook,  Youtube and engage with the interested audience who spend most of their time on these apps.


Email marketing


An important aspect for a company is to use email marketing for discounts and new offers. It helps to connect with a large number of customers directly and to keep  them engage and make sure that they would buy the product


Google advertisement & Pay Per Click –


PPC is a way to promote your product through advertising by google Adwords which is a voguish way to encourage your service. but it’s quite expensive because every time a customer clicks on your ad, each time you have to pay a certain amount to the ad company.


Affiliate Marketing


It’s commission-based marketing. Online shopping and product sell companies work on affiliate marketing in which you sell a product and get a commission for selling it. It is the smartest way of digital marketing also known as website marketing. It is a way to gain traffic from a 3r party website and it’s done by signing up for subscriptions, conversions, registration, etc.


Search Engine Marketing –


It’s a paid digital marketing technique through which we can advertise our brand through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and gain paid traffic and trust to your website.


Apps marketing –


You can see companies make their website, you can find them on the apps like Google Play or AppStore, etc because in the digital world everyone has smart gadgets and wants to Booking, Money Transferring and Shopping are one click away. Some known apps are PayPal or personal banking, Amazon, Flipkart,t, etc.


Marketing Analytics –


It refers to the tools used for reporting on marketing data collected through digital channels on which brand holds a presence. They include your search ads, email, affiliate marketing sites, or many more. It can help you optimize your return, you can make valuable decisions and efforts.


Ever wonder not being able to get traffic even after learning all aspects of digital marketing? Didn’t get your dream job yet ? then get structured learning with the certified best digital marketing course in Dubai and give a kick to your career.


Need Of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing in 2022 Is all going to be about those business owners who are willing to take the risk, invest in their brand, know customers’ demands online or have the courage to accept failure also because it’s a competitive field. Every small and big company uses digital marketing to reach its audience.


Each one of us today spends hours on digital media whether we are looking for entertainment social interactions or seeking new products, there is a major expansion opportunity in digital ads and it will open up more than 10 lakh jobs, for limited career growth employees like HR, Sales and IT can take advantage of the growing industry of digital marketing and Lead generation brand building, etc at low cost is the foremost preference of Entrepreneur.


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Advantage of Digital Marketing


Sales Growth – digital marketing helps you reach more audiences for your product or services. It boosts your online sales. it just didn’t get the emphasis on not only converting users but also retaining them. It’s helpful to increase brand awareness and sales.


Get closer to customers – Customer relation is what derives business the nee do digital marketing is always to be reachable to the customer’s demands. digital marketing is the best tool to improve business relations with consumers.


Add value – Tt’s the ultimate reach that adds value to your brand and your customers’ lives. It’s the combination of product and experience that you can give them. They should be interested enough to purchase your service or product.


Save cost extends the brand online – Digital marketing is a cost-effective tool for business. measuring ROI from your campaigns helps you to rearrange your strategies and put the right resource towards the right project.


A career in Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a lucrative job. According to LinkedIn the role of digital marketing specialist is among the topmost in-demand jobs with 860,000 job openings and UAE  is one of the bulkiest internet marketers denoting that digital marketing is the quintessential medium for businesses and startups.


The market is facing a demand for digital marketer specialist industries like real estate, hospitality, retail stores,  e-commerce sites, and advertising agencies that have a high demand for professionals.  As per average salary is AED 184000 per year.


Salary varies based on specialization experience domain knowledge and skills and for that, you can opt for the best digital marketing courses in Dubai mentioned below. The best cities for digital marketing jobs in UAE are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah


Few Remunerative jobs for Digital Marketers are :




Great content is equal to great rewards is the key to becoming successful, especially as a digital marketing entrepreneur.  it tackles with digital media space and makes its living by selling or downloading. It’s prevalent that entrepreneurs earn more than salaried employees.


Gary Vaynerchuk A well-known Belarusian American entrepreneur, co-founder of the software company Resy and Empathy Wines has a net worth of  $200 million the average salary of a digital marketing entrepreneur lies between INR 0.2 to 7 lakh. In Dubai, it hangs on the type of company and experience. Though you can earn 8k to 12k AED per month.


Digital Marketing Manager: 


The average salary of a digital marketing manager is 12,000 in the United Arab Emirates. There are 11 necessitous skills of a digital marketing manager namely strategic thinking, data analysis,  social media marketing, paid social advertisement, email marketing, SEO, and a lookout for good copy.  The average age for an employee is 38 years old.  You need 5s goals to become a successful digital marketing manager viz Sell, Speak, Serve, Save, and Sizzle


Social Media Manager


The social media manager must interact with the public, make content strategies, analyze data, identify trends & plan digital campaigns. The salary for a junior or assistant the starting salary is 19 to 25 depending on experience. Managers typically earn 30 to 30 and substantial experience you can increase your salary by 60. Usually, the timing hours are 9 to 5:30 with the availability of full-time,  part-time, and contract-based.


SEO Executive


SEO executive helps to increase the visibility of users and improve website health. The job allows you to work on big campaigns. It’s a potential career. people with this title earn the most in the company of $100,500 on average.


