Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow With Certificates

Writing that displays imagination and invention can be called creative writing. Creative writing, from the word itself we can easily understand, is writing something creative from our imagination. The big news about this is we all have one imaginary world, we would also like to write them but are in a confusion about how to compile or even what to do with our imagination. Have you ever imagined you can earn money through your imagination via creative writing? In this post, I will act as a guide for you from start to finish about the creative writing courses in Glasgow.


List of best creative writing courses in Glasgow


What is Creative Writing?


Apart from normal and formal writing, the others can be named creative writing. This is not a form of traditional writing such as formal writing, professional writing, academic writing, etc. Creative writing is totally based on our imagination and innovation. This is a type of writing that shows how we can express ourselves to the world.


In other words, this can also be told based on your own point of view whether it’s good or bad, it’s completely up to you. Creative writing does not have any specific or particular structure like the formal writing style. It is wholly based on what and how we think and develop it.


Creative writing speaks about one’s imagination, and emotion, or gives a message to society. Creative writing does create a strong visual in the reader’s or viewers’ mind that triggers their emotions which will just stand in their memory for a very long period of time or sometimes forever. Creative writing courses in Glasgow have to be explored to be enjoyed.


Examples of Creative Writing


I will now list out a few examples of creative writing to make you all understand more clearly. And all these are well-known ones such as :


  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Novels :
  • Screenplay :
  • TV Shows :
  • Writing a lyric for a song :
  • Blogging:


To make it more interesting I would also like to give two classic examples of creative writing. One is the series that we watch on our television and another one is the cinema/movie that we watch on big screens. Both have stories and it is imagination or a creation of an individual person.


Necessities of Creative Writing


There are some points to knowing whether it’s creative writing. They are :


  • The description is done from the point of view
  • Must engage readers through the narrative structure and manner
  • Sort of eagerness has to be created


Elements of Creative Writing


When we bring up inventive writing as told there’s fully no specific format. But the purpose of this inventive writing is to speak via emotions, and feelings, and share a message with society.  These components are literally useful associate enticing that may produce enthusiasm and tension to the readers if they’re placed and designed in an excellent manner.


Some of the elements are given below :


  • Action – step-by-step way of how the story is being carried
  • Character sketch – to bring out the soul from both inner and outer ways
  • Dialogue – verbal contact between the characters
  • Plot – perfect timing and space for the act
  • Scene – expressive way in a story
  • Pacing – speed of the story
  • Setting – time and place the scene will take place
  • Tone – creator’s attitude to bringing the story
  • voice – expressing the story

What Must Be Thought of for an Honest Piece of Inventive Writing?


The very first thing that must be notable for this is often there’s no specific kind of ‘good piece’ inventive writing as mentioned earlier. This inventive writing is completely an artless method with all the changes and events. Creative writing doesn’t solely depend upon just one genre, an ingenious author will write or do his works in any range and any genre a private needs.


Let me give you all some ideas to make your creative writing a good piece. If you think that my concepts can work for you, attempt to get pleasure from the results.


  • Recognize your audience
  • Make a note of everything you know
  • Open your creative thinking
  • Move forward in your innovativeness


Perquisites of Creative Writing :


In this post, we’ve currently mentioned creative writing, its examples, requirements, etc. Now, it is time to grasp one thing even additional fascinating, essentially it can not be told as perquisites however an excellent blessing and a bonus.



Yes, this creative writing has one more extra profit that it may be done from home additionally. You are doing this creative writing as employment from your home at the convenience of your comfort as a freelancer. Creative writing is of nice and large demand globally. You may be paid in line with the market trends, demand, and opinions of your audience.


The main objective to join creative writing courses in Glasgow is you will know all the opportunities to freelance and sell your works at the best rate. Here you’ll write a book, poem, story, novel, etc, and publish each online and offline. Not solely that during this modern times you will do that as a full-time job or additionally half-time job too.


Is Creative Writing Coached?


Now you’ll assume as we tend to mention throughout the post that creative writing doesn’t need any coaching or there’s no set of rules, methodology, etc. however currently we tend to raise an issue of whether or not creative writing is being coached and whether or not it’ll be useful and extremely necessary?


