Best BAT Ecology Courses: BAT Survey Training

Bats play an essential role in the conservation of the environment. Some bats eat harmful insects, and mosquitos; they reduce the use of pesticides and insecticides; benefit agriculture indirectly. Predators also consume bats and sustain their life. Important organisms in the ecosystem. Many harmful viruses spread from bats caused a pandemic in 2002, 1990’s and now the novel SARS Covid 19 first affected Wuhan and devastated the whole world with different variants. Still, some traces of variants are affecting the human being.


Thus, bats have both positive and negative impacts on the environment. Now bats are becoming an endangered species. They play a prominent role in the food chain and ecosystem. How to conserve this bat species? Bat ecology courses will provide a systematic study of bat species, habits, habitat; their positive and negative impact on the environment.


Introduction to Bats and Bat Ecology Courses:


Introduction to bats is one of the important bat ecology courses. It gives a basic understanding of the bat morphology, physiology, anatomy, environment, living habits, habitat, and roost sites. This course will be the starting for the batman and women to obtain bat licenses after taking successful surveys.


The Content You Learn in This Course:


  • Bat anatomy, physiology, and its relationship with other mammals
  • Bat biology covers adaptation or acclimatization to changing environments, life strategies, behavior, sensations, and physiological adeptness 
  • Reproduction characteristics and pup caring
  • Bat food intake, feeding behavior, and echoing
  • Bat adaptations to various seasons, nest or roost sites, hibernation, and maternal and paternal colonies
  • Conservation of bats from threats like habitat or roost losses, bat pup losses, the effect of pesticides, invasion of other species- bat predators, and human invasion
  • Bat and its diseases
  • Bat and the law for protection to obtain a licenses


The course will be delivered in the form of a video. The duration of one lecture will take from one to one and half an hour with the intermittent survey should take on its own to gain knowledge practically. After completion of the above course, you will be tested to analyze your knowledge in the form of a quiz.


It is based on your learning from this course. 70% of marks will be basic entry-level to obtain a bat license certificate. The certificate will be provided at the end based on your performance in the test. To become a talented batman or woman, one has to spend more time on surveys to understand the theoretical part practically.



9975 INR or 105-pound sterling if you book online, they will give a coupon based on that it will reduce to 9025 INR or 95-pound sterling this includes taxes.


Bat and Different Types of Surveys


Bat and different types of surveys provide a way to record and collect information on bat habitats and roost sites. They train you to record the information while walking along a route using bat detectors to capture every movement and sound of bat species to changing environments at different seasons.


Different types of survey techniques will be used to record the sound and movement of bats. They teach you to observe and record the bat’s behavior with the help of bat detectors. They give you a profound understanding and training about both transect and emergence surveys.


Course Overview:


This Course Contains Three Videos:


  • The first video teaches about the transect and emergence survey. How to observe the bats? How to initiate the survey? What kind of survey to use? At what time is the survey carried out? What kind of attire and precautionary measure is taken before conducting the survey? How to use the bat detector equipment for capturing the sounds and bad behavior? 
  • The second video teaches how to conduct an emergence survey. They provide you with an ecology veteran with 20 years of experience in ecology study who will teach you about this survey. How does the bat emerge? What kind of situations or seasons are suitable for this? Which equipment is suitable to record the emergence of bats? 
  • The third video practically provides you with virtual knowledge of the transect survey. The timing to do a survey, how to take care of bat and bat roost sites, which route this survey carries, and how to use the detectors, this survey will be carried out at a field or woodland site.


These three videos give you an overview of surveying outside of the roost site.


Other Courses for Enhancing the Survey Knowledge:


  1. Introduction to bats- you study different bat species, ecology, adaptation, legislation, conservation, and more under this topic.
  2. Surveying buildings for bats- you learn to do surveys inside the buildings, droppings, and recording surveys inside and outside the building. A survey from different seasons gives an elaborate view of bat behavior.
  3. Bats and trees relation- how do the trees help the bats? Mutual relation between the trees and bats. Roost creation and its features. This course helped to clarify doubts about recording and bats’ survival on trees and why do different bats prefer different habitats?



