Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur With Placements

Many people have a natural flair for writing and possess good command over language, or are just looking to experiment with non-fiction writing. They tend to look for different ways to express themselves, which are neither too boring nor heavy on a reader’s understanding. Creative writing is not a new trend as people like to read more of the non-academic and non-hardcore journalistic form of writing which typically emphasizes narrative work. Creative writing focuses on many different elements such as narrative, setting, plot and character development, and figurative devices. This article will give you a complete overview of the best creative writing courses in Jaipur.


List of best creative writing courses in Jaipur


Creative writing comes in many forms that appeal to every age and taste of the reader. Any bookstore will provide you with shelves full of choices in fiction writing which is short stories and novel writing. An author is free to choose from a wide array of themes and subgenres to create a realm of his own, populated with relatable and three-dimensional characters.


Similarly, non-fiction writing when written truthfully emphasizes the main character and his life stories, such as a memoir and essays are a great way of gripping the reader’s attention. Screenwriting is another popular way of creating a narrative with dialogues and actions to be commensurate for the audience on television and in movies.


Poetry appeals even to novice writers and makes a beautiful, intricate, and rhythmic piece that enhances a writer’s expressiveness. Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur provide plenty of benefits so that you can engage yourself in the creative pursuit of writing and monetize it by becoming a successful author or playwright.


Educating yourself on the finer nuances of creative writing through a writing course will give you an edge and help upscale your prospects of getting hired. Pink City has witnessed growth spurts and development tremendously in recent years, reaching its nexus to all major training and coaching institutes.


The development started with the setting up of a lot of industries and MNCs which led to the opening of incredible buzzing job options. One such avenue is Creative Writing, which has given people of all ages an edge over writing instinctively. Creating a good repertoire of work requires one to be skilled at using words creatively, and sometimes as asked for in the brief.


Some Tips That Can Help and Save Valuable Time, Especially When There Are Deadlines to Adhere to Are:


  • Read and Read Persistently – There is almost no escaping this one. It’s easier to wave a magic wand, and swish, the work is done. Having a piece on the desk without a bank of resources to scout from is a nearly difficult job, hence read and read persistently.
  • Research and Write – Sometimes in no particular order, this one packs a punch when it comes to making random ideas work.
  • Ability to Work on Deadlines – This is a non-negotiable trait, as most writers write to produce work for an audience to read and appreciate. A writer might also lose credibility for delayed work.
  • Patience and Persistence – Although the craft demands originality and creativity in the same breath, it’s a skill developed with practice.
  • Figurative Language – Use as much figurative language such as metaphors and similes, assonance and personification for your audience to create parallels in their lives.


These are just some of the skills that are prerequisites for an impactful and successful creative writer. Also, staying abreast of the current trends in the industry of your work and writing on an everyday basis helps to develop a natural flair for writing.


Some Institutes Are Offering Both Online and Offline Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur. Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Top Ones:


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the trusted organizations in the industry that has been delivering various industry-oriented programs along with creative writing courses in Jaipur. Thousands of successful candidates have passed out from the institute and achieved their rightful place in the domains of their work.


It is one of the top-rated institutes that boosts trainers that are subject matter experts. Alumni of the institute highly recommend the courses offered by IIM skills; to any new incumbent looking to hone their skills in writing.  Their most popular course is called ‘Content Writing Course’ which teaches all the nuances of content writing along with creative writing as a module.


The institute offers many courses as demanded by the industry including a digital marketing course, advanced SEO course, financial modeling course, and technical writing to train and deliver what is in demand. IIM Skills website is flooded with start-rated reviews, not just for the content writing techniques used by them but also for the intensive internship that prepares a student to work on his feet.


For more details on the creative writing course, pricing, and early bird discounts, check out their website


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2. Infonic Training and Development Centre


Infonic wasn’t conceptualized as a training institute, but rather a scaffolding structure created for its employees as an IT & Digital marketing company in the year 2012. Having experienced difficulty and facing a challenge in hiring manpower for digital marketing, and training them for the job, hence born ‘Infonic’.


They started taking batches of individuals to train for marketing and blogging. Today they are recognized as ISO-certified training institutes fulfilling a vast requirement of trained content writers and carved a niche as top of line creative writing courses in Jaipur. The course is designed keeping both beginners and advanced learners in mind.


