Top 9 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai With Placement Assistance

One of the vitally important roles in any company is a data analytics professional. Every company needs a data analytics department to ensure that their company is highly adapting to the dynamic changes happening around them which are interpreted by their data analytics team. The need for data analytics in Dubai has skyrocketed in recent times and will be more in demand in the near future. This article comprises the details of the best data analytics courses in Dubai.


List of best data analytics courses in Dubai


Why the Demand for Data Analytics Keeps on Increasing in Dubai:

For the past few years, the UAE government has invested highly in the Department of Data Sciences; as they understood that data analytics influences a great deal of the global economy in 2023. The high need for sustainable platforms has made a relatively high emergence of data analytics requirements than ever before. So choosing a data analytics course will be the best career decision one can make at this particular time period in Dubai.


What Exactly Does a Data Analytics Department Do:

Data analytics is the collection of data resources and their interpretation based on the aspects of the organization. It is the usage of data-driven knowledge for making business decisions. They transform the raw data and information into something that benefits the growth of their company. And how they do it; They go through different sets of analyses on the data to come up with insights. They can give a record of what happened in the past, How or why that happened, What might happen in the future, and what kind of solutions one can come up with to solve a particular problem.


Skills, Knowledge, and Tools Required for Data Analytics:

To briefly mention,  data analytics revolves around the following roles; Business case evaluation, data identification, data acquisition & filtering, data validation, data cleansing, data aggregation, data modeling, data analysis, utilization of analysis results, and data visualization.

Despite the abundance of data analytics tools in the market, a few tools are prioritized for usage: Tableau Public as a data visualization tool, SAS as a database query language, programming languages like R and Python, spreadsheets like Excel, and other tools like Apache Spark. Apart from the above-mentioned roles and tools, there are other certain skills required for data analytics that are basic for all professions.


Other best courses in Dubai:


Now, Let Us Dive Into the Best Data Analytics Courses in Dubai:



Being one of the leading online education platforms in India, IIM SKILLS has developed its network globally and offers internationally sanctioned certification courses for a wide range of skill sets. They offer a Master Data Analytics Course. They indeed are a good option if you are looking for the best data analytics courses in Dubai.


Key features of the course:

  • The duration of the course is six months, in addition to an unpaid internship for two months.
  • This includes the lectures and practical assignments at specific times.
  • The internship is guaranteed so are the interviews for placements.
  • You will work on more than seven live projects during this course and will get involved in more than ten case studies which will train you to be prepared for work experience.


Modules and tools:

This course contains all the necessary topics that need to be covered for a data analytics program, and the curriculum is designed in an authentic way. You will learn the basics and then you will learn how each tool contributes to data analytics. The tools that are learned subsequently are Excel, VBA, SQL, Power BI, Python1, Python2, Tableau, R, and Alteryx.


Why Choose IIM SKILLS:

  • As mentioned earlier, they provide internships and interview opportunities.
  • One of the most unique features of IIM SKILLS is that they provide lifetime access to all the session recordings, resources, and tools once you are enrolled on their LMS.
  • The module displayed above is entirely focused on tools and their activation, this emphasizes how centered is their curriculum on the application of knowledge.
  • The faculty support will be always there for you. They will also assist you completely with your interviews and job preparation.
  • After completing the course, you will be provided with an industrially valuable certification.


2. Simplilearn with IBM:

Simplilearn, a highly recognized training certification had partnered up with IBM, The International Machines Business Corporation to provide a noteworthy master’s program on data analytics. This is considered one of the best data analytics courses in Dubai.


Highlights of the Data Analytics Courses in Dubai:

  • You will get an industrially recognized master’s course certification in data analytics.
  • Since it has terms with IBM, you will have access to their software and cloud platforms.
  • The course will be tutored by industry experts and the curriculum is supreme with integrated lab sessions.
  • This course is solemnly based on industrial experiences because they offer more than twenty live projects in industries of high recognition.
  • The module of the course is as follows: Business Analytics with Excel, SQL, Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python, R Programming for data science, Data Analytics with R, Tableau Training, and completes with Data analyst masters Capstone.
  • R language, Python language, Pandas software, Tableau, MySQL, SciPY, Power BI, NumPY, and Excel are the tools and software that are dealt with.
  • The special aspect of the course is the live projects you will be working with; these projects will be of different domains and will be with high industry standards.
  • The project domains are; Category performance analysis, Banking, Stock market, Healthcare, Retail, insurance, etc.
  • This will be the main reason to choose this course as you will have more industry-oriented expertise by the course due.


3. PwC Academy:

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited is a British multinational professional services brand of firms offering predominantly consulting and trust solutions. Their main motive is to prepare entry-level graduates into professionals with executive-level knowledge and skills. The PwC is undoubtedly a promising online education platform in 2023. They offer a data analytics and visualization course with training.