The answer to the top question is affirmative. There are unit categories being coached and instructed for creative writing. You can be coached on Creative writing courses in Glasgow which will have more exposure for your future.


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What is a Creative Writing Course?


Depending on what creative writing courses in Glasgow aim to show can provide the definition that is often determined. The course provides complete data on creative writing and conjointly provides you with higher placement and freelancing choices and opportunities. With the ability of creative writing, the course will also teach you all the possible and potential ways to earn cash.


They conjointly can teach you all the important fundamentals of creative writing like:

  • Come to a choice once, wherever and the way to jot down
  • Upgrade your creative thinking and imagination
  • Develop the master type of writing to avoid mistakes
  • Techniques and approaches to commercialism for your writing work
  • Legal work


For this reason, creative writing courses in Glasgow are an expansive point to recognize.


What is Educated in Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow?


Creative writing teaches a way to write and not what to jot down. It’s our creative thinking, imagination, originality, etc. The work we tend to do should produce some form of impact on the audience; it will be even anger, happiness, anxiety, excitement, etc. The major one that is educated within the creative writing course isn’t only one type or style of writing. All sorts of writing like poems, short stories, articles, non-fiction books, biographies, reviews, religious, inspirational, humor, horror, etc. Another advantage of obtaining training is we will be educated with a broader vocabulary.


Modes of Creative Writing Course :


Interest would currently be raised to review this course professionally once it will offer you financial gain right. Yes, once this course is being studied additionally, in a professional way, you will conjointly earn and can have scope towards several areas of creative writing.


As a beginner, this course can assist you to gain a huge amount of data and assist you to build a future for yourself and shine. When we point out the modes on how we can study this course professionally, the courses are often taken both online and offline. This course can be taken in the comfort of your own time.


Ways to Improve Creative Writing :


As we have a tendency to already grasp, there’s no correct structure for creative writing, however, undoubtedly will recommend many ways to enhance creative writing. A number of the ways are as follows :


  • Determine the pattern of creative writing
  • Gain knowledge from creative writing classes
  • Cast an eye over creative writing books
  • Pay attention to writing blogs and posts
  • Practice


Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow :


Glasgow is a city in Scotland. It is the 4th most popular city in the United Kingdom. And also ranked as the 27th largest city for its population in Europe. Glasgow is also a major center for higher and academic research. Glasgow gives so much importance to the creative writing courses and they are high scale paid jobs too. Both online and offline creative writing courses in Glasgow are available.


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List of Institutes That Undertake Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow:


Creative writing classes are given huge importance in Glasgow, Scotland.  Both online and offline classes are available. Here I will provide you with a list of institutes that provide this course both online and offline. The best institutes that provide creative writing classes in Glasgow are as follows :


1. IIM Skills:


IIM Skills is a web-based stage that has taught over 15,000 students and is rated 5 stars. They guarantee first-class instruction that is not restricted by geographic area. IIM Skills is established and based in India. IIM Skills has proven to be the most competent and consistent company when it comes to providing quality training.


Their specialty is skill enhancement courses that help people reach their level of talent and mentoring skills. Billed as one of the most incredible internet-based platforms for providing ongoing direction to training with realistic material that can be learned for a lifetime. IIM Skills students, for the most part, have consistently tested with great skills as their courses are considered top-notch skilled development courses.


IIM Skills has monopolized its origins with Creative writing courses in Glasgow, named “Content Writing Course“. Let’s see how this applies.


  • IIM Skills has been at the forefront of web-based training systems.
  • Their content writing courses are among the best and unlike any other institution.
  • Together with their master guides on site, they practice and develop their trades, bringing true knowledge to the business.
  • An address that is both intelligent and insightful.
  • Students are seen as necessary.
  • Lifetime access to school materials.
  • However, it can be added at any time with the direction of the tutor. Valid IIM skills and certification from an expert.
  • Arrangements open doors and temporary job programs prepare for future occupations.


