Top 7 SEO Courses in Chandigarh with Placement

A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist enhances website rankings on search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Baidu. An SEO Specialist’s job is to create site traffic and make brands available online. To make it simple, they become a marketer for the website and work on it to attract customers and make sales online. They have to practice on-page optimization to produce search results and a positive user experience. By enrolling yourself in any of the 7 SEO courses in Chandigarh mentioned, you can also become an SEO specialist.


List of best SEO courses in Chandigarh


An SEO Specialist increases the visibility of the website in the search engines by working on-page optimization such as keywords tag, internal linking, clean URL which results in increased traffic on the website and giving more sales.


SEO specialists have to implement and maintain title and meta tags which play a major role, URL redirects with high Domain Authority sites, keeping an eye on competitors’ web presence, using webmaster tools and identifying link-building opportunities, and negotiating contracts with Brand companies and vendors.


Sometimes an SEO Specialist has to work with group members of the marketing and creative teams to develop new ideas according to the market’s present scenario to manage their social media handles to increase customer engagement.


SEO plays an important and essential part in search engine marketing (SEM), SEO Specialists need to know SEM practices as it will be helpful for their job. All this you can learn from the below-mentioned top 7 SEO Courses in Chandigarh.


What is SEO All About and Why it is in Demand?


First, let us know what SEO is. SEO is the process of optimizing a website for search engines is referred to as “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). To make it more simple to understand, it is something done to improve a website’s ranking on search engine results pages(SERPs) in a natural and organic way. The higher your pages rank in search results, the more likely you are to attract new customers and retain existing ones.


what are SERPs?


Search engine results pages (SERPs) are web pages that people see when they use a search engine like Google, Bing, Baidu to look for something online. The user types their search query into the search engine using particular terms and phrases called keywords, and the search engine returns a SERP.


Even if searches are conducted on the same search engine with the same keyword or search queries, responsive SERP will be different.  This is due to almost every search engine personalizing the user experience by showing results based on a variety of criteria other than the user’s search terms, such as the user’s native location, search history, and societal setting.


Here these two SERPs may appear to be the same and could contain similar results with little differences. Before we go into SEO courses in Chandigarh, it’s important to understand the importance of SEO in today’s online environment. When we search on Google, for example, we almost always glance at the first 3-5 results.


We never go to the second page, much less till the bottom of the first page also, because the first 2 or 3 websites give us precise and valuable information. As a result, in addition to producing quality content, SEO optimization is a critical part of ranking your website in the top 5 of the SERPs.


All organizations have been looking for efficient SEO strategies to assist them to outperform their rivals in recent years. All these can be learned from SEO Training in Chandigarh mentioned below:


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Scope of SEO 


The search engine optimization industry is full of opportunities, and the role of SEO is more diverse and creative than ever. In the past, companies didn’t know much more, so they might have been looking for an SEO specialist. However, this has been extended to include technical SEO, Growth Strategists, Content Specialists, Link builders, SEO Outreach Specialists.


SEO is no longer a single job. Today, many companies choose to outsource rather than manage it internally. As technology advances as much as it does in the future, SEO jobs are always in demand to get the most out of it. As search engines like Google and others get smarter with AI technology, so do humans and the strategies we use should get better.


SEO is necessary for sustainable business growth today and beyond. This is an important role for the SaaS(Software as a Service) marketing team and any upcoming startup, business, or brand. The SEO training in Chandigarh will help you with this.


Top 7 SEO Courses in Chandigarh


Are you seeking SEO courses in Chandigarh?  Do you want to start your career as an SEO specialist?  But don’t know where to start? Have trouble finding a suitable course for you. We got you everything in one place, different institutes offering SEO courses, their course module, duration of the course, fees structure, certification and bonus tip at the end.


Here are the best 7 SEO courses in Chandigarh that can help you understand the technicalities and SEO practices that will be taught in that courses:


1. IIM Skills


It is one of the leading online world-class education institutes with great mentors and trainers for skill development courses to all the candidates who are students, working people, and entrepreneurs too. IIM Skills provide great training in digital marketing, Content writing, technical writing, SEO, and GST practitioner as well.


