Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch With Placements

Christchurch is the most beautiful and one the largest city in New Zealand. The city is known for its tourism and event industry. The business opportunity in the city has increased since the Ministry of Education in June 2023 that they would decrease the number by 200 students at Christchurch Intermediate School (which is alarming for the students for their future, it is important for the students to get to the future course of action in the city. Read further to learn about the best digital marketing courses in Christchurch.


List of best digital marketing courses in Christchurch


With online business, there comes the promotion and advertisement industry going digitally to increase their sales to compete with the online market the term Digital Marketing. Online working opportunities are increasing in the city, and many promising educational institutes are providing the best courses with the best knowledge of such courses.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing since the late 90s and early 20s has become the most popular sector of the business industry. Using the Internet and online-based technologies to promote the business- the product and the services is spread ideas nowadays.

Digital marketing has changed the world’s idea of looking at the PR of the organization and the people (for whom the organization is in use), The aim is the same but the way to reach potential customers has changed with the introduction of it. The ease of going digital instead of going to the market has marked the concept to its rise.


Master Plan- Digital Marketing

To reach anywhere there is a step-by-step process that makes the journey easier and enjoyable, the same way that it takes time and steps to become a digital marketing specialist.

So, to begin with, the first and most important step is to know your goal for doing it.

Then after knowing the goal, you must know what you have already gotten into for that goal so that you know what to do next.

Then know about the number of leads creating the customers and the repeating number of customers on those particular sales.

Get to know who your audience is.

Then bring those targeted customers into your leads

Make that marketing strategy after knowing the audience for them.

And lastly, analyze the result of doing all these steps.


Top Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch



IIM SKILLS is one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch and the leading institute for other digitally based learnings. Going online and choosing all your skills of showing the best part of something and putting them in a set of displays is not only making your followers on social media and making you popular but can also make money when done in the right way and the most effective right way is to choose the right platform for that particular product or services.

IIM SKILLS is going places to reach students by digital means and giving the best carrier-oriented certificate courses in digital marketing. They not only run the institute but also have an online journal page with more than 5000+ readers and job vacancies as digital marketers for the promotion of their journals.


• The course syllabus created by IIMSKILLS is unique and made in a very brief manner to teach the student everything about digital marketing from basic to advanced subjects.
1. Introductory and basics of digital marketing which will include all the important elements/components of digital marketing like-
I. Social media marketing
II. affiliate marketing
III. Email marketing
IV. Mobile marketing
V. Website
VI. Influencer marketing
VII. Audio marketing
VIII. SMS marketing
IX. Skills marketing
X. Inbound marketing
XI. Automation in digital marketing
2. Research program on the niche of the work.
3. Search engine optimization and on-page/off-page optimization.
I. Searching the keyword
II. Boost URL
III. Tags like meta tags, and header tags.
IV. Content escalation.
4. Marking the local business and Google mapping-
Marking techniques on the four most important platforms of use are hybrid (street visuals of the specific areas), satellite (satellite images of specific areas), roadmap (for specific areas), and terrain (shows the terrain and vegetation areas).
5. Social media marketing (in brief)
6. Creating a website
7. Webmaster tools and other basic tools for practicing digital marketing Google Suite, Google Trends Google Drive, and many more.
8. Interview preparation-
The institute provides full support for the interview procedure for the job.
A proper once-in-a-week class will be held in the last month of the learning period to make you a job-ready digital marketing professional.
The best CEOs of the companies will be taking the last two sessions of the interview to make you completely confident for the interview.
9. Internship-
The paid internship is also provided by the institute and is of a 3-month duration which will be conducted.

Mode of learning of the course-

IIM SKILLS runs the digital marketing courses in Christchurch online and they have an offline institute in the city for other courses.
Location of the Institute for Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch-
Madras Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch, New Zealand
Fees- 1211.65NZD (INR 59,900)
Why choose IIM SKILLS over all the Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch-

For more details and to download the detailed brochure of digital marketing courses in Christchurch, kindly visit the website or you can mail us at
For taking the demo session kindly mail us at


2. ZIVA Institute of Digital Marketing and Learning

Digital marketing is the brand-new future for the upcoming generation. Everything we see around is rushing to the internet world and moving across every generation of this time. ZIVA Institute started the digital marketing courses in Christchurch 2004 in New Zealand in the city of Auckland after Auckland, 7 new branches of ZIVA Institute were established in different cities of New Zealand including in Christchurch in 2006, and in 2023, 18 new branches of ZIVA Institute are existing with excellent response and integral different courses.

Every business professional nowadays wants to bring their work online so they need consultancy and work done over it to put the best kind of visuals on the site for that one professional help and creating that buzz of work to give the best creation is needed. ZIVA Institute marks the number one course out of all the digital marketing courses in Christchurch by creating professional digital marketers.