Email Marketing Specialist


Responsible for creating E-Mail Campaigns, Developing and building HTML templates keep tabs on email quality. It’s an exceedingly strategic, and analytic job. It’s also a creative design-heavy and highly diverse field of the realm. Thousands of companies require email marketing for brand building and promotions and need qualified engaging creative employees. The salary of an email marketer in digital marketing is 20 thousand +.


Digital Marketing Specialist


It needs a diverse set of skills and responsibilities to promote your website using all marketing channels, oversee content marketing campaigns, deploy social media networks for sales traffic and sales. For this position, the classification you need are analytic thinking curiosity leadership analytic and communication skills, etc. the average pay for a digital marketing specialist is $39k An hour


Meme Expert


Surprising enough! Interesting to know that meme-making is a full-time job nowadays. In 1979, Richard Dawkins used the term first-ever time meme in his book the selfish gene. you can choose the career both as freelancing and make money from sponsors, for advertisement post, selling merchandise, etc or you can work for a company also.


The production house of Viacom and the university of Huston are some big names who were looking for meme creators. The lowest salary of a meme maker is 6 lake per year.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai


Rank# 1. Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai


1.  IIM Skills


One of the best institutes recognized by the government of India, IIM Skills provides professional courses for a highly rewarding career in more than 10 cities. The exemplary digital marketing courses in Dubai are provided by IIM Skills. It is a 5 months program of 2 months paid internship with a 6000rs fixed stipend.


Why IIM Skills


  • They will provide you with personalized mentorship related to business and career.
  • Free tools worth 79000+
  • The institute provides you with globally valued certification of  HubSpot, Facebook, and Google. Lifetime access to the learning management system [LMS] of class recordings, training material, presentations, etc.
  • Launch your digital marketing agency, youtube channel, podcast with Apple, Google, and Spotify.
  • Allow you to write a blog for the Times of India.
  • They will help you with your resume, interview preparation, and offer job placement assistance.
  • American Express, Accenture, Philips, Google, Flipkart are some of the trusted brands of IIMSkills
  • Other highly recommended courses provided by IIM Skills are SEO, Content writing, technical writing GST, CAT


Fees: 34,900+GST.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

Other Courses


Rank# 2. Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai


2. IIDE The Digital School


Founded by Mr. Karan Shah in 2016, Best digital marketing institute winner 2021, IIDE is raising the bar by teaching globally apart from India like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and more.


What is special about IIDE?


  • The duration of the program is 3-5 months
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring Session
  • 100% Placement
  • 250+ Hiring Partners
  • Provide you a  free demo class
  • The fee is USD971+taxes with a 0% EMI option


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Rank# 3. Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai


3. Simplilearn


With 6 months of digital marketing courses in Dubai, they transform you into an expert in domains like SEO, Social Media, PPC, Conversion Optimization and Harvard Case Studies, etc.


  • Latest Tools, Real Work Project Experts Team, and Sessions are provided by this program.
  • Facebook blueprint, google, and OMCP certifications are provided.
  • Its world’s number #1 online Bootcamp gives other courses like cyber security, cloud computing, etc.
  • The fee of the course is 59999 including taxes.


Rank# 4. Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai


4. ISM Training


The Institution of Sales and Marketing established in 1998 provides one of the best digital marketing courses in Dubai.


  • They provide you with B2B and B2C business for a professional career
  • 25+years experienced instructors
  • They provide quality ULK sales and marketing organization
  • For more queries like fee structure and  duration of course contact  the official website

IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

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Rank# 5. Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai


5. Delphi


One of the most renowned institutes providing digital marketing courses in Dubai. It is one of the topmost institutes when we think of digital marketing institutes in Dubai.


  • They offer online and offline training their center is present in 5 places including India
  • 24/7 discussion, online access to the cloud, study material
  • For more information regarding fees and duration, you have to contact the official website.


FAQs –


Q1. Is digital marketing a good career in Dubai?

Dubai is a flourishing digital marketing epoch. It is a smart sustainable city that delivers services through apps. Well-versed businessmen and skilled digital marketers are welcomed in the city of gold. Dubai is a digitized city that can give you an adventurous ride and gives you piles of wealth.


Q2. Which certification is best for digital marketing courses in Dubai?

Hubspot, upgrade, Coursera, Google, OMCP, LinkedIn, etc are well-known certificates. Certification in a specific course like Digital Marketing leads to a 13 to 15% raise in salary and also gives you valuable networking.


Q3. How can I do Digital Marketing in Dubai?

Firstly you need to have a sound knowledge of  Digital Marketing. For that, You can opt for the best digital marketing courses in Dubai mentioned above in the article which can be very useful in terms of your career. Secondly, you need to have a goal and passion for business.




I would like to conclude that digital marketing is a growing field in the coming years . you need to have a firm understanding of current technologies and trends. Digital marketing courses in Dubai lead you to the road of Recognition revenue and reputation. Digital is the backbone of marketing in the future and to be an expert in this field what is best for you to get certified. for that, you can opt the above-mentioned best digital marketing courses in Dubai which is an ex-pat & digitalized city.


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