Some features that stand out are complete training from novice to advance level, inbuilt internship after the course, 100% job assistance, and competitive fees for a hybrid model of teaching. The course covers complete SEO, e-commerce marketing, Google analytics, lead generation, funnel creation, and social media branding, etc.


The course is prized at Rs.20, 000 and gives access to lifetime alumni support and a chance to earn paid internships after the course.


3. Nestsoft


Nestsoft offers the leading creative writing Courses in Jaipur and is one of the leading institutes that are chased by students for their well-balanced training and course modules. They are focused on creating better creative writers by enhancing writing skills and widening the prospects of work for them.


Their creative writing course includes some very impressive modules that help develop a sense of purpose and drive in creative writers. They focus on developing the grammatical structures, ideation, and how to get publish-ready work as one of the ingredients to create a distinctive line of creative writing courses in Jaipur.


If this is the place/institute that interests you, then visit their website for detailed information on the course (duration and pricing, etc.).


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4. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader is one of the institutes that provide online delivery for its creative writing courses in Jaipur. Their methodology and content have placed many in good places in the job market. Some of the reviews also mention the extremely good way of content delivery, which is easily relatable and also applicable on the job.


Since all the courses are delivered online, so anyone can join from any part of the country. They limit the number of students per batch so that even a novice gets the attention and comprehends like an advanced learner. Trainers are experts in the field therefore they ensure all dimensions of creative writing are explored and delivered.


The main features that have held the institute in good stead are: highly trained and experienced faculty, the module for the course is updated every year, lifetime access and support, and digital tools worth INR 40,000 are free to use. If the above makes you interested in their creative writing courses in Jaipur, then visit the website to enroll and start your learning at the earliest.


5. Pragya Institute of Personality Development


Pragya Institute of Personality Development specializes in soft skills training but also features in one of the most sought-after creative writing courses in Jaipur. Their motto is to develop good personality skills whether it be a government employee, a housewife, a businessman, and a multinational executive, they all need a good personality.


They have some niche courses and programs such as creative writing, public speaking, spoken English, effective communication, business English, etc. People living close by can take advantage of the creative writing courses in Jaipur by registering for their classes at one of their centers.


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6. IGNOU, Jaipur Regional Centre


IGNOU runs a Diploma program in creative writing courses in Jaipur providing understanding, skills, and professional knowledge about the craft of writing. The program has a balanced structure that imparts essential information about the field and also enables a writer to develop their creativity with words.


This program also helps the candidates dabble in imaginative writing and write about feature articles, short stories, and scripts for TV/radio and also writing poetry. Interestingly, this Diploma course is divided into modules that are compulsory but also provide options in terms of which electives to choose.


With each course, a student earns four credits, some of the course modules are general principles of writing, feature writing, writing for media, writing poetry, a short story, and a project. If the idea of having to learn how to better your language writing is thrilling for you, check out their centers close to you or check their website.


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7. Coursera


Although launched on the online platform with the purpose and vision to give learning opportunities to students all around the world. This global e-learning platform has made it possible to gain an education and diploma sitting anywhere in the world. Coursera has partnered with 200 (still counting) leading universities and companies to bring affordable and job-oriented learning to individuals worldwide.


Its creative writing courses in Jaipur are one of the courses sought by both professionals and freshers to upskill themselves. The portal has many skill-oriented certificates and degree programs, as well as hundreds of free courses to take before you can make up your mind. The course fee for any course is divided as per the duration of the course, a learner intends to complete.


But it does offer free trials to gauge if the course is a right fit for you or not. Some of the criteria for choosing the courses on the portal are language, level of difficulty, duration, skills, and preferred partners for content delivery. This is one of the most popular online creative writing courses.


For the creative writing course, there are 22 options from top international universities, depending on the craft to be learned and the skills a learner wants to gain. Each course has its set modules, assignments, and certification process. Check the website for detailed info, pricing of the course, and timelines for each course.


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8. Udemy


Udemy has emerged as yet another popular e-learning platform for creative writing courses in Jaipur and other parts of India as well. It is a competitive platform that offers a wide range of courses and certifications at a very competitive cost. Eren Bali the founder of the Udemy academy leveraged the possibility to educate people within the budget and without unnecessary travel to an institute/ institution.


