Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses In Belgaum With Placements

Belgaum locates in the Karnataka state of India. It is known as “Belagavi” or “Venugrama.” Among 20 cities, Belgaum is picking as a smart city in the first phase. However, 100 cities have participated in PM’s flagship smart city mission. It stands on the border of Maharashtra and Goa.


The image is about digital marketing courses in Belgaum


Belgaum is the most popular education hub as well. It has also given preference to professional education institutes. Other than focusing only on the Medical, engineering, Mtech, MBA; now the number of professional education institutes also increased.


It is becoming an important center for education in Karnataka. Therefore many students migrate to Belgaum for professional education like digital marketing courses. Some of them get settled over in Belgaum itself. Some move to expand their knowledge. This growth has left an impact on the cultural, logistics, and industrial profile of the city. 


Covid-19 has generated digital transformation in day-to-day life. Digital marketing courses have also gained interest among youth in Belgaum. Having a business and growing it to an advanced level is a difficult task to do. But with the help of digital marketing knowledge, it becomes very easy for entrepreneurs.


These digital marketing courses will guide a person to gain skills and knowledge about the digital marketing business and the easiest way to reach consumers. In Belgaum, a variety of digital marketing courses has started in professional training institutes. 


Why do we need to pursue digital marketing courses in Belgaum? 


It is a digital era. We require to have a good knowledge of the digital system, to be a part of this era. Company and business choose digital marketing to sustain a social presence and market their business. Belgaum is a smart city with an increase in urbanization. They always require a well-known individual to uphold their practices.


Therefore, it is the best opportunity to get placed. They will pay you for their marketing of a brand. These days digital marketing is gaining too much interest in companies or IT hubs or a startup. It is the best choice of interest to earn well with little investment. 


It divides into different parts. We will get a look at it once. Then we will have a brief overview of digital marketing. It is helpful for you to get some idea about what it is to help you get details about the course. 


Pay attention to the following categories before enrolling in digital marketing courses in Belgaum:-


  1. Search engine optimization (SEO):- It helps organizations or businesses to get organic traffic. Organic traffic can be achieved without investing money. A person searches for a particular topic where the search engine shows your content in an organic way.
  2. Social media marketing: – Social media has moved ahead in posting and reaching a wider audience. Moreover, reply to the comments makes the process more engaging. The marketer needs a calculated and incorporated approach to achieve consistency in social media posts. Several automated tools are available online to maintain consistency in posts on social media. It will help in creating and scheduling the post publishing. It will be a great help to the marketers to maintain consistent posts on social media.
  3.  Content marketing: -It is a type of storytelling to give information about a brand. It helps to spread awareness of the brand. It will be helpful to grasp the attention of desire customers. Content can be of any type. It can be a blog post, e-book, podcast, or video. Content marketing is to manufacture an endurable and faithful association with the customers.
  4. PPC (pay per click):- It shares similar features to SEO marketing to gain organic traffic to your site or page online. It pays for the advertisement and promoted search engine results. The advertisements are no longer visible once the payment has stopped. These appear on the result page at the top or bottom and starting or between videos. It is one of the marketing strategies of the brand. It is one of the ways to reach the desire consumers. People will get the idea of your brand, but it will cost. 
  5.  E-Mail Marketing:- E-Mail marketing is the most effective technique of marketing. It acts as a marketing tool to present significance to consumers. It helps to convert a viewer into a customer. E-mail marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach consumers as well as grab traffic. E-Mail marketers know how to create an undeniable promotion and influence the supreme audience. E-Mailers should maintain uniformity, firmness, and they should be open to the audience’s response. 
  6. Mobile marketing: – It is essential for the accomplishment of the desired observers. Marketers reach the public through text messages, social media websites, E-Mails, or mobile applications.
  7. Marketing analytics: – Marketers get help from marketing analytics. They will get an idea of the response from customers to maintain track of the digital marketing process. It helps get details of the customers as well as the performance of the marketing system.


Top 5 digital marketing courses in Belgaum offered by top institutes 


1. IIM Skills


It is India’s best institute for an online digital marketing course. You do not have to worry about presence in Belgaum, as you can do it from any part of India.  