Course details:

  • The course is highly beneficial for you even though you have no technical or IT background.
  • The majority of the course and training is centralized with the application of Power BI and Microsoft Excel.
  • This is a most flexible course, there are varied timings for your convenience.
  • Let us briefly look into the course module;
  • The course starts with an Introduction to data analytics followed by analyzing data with Excel, analyzing data analytics with Excel, and data visualization with Power BI.
  • The course certification is highly valued among multinational corporations.
  • The completion of this course makes the graduates upskilled with all the knowledge required to solve problems with clarity through experiential, innovative, practical, solution-driven approaches.


4. EDOXI Training Institute:

EDOXI is one of the well-suited online training platforms in Dubai. They mainly focus on bridging the knowledge gap between college education and jobs. They train their students with high-level skills and sound knowledge required for them to become trained professionals. They offer a data analytics training program with industry standards.


Key takeaways from Data Analytics Courses in Dubai:

  • They offer flexible time convenient batches for the students, you can choose between a weekend batch and a weekday batch.
  • 84 hours worth of classes with more than 35 hours worth of training will be provided, after that the students will attend the certification exam.
  • They offer an industry-level standard certification in collaboration with KDHA.
  • The tutors will be available throughout the course and they are potent experts.
  • The syllabus had been created with a motive to give recent advancements in data analytics in the industry that are mostly application-oriented.
  • The tools that are mastered during the course are differentiated into each course module.
  • Data analytics using Microsoft Power BI, data analytics using Tableau, data analytics using Microsoft Excel, Data analytics using AlterYX, and the same using Python and R programming languages are the modules of this course.
  • They offer interactions and discussions with the learners as well as professionals in the industry. So that, one can develop a network with professionals.


5. IntelliPaat:

Building a better working world is the motive of this organization. They focus on upskilling individuals with global-level certifications to accelerate their career growth.IntelliPaat made a powerful collaboration with the IIT Madras for this seven-month data analytics training course. From the course module to the job assistance, this course has a good package.


What to expect from Data Analytics Courses in Dubai:

  • There will be more than fifty live sessions across this seven-month course.
  • The course contains 218 hours of Self-paced Videos and 200 hours of Projects & Exercises.
  • The faculty are from IIT Madras and the Industry Practitioners provide training with elegance.
  • There will be a personal industry expert trainer for each student.
  • They will also help you with Resume Preparation and LinkedIn Profile Review.
  • Data Analytics Certification from Intellipaat, Microsoft, and IBM which is widely recognized under industry standards.
  • The skills attained from this course are SQL, Presto, Data Wrangling, Data Analysis, KNIME, Prediction algorithms, Data visualization, Time Series, Machine Learning, PowerBI, Advanced Statistics, Data Mining, and R Programming.


6. Datamites Global Institute:

Datamites offers a six-month data analyst course with more than two hundred hour learning hours and an internship with one live project. This course has distinctive features which are discussed below.


Data Analytics Courses in Dubai Curriculum:

The syllabus is made on the good deeds of specializing in decision-making and other analytical skills that are roots of data sciences. Here is the list of the modules presented in this data analytics course: Data Analysis Foundation, Python Foundation, Data Science Foundation, Data Analytics Associate, Advanced Data Analysis, Predictive Analysis with ML, Version Control with GIT, Database Studies for SQL and MongoDB, Big data foundation, certified BI analyst and artificial intelligence foundation.



This course has some unique choices of tool usage, In addition to that they have extra course modules like artificial intelligence foundation, Big data foundation, and predictive analysis which are not seen in other courses. The commonly used tools like Python, Power BI, Tableau, and SQL, They make use of other tools like MongoDB, Kafka, and PySpark.



After clearing the examination you will be provided with a globally recognized certification. This certification is authorized by IABAC, JAIN, NASSCOM, and the Indian government ( Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). This certification is also coherent with the Global analytics board as per the EU Govt framework.



The project sessions are divided into internship project mentoring and Live project case studies. This internship is led by elite faculty from the best universities with deep research and coaching expertise. There will also be a live client project delivery the student must work on. There are five practical case studies that enhance decision-making skills. They are the techniques for scenarios with certainty, low certainty, high certainty, Decision tree, and Monto Carlo Simulation.


Job assistance:

Following the completion of the certification through examination and the internships with case studies, the students will be prepared for attending jobs. There will be counseling given for them too, regarding career selection. Finally, there will be job alerts and interviews for placement opportunities.


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7. Learners Point Academy:

Learners Point Academy is a premium training institute that has been operating since 2001. It has proven to be one of the best training institutes in Dubai that provides premium training services for the students, making them elite professionals for the roles, corporate sectors are looking for. They offer a data science and big data analytics integral course.


Characteristics of the Data Analytics Courses in Dubai:

  • The courses of Learner Point Academy, in general, are affordable and sustainable.
  • They offer different options for the course duration: Instructor-led training, private classes, on-site training, and Mentored Learning.
  • The course duration will be five weeks.
  • The curriculum is designed to prepare the student to apply big data analytics and data science knowledge in real-life industry platforms.
  • The module of the course includes; Hadoop Developer, Administration, testing and analysis modules, statistical computing, real-time analytics, creating NoSQL applications, and much more covered in this course.
  • The course certification is authorized by KDHA and in accordance with international business standards.
  • By the end of the training, the students will be effectively well-fitted for the role of data analytics professional.