The Description of the Topic Included in the Course Are-

  1. SEO- Search Engine Optimization- for the top ranking of your content.
  • Considering your targeted audience.
  • Doing the keyword research work.
  • Data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • Vital updates understanding
  • Visualizing and indexing the site on Google.
  • Understanding the content, and links of the site.
  1. SEM- Search Engine Marketing-for the top marketing strategy to reach the best eyesight of the website.
  • Knowledge of paid advertising.
  • Web crawling.
  • Meta description.
  • URL links and hyperlinks.
  • SEM campaign.
  1. Email Marketing reaches the targeted potential audience who try to reach the brand or services.
  • Call to action.
  • Testing and previewing.
  • Email preferences.
  1. Affiliate marketing is the best-skilled promotion of the brand or services.
  • Selecting the correct affiliate.
  • Boast the platform.
  • Spreading of the program.
  • Partnership understanding.
  • Knowing the coupon deals.
  • Using the software.
  1. Social Media Marketing-for spreading the best network and engaging content.
  • Networking and marketing areas.
  • Engaging and driven content.
  • Marketing techniques.
  • Understanding exposure and feedback.
  1. Video Marketing- to reach the audience who find their brands and services on video tools.
  • Creating the video goal.
  • Choosing the right platform.
  • Choose a video type.
  • Scheduling and creating
  • Scheduling and promoting
  • Analysis metrics.
  1. Content Marketing- to reach the audience who find their brands and services through the best content present on the platform.
  • Defined target.
  • Contextual knowledge of the audience.
  • Crystal clear goal.
  • Measuring knowledge for metrics.
  1. Mobile Marketing- for the audience who are potentially available on mobile phones for getting the goods and services.
  • Choose the goal and so choose the audience.
  • Complete knowledge of the workings of the app being chosen.
  • Website creation.
  • Initiate KPIs.
  • Tracking the metrics.


Mode of learning-


Location in Christchurch-  

Welles Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Course duration.

6-month course.


                1640.17 NZD (INR 80,000)


Other courses by ZIVA Institute in New Zealand-

  1. BDM (Bachelor’s in Digital Marketing)- 2-year course.
  2. MDM (Masters in Digital Marketing)- 2-year course.
  3. Diploma in BDA (Business Development Associate)- 6-month course.


For more details kindly call, us at 85857496 or you can mail us on


3. St. Stephen Institute for Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing has become the demand of business in every area. The promotional activity and the idea of it has dramatically created a new era of visualization and emerging demand for new creativity has led to an increase in the demand of such people who are handling and acting upon the task.

St. Stephen Institute for Digital Marketing has marked the best position in Christchurch for over 15 years now and many of the best working professionals have been made out of the institute who are working on the best positions in the best MNCs all over New Zealand.

Best teachers of Christchurch like Mr. Burmaah-the Senior Executive Manager of the institute and ex-professor of the University of Christchurch and Mr. Dan Waldorf- the Director of the Institute and ex-principal of the hampered College of Business are part of the institute and contributing their experience and knowledge to the students of the Institute.


The course curriculum of the Digital Marketing courses in Christchurch by St. Stephen Institute

  1. Goal-setting methods and techniques of Digital Marketing-

Brand awareness and increasing sales are the two most important goals of Digital Marketing and once you know what you have to do the next step becomes easier to know and reach.

  1. Knowing who is the actual targeted audience-

As discussed in the first point, once the goal has been set it becomes obvious to know that whom to target and who to focus on.

If the targeted audience is set for the brand promotion, then the idea will be different and when the audience is made out of some professional area like job search apps the idea will be different.

  1. Setting up the budget-

Online advertising, using inbound techniques like SEO, content creation, etc. requires plenty of money and site purchasing which changes with the goal behind it.

  1. Come up with a good balance between the paid and unpaid digital marketing master plan-

Creating a strong buyer list for the product branding goal requires both paid and unpaid planning and strategy to create the ranking for the product.

It is important for the sustainable success of the brand.

  1. Creating the most appealing and pleasing content for the brand or sales-

Creating the best content to get the audience’s attention and increase the ultimate sale of the product and the content should always go with the targeted audience’s needs.

  1. Presides over the keyword research-

To bring the content to the top of the SEO you need to choose the most appropriate keyword, and for that keyword research is the most important part of the work. There are a lot of things required to get the required keyword.

Mode of learning-


Institute location-

Rue Jolie, Akaroa, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Learning fees-

                1947.71 NZD (INR 95,000)

Duration of the course-

8-month learning period+ 3-month internship (optional + paid)

For more information related to the course and the institute please contact us on

You can also visit the institute for a physical inquiry about the course. For that please make an appointment at or you can call us at 00-458-2246.


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4. Gregor Bunch School and digital marketing courses in Christchurch-

The oldest and most famous school of learning and skill management. Special built for the students who want to indulge in the technical world from the beginning of their career. They teach everything about the required skills from very basic to the most advanced methodology and with the best techniques.

They have more than 10 courses related to skills management and learning and the teachers are the best of the concerned skills selected from top institutes. Out of all the advanced skill-related courses, the digital marketing course is the most demanding and important one among beginners.

