Top 7 Content Writing Courses in the Philippines With Placements

Content writing is not just art, it is also science. Creating, customizing, writing, editing, and publishing material on the internet or any other digital format is known as content writing or content marketing. As the world has turned toward the utmost utilization of digital communication, the demand for digital marketing has undoubtedly increased. Content writing is a component of digital marketing. However, the elements of content writing go way beyond the aspects of marketing strategies. If you are keen on entering the digital marketing profession and are interested in content writing, you are reading the right article. Find here the best content writing courses in the Philippines.


List of best content writing courses in the Philippines


Content is crucial for marketing. The demand for content writers has seemingly increased in the past year as per 2022 research. This article will be giving you a clear idea about content writing, the types, benefits, scope, and career opportunities, and a list of the top content writing courses in the Philippines you could choose from. 


The Types of Content Writing

The term “content writing” refers to a wide range of writing forms, each with an individual purpose and targeting a particular demographic. Listed below are some popular forms of content writing that you will be mastering if you enroll in content writing courses in the Philippines:


  • Blog Posts: A blog post is typically a written essay posted in the blogs section of a website. There is no specific format to these types of articles as they could be an informative, educational guide, a news piece, or one with a storyline. The body of the blog posts contains links to higher domains that ultimately result in lead generation. 


  • Website Content: Any content you see on a web page or a website is called web content. It could be presented as text, audio, video, images, and other forms of media that enhance the web user experience. A big part of content creation depends on the website’s eye-catching and attractive elements. 


  • Social Media Posts: Any content published on social media platforms is referred to as a social media post. Social media serves to engage the company’s customers online, acquire information, and introduction to the goods and services of the business. The content on social media can be created by the public, organizations, and influencers. The best content writing courses in the Philippines will give you the right training on creating the right social media posts. 


  • SEO Content: Search engine optimization is a digital marketing process relating to ranking businesses on a search engine browser, which is mostly Google. Optimized content is one that leads a potential client to the website of your company. Hence, creating sales and leads for the organization. SEO content is typically any type of information that exists online and can be accessed on the web. 


  • Product Description: A marketing copy that explains and describes a product’s features and benefits is called a product description. A product description’s main objective is to give the required details to the potential buyers. It could be about the product’s qualities and advantages that influence them to make a purchase. Writing an adequate product description ends with a good call to action. The tips and techniques will be offered to you by the best content writing courses in the Philippines. 


  • Technical Writing: Technical writing is the creation of technical information with a practical focus, particularly in relation to industrial and other applied sciences. The audiences and users of technical writing vary greatly. Some examples of technical writing in content writing courses in the Philippines include employee handbooks, user manuals, standard operating procedures (SOP), help files for software, troubleshooting manuals, and legal disclaimers. 


  • Copywriting: Writing text that increases consumer interest in a product or service is known as copywriting. It is a component of marketing or advertising in the digital media. A great deal of written and digital media, such as blog posts, newsletters, and adverts, use basic copywriting. Content writing courses in the Philippines give proper training on copywriting apprehension. The ultimate goal of copywriting is to convert potential buyers into loyal consumers. 


  • Press Release: A press release is a formal statement that could be either written or recorded. It is a document that a company releases to the public, including the news media. It could also be termed as a “press statement”, “news release”, or “media release”, which all carry the same fundamental idea. 


  • Whitepapers: An organization that offers or plans to offer a solution, product, or service can distribute a white paper as a source of information to highlight or promote its features. White papers are also used to present legislation and policies from the government and to poll the public. Content writing courses in the Philippines are sure to take you through this section on documenting white papers. 
  • Case Studies: A case study is a piece of material that a company publishes that describes how it successfully dealt with a client’s (or customer’s) issue. Case studies are a component of a marketing plan to advertise a company’s services to prospective customers.


  • News Articles: A news article is a type of writing that gives the reader brief, accurate information. News reports frequently cover notable current events, such as legislation, statements, announcements, education, discoveries or research, election outcomes, public health, sports, and the arts. News article writing is also content writing as it is published on the web. 