This course cost 8740 INR or 92-pound sterling with a coupon you can study this course for 7885 INR or 83-pound sterling this includes taxes.


Bats Surveying Buildings


To obtain a bat license, both an immense understanding of bats and surveying techniques is mandatory. This is the most important among the bat ecology courses which guide you through the survey techniques to widen your knowledge. Through this course, you can move forward towards obtaining the bat license.


Here they have structured the course in a way to provide profound knowledge about bats and surveying them outside the buildings in an informative and interesting way. Ecology veteran who has more than 20 years of knowledge in bat research has prepared this course.


Bat signs and echoing, bats moving from one place to another place, and basic architectural terms all are provided in this course. After completion of this course, you have to give a quiz test, based on your performance on the test you will get provided with a certificate if your performance is more than 70%. 


Bat workers with 20 years of experience in this field have prepared this course, this course is divided into two videos:


  1. The first video covers surveying buildings, roost sites, health, safety, and conservation of bats.
  2. In the second video, the bat worker will help us to grasp the concepts; he will assist you to do a survey, recording and analyzing the data to reach a favorable conclusion. He will teach you how to survey internal and external buildings, what measures to take, and how to evaluate the site. This gives you broad knowledge of bat surveying techniques.


Four hours are required to complete the course to get a piece of sufficient knowledge of bat ecology. Bat ecology courses are essential to gaining an overall understanding; this course will be studied after introduction to bats to get familiar with architectural terms.



This course costs 8740 INR or 92-pound sterling or with the help of the coupon, you can access it for 7885 INR or 83-pound sterling with the inclusion of all taxes.


Bat and Tree Survey


This course is accessed online for self-study purposes. Before you study this course, you have to go through bat taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, ecology, and other architectural terms. Bats are important creatures. They are protected by law; the immense foundation of woodland will boost your knowledge to obtain a license and become a bat worker. 


This course will give knowledge about trees, how bats are using the trees, and also some concepts related to law, and bat surveying techniques. A well-known ecologist with full-fledged knowledge as an ecologist will cover this course. He will teach how to calculate trees from the ground to understand aerial tree climbing.


This course is online. The tutor will go out, practically he will do all the techniques. At the end of the course, a quiz is given to test your knowledge about this course. After a successful performance, you will obtain a certificate. This course duration is around one to 1 hour and 43 minutes. You have to give at least four hours to do all the assignments and to record all the things in the class.



This course cost 8740 INR or 92-pound sterling or get the coupon and pay only 7885 INR or 83-pound sterling with the inclusion of all taxes.


Legislation for Bat Workers


You have sufficient knowledge of bats, bat surveying techniques, architectural terms, and bats with relation to trees; now you want a bat license then this course is for you. This course is mandatory to get a bat license. Bats have now become an endangered species, conservation of bats is now quintessential, it provides benefits to the whole environment.


So as a bat worker you should abide by the law for getting a bat license. In this course, they will brush up on basic knowledge on how this legislation originated, licensing, and how to apply for a bat license. This course prevents humans from doing harmful activities.


The duration of the license is one to two years. In this course, they will provide you with knowledge on different types of licenses like a personal license for bat workers or mitigation licenses, and tests when a mitigation license is required. Some case studies are provided in the course that will clear your doubts and be very helpful for you to obtain the bat license. 


This is a self-study course divided into three modules. The principal ecologists who have very deep knowledge in bat ecology courses will guide you throughout the learning.


  1. Module 1- legislation, agreement, and instructions related to bat survey, and bat laws.
  2. Module 2- Different types of licenses like personal and mitigation and development.
  3. Module 3- Application for obtaining the license from how to apply to final permission for bat license.


Finally, like other courses in this course also you have to give a quiz test; score more than 70 % for receiving the course completion certificate.



8740 INR or 92-pound sterling without a coupon. 7885 INR or 83-pound sterling with the usage of a coupon. This includes all the taxes.