Because of the increasing popularity of social media for the promotion of products and services, digital marketing has become the most important and required set of degrees and knowledge. Gregor Bunch School was made to create a bunch of students who rank first for their most abled skills and so it is running so well. Gregor Bunch is one of the most popular institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in Christchurch.


The basic to advanced course structure for digital marketing courses in Christchurch by Gregor Bunch Institute

  • Analytics-
  1. Computation of performance by the analysis method.
  2. Customer interaction with your content for better exposure.
  3. Understanding the traffic on your page with the online data so far analyzed by the collected data.
  4. Engagement rate of the consumer through analysis.
  5. Approaches – Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive.


  • Content-
  1. Creation of the most amazing artistic write-up.
  2. Designing for a better view
  3. Storytelling
  4. Information-generating
  5. Sharing of the data made
  6. Promotion of the data made
  7. Attracting the users with creative ideas of content.


  • CRM (customer relationship management)-
  1. Marketing in an attractive manner
  2. Sales at better strategy
  3. Best Customer service
  4. Support the customer
  5. Problem-solving process.
  • Channels-
  1. Distribution channel for easy processing
  2. Digital media usage
  3. Direct and indirect forms of channelization.


  • Leads-
  1. Generating the best leads
  2. Capturing
  3. Nurturing


  • Strategy for marketing business
  1. Price
  2. Product
  3. Promotion
  4. Place
  5. People


  • Competitive research-
  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Understanding the market
  3. Defensive position in the market
  4. Making of superior investment and return.


  • Selection and targeting the right audience.
  1. Managing the data based on the niche
  2. Studying the consumers
  3. Prioritize SEO
  4. Keep tracking.


  • Implementation-
  1. Scaling up.
  • Expansion-
  1. International
  2. Multi-domestic
  3. Global
  4. Transitional


Other courses at Gregor Bunch-

  1. Soft skills courses-
  2. Communication course
  3. Time management and leadership courses
  • Teamwork courses
  1. Customer services
  2. Other productive courses


  1. Computer courses-
  2. Web Designing
  3. Computer security courses
  • animation
  1. Programming languages
  2. IT courses-
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Networking software
  • Development project management
  1. Big data
  2. Photo and video editing
  3. Graphic designing courses
  4. Content writing courses
  5. DA (Data Analytics) and BA (Business Analytics) courses.


Other activities at Gregor Bunch

Gregor Bunch is the most iconic place for getting the best exposure for your upcoming future as they have so many options after the completion of the course and the best part is the time duration of each course is also less.

  • They provide live projects
  • They provide an internship program with a good amount of stipend money
  • They provide the most valuable certification
  • They have job opportunities in their own company as well as outside companies too


Interlinked brands-

More than 10 brands are interlinked with the Gregor Bunch school of which 6 are internationally spread and 4 are the most famous brands in New Zealand.

6 international brands-

  1. Gomatos
  2. Newbern
  3. Fern geez
  4. Genzel radios and mass communication
  5. Cross-box
  6. Abi-Zac

4 domestic brands-

  1. Bruchii


Mode of learning-


Location of the institute

Nash Road, Aidan Field, Christchurch, New Zealand

Fee of digital marketing courses in Christchurch by this institute-

1023.63 NZD (50,000 INR)

Duration of the learning of the digital marketing courses in Christchurch by this institute-

6-months with 2-month of paid internship

For more information and inquiry please contact us at or you can visit us at our institute location mentioned above.




1. What is the dimension of digital marketing?

The most important dimension of digital marketing is the advertisement of brands and services on a social platform. This can be done by numerous processes and on many platforms depending upon the brand and the targeted people. The alarming point of making a choice depends on the brand-consumer or service-consumer relation which differs with the age, gender locality, interest, and educational status of the consumer.


2. Can I turn into a digital marketing expert if I am from a commerce background?

If you want to turn yourself into a digital marketing expert, all you need is good skills and basic knowledge about the course structure. Numerous institutes are delivering the most basic to advanced courses in digital marketing.


3. Is the digital marketing course costly?

No, not at all. Digital marketing course is a minimal budget course that can be completed within some months and if you go for the advanced digital marketing course, it can cost you about 50,000 which is much lower when compared to other courses.


4. Which is better in terms of having a career in, affiliate marketing or blogging?

Both the courses have their benefits and platforms, but when compared affiliate marketing provides you with a full-time working job and blogging can be done as a freelancer or side hustle too. Both platforms can give you a very veritable amount of income when done with all the consistency and needed chops. Blogging requires hard time skills and thickness of work to reach the implicit followership and followers while affiliate marketing needs good branding and knowledge of advertising through the platform.

5. What is the purpose of SEO in digital marketing?

To be capable of reaching the targeted audience at first sight on top of the Google first list, SEO is the most important practice demanded in digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization increases the website’s trust ability so that your work can be fluently set up and found.

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