Key Features:


  • 40 digital modules:-
  • 15+ live projects
  • Three months of training
  • Online training
  • Master certification
  • 10+ case studies
  • Eight certificates from Google
  • 3 HubSpot certificate
  • Hands-on training
  • You will get your first chance to write for blog times of India
  • Letter of recommendation and certificate
  • Personalized mentorship for support


Course Curriculum: 


  • Introduction to digital marketing era
  • WordPress web development includes two modules with tools and plugin guidelines
  • SEO- 4 modules
  • SEM- 4 modules
  • E-Mail marketing-4 modules
  • Inbound marketing
  • SMM
  • Integrated digital media marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Online reputation module
  • Content writing and advanced blogging module
  • Media buying and planning
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital infographics resume creation


Tools covered during the course are:-


Ø Mailchimp

Ø WordPress

Ø Woo-commerce

Ø Google Ads

Ø Amazon

Ø ahrefs 

Ø Ubersuggest

Ø Facebook ads

Ø Twitter ads

Ø LinkedIn ads

Ø Google analytics

Ø Semrush


Other courses offered

Technical Writing Course

Content Writing Course

GST Course

CAT Coaching


 2. Belgaum Institute of digital marketing

It is one of the best institutes providing good service for digital marketing courses in Belgaum. It aims to train the concept of digital marketing from basic to advanced level. These courses are helpful to the students. This institute helps to enhance their marketing capabilities and get ready for a new good-paying job.


These courses are developing in a way, from beginner to working professionally in this institute. It sharpens the individual progress and facilitates to begin entity. It is an opportunity to get advice from professionals and a chance to become an expert. More than a hundred students have trained from this institute in Belgaum.


Advance diploma in digital marketing: – It initiates possibilities for an individual to upgrade skills or to establish a new business. This course opens doors to a new job and enhances the accessible business.


Course modules:  We will enlist it one by one.


o Introduction to digital marketing

o Creating brands identity

o Website planning and UI sketch

o Website hosting and domain registration

o Website development on a CMS platform

o SEO (search engine optimization)

o Keyword research

o SEO audit and report making

o Google Search Console and webmaster tool

o Google business listing

o Blogging and content writing

o Graphic designing and visual art

o Web analytics and Google Analytics

o Payment gateway integration

o PPC campaign methodology and CRO

o Digital marketing terminology 

o Google search AdWords

o Google display advertising

o Google mobile advertising or app ads

o YouTube ads or video advertising

o Social media optimization(SMO)

o Social media marketing(SMM)

o Remarketing methods

o E-Mail marketing methods

o Digital marketing planning and strategies

o Pricing to customers

o Interview preparation and case study task 

o Resume preparation

o Global certification Google and Facebook

o Project report presentation


Reason to choose this institute:-


o Hands-on training

o 50+ global certification

o Industry expert trainers

o Friendly and cooperative staff

o Assured internship along with the course

o Group projects to collaborate and work

o Activity-based learning

o Placement help

o The study materials and notes also supplied

o Industry-related and updated syllabus

o Micro batch size to have individual attention

o Weekly industry related task


Trainers of this institute:  Mr. Sarvesh Kakkeri


Tools get to learn at the institute:-


  • Google AdWords
  • Mailchimp
  • Google my business
  • Keyword tool
  • Word press
  • Ads Manager
  • Google keyword planner
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • Elementor
  • GoDaddy 
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google AdWords express
  • Grammarly
  • Yoast
  • Amazon affiliate
  • LinkedIn


Batch timing

  • Morning 
  • Evening 


Key Features:

  • They make available placement and collaborate with top companies.
  • Fee structure:- approximately from 22,000-25,000


Internship in digital marketing:-


  • Helps in the initiation to the easy transition of jobs
  • Facilitates to gain professional network in the field of marketing
  • It aids to enhance the soft skills needed in finding a job.
  • The internship is helpful to explore the path and gain professionalism in communication.