SEO Course Module-

  1. SEO Fundamentals
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Off-page and Technical SEO
  4. Keyword Research
  5. Competitor Research
  6. SEO Content
  7. Link Building
  8. SEO Tools
  9. Keeping up with Algorithms
  10. SEO Audit
  11. Client Onboarding
  12. Embark on a Career


 Course Name- Advanced SEO Course


4 Weeks SEO training course and 8 weeks of paid internship

16 Hrs of online training


Fees– 14900+18Gst (with exam)

Certification-Master Certification after completion of the course


Phone-+91 9911839503



Other Courses




Chandigarh Institute of internet marketing is an institute that gives candidates training for different digital marketing domains such as PPC, SEO, SMM, SEM, video marketing with an added scholarship in their courses for the selected candidates.


SEO Course Module-

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. On/Off-Page SEO
  3. SEO Updates & Algorithms
  4. Internal/External Backlinking
  5. Search Console
  6. Google Analytics
  7. SEO Tools & Plugins
  8. Content Writing Strategy
  9. Technical SEO
  10. Youtube SEO
  11. Social Media Optimisation
  12. SEO Reporting


Course Name– SEO Specialist

Course Duration- 45 Days

Certification- Provided after completion of the course



Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing

SCO – 54-55, 3rd Floor,

Sector – 34 A, Chandigarh


Phone:  +91 73473 92745 / +91 99153-37448




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This institute gives the student a variety of options to select from their various courses such as Content Marketing, Advanced digital marketing, video marketing, marketing automation, SEO training, email marketing, social media marketing,  affiliate marketing, and PPC.


Course Module-


On-Page Optimization

  1. Competitors Analysis
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Keyword Placement
  4. Title Creation
  5. Meta Tag Creation
  6. Meta Description Creation
  7. Content Optimization
  8. Keyword Density
  9. URL Structure Analysis
  10. Content Creation
  11. Image Optimization
  12. Sitemap Creation
  13. Use of robots.txt
  14. Doorway Pages
  15. Cloaking


Off-Page Optimization

  1. Search Engine Submission
  2. Directory Submission
  3. Article Submission
  4. Press Release submission
  5. Forums Posting
  6. Link Building
  7. Blogs Creation
  8. Blogs Submission
  9. Posting Free Classifieds
  10. Google Mapping/Listing
  11. Social Bookmarking
  12. RSS Feeds
  13. Video Optimization


SEO Tools

  1. Google Keyword Tool
  2. Word Tracker
  3. MozBar
  4. Keywords Position Checker
  5. Keyword Density Checker
  6. Grammarly
  7. Small SEO Tools
  8. Google Search Console
  9. Google Analytics
  10. SEO Site Checkup
  11. Stats Counter
  12. Keywords Everywhere


Course Name-SEO Course

Course Duration-  6Months/6weeks

Certification-Provided after completion of the course


Contact Details

No.113-144, Sector-65, Phase-11, Mohali, Chandigarh


Phone-  +91 9577704000




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CBITSS provides a variety of courses in mobile application, web & graphics designing, software development software, SEO, PHP, network implementation, Linux training, and web designing.


Course Module

  1. Internet Basic Introduction
  2. SEO Basic
  3. SEO Research & Analysis
  4. On-Page Optimization
  5. Off-Page Optimization
  6. Advance SEO Techniques
  7. SMO, SEM, SMM
  8. Traffic Campaigning
  9. Online Earning with SEO
  10. PPC Syllabus


Course Name-SEO Training course

Course Duration- 45 to 90 Days

Certification- Provided after completion of the course


Contact Address

SCO: 23-24-25, Sector 34A,

Chandigarh (UT), India.


Mobile- +91 99 88 74 1983/ 01725031983




 5. CMC Academy


This Academy gives practical knowledge with the help of industrial training for candidates to polish their skills with a variety of courses. They provide various courses for Engineers and diploma holders for IT training, CAD training, and engineering design. This is a subsidiary of TCS Ltd. This academy gives stipends and scholarships also.


