Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Leeds With Placements

In this digital world, you can not imagine any business without content, content is everywhere. And creative writing courses in Leeds enable you to think creatively, do something out of the box, and then write it on paper. Writing is an extraordinary and fascinating skill throughout the decade with many professions. Creative writing gives you the freedom to express your imagination, emotion, and innovation.


List of best creative writing courses in Leeds


These creative writing courses in Leeds are created by writers for budding writers who want to make their career in writing so that they develop their portfolio of innovative or analytical writing. From these innovative creative writing courses in Leeds, you will build an attractive and catching portfolio.

You start writing articles, stories, emails, poetry, script writing, short fiction, novel writing, news media, and many more. The courses offer a great opportunity for those who wish to pursue a career in writing. The city of Leeds is home to many renowned writers and there are several publishing houses located here.

This means there are plenty of resources available for those wishing to pursue creative writing courses in Leeds. The courses on offer vary from beginners’ classes to more advanced levels, so there is something to suit everyone’s needs.


Salary of Creative Writers in Leeds

Creative writers in Leeds earn a salary that is reflective of their skills and experience. For entry-level positions, salaries range from £16,000 to £22,000 per year. With experience, salaries can increase to £32,000 per year. For senior positions, salaries can range from £40,000 to £60,000 per year.

The average salary for a creative writer in Leeds is £37,500 per year. There are a number of factors that contribute to the salary of a creative writer. The most important factor is the level of experience and skill of the writer. Writers with more experience and higher levels of skill command higher salaries.


Another important factor is the type of employer. Writers who work for large publishing houses or advertising agencies tend to earn higher salaries than those who work for smaller companies or magazines.


Best Creative Writing Courses in Leeds



IIM SKILLS is one of the top-ranked institutes that provides 4 weeks of a Content Writing Course. They conduct virtual classes with a guaranteed internship of 3 months which is optional with flexible hours or Sundays. The training is of 30 hours which are split into 16 hours of lectures and 14 hours of internship sessions.

They provide free tools or apps worth 35k and also help you to get freelancer opportunities with the placement cells. After completing the course, you get a Certification from IIM SKILLS and further HubSpot Content Marketing Certificate (USA) and (TOLES) Test Of Legal English Centre Cambridge (United Kingdom).

They are ranked no.1 by multimedia, top agencies for creative writing courses in Leeds, and top education blogs like Naukri learning, Career 360, CourseDekho, Advisor uncle, Contentholic, etc. The fee of the content writing master course is 149.59 Pounds sterling with 18% GST and classes are held on weekends and weekdays. They are connected with many media like The Statesman, Financial Express, Entrepreneur, and The Times of India.


Facilities you get from IIM SKILLS:-

  • Internship guarantee for 3 months
  • Make your website for content writing
  • Lifetime learning and benefits
  • Build your portfolio either for a job or freelancer
  • You get an opportunity to publish your E-book on Kindle or Google books
  • You will also publish your first blog in the Times of India
  • And also get an opportunity to publish your Press release on an online news portal
  • The master certificate you get from IIM SKILLS is valid globally
  • Students of content writing master courses are hired by Top Agencies, Multimedia, and brands including Fortune 500 for writing
  • Free tools worth 35000 INR including WordPress, Theme, keyword research tool, Landing page creator, SEO management tools for good search engines, Grammarly, Canva, Google trends, Amazon Kindle, and Google keyword planner. You can use these tools for various websites with lifetime access


Courses Details

1- 16+ hours of live online classes

2- 60+ hours of assignments given

3- 50+ hours of internship assignment along with 14+ hours of internship classes

4- Get access to all the latest tools in your learning management system (LMS)

5- You access LMS anywhere and anytime

6- Get recorded videos of all the sessions

7- From a total of 140+ hours of learning you learn almost 30 types of skills which are WordPress, Keyword Research, Blogging, Article Writing, Press Release, Product Description, Business Listing, Commercial Page, E-book, Book Review, Copy Writing, Video Script, SOP, Resume, Portfolio, Email Writing, Social Media Writing, Instructional Booklet, Brochures, Flyers, Infographic, Technical Writing 101, Legal Writing and Research Papers so on.