It intends to spread education in finance, economics, presentations, business offices, etc., as well as courses to enhance expertise. The main advantage of IIM Skills is that the IIM Skills website is transparent and contains all the other information you need.


Creative writing courses in Glasgow with IIM Skills will include the following perks in their curriculum :

  • 4 weeks of live online creative writing courses
  • 3 months guaranteed internship
  • Lifetime support [Consulting & technical]
  • Portfolio development for freelance/job
  • Publishing your first ebook on Kindle, Google books
  • Publishing your first press release on Online News Portal
  • Publish your first blog for platforms like Times of India


IIM Skills is a budget-friendly institution for creative writing courses in Glasgow. The course is charged at 162.16 Pound sterling only. Enroll with IIM Skills creative writing courses in Glasgow and start your journey towards becoming a creative writer


You can contact IIM Skills:

Contact number : +91- 9911839503



2. University of Glasgow


The University of Glasgow is the first-rate desire for every person who’s inquisitive about innovative writing guides in Glasgow. Founded in the mid-15th century, it’s far one of the oldest universities in the English-talking world. The University of Glasgow has thrilling records. It has become a pioneer in the area of training, whilst it more and more commenced offering training towards the not unusual place peoples in the nineteenth century.


Prior to this, universities catered especially to the top class. Returning to the prevailing age, for decades now, Glasgow has constantly ranked among many of the pinnacle one hundred universities withinside the world, in step with respectable surveyors along with Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) and CWTS Leiden. If you turn out to be an alumnus of the University of Glasgow, you’ll discover yourself in august company.


Alumni of the college consist of a few critical historic figures, inclusive of 3 former British high ministers (Henry Campbell-Bannerman, William Lamb, and Bonar Law), Scottish first ministers (Donald Dewar and Nicola Sturgeon), and a signatory to the American announcement of independence (James Wilson), except different outstanding figures from fields as numerous as economics, physics, and medicine, 8 of whom are Nobel prize recipients.


The University of Glasgow gives a post-graduate M Litt. (Master of letters) diploma in innovative writing, each full-time (12 months) and part-time (24 months). The direction is likewise provided online. According to the college of Glasgow website, their innovative writing direction places emphasis on each embracing new principles and strategies and connecting with the records of various genres of writing.


Their innovative writing direction is rather acclaimed. The college has tutors and college students from all around the world, lending a worldwide taste to their innovative writing department. They train traditional sorts of innovative writing along with essays, novels, translations, etc, and additionally inspire their college students to test and provide you with new sorts of writing.


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3. Coursera :


Coursera is the worldwide chief regard to offering first-rate schooling online. The founders of Coursera are ex-Stanford University professors, so it’s no wonder that the first-rate guides are top-notch. Courses on all practicable topics may be determined right here, from arts and arts to technological know-how and era and commercial enterprise and accounting.


They have tie-ups with Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and different world-famed universities. A number of top guides on innovative writing may be determined on Coursera. A few of those are indexed below: –


  • Creative writing with the aid of using Wesleyan University
  • Sharpened Visions: A poetry workshop with the aid of using the California Institute of the arts
  • Scriptwriting: Write a plot episode for a TV or internet collection with the aid of using Michigan State University
  • Write your first novel with the aid of using Michigan State university
  • Transmedia Storytelling


As it is easy to see, all elements of innovative writing are blanketed on Coursera. A bonus is that some of those guides are absolutely free. You need to pay if you want to buy a certificate at the end of the course. Due to the excessive first-rate in their guides, I might advocate Coursera to everybody searching out creative writing courses in Glasgow.


4. Stanford University:


Stanford can also be a call that wants no introduction. Counted the various maximum prestigious universities withinside the earth, Stanford school can also additionally nicely be a dream space for college kids from across the earth. Those following a direction in revolutionary writing are going to be excited to recognize that Stanford school gives online revolutionary writing publications and workshops.


The teachers at Stanford rectangular measure eminent journalists, playwrights, and novelists, therefore school college students and the World Health Organization take in revolutionary writing publications at Stanford and receives the benefit of the non-public fancy of human beings who’ve been there. All genres of revolutionary writing rectangular measure knowledge at university. All those interested in creative writing courses in Glasgow must check out Stanford University.