These are only a few types of content writing. There are more ways of providing content writing services that vary based on the demands of different industries and platforms. It is utilized for presenting information as well. 


Tips to Boost The Quality of Your Content:

  • Create original content with proper research and add your personal touch. Go beyond what you find online. 
  • Never forget to optimize your content in the right manner so that the search engine can rank your content. 
  • Develop an attractive opening statement that will act as a hook to catch attention.
  • Come up with different strategies to engage your target audience on a variety of platforms and demographics. 
  • Make sure to incorporate multimedia elements into your content like images, videos, and graphics. This will give your work visual enhancement. 
  • Use relevant calls-to-action buttons or links that will assist your company in lead generation. 
  • Always remember that proofreading and editing your content over and over is a great content writing practice. 
  • Include quotes from successful leaders or mentors to add density and value to your content. 
  • Experiment with distinctive and various angles.
  • Motivate and drive your readers to keep coming back for more.
  • Always add examples wherever applicable.


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Top Content Writing Courses in the Philippines

Content writing is now considered an essential skill in professional digital marketing. The development of the digital realm has changed how people communicate and acquire information. Several well-known online learning platforms are providing thorough content writing courses that serve aspiring writers in the Philippines in an effort to tackle the increasing need for good quality content. The features, advantages, and importance of the content writing courses available in the Philippines will be discussed in this section. Relating to how it empowers Filipino writers and opens up fascinating possibilities in the field of technology.  




Phone: +91 95807 40740 


IIM Skills is one of India’s fastest-growing online education platforms. The headquarters of the company is located in New Delhi. They claim to have been established across  23 Asian cities, including Dubai & Singapore and offer services in the financial, marketing, data, and educational sectors. IIM Skills allows lifetime access to digital marketing tools and learning materials.

The Master Content Writing Course provided by this domain is composed of 8 weeks of live online training, and 2 months of internship with the company post the completion of the course. They have successful and dedicated placement support. At the end of the course, you will have built a ‘rock solid’ portfolio for yourself with professional assistance from the faculty at IIM Skills.  

You get to learn these 30 different types of writing skills: WordPress, Keyword Research, Blogging, Article Writing, Press Release, Product Description, Business Listing, Commercial Page, E-book, Book Review, Copy Writing, Video Script, SOP, Resume, Portfolio, Email Writing, Social Media Writing, Instructional Booklet, Brochures, Flyers, Infographic, Technical Writing 101, Legal Writing, Research Papers, White Papers, SEO On-Page & Off-Page, Publishing A Book (Live), Writing For Times of India, How to Sell Content Writing Services, Search Console & Web Analytics, Affiliate Marketing & Adsense.


The curriculum includes:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Content Writing
  • Module 2: WordPress Web Development
  • Module 3: Digital Content (Blogging, Articles, Web pages)
  • Module 4: Copywriting
  • Module 5: Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 6: Email Writing
  • Module 7: Writing for Social Media and Video Scripts
  • Module 8: Creative Writing
  • Module 9: SOP and Business Listing
  • Module 10: Legal Writing
  • Module 11: Technical Writing 101
  • Module 12: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Module 13: Content Marketing
  • Module 14: Affiliate Marketing and Adsense 
  • Module 15: Freelance Content Writing 
  • Module 16: Resume Writing


2.  UP Open University:  


Phone: (+6349) 536-6001 to 06 local 710


  There are numerous campuses for the University of the Philippines spread out over the whole country. Metro Manila’s Quezon City is home to the UP Diliman main campus. UP Manila, UP Los Baos, UP Visayas, UP Mindanao, and other universities are among the other campuses. In the Philippines, there is a public system of research universities called the University of the Philippines (UP).