Special Course on Architectural Terms


This architectural course is one among the bat ecology courses that help bat workers to mitigate bats from damaging the houses and roofs. No need to study architectural courses separately, but while mitigation bat workers have to know some terms related to architecture, then they can convey their message to architecture and construct the buildings which are not aesthetic for bats to create roosts.


Course Overview:


Three modules covering the concepts from basic to advanced terms,

  1. Module 1- comprises internal features like types of houses and windows, roof structure, and alignment
  2. Module 2- roof construction and type of roof and roof lining, barren ground or tiles inclusion, and type of insulating materials also included in an internal house or building features
  3. Module 3- external appearances, architectural terminology, buildings like churches, bridges, and other service buildings. 


These three modules are mailed to you, you have to study on your own as a bat worker. Then your performance-tested based on the quiz. For obtaining a course completion certificate, you have to score more than 75% or else you rewrite the quiz for obtaining the certificate.


Time Requirement:


Four complete weeks are required to complete the course. You have to spend at least 3 hours on a module and further research on your own to get an immense idea. After this course, you will have greater knowledge, while mitigation your work becomes easy to mitigate the bats without harming bats as well as the buildings. This course makes you a full-fledged bat ecologist.



You can get this course for 4940 INR or 52-pound sterling; if you apply a coupon code then you can access it for 4465 INR or 47-pound sterling with the inclusion of all the taxes.


Health and Safety Measures for Bat Workers


Bat remembers the place of residence strongly. As a bat worker, you have to be confident to handle bats. This course is structured in a way to provide awareness and take care of yourself first in a dangerous situation. This does not mean bats are harmful species, but preliminary and preventive measures are essential to save yourself from danger. This is a self-study course, divided into 3 modules.


Course Overview:

  1. Module 1- General hazards while working alone during the night times and while working outside.
  2. Module 2- Working in a narrow area like loft voids- insulation and hazards, working at the tallest building or on ladders or cherry pickers or scaffoldings, or driving during the night.
  3. Module 3- Working near the roads, prevent yourself from rabies and white-nose syndrome, and any other risks.


You can complete this course within four weeks. It is a self-study course and the assessment is based on your performance in a quiz. If you score more than 70 %, you can get the course completion certificate.



4940 INR or 52-pound sterling without a coupon, if you pay online using a coupon code you just have to pay 4465 INR or 47-pound sterling including all the taxes.


Eligibility Criteria:


  • Students who want to become an ecologist or pursue a career in conservation.
  • Students who want to survey bats and become bat workers.
  • Students who want to obtain a license.
  • This course is highly helpful for research scholars who want to find the positive and negative impacts of the bat on the environment.
  • Students who want to pursue a career as a bat biologist.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are the eligibility criteria to study bat ecology courses?

As mentioned earlier, students who are interested in ecology and environment studies; who want to explore animals and their benefits; who want to become bat workers.


2. Which institutes are providing the bat ecology courses?

Both online and offline modes are available. Online – you can access videos from your comfort zone, and all the practical work you have to do on your own. Offline- teacher will guide you and teach you practically and theoretically to handle mammals. He will assist you in carrying out different surveying techniques. Online training is provided on most ecology websites. Offline classes- you can pursue this as B.Sc., ecology course in bachelor’s then on interest in higher studies you can choose this specification in ecology institutes.


3. Are bat ecology courses popular in India?

Yes, this course is important to research to study details about the bats and their behavior in changing environments; like to know how they will benefit the environment, and what are the negative impacts of bats.


4. Are bats considered a harmful species?

Yes, depending on the species some bats are dangerous to humans. They will bite other species. Compared to bats, their guano is harmful and will cause a lot of diseases in humans. So you have to be careful whenever you see guano, don’t touch it with bare hands, some preliminary measure is required. 


5. Why are bats residing in the old buildings and how do they get rid of them?

Due to being vacant for a long time, or else it may reside in nearby houses. Bat workers can get rid of the bats. 




These bat ecology courses will help the students who want to pursue a further career in bat ecology courses. For scientists, this will help in research and data collection for the research to know elaborately about the bats; because bats are important and have to prevent them from causing any harmful diseases.

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