Modules Covered:- There are almost 16 modules that are covered –

Module 1- Introduction to content writing

Module 2- Learn how to make WordPress web development

Module 3- Digital content (articles, blogging, web pages)

Module 4- Copywriting

Module 5- Marketing collaterals

Module 6- Email Writing

Module 7- Social media writing and video scripts

Module 8- Creative writing

Module 9- SOP and business listing

Module 10- Legal Writing

Module 11- Technical writing 101

Module 12- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 13- Content Marketing

Module 14- Affiliate Marketing and AdSense

Module 15- Freelance content writing

Module 16- Resume writing


Skills you learn

  • You learn to write daily
  • With each passing day, your writing will improve
  • Differentiate between traditional and technical writing
  • Learn all types of content gradually with better practices
  • Learn how to research given topics
  • Learn how to create catchy headlines
  • Learn to create your website to post your blogs
  • Learn to search related keywords using various tools like Ubersuggest extension or keyword planner
  • Learn to create SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly content
  • Create grammatically free content by using Grammarly and proofread or plagiarism your content by using plagiarism checker or duplichecker
  • Content writing courses increase your writing ability


2- Leeds Arts University

Established in 1846 at Blenheim Walk Leeds, this University provides creative writing courses in Leeds at the undergraduate level which is a Bachelor’s degree with honors (BA Hons). BA Hons is a 3 years full-time course. You will build an eye-attractive and catching portfolio of innovative and analytical jotting, uniting with visible and representing trades in a vibrant, reviving countryside from this program.

Students who are passionate about writing are embraced here to crave to express their opinion in this world. Students are enclosed by many innovative experts so that they push their ability to create new and creative results. They designed a room for writing purposes so that you can peacefully write and examine your write-up.

Scholars are motivated by their mentors to write in various atmospheres. There are so many workshops to inspect tongue pile and spectator interaction. Your writing career will start profusely after you get admission to Leeds art University and you have to write innovative writing, writing views, short fiction, art criticism, poetry, script writing, novel writing, new media, prose writing, and zines and after that, you have to analyze your execution.

Scholars are motivated to build a societal atmosphere with creative minds. After the completion of this program, you automatically build expertise as a censorious reader, and sophist and create vernacular.


Course Details for BA (Hons) Creative Writing Course in Leeds:-

First year:- Many writing seminars take part in a major role to explore learnings in scholars, which will widen your technical skills like drafting and editing skills which are necessary for a professional writer. In the 1st year many lessons, classes, masterclasses, conferences, and projects are held.

Second year:- This year you will start building your writing perception and that will improve your chances. Lessons, masterclasses, and many combined projects assist to concern technical skills which are required for screenwriting, editing, and publicizing software. You start writing blogs, articles, visits, and online forums under the mentor’s guidance that push your writing boundaries.


Third year:- At the end of last year, you get an opportunity to write major projects and build your career.


Training and Learning Hours:- Leeds art University provides undergraduate-level creative writing courses in Leeds which support multiple methods of training and learning. These courses are a combination of many syllabi which are taught by experts. Each of these topics levels up your preparation, and for about every 10 credits, 100 hours of studying are predicted.

Each year these courses are made up of 120 credits which predicts 1200 hours of studying. The entire syllabus is separated into two semesters and each semester has 13 weeks of learning and 2 weeks of assignment.


Future scope:- They greet good and creative writers; this zone requires a broader scale of expertise. If you are talented and creative then you get an opportunity to work in every field like science, industry, commerce, education, research centers, journalism, editing, HR, and marketing.



BA (Hons) first year:- £9,250

BA (Hons) second year:- £9,250

BA (Hons) third year:- £9,250


The above fees are for home students and may be increased by increasing inflation each year, if you entered in the first year then you have to pay an entry fee which is £10,000.


If you are an international student then the fees are –

BA (Hons) first year:- £16,000

BA (Hons) second year:- £16,000

BA (Hons) third year:- £16,000


3- Leeds Beckett University

This Leeds Beckett University Provides creative writing courses in Leeds at the undergraduate level which is a Bachelor’s degree with Hons (BA Hons). BA Hons is a 3-year full-time course. The fee for this course is variable which is about £9,250 per year for England students.