Benefits of enrolling in course:-


o Free internship along with the course

o Projects, presentations, case studies

o Free of cost tools which cost 10,000

o Meanwhile, the syllabus is industry-related

o Real-time work experience due to internship

o Study materials and notes

o Placement assistants


IIM SKILLS Belgaum DM Course Invite



3.VOIM institute of digital marketing course in Belgaum:-


These courses accessible by them:- 

Ø Digital marketing courses

Ø Search engine optimization (SEO)



Ø Web designing

Ø PHP course

Ø Android training course


Plus points of the course:-

Ø Placement assistance

Ø Study material is also provided

Ø Certification

Ø Well qualified teachers to guide


Course module:-


Ø Facebook marketing

Ø Instagram marketing

Ø Twitter marketing

Ø LinkedIn marketing

Ø Whatsapp marketing

Ø Quora marketing

Ø Google Analytics

Ø Word press development

Ø Blogging

Ø Google my business

Ø Google Ads

Ø Google Search Console


Ø Mobile ads

Ø Shopping ads

Ø Video ads

Ø Google display ads

Ø Search ads

Ø Competitor analysis

Ø Keyword research

Ø SMS marketing

Ø Domain and hosting linking process


Ø Basic graphic design

Ø Google algorithm

Ø E-Mail marketing

Ø Off-page optimization

Ø On-page optimization


Key Features:

  • Reasonable fees with quality training
  • Qualified faculty
  • Webinar also conducted for the students for online digital marketing courses
  • Google ads certification after completion of course
  • Have 4.9 stars on Google review and poses good ratings as well.
  • CEO and Co-founder of VIOM are well experienced and have done excessive work to get success in life.


Benefits of digital marketing courses in Belgaum at VIOM institute:-


Ø It helps in solving issues regarding understanding and implementation of the market strategy.

Ø It guides to use of the skills to promote strategy and achieve goals.

Ø It helps to establish the internet-marketing framework for the best marketing strategy.


4 .CFC Institute of digital marketing:-  


Diploma in digital marketing course:- 


  • Google SEO
  • SMO
  • PPC
  • SMM
  • AdSense 
  • Analytics
  • Mobile marketing
  • Blogging
  • YouTube marketing


Benefits of enrolling for course:-


  • Google certification after completion of course
  • Personal attention due to less quantity of people
  • Trainers have the experience and qualification
  • 80% of work will be hands-on practice
  • Job help
  • Internship
  • They provide a free tablet to learn



5.Cubiccode digital media LLP


Advance diploma in digital marketing:-


  • 32 modules
  • More than 50 certifications
  • Assure placement help
  • Free internship
  • Case study project report
  • Most important individual training


Online digital marketing training:-

  • 21 modules 
  • Certifications
  • Expand and have expertise in knowledge at home
  • Internship opening also provided by Cubiccode


Frequently asked questions:


1. Which digital marketing course is the best in Belgaum?


I have mentioned some of the best digital marketing course provider institutes in Belgaum. The institutes provide hands-on practice as well as internships and job placement help. Online courses are flexible as well as time-saving. Upgrad, Udemy, and Cadcentre provide several free digital marketing courses as well. 


2. What is a qualification criterion for a digital marketing course?


There are no criteria for courses. Anyone can enroll in it. However, it will be more beneficial for management and administration department people.


3. What is the salary for a digital market expert?


It depends on the various criteria such as experience, city of work, company, or business, and skills. For freshers 15k-30k monthly.


4. Will I get my first job after completion of the course?


After completion of the course, some of them get placed immediately because they are able to grasp the knowledge and put it in the right place. But, this does not happen with every individual. Do not jump directly to job finding. Firstly, try for internships and gain experience plus the certification. Everyone finds it lengthy and time-consuming, but it is beneficial according to future prospects.


5. Which parts are included in digital marketing courses?


Approximately 12 parts consist. The majority of them are present in this article. Meanwhile, it changes with advanced technology.


IIM SKILLS Belgaum DM Course Invite




A professional person can gain improvement in skills required to have marketing strategy and practice. It is capable of initiating the best career choice in a digital marketing firm. Marketers face challenges due to advancements in technology. Individuals and businesses can grow through learning new skills and adapting to the situation.


Online education and work from home play a significant role in advanced technology in the pandemic of COVID-19. These digital marketing courses are beneficial for working from home as well as having a flexible work environment. It is helpful to high up salary by adapting new insights for a working professional. It is a pioneering career choice for women.


It is one of the best ways to enroll in digital marketing courses and restart your career. It is helpful to manage their home responsibilities as well as maintain professionalism in her career. Hence, it offers work from home and five days a week working available. These institutes have branches all over Belgaum. Therefore, these digital marketing courses are accessible to nearby places in Belgaum. It is easy for local individuals to grab this opportunity. 

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