It is sometimes referred to as UP and is the nation’s national university. Since its establishment on June 18, 1908, the university system has grown to be one of the top centers of learning in the nation. There are various undergraduate and postgraduate programs available:


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research: A course in UP Diliman’s Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research program covers writing for multiple media platforms as well as other communication-related topics. Students can pick up skills in writing for digital media, journalism, and content development.
  • Certificate in Professional Writing: The UP Open University (UPOU) certificate program’s objective is to improve students’ writing abilities in business settings. It covers a range of professional writing styles, including business writing, technical writing, and content writing.
  • Short Courses and Various Work Shops: Frequently, the University of the Philippines offers short courses and workshops on content writing and related subjects. These are often provided by certain university departments or centers, like the Department of English and Comparative Literature or the College of Mass Communication. These workshops may concentrate on a variety of writing-related topics, including copywriting, creative writing, journalism, and writing for digital platforms.


3. Hubspot Acamedy

Phone: + 1 888 HUBSPOT (+1 888 482 7768)


HubSpot is a platform that comes under the list of leading providers of inbound marketing, sales, and customer support software. Since its founding in 2006, HubSpot has developed into an established brand in the marketing and sales sector. By offering tools and resources for inbound marketing, which focuses on producing great content and experiences to attract and engage potential consumers, the company’s objective is to assist businesses in attracting, engaging, and satisfying customers.

There are several courses and certifications available on HubSpot that are related to content marketing. However, there isn’t one specifically for content writing. They provide courses that cover different aspects of inbound marketing and content development.


  • Content Marketing: The essentials of content marketing are covered in this course, including designing an effective content strategy, comprehending buyer personas, and producing interesting content. Additionally, it emphasizes measuring and promoting content.
  • Inbound Marketing: A more comprehensive range of inbound marketing-related subjects, such as content generation, social media promotion, lead nurturing, and conversion optimization, are covered in HubSpot’s inbound marketing course. It offers suggestions for producing quality content as part of an overall inbound marketing plan.
  • Writing for SEO: Although not limited to content writing, this course on writing for SEO will teach you the fundamentals of SEO and how to create material that ranks highly in search engine results. It covers conducting keyword research, on-page optimization, and producing content that is SEO-friendly. HubSpot Content Strategy Certification: This program helps you create a thorough plan for producing and distributing content by delving further into content strategy. Content production frameworks, audience targeting, and content promotion are just a few of the many facets of content marketing that are covered.


4. Coursera

The online learning platform Coursera offers a wide range of courses, specializations, and degree programs from renowned schools and institutions all around the world. In order to offer accessible and flexible education to people all around the world, Coursera was founded in 2012. Ng and Koller, the site’s creators, set out to create a platform that would open up elite courses from prestigious colleges to a wider audience. 

This resulted from realizing how online education can democratize education and reach learners worldwide. They attempted to give courses, learning opportunities, and chances for skill development through the use of technology. The most well-liked Coursera courses for content writing in the Philippines are listed below:

  • “Writing Professional Emails and Memos” by the University of California, Irvine
  • “Writing in the Sciences” by Stanford University
  • “SEO Training Course by Moz” by Moz
  • “Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot” by Wesleyan University
  • “Writing Professional Emails and Memos (Project-Centered Course)” by the University of California, Irvine


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5. MyCaptain

MyCaptain provides three- to six-month-long, short-term online courses in a variety of subjects, including coding, writing, entrepreneurship, photography, cinematography, graphic design, music, and more. Industry experts and professionals who function as guides to the students create and teach these courses. The “Captains,” or mentors, lead and encourage the students through the learning process by giving them personalized comments, imparting useful knowledge, and guiding them toward laying a solid foundation in their field of study.

It is a tech company founded in the year 2016 by 3 young Indian entrepreneurs. Their main aim has been to fill the gap between theory and practicality. MyCaptain offers a professional content writing and copywriting course instructed by expert ‘captains’, which is a 4 month-long course. Understanding the writing process, delivering compelling stories, grammar and language usage, conducting research and fact-checking, content marketing methods, and platform-specific content optimization are just a few of the topics that may be covered in the content writing course provided by MyCaptain. They have:

  • A structured curriculum
  • Certification with international acknowledgment
  • Pre-recorded video lessons
  • Personal feedback and guidance
  • Course curated from renowned corporations namely- Google, Zomato, Rapido, Ogilvy, Schbang, Radio Mirchi, TTT, and more. 


6. Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI):

PCCI is a well-known and recognized organization that provides various creative and digital arts training programs in the Philippines. Philippine Centre for Creative Imaging (PCCI) offers a well-structured content writing course in the Philippines. Since its founding in 1998, PCCI is growing to become a market leader in providing specialized training programs and workshops for candidates looking to enter the fields of photography, graphic design, web development, video production, and other creative fields.

The majority of PCCI’s courses are provided in person at their training camps in the Philippines. However, they might also provide online or hybrid training options, particularly due to the modifications in teaching strategies brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


7. Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin or HH is yet another Asian education company that is a provider of various postgraduate certifications along with professional training. The company focuses on skill enhancement and development programs for individuals as well as organizations. Henry Harvin offers courses in a broad range of fields of study, like project management, finance, data analytics, digital marketing, and content writing. These programs are intended to provide students with the real-world information and abilities that organizations are looking for. Henry Harvin has come up with very pragmatic content writing courses available in the Philippines.

The course is compiled of four genres of skilled writing. With the use of idioms, similes, metaphors, dialogue, and other literary tools, this creative writing course aims to enhance your writing techniques. The students gradually improve their creative writing abilities and exhibit the appropriate writing rules. The course includes a ‘9 in 1’ curriculum:


  • 24 hours of two-way live online, interactive classroom sessions.
  • Facility to undergo projects in creating stories, fiction writing, script writing, and more.
  • Internship assistance to gain practical experience of the course learnings.
  • Get certification of Certified Creative Writing Course from Henry Harvin, recognized by the government of India & Award-winning institutes.
  • 100% placement guarantee support for 1 year after the successful completion.
  • E-Learning access with abundant tools and techniques, video content, assessments, and more.
  • Regular boot camps and workshops.
  • Free access to #AskHenry hackathons and competitions
  • Get 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy for the Certified Creative Writing Course.




What is a Content Writing course?

Content writing is the process of creating content that you see digitally or even in print form. It could be in the form of anything from text, images, videos social media posts, and more. A content writing course in the Philippines will train you to develop the correct writing skills and content creation for marketing and for acquiring information. 


How much does a Content Writing Course cost in the Philippines?

A content writing course cost could vary from 20-25k Philippine pesos depending on the duration and the authorized tools. The course is available mostly online. You might come across different types of courses that could be a quick workshop or a 6-month long comprehensive, professional course. 


What does a Content Writing Course typically cover?

The subjects covered in a content writing course include SEO writing, headline writing, content strategy, content marketing, and social media writing. Various content formats, such as blog posts, essays, whitepapers, and case studies, will also be taught. Choosing a good content writing course in the Philippines is crucial to meet your unique career requirements.


What jobs can I apply for after taking a Content Writing Course in the Philippines?

After doing a certification course in content writing, these job roles could be apt for you- Social media manager, Research writer, Medical writer, technical writer, copywriter, blogger, freelancer, creative writer, business writer, web content writer, content editor and proofreader, and others.  



There are specialized Content Writing courses in the Philippines. These are available depending on the writing format. Some fall under the heading of creative writing. Even though most writing genres are included in creative writing, one must be careful when selecting a course. Market-specific content creation tries to influence public opinion or sell commodities or services. Other sections of content writing could include discussing a social cause, offering opinions on hot issues, sharing fascinating travel tales, and much more. ‘Digital Writing’ or ‘Online Writing’ is one of the most well-liked types of content writing for authors these days. If you are currently in the Philippines and are someone who loves to write, create content, and is interested in unlocking a career in the field of digital marketing, then you should, without a doubt, enroll in content writing courses in the Philippines.

The demand for professional content creators has now seemingly increased. The pay grade has also improved for the field of technology and advancement as the world is going more and more digital. The courses that are available and are mentioned above enable prospective writers to achieve personal as well as professional success by obtaining the necessary tools in content writing. Such as writing for various platforms, understanding the workings of SEO, improving your research and editing skills, encouraging your creativity, and creating opportunities for networking. Before enrolling in any content writing courses in the Philippines, make sure that the course content, instructor credentials, and student feedback fit your specific and personal learning objectives.

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