SEO Course Module

  1. Basic of SEO
  2. Keyword Strategies
  3. Long-Tail Keywords
  4. Google Adword Tool
  5. Keyword Analysis
  6. Keyword Reporting
  7. Keyword Selection
  8. Keyword Research Tools
  9. Keyword Competition
  10. 30 On-Page SEO Factors
  11. SEO Strategy
  12. Website Optimization
  13. Meta Tags
  14. Content Optimization
  15. Web Design Optimization
  16. Google, Yahoo sitemap
  17. Robots.txt
  18. Off-Page Factors
  19. One way link building
  20. Google Algorithms
  21. Google, Yahoo, and Bing Local
  22. PPC and Google Adwords
  23. Facebook, Twitter Marketing
  24. Google Webmasters, Analytics


Course Name-SEO Training program

Course Duration- 6 weeks

Certification- After the completion of the course



CMC, SCF 92, 1st Floor, Phase-11

Mohali – 160062 Punjab


Phone:  0172 5014421 / 22






One of the best institutes which provide an MBA in digital marketing, and online digital marketing course (short course for 4months). And many other courses ranging from Facebook ads course, SEO course, social media marketing course, google analytics course, WordPress course, ad designing course, online reputation management course, copywriting course, email marketing course, google ads course, app store optimization course, online eCommerce course, media planning course, and content marketing course.


Course Module-

  1. Laying the groundwork for online SEO Training
  2. Keyword Research: Integral part of On-page SEO
  3. On-page SEO Tutorial
  4. Google- proofing your website
  5. Off-page SEO Tutorials
  6. Google Search Consoles
  7. Blackhat Techniques


Course Name- Online SEO Course

Course Duration- 7 Hours

Fees– Rs.6355+ tax

Certification- Provided after completion of the course



IIDE Campus, Mumbai, 1st Floor, S. V. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400058


Phone: +91 7304442840




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7. Webhopers Academy


WebHopers is a complete online education academy in Chandigarh which provides different courses in SEO, PPC, web designing, development, and eCommerce solutions.


Course Module

  1. Keyword Research Tools.
  2. Competitor Analysis.
  3. Alexa Rank.
  4. Roadmap Creation.
  5. Content Creations
  6. What is SEO?
  7. What are Search Engines
  8. How Search Engine Works
  9. Types of SEO
  10. Meta Tags
  11. Block Level Optimization
  12. Heading tags and heading hierarchy.
  13. Image Optimization.
  14. Rich content
  15. LSI Technique.
  16. Keyword Prominence
  17. Keyword Proximity
  18. Bold Italic & Listing Items Concept.
  19. Site structure Optimisation
  20. Image optimization
  21. Internal link
  22. Url structure
  23. Site Map HTML/W3C Validation.
  24. Robots Txt
  25. Google Webmaster Verification.
  26. Google Analytics Verification and data analysis.
  27. Google My Business Creation.
  28. Overview of Search Spams
  29. CTR Impact
  30. Bounce Rate
  31. Freelancing. etc.
  32. Benefits of Content Regular Updation.
  33. How to Create a Content Strategy
  34. How to do eCommerce SEO.


Course Name-SEO Training course

Course Duration-  45 to 60 Days

Certification- Provided after completion of the course



SCO – 46, 2nd Floor, Cabin 119 to 126, Sector 11, Panchkula, Haryana, India – 134109


Phone-  +91 9856890001





1. Is technical knowledge necessary for the SEO course?

Ans. A little technical knowledge is necessary for SEO. You should have a little knowledge about how to use a computer and an eagerness to learn SEO practices.


2. What is the average salary of an SEO specialist?

Ans. It can vary from 1LPA TO 15LPA according to your years of experience.


3. What is the average cost of SEO courses in Chandigarh?

Ans. The cost of SEO courses in Chandigarh depends on the academy or institute you choose from. It ranges from Rs. 5000 to INR 15,000.


4. Which is the best SEO training in Chandigarh?

Ans. Every course has its perks so we can’t say which is the best SEO course. Even the need of the candidate plays a major role. Some will be fresher and some will be intermediate, so for a fresher, an internship course would help a lot. Whereas an intermediate person has to polish his skills which can be done with any course.


5. Is taking an offline SEO Course is better than an online SEO Course?

Ans. Both will give you the same experience and expertise at the end of the course. It is just that Offline courses give an old classroom effect whereas online courses can give a digital classroom experience and it gives you comfort to learn something from your home. Anyhow you will be provided with the SEO training certificate, whether you study online or offline.




The best SEO courses in Chandigarh listed above have enabled you to learn how to become an SEO specialist. This SEO Training in Chandigarh will help you to fetch a good job. In these hard times, people have made it a habit to learn through remote learning, as these online programs can be learned from home with your safety and convenience. SEO is just one of many digital marketing skills, and the important need for the hour, as dependent on that there is a steep increase in the digital marketing jobs.


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