The campus is situated in the middle of the city and is covered by museums, art galleries, theaters, film production companies, and multiple studios. Here Mentors are award-winning writers who teach you to push your ability to imagine and write and create your portfolio.


Modules Covered:- Modules are covered in the respective year which covers all the topics –


First-year Modules:-

1- Contemporary Literary Studies

2- Writers’ Workshop 1

3- Shakespearean Drama

4- Writers’ Workshop 2

6- Poetry

7- Adaptation: Literary Afterlives


Second-year Modules:-

1- Writing Fiction

2- Theory into Practice

3- Writing Poetry


Third-year Modules:-

1- Dissertation or Creative Writing Project


Skills you learn

  • Create your portfolio
  • Develop your imagination power
  • Learn various techniques to edit and proofread
  • Learn to attract your audience by knowing the market
  • Get an opportunity to collaborate with other writers
  • Learn various ways to become a successful writer
  • You may become a great storyteller
  • You start to write short stories, autobiographical writing, poetry, and scripts


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4- Loughborough University

They also provide one of the best creative writing courses in Leeds with a 3-year full-time course at the undergraduate level which is a Bachelor’s degree with Hons (BA Hons) or 4 years with a placement. The fee for this course is about £9,250 per academic year for UK students and for international students £22,000 per academic year.

From this course, you gain an experience from the real world to interact and learn new skills, pieces of knowledge, and beneficial abilities which is necessary. Their courses are made up of some mandatory modules and some are non-mandatory modules. Academic members are available every time.

Students gain more skills from virtual classes, discussions, and quizzes. The first and second years mainly focus on enlarging basic skills and increasing knowledge through practicals. From this course, you get an opportunity to work with many industries and get placed after completion of the second year.

Many famous companies come to the university for placement purposes like Adidas, AKQA, Bosch, Cambridge Consultants, Cath Kidson, DCA, Diageo, Foolproof, IBM, Kinneir Dufort, Lego, Lloyds Digital, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Mondelez, PDD, Princess Yachts, Reckitt Benckiser, RGK Wheelchairs, Seymour Powell, Telegraph Media Group, Tesco, Triumph Motorcycles, Unilever, VanBerlo, Walt Disney Company, Wieden and Kennedy.


Modules covered:- Modules are separated by each year and also mandatory and non-mandatory modules which are given below –


First year (Semester one):-

Compulsory module

1- Introduction to Liberal Arts

2- Narrative Forms

3- The Atlantic World: The Americas, Europe, and Africa since the 15th Century


Optional module

1- Introduction to Philosophy

2- University-wide language program


Semester two:-

Compulsory module

1- Liberal Arts and the public sphere

2- Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Art and Design


Optional module

1- Introduction to Philosophy

2- Introduction to Film

3- Slavery to Black Lives Matter: African American Culture 1840 – 2020

4- University-wide Language Programme


Second year (Semester one):-

Compulsory module

1- Critical Approaches in Liberal Arts


Optional module

1- Contemporary Art and Theory

2- Love and Life in Stuart-Era Literature (1603-1714) (Renaissance Writings)

3- Visual Cultures: Histories and Theories

4- Victorian Literature

5- Victorian Values Reconsidered

6- Contemporary Debates in Philosophy

7- University-wide Language Programme

8- History of Political Thought

9- Women and Crime: Victims, Offenders, and Survivors


Semester two:-

Compulsory module

You are so lucky that no module is compulsory in the second semester.


Optional module

1- Contemporary Debates in Philosophy

2- Modernisms

3- From Rebellion to Partition: British India, 1857-1947

4- Modern Germany: Recovery from Ruin, 1945-present (20 credit)

5- Religion and Society

6- University-wide Language Programme


Final year (Semester one):-

Compulsory module

1- Short Final Project

2- Long Final Project


Optional module

1- Philosophy of Fashion

2- Neo-Victorianism

3- Twenty-First Century Literature

4- Jim Crow, Bootleggers, and Okies: American Culture 1870-1940

5- Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll? Britain in the ‘Swinging Sixties’

6- University-wide Language Programme


Semester two:-

Compulsory module

No compulsory modules in semester two.