The instructors use both prerecorded and live video formats for teaching. The content is available in 65 national and international languages. There is a wide range of creative writing courses available on Udemy such as fiction writing, scripting and writing a book, poetry writing playwriting, Novel writing, etc. to choose from.  The added advantage of the money-back guarantee policy and assured certification after completion of a course is among the biggest benefits to the portal.


9. British Council


The British Council is a well-known body that has the highest enrollments for every course that they commence. It is also known for the high standards of trainers that train at various levels of the organization. It is placed cognizant of the fact that India is a land of many languages and cultures therefore language acquisition and flair for writing are a given for many aspiring writers in India.


The faculty are TOEFL trained hence providing the exact feedback, that can help a candidate improve their language skills. It also increases the hiring percentage for a candidate if the certification is backed by an international organization.


Some of the courses provided are creative writing for adults: fostering creativity while developing and enhancing your writing voice, making characters come alive with emotions and dialogues, creating a storyboard to develop your story writing skills, and expressing your thoughts to create poetry. This course offers flexibility in terms of weekdays or weekend batches, therefore encouraging working professionals to take up the course for their skill enhancement.


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10. Henry Harvin


Although there are a plethora of online and offline creative writing courses, the name Henry Harvin garners a lot of attention and adulation in internet reviews. It’s a kind institute that offers both professional and technical courses online in India. Their courses are focused on providing industry-oriented training by enhancing one’s knowledge and skill set.


It is one of the first courses with an international ranking. They create empowering assignments that help expand the horizon of language for a writer by focusing on improving one’s technique for writing using a lot of figurative language. The course is designed to exponentially harvest creative writing thinking and writing in all four genres (fiction, Nonfiction, Drama, and poetry).


It emphasizes visualizing a thought of how it would run like a movie scene to scene and the progression of a story from the beginning, the climax to resolution. The students are polished to write in an industry-specific manner upholding the habits of a creative thinker and writer.


The creative writing course at henry Harvin includes: Initiating creative writing, literary and figurative elements and techniques, Script writing, poetry writing, fiction writing, and story writing, complimentary modules include – soft skills training and resume writing as compulsory modules.




Q1. What is Creative Writing?

Ans: Writing that is typically based on the writer’s imagination and follows his thoughts to weave a written piece. Literature and poetry are well-known forms of this type of writing.


Q2. Who is eligible for taking the course?

Ans: Anyone who is interested in writing, wants to enhance his language skills, and is looking for a platform to publish their thoughts is eligible to take up the course.


Q3. Why taking up a creative writing course is important?

Ans: By taking up a creative writing course, one’s thought process becomes more skilled and polished to the extent of publishing on paper or on the internet. They will get an insight into the technical know-how of published writing for readers.


Q4. Do creative writing courses provide internship opportunities?

Ans: Yes, all the institutes have industry tie-ups such as IIM skills, that provide directions to help build your portfolio and craft your first e-book. After the successful completion of the course, they provide internship opportunities to work on real projects for implementation of the skills picked up during the course.


Q5. What are the career options after doing creative writing courses?

Ans. Career opportunities are plenty for people who are skilled and know their craft well. After completion of the course, one can work as a content creator, scriptwriter, copywriter, screenwriter, social media writer, content writer, marketing specialist, and ghostwriter.


Q6. Do jobs require a full-time commitment, or remote jobs are also available after the creative writing Courses?

Ans. The jobs are both remote as well as onsite. The organization recruits writers based on its area of expertise and area of operations. Some organizations with an international presence also offer remote jobs to people all across the globe. But some of the national firms prefer to keep resident writers on short or long-term contracts in their regional offices.


Q7. What are some of the skills that a creative writer is expected to have?

Ans. Creative writing is an abstraction of thoughts and ideas, therefore having a voice (point of view), thinking critically, and articulating your thoughts to suit the tonality of the written piece are some of the subskills to becoming a successful writer.




In concluding the above discussion here, a creative writing course serves as the tool to build a strong language base and take your career forward by enhancing your creative writing skills. So far, the details covered above were mainly about the best creative writing courses. Now is the time to choose your ideal course and start learning because the first step towards success is realizing where you are and where you want to be. These courses are renowned and most preferred by students, yet apply your discretion before making a choice. The key to making it in the content and creative writing field is to practice writing every day on various topics to develop a natural flair for writing.

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