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5. Henry Harvin :


Henry Harvin is one of the main carriers of schooling & advisory services. Henry Harvin has been operational when you consider that July 2013 having places of work throughout 11+ towns in US, India & UAE (such as Fremont (San Francisco Bay Area, USA), Dubai Mainland (UAE), Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi, Chandigarh) with a sturdy group of 400+ personnel and 650+ consultants.


Having a portfolio of 400+ upskilling and reskilling schooling packages throughout 27+ categories, Henry Harvin has educated 3,00,000+ individuals, conducts 7000+ classes/month, and is a registered schooling dealer to greater than 210+ corporates out of 900+ company customers and 130+ faculties throughout the globe.


Their enterprise verticals consist of schooling solutions (for individuals, corporates & faculties), advisory services, staffing solutions, books & pick instructional solutions.




1. Can I become a published writer?

The answer is Yes. you can also become a published writer if you can follow the below steps :

  • Come to a decision about the type of genre of your work
  • Call upon for feedback
  • Arrange for the submission of your work
  • Work with an agent who can find a publisher for your work
  • Publish your writing


2. What will be the annual average remuneration for creative writers in India and in Glasgow?

Creative Content Writer remuneration in India ranges from ₹ 2.0 Lakhs to ₹ 7.0 Lakhs with a mean annual remuneration of ₹ 3.7 Lakhs. Remuneration estimates are based on 86 salaries received from Creative Content Writers. Creative Content Writer remuneration in India with less than 1 year of experience to 9 years ranges from ₹ 2.0 Lakhs to ₹ 7.0 Lakhs with an average annual remuneration of ₹ 3.7 Lakhs based on 86 salaries. The average remuneration for a writer is £31,655 per year in Scotland.


3. How much will a freelancer earn in this career?

Freelance Writer remuneration in India ranges between ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 8.0 Lakhs with an average annual remuneration of ₹ 4.0 Lakhs. Remuneration estimates are based on 316 salaries received from Freelance Writers. Freelance Writer remuneration in India with less than 1 year of experience to 11 years ranges from ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 8.0 Lakhs with an average mean annual remuneration of ₹ 4.0 Lakhs based on 316 salaries. The average remuneration for a freelance writer is £10.55 per hour in Scotland. The average remuneration for a freelance writer is £19,812 per year in Scotland.


4. Is this course in demand in Glasgow and also globally?

Employment of writers and authors is projected to grow 9 percent from 2020 to 2030, fast regarding as quick because of the average for all occupations.




The written phrase has been around for ages. The reality that a number of the first-rate-cherished literary classics are masses of years vintage is a testimony to the durability of well-written prose and poetry. So, when you have innate writing talent, one of the above-indexed innovative writing publications in Glasgow will complement it with beneficial sensible understanding and provide you with a talent set as a way to feed you for life. Experienced mentors will now no longer best assist you to sharpen your skills, however, they’ll additionally convey you up to the mark on first-rate practices, enterprise standards, and winning marketplace trends.


Their insights about the alternative will gain you immensely. Also, with the arrival of the internet, there’s now an explosion of facts and content material online. The net has a voracious urge for food for brand spanking new content material, and the inevitable want to meet that starvation has created an entire host of professional possibilities for the brand new era of writers. The proper steerage will position you in a function to take complete benefit of those possibilities. Aside from the plain financial benefits, innovative writing publications in Glasgow will even assist you to develop intellectually, decorate your wondering capacity, and increase your personality.


You will discover ways to deeply approximately numerous topics, provide you with thought-scary insights, and specific yourself in an enticing manner that immediately arrests people’s attention. So, stop losing time. An innovative writing route from any of the above vendors will, in no time, have you ever scribbled away furiously with pen and paper (or tapping away furiously on the keyboard). Get enrolled these days and permit your phrases to turn out to be bread. Why are you Waiting, when you can also start a future in creative writing? Let’s start writing.

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