8. Croma Campus:

In 2023, Croma Campus had become one of the best providers of data analytic professionals to big industrial corporations. Their motive is to create a skilled data analytic professional through competent industrial practitioners. Their course has many advantages and unique features, as we mentioned below.


Significant Features of the Data Analytics Courses in Dubai:

  • The flexibility of timings is a great advantage in this course, as they offer three different course packages which are live online, classroom, and self-paced.
  • Every student whoever were enrolled in this course will work on two live projects.
  • The curriculum and the teaching professional are highly updated to the 2023 standards.
  • Python for Data Analyst, Data Analysis and Visualization, Databases – MS SQL and SQL Queries, Statistics for Data Analyst, Analytics with Excel, Analytics Microsoft Power BI, Analytics with Tableau, Analytics with R Programming, Cloud: AWS(Amazon Web Services), Cloud: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Data Analyst – Live Projects are the things you learn during the course.
  • They offer a legit certification for data analytics and it is considered of great value.
  • Finally, they will offer you mock interviews and prepare you completely for jobs.
  • They assure complete placement assistance.


9. QuickXpert Infotech:

Being one of the best training and placements-centered organizations, QuickXpert Infotech offers one of the best data analytics courses in Dubai with placements.


The Highlights of the Data Analytics Courses in Dubai::

  • There are two different packages provided by them based on the duration as six months and four months course.
  • Anyone with or without an IT background can enroll in this course.
  • The experts from the data analytics department are gathered here to train you for the position of data analyst, data analyst developer, analytics engineer, and data developer.
  • The certification offered by them will show you as a well-equipped, upskilled data analytics individual.
  • The tools and software trained by them are Oracle SQL or MySQL, Python, Python Analytics, Excel Analytics, Matplotib, Pandas, Seaborn, Tableau, and Power BI.
  • The live projects and case studies are additional assets that are provided to the graduates at the end of the package which anchors your experience in the data analytics department.
  • In the end, the preparation for interviews will be given to make yourself available for the data analytics platforms.
  • The placement assistance is assured.


FAQs About Data Analytics Courses in Dubai:


Q1. Is data analytics a good career?

Yes, It has become a year for data scientists as there is an abundance of data produced and processed every day. Data analytics plays a pivotal role in this data processing. This overwhelming data market has opened the gates for more data analysts and the demand will keep on increasing. This will also mean that the pay scales will be rising. The data analytics department plays a major role in the decision-making of a particular company. So, more than ever this is the best time to pursue a career in data analytics.


Q2. Is Dubai good for data analytics?

UAE is famous for its Multinational corporations and global business developments, data science is an essential factor in various sectors such as retail, medical, banking, investments, production factories, etc. The need for data analytics has bloomed in Dubai, as there is a shortage of skilled data analytic professionals. This is why educating specialized skills from one of the above-mentioned institutions will be helpful for you to gain data analytics posts in great companies in Dubai; starting from start-ups to MNCs like Emirates Group and IKEA.


Q3. What is the salary of data analytics in UAE?

The average salary for a data analytics professional is 29,000 AED. The junior-level data analysts are paid starting with around 25,000 AED and senior data analytics professional gets paid up to 40,000 AED.


Q4. Is data analytics the same as data analysis?

Data analysis is an integral part of data analytics. One can’t say if the both are same because data analysis comes under data analytics. Data analytics is the analysis of data that are available to aid in decision-making at business meetings and data analysis is the set of processes that are involved in data analytics such as data gathering, data scrubbing, data analysis, and data interpretation.


Q5. Is data analytics and business analytics the same?

Business analytics and data analytics share their common knowledge of data but differ in certain things. The business analyst will look into the strategic decision-making of business using the data available but the data analyst will interpret the data and make algorithms and data inferences. Business analysts must have a technology, business development, or marketing background but the data analyst is considered a generalist and can be from varied backgrounds. So the data analyst works with the product team whereas the business analyst works with business development platforms. This gives a requirement criteria of skillsets such as strong communication skills, statistical knowledge, and interpersonal skills but the data analyst requires good mathematical, algorithmic, and critical thinking skills.


Conclusion: Data Analytics Courses in Dubai

These are the best data analytics courses in Dubai. All these courses have their own merits and demerits, but each of them never fails to show their authenticity. Some courses offer specialized courses, some courses introduce more tools, some courses offer interactive sessions, some create a familiarised environment through mock interviews and some give interviews and placements assurance. Also, there are different case studies to explore for different courses. All these courses overall have good industry-based training programs and worthy certifications making you unique in the global data analytics market. We have shortlisted the best in the list, you have to research more on the institution you choose to graduate. Try researching its overall profile and going through reviews from multiple sources. Also, try to contact their alumnus to understand their experiences. Then get enrolled in their programs, get certified, gain industry-level training, get hired, and become a data analytics professional.

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