Optional module

1- Radicals and Reactionaries: Writing Women in the 1890s

2- Adapting Shakespeare

3- After Empire: South Asia since 1945

4- Convicts and Kangaroos: Australia 1788-1868

5- University-wide Language Programme


5. Henry Harvin

This institute is recognized by many companies like the American Association of ELF, the content writing association of India, UK Cert, UKAF, and MSME. Henry Harvin’s creative writing courses in Leeds provide 40 hours of training which includes 15 hours of lecture and 15 hours of assignment with 10 hours on tool practicing.

Henry Harvin provides Free content writing tools worth 40,000 and after the completion of the course, you get a certificate from Henry Harvin. They also offer a paid internship after completing this content writing although it is optional, and they also offer various freelancing opportunities. The fee for these creative writing courses in Leeds is about 17,500 INR. EMI is also available in the month for about 1,944 INR.


Facilities you get from Henry Harvin:-

  • 3 months paid internship guarantee
  • 40 hours of virtual interactive classes
  • Provides many projects and from those projects, you learn various skills like research writing, technical writing, and academic writing.
  • The certification given by Henry Harvin for the content writing course is universally accepted and they want you to showcase your name like Nidhi Jaiswal (CDCW)
  • After completion of the course, they provide one-year placement guaranteed support
  • Get access to various tools and techniques
  • To develop beneficial soft skills they provide 52+ master class sessions
  • For a certified digital content writing course you can go for the 1-year gold membership
  • Provides updated study materials
  • Students get their own Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Get recorded videos of all the sessions
  • For multiple projects, Henry Harvin delivers multiple tools and skills like logo-making software, e-books, question-making software, content-writing guides/workbooks, mobile apps


Modules covered:- There are almost 12 modules with complementary 2 modules which are covered –

Module 1- Language Skills

Module 2:- Internet Skills

Module 3:- Blog, Business, and Marketing Writing

Module 4:- Content Strategy

Module 5:- Technical and Research Writing

Module 6:- Academic Writing

Module 7:- Creative Writing

Module8:- Copywriting

Module 9:- Email Writing

Module 10:- Legal Writing

Module 11:- Earn Online and Get International Projects

Module 12:– Simulated Content Writing Projects

Complementary Module 1:- Soft Skills Development

Complimentary Module 2:– Resume Writing


Skills you learn

  • Learn to write 30+ types of content and earn from it
  • Think creative thoughts or scenarios and put them on a paper
  • Learn to deal with various industries and full fill their demand as a professional content writer
  • For international clients, you have to develop additional language
  • Create your websites and write blogs, articles
  • Learn many graphic skills to design PPTs, Logos, Newsletters
  • You develop an ability to write on any topic
  • Learn skills to attract and engage an audience
  • Know to get freelancing opportunities from all over the world
  • Gain the skill to write in different genres like fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama
  • Get an opportunity to publish your first ebook on every portal




1- What type of creative writing courses in Leeds are more in demand?

Many writing courses are there in the city, you can go for scrip writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, content writing, technical writer, email writer, medical writer (who writes about medicines), social media management, novelist, poet, story writing, and many more.


2- Is creative writing courses in Leeds a good course?

In this digital and creative world, every business needs an advertisement with attractive articles, flyers, or brochures and content writer do their best to full fill their criteria. The market needs a content writer and as the demand increase, it is worth it to be a creative or content writer with the best salary.


3- Is creative writing an easy job?

No job is easy or hard, it’s all up to interest if you are very interested then it is easy to write your thoughts on the sheet of paper in a very good and attractive manner. It can be hard sometimes if you are not very attentive and do not come up with a good and exciting topic to write about. If you are a good writer you are paid well up to 6-7 lakh as a beginner freelancer.



There are many different creative writing courses in Leeds, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. However, one of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to simply keep writing. The more you write, the better you will become at it. There are also a number of different books and resources available on the subject of creative writing, which can be extremely helpful in developing your skills further. If you are serious about becoming a better writer, then taking some time to find the right course for you is definitely worth it.

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